CBB exclusive update: Scott Baio baby news

07/17/2007 at 03:21 PM ET

Update: Click below for Scott Baio baby news. Placed under a cut for those that don’t want his reality show spoiled — but this news is all over the internet now so it may be a lost cause!

CBB Exclusive update: We had earlier posted the baby’s name, but removed it after Renee wrote to us to let us know that she and Scott would prefer the information to remain private. She also clarifies,

Yes, I was aPlaymate — one of the only ones that kept all of my clothes on. I wasalso a stunt woman, swimsuit model, and a normal 9-5 job woman aswell…I would love for people to simply livetheir lives and let me live mine in peace.

Originally posted July 16th: Although former Happy Days star Scott Baio, 45, is starring in a new vH1 reality show called Scott Baio is 45…and Single, sources tell E! that the title is a bit far from the truth. In fact, he’s been dating Playboy Playmate Renee Sloan, and they’re expecting a baby girl in December. Although E! reports the baby’s name will be Bonnie, that is untrue. According to E!,

Everything’s hush-ass right now, as Single execs don’t want the show’s premise blown before it’s time.

Source: E!’s Awful Truth

Thanks to CBB readers Heather, Kitty and Kim.

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daphneesmith on

Well you GO, Scott Baio! A Playmate AND a baby! Congrats to them.

Dawna on

Aww, that spoiled the anticipation for Scott’s show. Now I don’t want to watch it as the ending is now known; he resolves his committment issues, gets the girl back, and is now going to be a daddy! Congrats to Scott and Renee. Hope they have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

tink1217 on

wow!!! I am sooo happy for him!!! I have wanted this guy to settle down and have a family for years!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! Love you Chachi!!

gianna on

Loved him on happy days and charles in charge, he was hot. I heard Renee has a teenage daughter already, congrats to Scott.

Karen on

Well that blew the plot of the show. Oh well I still found last nights episode amusing. Scot Baio was my first crush! Tiger Beat was plastered all over my walls. Congrats to him and Renee I hope they have a long lasting and loving relationship.

Ann on

Hmm. No need to watch the show anymore. Thanks.

MB on

That does kind of spoil the prospects of the show-but glad things worked out.

Can someone tell me what the significane of the name Bonnie is to them? Since it seems to emphasize it in the post-“they’re expecting a baby girl in December. Apparently, she will most likely be named Bonnie—”–Congrats to them though-Scott Baio is still cute.


Renee on

Good for him but I think it was a bad idea to post this one the site. This has probably just messed up some of us enjoying the show. Couldn’t wait until at least a few months?

Lacey on

Who cares if it ruins the show… this site is here to post news about celebrities and babies.. If you didn’t want to know, you shouldn’t have clicked on continue reading.

Congrats to the couple on their new baby!

Sarah’s note: It was originally posted on the page as all posts normally are, I only put it after the cut after people started complaining.

Bethie on

Scott has made no secret in any interview that he is involved with Renee. It was just a matter of wether or not he could commit to her. Still no official ring?

gianna on

Sounds like a baby is on the way, but no ring or marriage yet, so show isn’t really ruined for me. We still gotta see if he actually commits and marries her or they just have a baby together. I kinda had a feeling anyway at the end of the show, he would say he is staying with her. I don’t think there is much his life coach will teach him, it’s just fun reality t.v IMO.

Mary on

Actually if ya’ll watched the show, you would know that he is dating her. She’s on it! The whole point of the show, from what I understand, is for him to understand what happened in his past relationships and why he can’t commit. He loves Renee and doesn’t want to blow it. Supposedly.

On the show his life coach or whatever makes him break up with her for 8 weeks.

Anna on

Yet another child born to unmarried parents that will be glorified in the media as “okay”.

While I wish them a good life with the child to be, I find it very sad.

Barbara on

“Yet another child born to unmarried parents that will be glorified in the media as “okay”. While I wish them a good life with the child to be, I find it very sad.”

Was it “sad” when Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell had their son? They’re two of the most committed “celebrities” around and have been together for 20+ years.

I’m sad for YOU that a marriage license is the only way news of a baby-to-be would be a happy event.

