Reader Mail: International readers!

07/17/2007 at 10:01 AM ET

Our readers come from all over the world, as evidenced by this email from Swedish CBB Reader Emma.

I would just like to tell you what an amazing website you have. It gives me much pleasure every day and I am a constant visitor. The greatest thing about is that you are not here to gossip or judge celebrities and their children but to simply report and show all the cuties out there. I love it and frequently tell my friends and family about your site. Thank you and keep on with the good work.

Do you live outside of the US?


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Angie on

Yes, I’m from the UK, and I’ve been visiting for a while now. 🙂

karleigh on

Hi there, I am from Australia and check your site about 6 times a day and much to my suprise, there is usually an update each time. This is my FAVOURITE website and I tell EVERYONE about it. My favourite celeb babies are Milo Langdon & Zahara Jolie-Pitt. I have been a reader for years now, Danielle, keep up the great work!

maz on

yes! im british and live in london. im only 17 and really shouldnt be thinking about babies but i just love celebrity babies!

maggie on

yes Im from El Salvador, I love this website and I visit it all the time

sil on

yes, I’m peruvian but I live in Italy (husband and daughter are italian)
This is a great site! I love to read news of all celebrity babies and parents 🙂

gala on

I live in France!

Eleonora on

Yes, I’m from Venice, Italy. I am a constant visitor too. This is the most wonderful site about celebrity babies..!Thank you for your great work 🙂

Adeline on

Hi ! I’m from France and I read your blog daily. I’m fond of August Hermann and a lot of other celebrity babies !

SandraSweden on

Hi! I’m also from Sweden, love the site!

jil on

yes! i’m from switzerland. i’m so in love with all these cute celebrity babies

Althea on

Hello there!

I live in Greece!

I’ve been an avid fan of CBB since August 2005.

I love you website, you are neutral and objective and it is so refreshing that there is a website were you see any rude or judgemental comments.

I’m only a year older than maz and not plan on having any babies any time soon but I keep on visiting your site as I love celebrity babies!!

Keep up the good work


Marta Karta on

I am from Czech republic 🙂

Stéph on

I’m from Montreal, Québec, Canada.

I LOVE your site, I’m addicted to it, everytime I have a chance to go on the computer this is the first site I visit.

Keep on the good word

dutch mama on

I live in The Netherlands and am an avid reader. I just LOVE this site!!!

Laura on

Hi, I m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I check out your site constantly since I became pregnant.
Now I get to share this “adiccion” with my 4 months old baby girl.
So many different women, different personalities and traditions are toghether by mother love.
Thats universal. (Sorry about my english)

samantha on

Hi! I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada
I love your site and have been viewing it for almost 2 years now!

Majbritt on

I’m from Denmark and have been checking in daily since 2005 🙂

lily on

I’m from switzerland and I enjoy your website daily with my morning cup of coffee!

ma74 on

Montréal, Canada and Paris, France !!You do have a great site

Sarah on

I’m from Germany and I visit CBB daily for about two years now. Love the website! 🙂

alice on

I´m from AUSTRIA
I love CB!!!!!!!!!

Natasha on

Hi I am from Cyprus I have been reading this blog for the last three years. It is great I visit it everyday and I am addicted to it!

Lena on

I´m from Germany. I really love this site and I can´t stop reading those cool news about hollywoods babies…. 😉
Keep on going with this site!!!
Many greetz from Bonn/Germany and have a nice day, Lena

Kari on

I`m from Norway and Ive been a daily visitor since 2005. My fave celeb baby is Matilda Rose Ledger 🙂

Monica on

Im from Mexico and I loove your site…being checking it for a while now even Im only 21 but loving the celebrity babies!!

Hea on

I’m from Sweden. 🙂

Wiebke on

I am from Germany but I am currently studying in the Netherlands !
I discovered your site about a year ago and I am absolutly addicted to it, I love all the cute babies !

Elaine on

I am in Scotland, and I also love this site. I like that there is articles from all over the world, not just the US or UK.

Kirsten on

I am an American who just spent five years living in Peru, and now we are moving to Japan.

I love it – keep up the great work!

Annmarie on

from UK. Love the site. I think I found it by accident through some article when looking for baby names etc. Well done to everyone who makes it possible as I hate missing a day!

Angela on

Hi, I am from Dublin, Ireland. I have been visiting this site for the last 2 years, I love it!!! It is updated so regularly, its great. Keep up the good work!

Sabina on

I live in England. 🙂

Amélie on

Hi, I’m from Belgium. I’ve been visiting this site since the birth of the Roberts-Moder twins and I absolutely adore this site.

holly on


I live in Niagara Falls, Canada…I love CBB…I check it like 7 times a day

r9lee on

i live in toronto, canada. i’ve been surfing the site since at least 2004? i visit it a few times a day…i no longer purchase us weekly thanks to CB cuz u can get pretty much everything here! thanks CB & continue the excellent work!

carrie on

Hi, I’ from th UK and have been an avid reader several times a day for a couple of years now, I still remember Anya as a baby bump!

