Update: Celebrity Baby Blog's Gift Baskets Extraordinaire

07/19/2007 at 04:05 PM ET

Max_daniel_baby_hotsy_totsy_town__3Update: The winner is Desiree Sanchez who said, "I love the chocolate dots blanket and zebra blanket with the blue trim- very sassy."

Be sure to check out Max Daniel’s new Hotsy Totsy Town patterns.

Dayna_basket_cbbOriginally posted in June:We recently gave several of our favorite celebrity moms – Dayna Devon, Melissa Joan Hart, and Chantal Kreviazuk fabulous custom gift baskets we ordered from Max Daniel Babyour pick for custom gifts to the stars. Dayna told us in her thank you letter that she was "blown away" by her gift basket, while Chantal said, ‘We truly LOVE the gifts yousent to us for the boys. The SLEEVES [BabyLegs] are SUCH a hit, oh mygosh…pretty much everything is being put to use and is greatlyappreciated!"

I hand-selected each gift for the basket, which included ultra-luxe plush & popular blanket sets in the Rosebuds & Pony designs from Max Daniel Baby, Baby Kaed‘s sophisticated Chocolate & Turquoise Sanya Diaper Bag, super hip Crib Rock Couture Tees, a gift certificate for Tiny Prints beautiful stationery, a set of adorable and functional No Slippy Hair Clippy hair clips, fashionable Diapees & Wipees diaper and wipes pouches, patemm pad‘s genius round changing pad, classic tee shirts by Nina & Tom, gift certificates for Tali Gillette‘s sophisticated mama necklace, soft and cozy easy-on, easy-off carseat covers by Dressy Dribbles, comfy and beautiful Cute Baby Shoes, adorable weather-proof blankets, bibs and burp cloths by Woobee, everyone’s favorite custom Name Your Tune CDs, fashionable, functional and fun legwarmers by Baby Legs, Phil & Ted’s Me Too Chair and Second Nature Stay Kool Cups from Regal Lager – the best when you’re on the go, and lovable outfits by Little Lubbaloo.   

We have more gifts planned for the future… stay tuned!

You can win a similar gift basket.  To enter, visit MaxDaniel.com and post a comment below with the name of one of the new blanket styles.

Order your Max Daniel Baby blankets at Purple Caterpillar Creations (use voucher code SDQ to save $3) and Her Haven (formerly Care For The Kids), use code MAX1010 to save 10% Boutique (save 10% with coupon code max1010).

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April on

I love the new baby zebra blanket, especially with the blue trim.

Heidi on

OK, I really want one of those new Satin & Sable blankets. They look Soooo soft and comfy. To be only 2 feet tall again 😉

Lynn on

How do we enter?

CBB note: The instructions are at the bottom of the post…visit Max Daniel, find out one of the new blanket styles, then post a comment here with the name.

Allison on

I love the new Baby Zebra blankets. How adorable!

Tracey on

I love the new “pony” blanket. Every child wants a pony and this one is a bit more affordable…plus it won’t eat as much.

PSB on

The giraffe one is absolutely adorable. You never see giraffe print anywhere!

Susie on

I love the new “pony” blanket. My baby would totally rock out with this blankie!

Lady G on

Satin & Sable; So girly and adorable 🙂

Lynn on

One of the new blankets is baby zebra.

Stephanie on

I LOVE the new zebra blanket with pink trim!!! and i love the baskets

Karen on

PONY!!! So cute – we have the chocolate dots in blue 17×17 size and already it’s one of my 4-month-olds favourites.

Monika on

Baby Zebra is too cute, and it’ll match our safari theme in the nursery!

Tresa Mathews on

I want one of the Satin & Sable blanket’s for myself. They look so amazingly soft.

Melissa on

I definitely like the new Satin and Sable blanket, so comfy looking!

kristen spencer on

i really like the baby zebra blankets, very cute and they look very soft.

heather pfrehm on

I love the new Baby Zebra print but I think any animal print stuff is way cute! We have animal theme in our nursery and my son love staring at them! The blankets look incredibly soft too!

Ellie on

I love the Chocolate Dots style, absolutely adorable. I’d love to wrap my baby girl in one of those.

