Elisabeth Hasselbeck shows belly; shares pregnancy bladder issues

07/18/2007 at 02:30 PM ET

View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, was happy that her 2-year-old daughter Grace is not having much success with potty-training, as her diapers saved the day when Elisabeth experienced one of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy — urinary incontinence — over the weekend. Due with her second child on November 11th, Elisabeth remarked,

Something happened to me this weekend, it’s so embarrassing, I probably shouldn’t even say it, but I’m sure other moms out there have had it happen, I mean, I’m hoping! We had to go out to New Jersey to go to our storage unit. This is my second pregnancy and I’ve been having a little, you know, bladder control issue going on. When I laugh…a little tinkle comes out!

So we were [stuck in traffic] in the Lincoln Tunnel forever, I kind of had to go when we left — tons of traffic. We get to the storage unit — all of a sudden it was like 0-60. It was sort of a medium-pee situation where I was going to have to go, to ‘I’m going in two seconds, the floodgates are open.’

So I reach in the backseat of the car and pull two Pampers out of Grace’s bag. So she says, ‘Are you taking my diapers, Mommy?’ ‘Yes I am, Grace!’ I went in our storage unit…so I’m in our storage unit, peeing in Grace’s diapers. I went through two Pampers, would have gone through three but I had to leave her one just in case! It was awful! Those things work, okay?

And I think she needs to work on the potty-training? It’s me!

Earlier today, Elisabeth showed her baby belly to the audience.

Click below to watch the first video.

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Tamara on

i think it’s really weird that she said this in public. bladder control issues are a normal part of motherhood but i think this is gross, not to be said in front of millions of viewers. i am sure barbara was mortified, she is a very classy lady. elisabeth, on the other hand, way too much info. and that her husband was watching her pee, just gross!!!

corrievk on

Been there, done that! 🙂

Isabel on

That is too funny. I have to admit I’m not her biggest fan but I could definitely relate.

Erica on

Her husband probably felt bad that Elisabeth had to go through that and wanted to be there for her. I applaud her for sharing though, it proves celebs are human too and if anyone else had a similar situation she had maybe now they don’t feel as bad.

tine on

girlfriend needs to do something for her pelvic floor!
I’ve had five children and not once experienced a moment of incontinence…

Allison on

I can totally relate and appreciate her comments. Jumping on a trampoline after the first kiddo in front of many family members, and realizing I also had “issues,” is embarrassing. I appreciate her being candid.

Callen on

Hehe! I had the problems too! Hehe

Nineveh on

Tamara, no offense, but I think you need to grow up. It’s a normal bodily function, and not gross. Please.

nikkimonique on

I never had that problem with my first pregnancy but with my second I did. For me it wasn’t laughing it was when I would sneeze. Never had to pee in my daughters pampers though or in my pants. Thats a pretty funny story!

NicoleH on

I have had similar issues for about a month after delivery… I had a really bad cold and every-time I would cough or sneeze… It was terrible. I felt like I could not go out of the house just in case… I don’t think I would have shared this story on TV but good for her for doing so..

Hannie on

As a Labor and Delivery nurse for many years and mother myself I can relate to exactly what she is saying. I also know that some women never experience this, even after multiple births, and others do immediately after their first. One factor that plays heavily into this is the trauma at which your perineum experiences at delivery, in other wards, how badly you are lacerated with delivery. Women that experience a 3rd and 4th degree laceration commonly leak urine and often times even stool, due to the tear extending into the perineal floor muscle thus inhibiting the control of those functions. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elizabeth had an extensive tear as she is a runner and women that run have a stronger pelvis floor and commonly because those muscles are thicker and because they are more pronounced they tear during delivery to allow the baby to pass. I have seen it more than a few times. Sorry to babble, just some info I felt was valuable!

Amber Smith on

I had twins and 2.5 years later had a very large singleton, and the biggest problem I’ve had with pee was having to cross my legs when I sneeze. I admit I still have to cross my legs to sneeze or I’ll leak, but I’m working on it.

