Victoria Beckham, Romeo and Cruz at soccer practice

07/17/2007 at 11:31 PM ET

Victoria Beckham, 33, was spotted cuddling and snacking with her sons Cruz David, 2, and Romeo James, 4 1/2, while watching 8-year-old Brooklyn‘s soccer practice earlier today. More photos at Just Jared, x17 Online and The Daily Mail UK.

Photos by Flynet; Splash News.

Click below for five more pics — the last one is our favorite.


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greenmtx on

aww these pictures are really sweet. those boys are adorable

gianna on

Such cute boys, and victoria looks good.

Karen on

Awww, I love the Beckham Boys, so cute. Just Jared also has photos and in one of them Brooklyn is looking behind him at a few paparazzi and he has his hand on Cruz’s shoulder. He looks very protective of his baby brother. Victoria seems like a great mom.

Posh_Fan on

OMG not only is she sitting on the ground but she’s eating too and cuddling her kids as well? I DONT BELIEVE IT!

stephanie on

lol, all three boys got David’s “evil eyes” look down pat. I love the second picture!

luvthebabies on

Love the last picture, but not so sure about those heels…

Autumn on

Cute pics and they do prove that even Victoria Beckham can pull off the soccar mom thing too…although what other mom wears 3 inch designer stillettos to her son’s games I do not know? (Maybe only Victoria…;))

Tracy on

I watched her reality TV show Monday night and I have to admit that I was really surprised by it.

Just from seeing the “stern” look that always seems to live on her face, I assumed that she would be a total snob.

Upon watching the show however, I realized that she is actually quite funny! (Especially about the Eddie Murphey crack) Of course she does know she has money, but she doesn’t make that her whole life! She mentioned how she spends most of her free time just being a Mum, and that is amazing! These pictures just prove that point even more!

She really is just stunning!

Eathan on

WOW she actually EATS lol, even though it’s just some fruit.

Hea on

Nice to see her eat something, even if it’s just fruit.

Kristin on

Aww thats cute! I’m starting to like Victoria! She seems like a hands on mom.

Althea on

Lovely pictures =]

Although I have to agree, it’s funny seeing her with high heels on a soccer practice!

Christine on

The Beckham boys are ADORABLE and their Mum is FAB!

Anonymous on

I would be like Brooklyn too, staring at the photogs who probably followed them all the way there. I’m sure it’s quite annoying.

But the photos are adorable, and the one shot of Cruz carrying a ball as big as he is and Romeo carrying one about Cruz’s size is too funny, but still adorable!

And Vic really does look like a regular soccer (football) mom…just in killer stacked heels/wedged heels.

canadian reader on

Hi there,

Fyi, Bridget Moynahan is wearing Lululemon yoga pants. Here’s the link.

Lululemon is originally from Vancouver BC, Canada (where I’m from). They don’t make maternity clothes but a lot of moms up here wear them because they’re comfy and very durable.

Love your site!

a Canadian reader

Colleen on

They are the sweetest family. I’m glad we’re seeing more of them.

Sarah on

Why do people think these photos prove she is such a great mother? She is in the public eye so of course she wants to look like a good, normal mom, and maybe she is, but people talk about it like it’s something special. I consider myself a very good mom, but imagine the kind of mom we could all be if we had unlimited money and time! I guess I am the lone dissenter here but I watched her show and I thought she came across as completely self-centered and self-important.

PSB on

If she spent more time being photographed like this and less time scowling at the photogs, she’s be so much better liked. It’s nice to see her cuddling her kid – it humanizes her more and I actually think she looks much prettier being natural & maternal than when she tries to mimic the catwalk model glare.

essie on

Who ARE these people and why have they invaded my country????? She looks like a robot!! A really skinny robot!!!

Tara on

Why are people so mean towards this woman?I truly don’t get it! I am far from being a fan,and maybe because i don’t read tabloids i am biased, but come on, she is only a human being.
She may look arrogant and snobby in pictures,but at least she is not falling out of limos, drunk out of her mind, flashing her crotch.
Its actually lovely to see this family make their way in US.

Julia A on

I’ve seen pictures of Brooklyn being protective of Cruz, Romeo, and even Victoria. He’s quite the little man, isn’t he?

zaoli on

I think I’d have a scowl on my face if I was always followed by photographers. And I’d for sure make sure I was glammed up every time I left the house.

Don’t know anything about Posh, but the heels are rockin’!

Kaley on

Awww Victoria is so cute with her boys.

sage on

I think the pics are too cute for words. The boys are adorable. I think that victoria is a good mom, like I think heidi, katie and jennifer are good moms, because of the interaction with her kids. I think she is totally in love with her boys and I’m sure they feel the same way about their mother.

preesi on


< .sarcasm>
Look at her! She has no Nanny (or “Nurse”) for all those kids! Whats wrong with her!??
I wonder how shes managing! No wonder shes so skinny and never smiles!!
< ./sarcasm>


Jenny on

I read she hates her smile and teeth, which is why she rarely smiles in pictures.
I watched her show, too, and actually have started to like her a bit. She was funny and charming and seemed quite quick to laugh at herself.
She does seem as normal a mom as any of us would be with LOADS of $! I’d be a sourpuss, too, if I couldn’t even go to the loo without paparazzi trying to film it!
She takes her kids to TGIFridays for pete’s sake!

Liz on

I like her a lot more after watching her special. She also took her kids to TGI afterwards. 🙂

natasia on

The first picture is my favorite of all the recent Beckham pictures so far and this is the only site I’ve seen it in. Such a wonderful moment captured. Those boys are beautiful especially Romeo. I love how he looks at little Cruz while Cruz has his arm around him. Awwwww…so damn cute. Love the Beckham Boys.

Veni on

I’m compelete agree what you said!! Tara

Jacquie on

Loveeee the first capture of Vic and the boys, so precious! Just look at the way Romeo loving stares at his baby brother!! 🙂

Love the captures on Daily UK, the ones that show Brooklyn leaving his opponents in his dust! haha. Little David in the making!