Crys on

Satin & Sable…classically cute 🙂

Charlene on

I really like the “Pony” style – classic animal prints are great for accessorizing children’s rooms. I especially like the contrast between the print and cream-coloured fabric.

etoilech on

I don’t begrudge anybody stars or not anything, but… I just wonder why it was decided to give these baskets to people who already have more than they could possibly need for their children? Why not donate to a mum in need? It just seems silly, many of these people get gifted tons of things. While I am sure the baskets are appreciated, I just think maybe, it might have been nice to pick someone less fortunate to give to. That’s all.

CBB’s Note: As a thank you for letting us interview them.

lili on

The new baby zebra print with blue satin trim is def. my favorite! Perfect for the safari that awaits us with our (soon to be born) son.

Emma on

Pony, satin and sable, baby zebra, and of course the new security blankie.

I have been looking at these blankets for SO long – and would love them for my little one – the last baby of six, so I have to cling onto the baby time that I have left. 🙂

Heather on

LOVE the new Zebra print!

Jessica on

Oh Max Daniel, simply one of the BEST! Out of the new collection, I like the pony print the most. I love how they’ve used animal prints that you don’t see anywhere very often, i.e. giraffe and pony.

Pam on

These blankies are lush…bet they could make a Linus Van Pelt out of any baby!Absolutely love the Satin & Sable!
Wish they came in sizes for big people to cuddle & snuggle with :o)

Crissi on

Baby Zebra wow what awesome blankets!

my lil guy would be in love 😉

Holly on

I adore the new Pony pattern! Do they come in king size duvet covers?

Brook on

Love the baby zebra for boys 🙂

Jennifer on

I love the Baby Giraffe style – My baby girl would be so cozy in this sweet blanket!

KF on

I think the Baby Zebra blanket is super cute! The one with blue trim would be great for our little boy due this fall :o)

Jennifer on

I LOVE the Baby Giraffe blankie. My baby girl would be so cozy!

Principesa on

Pony is my personal fave.

erin rae on


I love the mix you selected for the baskets – great stuff!

Kim on

So cute, I love the new pony print!

Claire on

I love the blue trimmed baby zebra! That would be perfect for my nephew!

Amy on

Baby Giraffe – It is so cute.

Kathy on

The Baby Giraffe and Baby Zebra blankets are absolutely adorable. So many kids love these blankets how could anyone go without.

Rachel on

I’d love one of the satin and sable blankets.

Katie on

The Chocolate Dots one is yummy!

Dooneybug on

Pony! What a sweet print.

britt on

I love the new “giraffe” print blankets. We are not finding out the sex of our baby and the new pattern would be great for a boy or a girl!

Jenn on

I love the new Baby Zebra Blanket! My baby would be the coolest baby at playgroup with one of those:)

ab on

The baby zebra is one of the new styles — and it is adorable! You put together an amazing gift basket!

Jeanette on

The new Max Daniels styles are super cute. I especially love the Baby Zebra style in both pink and blue. Even on the computer screen they look so soft and cuddly, I wish I could reach my hand through and pull one out! Keep up the good work, Max Daniels. It’s no wonder so many babies and celebrities love your products!

Kelly on

Pony! My 18 month old is obsessed with farm animals and would love it =)

Doreen on

They’re all wonderful! Love the Zebra ones!

kim on

The new PONY style blanket is soooo cute. It looks like the perfect comfort tool for my little one.

Dianne on

Such gorgeous blankets, it’s hard to pick out a favorite. Though I’m a sucker for anything with polka dots!

Jodi on


Mari on

Love the pony blankets!

Brooke on

Oh, the Satin and Sable is lovely!!!
Please please PLEASE randomly select me!!

Martha on

My son can make a zebra sound when asked! He’d love a blanket to inspire him!

Debbi on

I love the Satin and Sable. I hope I win!

Trish on

I think the Baby Giraffe set is so cute! It is different from anything I have seen while searching baby gear.

Sophie on

One of the new blanket styles: Baby Zebra
Sweet baby zebra print minky
on ultraplush pink/blue swirl
& softest satin ruffle
Security Blanket . . . 17×17

danielle on

satin and sable, have to get one for my new baby boy

Kiki on

LOVE the new Satin and Sable!

Mollie on

I love the Pony blanket! But gosh they are all so cute!

Ashley P. on

I love the new Pony blankets! It would be great for a boy or girl!

Michelle Balachowski on

I love the new pony blanket along with the chocolate dot blankets. They are both soooo adorable. The pony is very versitile and can be used for a boy or a girl which is always great. They look very soft and stimulating to a baby.