I can’t believe she said that on tv!! How embarrassing! I wouldn’t have, but it’s nice that she’s not shy! hahahahaha.

Lauren Ashley on

Thank goodness she shared her story! It doesnt make me feel so bad! With my first pregnancy I had the WORST bladder control! I tried the kegals but it never helped.. I ended up peeing in one of my daughters diapers while stuck on the freeway, and if anyone here is from Southern California you understand what I mean when I say STUCK! 🙂 Embarrassing but it happens!! Its better that having an accident…
I love that women are sharing these stories now.. the things people never talk about are the things that you need to hear when your pregnant! Its a crazy time but completely NORMAL!

J.M. on

I agree, TMI.

Becky on

I think that was way too much information. I really don’t care to hear about her bathroom issues. Regardless if it’s normal or not, I think it’s sad that people have to resort to talking about this kind of thing on television. What ever happened to good, wholesome tv?

Sarah on

I am so freaked out about having my baby now! That and pooping on the delivery table!

Christine on

oh, please!!! the readers on here who say “TMI” need to grow up!! What she discussed was not out of the ordinary for The View, they talk about some pretty off the wall topics, and this one was not at all uncommon with pregnant women and who knows, maybe some pregnant women will feel a little better about themselves and realize they are not alone with issues like this since Elizabeth spoke up about it. I say to the TMI readers, just wait until you are pregnant and see what happens to your body 🙂

Brie on

I don’t really think it’s about age. They ladies did ask the audience if they like seeing “pregnancy belly” and only one guy applauded. I can only image how the audience felt after hearing the baby diaper story a few days earlier.

Hannie on

I agree with Christine! Also, the reader who posted “I am so freaked out about having my baby now! That and pooping on the delivery table!”. My thought whenever I hear that comment is “oh grow up”. Hopefully during delivery you won’t be so fixated on yourself and more about pushing CORRECTLY (and yes it’s the same push and when you are having a BM)and delivering a healthy baby.

Jessica L. on

I can understand why some women, especially first-time moms, would be worried about the old pooping on the table thing. I know with my first pregnancy I was really worried (I’m a very private person and I *still* don’t like to even pee in front of my husband! lol)

With two weeks to go until the big day again for me I sometimes catch myself cringing at the idea of it but then I go back to the night on the delivery table with the nurse holding one leg and my husband holding the other and both of my parents standing there watching, and honestly I could have absolutely cared LESS about whether or not I messed all over the place. You’re just going to want the baby out! I know everyone says it all the time but it’s true, the doctors and nurses have been there and done that so many times, they could really care less too.

I remember with my first pregnancy when I was around 8 months along and I woke up in bed after a nap to wet sheets. I thought my water broke! I called my husband at work and we drove to the hospital, me freaking out the entire time, only for the nurse to say “Nope, you just wet the bed! Happens all the time!” I was so embarrassed! I wet the bed a total of 3 times during that pregnancy but thank heaven I haven’t done that at all this time around. It just happens to me now when I laugh really hard or sneeze.

The joys of pregnancy and what we women go through to have our little ones….;)

Cheryl on

Hey, Sarah…if you are worried about pooping, try what my maternity nurse suggested and have your first few pushes on the toilet.

Also, love how a simple comment brings out the “mommy police” in some.

Melea on

That was too funny!!! Someone said something about pooping on the table… I didn’t poop and the only reason I know is because my husband decided he needed to talk about me not pooping on the table. We all talked BEFORE I had the baby that we would NEVER EVER EVER talk about what happened with the poop and the pushing and the table. I brought it up one night that I just didn’t even want to know and my hubby busts out with, oh don’t worry you didn’t poop, then my mom goes, nope you didn’t poop. Not a nice conversation. LOL!

daphneesmith on

I guess as per Christine I need to grow up. There are some things we don’t need to know about, but in today’s culture of post-your-yeast-infection-on-YouTube nothing is sacred. I could have done without Elisabeth’s story, myself. But what do I know, immature me.

moni on

what an idiot she is! First of all she could have pulled over the side of the road and gone if she had to go that badly
secondly maybe she should wear depends

emma on

OK, maybe I’m just too English but I find it truly disgusting that she would tell people about this! I did have some bladder weakness just after my youngest child was born but there is absolutely no way I’d ever consider discussing it in public! That’s just trashy. No class whatsoever. Somethings are meant to stay private!