Jennie on

Normally I just read the comments, however, I feel the need to add something. I was married to a man for a few years when I was younger, things didn’t work out, and thankfully the two of us did not have children together. I have been with my current partner for 11 years, and he and I have two incredibly well adjusted children who are loved and know they are loved, however we are NOT married. So should it be said that this too is a sad situation for our children to be raised in such a loving and happy houshold? Shame on us for not having a piece of paper to prove our love! I will start saving up now for their future therapy caused by their un-wed parents.

brannon on

I agree. A marriage license is not a prerequisite for a happy home! All babies born to people who love them are to be celebrated! Congratulations!

kim on

The baby will be named Bailey not Bonnie… Renee is my sister.

Veroncia on

Well this is the last time I read the comments to stories. I can’t stand the all the know-it-all people and the judgemental comments that are slung around here on a daily basis now. I come here for entertainment, not to get preached to.

Erin on

Bailey Baio ?!!! OK….

Renee' Sloan on

I can’t believe how rude and intrusive you people are in regards to MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!! Including my sister, how sad. Please find someone else to talk about that is actually news worthy…… Yes, I was a Playmate-One of the only one’s that kept all of my clothes on. I was also a stunt woman, swimsuit model, and a NORMAL 9-5 job woman as well….. If you’d all like to know when and what I’ll eat for lunch or dinner tomorrow or when i’ll go shopping for food or to the post office ect. then just have at it, but I would love for people to simply live their lives and let me live mine in peace. Thank You,
Renee’ Sloan

gianna on

Well it’s nice Scott and Renee plan to marry, but if they didn’t the baby is still a blessing. Lots of kids come out of divorces or unwed parents, and Scott and Renee are grown-ups, nobody needs to be judgmental, it’s their child and whether they marry or not, is nobody’s business.

Kat on

I’m more excited about the show now… this is only the second reality-show match to get past the end of the show (they DID meet on the show, right)

Makes me more interested to watch it.

Stephanie on

Yea, it’s so sad when my fiancee and I eat dinner with our daughter every night, give her a bath, and tuck her into bed. It’s just horrible when we take her to the park or go to the zoo. We’re having another daughter in a few weeks, that’s even sadder, isn’t it?

We chose to wait until the end of this year to get married instead of as soon as we got pregnant because we wanted to make it clear to everyone that we were getting married because we wanted to and because we loved each other, and not because society thinks you can only be good parents if you’re married. It’s a shame people are so narrow-minded and judgemental.

madtv on

Yet another child born to unmarried parents that will be glorified in the media as “okay”.

While I wish them a good life with the child to be, I find it very sad.

My children are 7 and 9. My DH and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary on 7-30. Do you find that sad? What I find sad is my cousin married his ex because she was expecting and less than a year later he was a single father. They did the whole hiding the pregnancy because that’s what they thought was proper.

Ella on

Nobody should have to justify their decisions to please a stuck up poster whose only goal is to stir up trouble.

Traci on

Scott & Renee, Congrats! I watched the show the other day and really liked it. I was pretty sure the end would be that you two get married, or at least engaged, so this isn’t really a spoiler for me. I’m just happy to know everything works out.

Sea on

Aw, congrats to both Scott and Renee!

Kat, no, this isn’t a reality show match up. They’ve been together for quite a while. The purpose of the show, from what I’ve read, is that Scott is trying to figure out his commitment issues. He’s hired a life coach and is visiting old girlfriends to get the lowdown on what when wrong with his relationship with each of them.

gianna on

I believe Renee has a teenage daughter, that’s what I remember reading or hearing about once. Anyway looking forward to seeing the show again this week.

Hollister on

You can be a Playboy Playmate and keep your clothes ON??!! Huh??!!

gianna on

Scott was on live with regis and kelly today, there was no mention of a baby or renee, but he did make it a point to say the show has a good ending, and ends the way it is supposed too.

