Sadie Sandler roughs up Matzoball

07/18/2007 at 06:38 PM ET

Adam Sandler has already revealed that Matzoball steals Sadie Madison‘stoys, but it turns out the bulldog is very loving towards her as well.Adam dishes on Live with Regis and Kelly that it’s Sadie who’s usually the violent one.

My little Sadie is rough on Matzoball, I must say, does not realizethat she causes pain. Matzoball is so nice to Sadie, loves her, getsthat she’s a little dopey right now and licks her all the time. It’svery sweet – never does anything. You’re always very careful whenthey’re together – you don’t want something crazy. She really does[think it’s another toy.] Bangs ’em hard in the face.

At 14 months, Sadie is also reaching some important milestones, such as walking.

She’son the verge of walking. She’s taking her time getting there. She’sjust like, you hold her arms, let go, you know it’s not going towork.

Kelly suggested to use empty watercooler bottles for Sadie tohold on to as that’s how her children, Michael, 10, Lola, 6, andJoaquin, 4, learned to walk.

Adam says Sadie is on the cusp of saying "dada" as well.

My kid on occasiongoes, ‘(mumbling)’ And I’m like, ‘Dada!’


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Bella on

He sounds so in love with his daughter. It’s great hearing dads talk like that.

I can definitely relate about roughed up pets. We have two cats and they get quite a raw deal from our little one. Pulled tails, pokes in the face while sleeping, throwing blocks at them and screeching at them just to make them run! I love how most pets just seem to handle it and adapt (after a while) 🙂

daphneesmith on

Adam is so obviously sweet on this little girl; these updates are always a pleasure to read. And as unpopular as it’s going to be, I’m going to go ahead and say that her very chubby neck does not seem healthy at all. It’s really butter-ball-y and not in a cute way. I’ve never seen a baby with quite so much chub, even the chubby ones. Are there pics of Adam at this age? Did he look just like her? Maybe it’s just genetics.

Shawna on

I love chunky babies. She’s adorable and looks just like him. She’s a bit on the slow side with her developmental milestones, but I know all babies are different.

Ashley P. on

My son was a chubby baby too. I don’t think quite as chubby as Sadie though. He started walking at 14 months and really started to thin out. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about yet. It’s so cute to hear what Adam says about her!

Nausicaa on

My cat is that way with kids. He’s usually not tolerant of us holding him, but one day a little granddaughter of a friend (probably about 5 years old) came over and dragged him around like a rag doll. He’s a chubby cat, so it was really funny to watch.

Elka on

I know some people are bothered by the way he always says “my kid” instead of her name. But I think it is sweet when he says it because it seems like he is so proud that she is his kid and just can’t get over that she is his.

brannon on

I’m sure as soon as she gets moving she will thin out – my son did. Chubby babies are so cute though! This is an adorable little girl and a very sweet relationship! (As far as developmental milestones – my son walked at 7 months and my nephew at 14 and they are both on the same track now so I’m not sure it really matters 🙂

sil on

brannon: your son walked at seven months!? wow! that’s fast 🙂 i thought that couldn’t be possible, we learn something new every day 😉

Emily on

I don’t understand the waterbottle thing, how would you use it to help walking? Maybe just pushing it while they crawl or something?

gianna on

adam is sweet

FC on

Aww, that’s cute how he seems so excited for her to say “Dada” that he’s trying to help her along. And her walking story is just as cute.

As for the pets as toys, that’s true. My nephew is still like that, accidentally holding them by the neck or dragging them around the place with him. But he means well.

brannon on

Yes! and he hasn’t stopped moving since! I’m a very tired mommy!