Christine on

Seriously, what’s worse: A little haha from a pregnant woman making news on the internet or seeing “certain” celebs flashing their privates for the cameras??? I’ll take Elizabeth’s pregnancy stories over that any day.

Terralynn on

I personally was not that amused about her story..Yes it was funny..But no I dont think it had to be discussed in such detail about the peeing in the diaper thing and she could have used three..some people just arent as interested in her bodily functions I guess..I am not a fan of hers anyway though..She comes across quite immature herself in most topics..opinionated with little knowledge to back it up..But I believe that there are some things we could refrain from discussing on National TV..It does eminate a lack of class I agree..

Marie on

In response to Hannie the nurse and your comment about tearing when giving birth. Thanks for the good info. I’m also a longtime runner like Elisabeth but have not had children yet. Elisabeth did indeed tear during her first delivery. I believe she was induced though. Every situation is different but I’ve read (and talked to a lady who’d given birth to three kids) that inducing labor can contribute to tearing. The women said by her last pregnancy she refused to allow an inducement and gave birth to her third child for the first time WITHOUT tearing.

Sarah on

Hey sorry, I guess I need to grow up then – thanks a lot! I was just sharing my (albeit minor) genuine concern with what I thought was a receptive audience but I guess not!

Thanks for people that gave advice

Bella on

@ Christine

Yes, it’s worse to see celebs flashing their privates but I personally find this TMI as well. She could have said something about her lack of bladder control through pregnancy in a much classier way – I do not need to hear how many of her child’s nappies she used! It is good if women find they are not alone in experiencing lack of bladder control but too much information. But that is just my opinion. And I don’t think I need to “grow up” because of it. By the way – yes, I’m a mum and it really changed my body so I think you shouldn’t presume that the readers who say TMI need to wait til they have a baby to know what happens to their bodies. Just my opinion 🙂

@ Hannie

I am sure everyone’s aim is to deliver a healthy baby. Sarah’s comment is probably not all that uncommon a feeling. Yes, these things happen in pregnancy and birth but that doesn’t make them any more comfortable as they do. I was embarrassed about the pooping thing too (no one warned me either). I don’t think Sarah’s comment was anything that required a “grow up”.

sarah on

HEllO!!! Her husband has seen her give her birth!! how much more uncomfortable do you think pee would really be? Come on now people!! In my house there are no limits, we use the bathroom with a door wide open. My husband has seen me pee, poop, blow my nose, pick my nose, vomit, come to think of it, there isn’t anything my husband hasn’t caught me doing, and vise versa!

But about the subject, I had those issues too, and it came about the same time as potty training my son. We both had to work on it, haha!

She may have a bladder infection or UTI, my control issues came when I had an infection.

Ash on

As someone who hasn’t given birth yet, I appreciate hearing other women’s stories. I want to educate myself as much as possible. For those of you who think it’s TMI, just ignore it. Some of us actually appreciate hearing these things. If you think it’s gross, well then that’s just too bad. If you believe in censorship, move to another country.

melany on

I thought the story was pretty funny. Not embarrassing at all. I’m rather amused by some comments ;). I think it’s good to tell stories like this one for those who haven’t yet experienced something like that. I had problems with my bladder control too. Just not THAT bad!

Erin's Mom on

“Also, the reader who posted “I am so freaked out about having my baby now! That and pooping on the delivery table!”. My thought whenever I hear that comment is “oh grow up. Hopefully during delivery you won’t be so fixated on yourself and more about pushing CORRECTLY (and yes it’s the same push and when you are having a BM)and delivering a healthy baby.”