Jessica on

I’m lovin the Baby Giraffe!!!! =D

mdterp on

I love the new pony design! I haven’t seen one of these blankets in person but after seeing Violet Affleck with them all of the time, I would love to get one for my daughter! Too cute! 🙂

Caryn on

The new Pony style is adorable!

Myrna on

Satin and Sable…They looks so soft!!!

Amber H. on

My baby girl has just started walking and is a total “Linus” with her silky blankets. We ordered her the Rosebuds & Satin security blanket size in Butter and Lavender but they haven’t came yet. She toddles around and trips on her big blankets! I love the new Pony one and also the Satin & Sable. She is crazy about “silky” blankets!

Andrea on

My favorite of the new ones (and of all of them) is the pony blanket. My daugheter would love this. I love the designs and the fabrics. Beautiful!

Andrea on

LOVE the pony blanket!

tlp on

I’m loving the PONY for my little cowboy.

To cute.

Gwen on

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new baby zebra blanket. My favorite is the one with the pink trim. They are all so cute.

Gwen on

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new zebra blanket. The pink trim is my favorite. Our little girl would be “stylin” with this cool blankie. Although I must say that all of the blankets are cute.

Kristin17 on

We just recieved babylegs in their giraffe print so I would love to have a Max Daniel throw in giraffe for my son Griffin but that is not a NEW print!! So how about the PONY print!!

Shan on

I think that I like the giraffe blanket the best. My daughter’s favortie toy is her stuffed giraffe, and it is my fave animal too.

Tami MacDonald on

I love the new Pony style blankets!

Sheda Johnson on

I love the “Giraffe” print blanket.

aBookworm on

Satin & Sable is just awesome!

Cassie on

Rosebuds & Satin, so pretty!

Kalani on

The ‘new’ zebra style is soo cool! My little guy loves animals!

Tara on

I love the new Satin & Sable throw! I wonder if I would even share it w/ the baby, how plush!

Kate on

the baby Zebra throw is new & adorable!

Gretta on

I love the satin & sable new blankets, they would be so cute to wrap a baby in!

Lisa on

I love the new pony blankets – they look so soft and comfy!



Kathleen Tracy on

Baby Zebra would be so Adorable in Pink as the nursery is going to be done in Safari style and would really add to the Animal prints

Michele on

I am in love with the Baby Giraffe pattern! And I just found out my very best friend is pregnant with her first, so it’s definitly going on my list of must-buys!

Andrea on

LOVE the Satin & Sable blankets!

Nadia on

I love the new satin and sable in white…since we don’t know what we are having, that would be beautiful in January to bring the baby home with!

chris on

All of the blankets look beautiful. My faveorite is the Rosebuds and satin.

Melissa on

The new satin and sable collection is nice. I like all the solid designs better than the prints, actually.

Kim on

I love the chocolate dots – I wish these had been out when I got my daughter her blanket!!

Ellen on

I like the new Satin & Sable blanket style!

Melissa on

The “Pony” style is the CUTEST! I’m sure my little one would love it (when he comes in 7.5 weeks!)

Margaret on

I love the Pony blanket, it is so cute and unique design. The giraffe comes in close second.

hannah on

I love the new baby zebra blanket in pink. SO cute!

aaron boatwright on

Love the Satin and Sable blankie! It’s totally classic, totally comfy, and I feel like I need one for all the kids!

Deana on

I really love the new Satin and Sable blanket for my twin girls! It’s beautiful!

Cindy on

Chocolate dots!! Yummy!

Gabi on

The pony blanket is so cute, but I also like how luscious the satin and sable blankies look, too!

Lacey on

The new pony blanket is cute.

esmeralda rivas on

Rosebuds & Satin

Pamela on

The Max Daniel ‘Pony’ blankie is faaaaabby!
So perfect for the fashion forward wee one!

Everything in the gift basket looks amazing… well put together.
Our little pink one is due in 6 wks…would be a lovely treat to have!

Pamela on

The Max Daniel ‘Pony’ blankie is faaaaabby!
So perfect for the fashion forward wee one!

Everything in the gift basket looks amazing… well put together.
Our little pink one is due in 6 wks…would be a lovely treat to have!

Shayna Swiney on

I love the Baby Zebra blankets. They are so cute!

BLstouts3 on

The new baby zebra collection is just adorable!! Love the pink one.

dawn on

why are you people spending money giving these celebrities stuff when they have more money than they know what to do with. Give the baby baskets to needy moms instead.