Marie on

I live in Sweden 🙂

Jennifer on


I’m Canadian but I live in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates and I’ve been visiting this site daily for almost 2 years. I love it because as someone else said, it doesn’t take a nasty or judgemental swipe at celebrity parents. It’s good sentiments only!

Keep up the great work and give Anya a kiss from all her cyber space friends.

Anna on

I’m from Hamburg, Germany. I love this site!!!

Émilie on

I’m a french-canadian from Montréal;)

emzi on

I’m English, but I live in Northern Ireland. CBB is so addictive! But by far the cutest celebrity baby is Anya!

su on

I´m from spain, I´ve trying to remember the first time i read the blog but i can´t, I guess It´s like it has always been there!

Tahj on

Hi I’m from Jamaica!! I love CBB!

Kresta on

I am from New Zealand. I have been visiting this site for nearly 2 years now.

Marujita Robinson on

I’m from Spain and I read this blog every day. I love it, even though I don’t have kids of my own.

Danielle on

I’m from Brasil and I love this site!

Melissa on

I´m from Brasil and I became addicted to this site since I was pregnant. My baby girl is turning 2 in a few weeks!

Marta on

Greatings from Poland ;-)I love reading CBB even though I dont’t have my own kids …

Baby Love on

I live on the beautiful island of Guam (US territory) and love checking CBB every day.

Lorellie on

Yes, I live in the Philippines! And I love CBB! Been visiting this site for more than a year now! More power to you! 🙂

Annie on

Another Canadian here!
Love your site!

SJF on

From Perth Australia and check the site every day – I can’t get enough!!

mary on

Another reader from New Zealand. I love this site, and have been visiting for about 2 years

jandksmummy on

Hi from the Canadian prairies, Saskatoon SK. I have been enjoying your site since July 2005.

Briana on

I also come from Perth Australia, although im 15! I’ve been reading CBB for 2 years, since i was 13 and love it!!

Bess on

Another Australian here, although I’ve checked in on CBB from many different countries- China, Switzerland, Bangladesh and Ghana just to name a few. I have a stressful job (which involves travelling) and every day I look forward to that time when I can chill out and catch up on all the little cuties you feature on CBB. It’s such a happy positive site, always puts a smile on my face!
Thanks for all the hard work you put into CBB, we really appreciate it 🙂

Sarah on

Another Aussie here! I check your site every time I come online. I love that it features lots of international babies. It’s awesome you have Shannon (another Aussie!) to update on babies like Mia Hewitt and Prince Christian that we probably wouldn’t otherwise hear about. Keep up the great work.

Jennifer on

Another German CBB reader here! I am constantly reading since about 1 year.
Great work you are doing, keep on!

Jennifer on

Another German CBB reader here! I am constantly reading since about 1 year.
Great work you are doing, keep on!

Aleah on

I’m half French and half Greek, and I spend my time between both countries

die eule on

Howdy from Leipzig/Germany – in 1999/2000 I’ve been living in the US for 13 months. I read your site for over 3 years now and love it!

Louise on

Hiya, Im from Ireland and love the site!

Silb on

I’m from Germany and I have been reading CBB for almost 2 years! Basically I’m too curious to stop reading CBB.


I was pregnant and living in SINGAPORE, when I found CBB. I am an American (New Yorker) and literally knew nobody in the country. It was very hard going through the pregnancy, having a C-section with no friends to talk to. CBB was always there for me, even in the hospital. My husband and I checked the site to see which celebrity was having a baby during those 5 days….in fact it was FOUR! We now live in London in the same neighborhood as MOSES and Apple!

Nora on

I used to live in Los Angeles when I first discovered CBB, but now I live in Cologne, Germany. It’s a bit frustrating that a lot of the featured products are not available in Germany, but I really appreciate postings about international celebrities and your opening up drawings for international readers. Thanks!

Carla on

I’m from Holland.

Maia on

Hello from Germany! I live in Leipzig and it feels like I’ve been reading CBB forever 🙂

tracey on

Another Aussie 🙂 I’ve been reading CBB for a couple of years, and now that I’m pregnant myself it’s cool to check on how celebrities are progressing along with me!

Busy Lizzy on


I’m a working mom-of-three from Belgium and I check out your website on a daily basis. I love it!!!
Also I’ve already purchased some nice things with the coupons you put on the website.
Keep up the good work!

Christine on

Another Canadian (Toronto)

Love me my CBB!

Amanda on

I live in Palembang, Indonesia and I started visiting this site when I first got pregnant with my son. He is now nearly 1 year old and I still visit several times a day. I love it!

Sarita on

I’m from the Netherlands and I check the site very often, I love it 🙂

Lita on

I’m from Italy too.
I’m only 7 weeks pregnant, but I visit this awesome site weekly since years! 🙂

Ana Lima on

I’m from Brazil and I check the site everyday! I love it!

Lisette on

I am from Holland and check daily. I don’t know since when but at least a year..