Hannie – Do you really think that the reader who posted that would jeopardize the well-being of her child by trying to avoid such a situation instead of pushing correctly? Please! So many of the comments posted are so incredibly quick to judge! I have no problem admitting that the thought of pooping on the delivery table worried me too, but of course during the actual delivery that was the farthest thing from my mind, as I’m sure if will be from the woman who wrote the original post. I don’t know about you, but I think it is perfectly normal for a woman who is awaiting the birth of her first child to worry about those sorts of things. I don’t know if you are a mother yourself, but if you can tell me that the thought of pushing an 8 pound baby out of your body doesn’t conjure up a few worries, irrational or not, than you are much braver than me. Telling a woman that is nervous about the birth of her child to “grow up” doesn’t help anyone.

Jennifer* on

I’m with Sarah, it’s a genuine concern because my friend worried about it when she had her daughter. I admit that when I have children I too would be concerned.

Sarah, I wish you all the best 🙂

To the people who said “grow up”.

I’m sorry but writing “grow up” because someone wrote poop is pathetic. Seems to me like you’re the one who belongs in the playground with other kids who giggle at that word!

Niki on

OH.MY.GOD. What kind of uptight person freaks out over a medically related discussion about bodily functions?? Are you THAT sheltered that any talk of “tinkle” offends your delicate sensibilities? I am sure a lot of women are grateful to Elisabeth for sharing her problem, no one likes to feel “alone” with an embarrassing problem. Seriously, get a life. WE ALL USE THE BATHROOM. By getting all offended and acting like you can’t handle the topic like an adult makes YOU look immature.

gianna on

I agree with the posters who said too much information. Sorry nobody cares if you pee on yourself, it’s like going on national t.v. whether your pregnant or not and saying last night I farted, last night I took a dump, last night I burped, seriously that’s a private thing, and not something that has to be shared. And as a woman I don’t think I need to hear about anther woman peeing on herself, it’s always been known pregnant woman tend to pee a lot, who cares. And her belly was very pale compared to her face, looks like she gets spray tanned because she has that orange tan that kelly ripa has too.

jen on

I thought these comments were moderated. They are getting bad when people are insulting each other and using the word psycho. Why even post these. When I read comments I don’t want to hear them fight back and forth. They are suppose to e-mail privately about that.

Sarah’s note: They are moderated, and about a third of the comments on this post have not even been posted. I’ll change ‘psycho’ to ‘person’ since I do agree that that was offensive.

If people want to respectfully agree or disagree with what Elisabeth said, or amongst each other, that’s fine, but please, no name-calling. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, please don’t post it.

terri on

Thanks Hannie, that’s interesting information. I haven’t had kids yet but have had issues with my pelvic floor muscles already. I worked with a physical therapist to strengthen them. A lot of Koegel exercises!

silentgirl on

This is exactly why I stopped using message boards. Grown women can’t even have civil discussions.

Rebecca on

To me, that’s not about incontinence due to pregnancy, that’s just stupidity on her part. She said she had to go before she left, it took a long time, and then suddenly she really had to go. That’s not incontinence, that’s holding it too long, that could happen to ANYONE, not just pregnant women. Personally, I think the moral of this story is to definitely go before you leave home!

daisy on

Boy, some of you women are awfully preachy. If someone is nervous about birth because they fear loss of control of ALL bodily functions, who are you to say they are being unreasonable? True, when “push comes to shove”, it is unlikely that they will be worried about what’s coming out other than that baby..but are you seriously going to sit there and say that none of these same thoughts crossed your mind before the first time that you gave birth? Give these soon-to-be new mothers a break and an ounce of reassurance would you??

Rebecca on

Daisy, I’ll be honest, the thought of pooping while in labor really worried me. My OB with my first labor said it’s common and they just throw a blanket over it and continue working. My midwife for my upcoming labor said if you poop in the labor tub they just fish it out (I will be getting out of the tub and ask that fresh water be replaced, but that’s just me.) It’s not juvenile to be worried about pooping during labor, there’s nothing wrong with it (I’m just not sure why it’s being discussed here.)

phyls esparza on

I hope Elizabeth is gone for good, she needs to sty at home and take care of her family….I cannot stand her, her opinions or her voice!

j.brown on

TMI. but very brave.