Annalisa, 5'3 on

Thank you, sincerely to all of the parents here, who were and are unwed and yet are loving partners and parents. Myself and my boyfriend just had a baby in our 40’s, that’s right our 40’s…I am 46, he is 47, after both of us having had unsuccessful marriages in our 20’s and children who had to suffer alongside us…Now, with our children of former partners grown and on our own we were blessed with a baby, surprisingly at that (the doctor originally thought I’d had a tumor and it was only later discovered, at 3 months gestation, that the “tumor” was indeed a baby, and me at 46!) when I thought I was ready for menopause…We have been together almost 9 years and our baby is, indeed, a gift from something far greater than ourselves who would never consider any part of our new family “sad”…..Renee seems sweet and intelligent and as Scott Baio is an “Virgo”, like myself, I know he will be a dedicated, devoted and loving partner and parent .

Sharon on

Scott< Way to go!!! It is about time Scott become daddy. Renee is such a beautiful woman. Please, stay true to her. God bless them.

Raine Childe on

Whoever said the news of their child is “sad” needs to take their holier-than-thou moral-propaganda elsewhere. Just because you believe that it is unholy, against YOUR personal religion, or whatever you think — does NOT mean that everyone holds your beliefs. Many children are born to partners who are not joined together by an expensive piece of paper, (both heterosexual and gay partnerships). The reason that you are giving for this unborn child to be looked down upon says a lot about you as a human being.

Mommy of J. on

I was happy in the end to learn that Scott had decided, after his long, emotional journey to marry his girlfriend – and it was nice that he’s going to be a Daddy.

And, I’d just like to add that I understand why people who have never been married think that marriage is ‘just a piece of paper’. Unless you’ve actually been married – you aren’t in a position to realize that it is actually more than that. Marriage has the potential for adding a sense of stability to a relationship that is truly felt by the children who result from the union. While it is true that ever marriage is not always happy or lasting, stastically speaking, there is more of a likelihood of a lasting relationship when two people are married than if they are not; and that is always better for the children.

Tracy on

This is my first visit to this site and I am amazed at the negative comments being posted regarding this subject. What does it matter if Scott and Renee are married or not? As long as Scott is commited to this child he has helped create,then that should be enough for now.

I was 28 years old and visiting my parents when I found out I was pregnant. My father thought that since I was not married and the fact that my boyfriend and I had just broken up, that I should not have the baby. This is one “mistake”, as many people call this, that saved my life and that of my fathers. I was on the road to distruction and my father was very sick and did not feel that he had to try and get better for anyone. That changed the day my daughter was born. Jamie Lynn was born in May of 1992. Prior to her birth, I last spoke to her father, whom I was not married to at any time, who lived 540 miles away in January of 1992. We had no contact for over 7 years. After receiving a letter from his mother who had just found out she had a granddaughter, her biological father and his family have been in her life for the past 8 1/2 years.

My husband, who I married when my daughter was 3, has been in her life since she was 1. She considers herself lucky to have two wonderful fathers who love her unconditionaly. It did not matter that I did not marry her father, the point is that he and his family are in her life now.

I guess my point in all of this is that you don’t have to be married to have a child. Yes, it would have probably made things easier at the time, however, I have no regrets over the decisions that I have made. It should be a personal choice and one that is happy, healthy and safe for both the child(ren) and the parent(s).

Angi on

I watched the show the 8 wks it was interesting but after last nights ending, it makes me wonder who gets pregnant by someone who clearly has commitment issues? You can not push anyone into marriage unless you want to be divorced a year later. Then to boot she adds a child on top of all of that. Makes me wonder.

Livon on

First off, I actually enjoyed the show. The only sad thing is that Scott Baio and I are about the same age!! Oh how time flies. Honestly, I thought maybe they made this show knowing how it was going to end. It is a reality show in reality show truth if that makes any sense. Does it matter to me, no. Sometimes I want to watch something lite and that what this was. Lite and entertaining. Suprisingly entertaining. Is it sad that they are having a baby and not married? Not when you look at what is going on in the world. Sad is the women who left her kids in the car to die and then stuffed them under the sink. If a child is loved and cared for, that can never be sad. It is when a child is discarded like a piece of trash, that is truly, undeniably sad.

Kitty on

What a cute photo of Scott Baio’s baby