Bumble Bags celebrates their 5th Anniversary

07/17/2007 at 01:30 PM ET

Bumble Bags Buttercup BlissUpdate: The winner of the Bumble Bags 5th Anniversary package is CBB Reader Lisa, who just discovered she is pregnant with her second child.  Congrats to Lisa who selected the Buttercup Bliss pattern!

Bumblebags_mainBumble Bags is celebrating their 5th Anniversary and they want you tojoin in the fun and festivities.  One lucky Celebrity Baby Blogwinner will win a complete Bumble Bag collection including aKimberly diaper bag, changing kit and car seat cover in the pattern of their choice.

The Kimberly Tote in Pink Paisley, one of their new signature spring fabric designs, was selected as the diaper bag ofchoice for Jillian Barberie Reynold‘s baby shower. Guests that were gifted thebag included Heather Locklear and Kim Kardashian as featured on bothNBC’s Extra and "In Touch" Magazine.

Super soft and oozing femininity, Bumble Bags were built for theadventure and created for today’s mom. These bags were designed byJennie Lynn Johanson to endure everyday trials but still remainfashionably chic.

Kimberly_pink_paisley_frontjpgThe Kimberly Tote can either hang off your shoulder or on your stroller, the Kimberlyis amazingly soft yet resistant to stains and water.  This bag hasmultiple pockets for bottles, wipes and accessories and also includesa separate changing pad.

Exclusively for Celebrity Baby Blog Readers: Save 15% off the purchase of any Bumble Bags products at Due Maternity (www.duematernity.com).


The Changing Kit is so compact for those days you just want to keep it simple and chic.The Bumble Changing Kit has an adjustable strap that can hang from anystroller and a large changing area to make those diaper changes quickand easy.

Toddler_pink_paisleyjpgThe Car Sear Cover, available for either an Infant or Toddler car seat, aredurable to stains yet amazingly stylish.  Breathable material allowsbaby to stay cool and happy during those long drives.

To enter to win a complete Bumble Bag collection including aKimberly diaper bag, changing kit, and car seat cover of your choice, visit Bumble Bags, then comment, telling us your favorite print (other than Pink Paisley)!

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Brittany on

What’s the question? I must be missing it. I would love to win one of these bags!

Leslie on

I would love to enter, but there is no question posted!

Amy on

I like the Pink Pucci the best.

Mollie on

My favorite is the Pink Pucci!

Candy on

I really like Buttercup Bliss. All of them are great fabrics and the whole line is beautiful.

momtoG on

I’m loving the Mocha stripe. I really like the Madeline too. Cute stuff!

Andrea on

I also love Buttercup Bliss… it’s elegant and understated… although I agree with Candy that the whole line is beautiful!

Terese on

I love the Butter Cup Bliss.

Lisa on

I have been admiring this line for some time and I love the Butter Cup Bliss pattern!

I just found out that I’m pregnant with baby #2 so it would work perfectly for a boy or girl.

tali on

I’m lovin the Blue Paisley. Tho I really like the Pink Paisley best. 🙂

Jenna on

I absolutely love the Mocha Stripe! Cute cute cute!

Stephanie Elie on

My favorite is the Cappucino Dot. Not sure if I am having a boy or girl this time around but I this one is my favorite.

Renee on

I love the Blue Latte!

Adin on

I love the LemonLime Dot!! SUPER cute!

Kimberly on

I love the Butter Cup Bliss – these are awesome bags and seat covers!

KF on

I love the Butter Cup Bliss pattern! I agree that it would work well for either a boy or a girl, too, which is nice.

Susie on

I love the lemom line dot!

Jeanette on

I adore the Buttercup Bliss pattern! I looked them over before clicking to comment so didn’t see how many agreed! But I can’t say I’m surprised. Gorgeous stuff and all the patterns are sweet.

Char on

They’re all great, but Mocha Stripe is my fave.

cristina on

Cappucino Dot is the best

Allison C on

I love Butter Cup Bliss

Kalani on

Oh it’s so hard to decide! Such great patterns… I think I’m in love with Lemon Lime Dot!

Heather on

I love the blue latte!

Wendi Landrum on

Humm…the pink paisley really is my favorite but if I can’t choose that one then the Pink Pucci is my other favorite.

Elizabeth Shirley on

I liked the Cappucino Dot the best.

wavybrains on

I love the pink pucci! The whole line is great though!

Brooke on

Ok, I think there is maybe one print that isn’t my style… so hard to choose, but I think I have to say the Cappucino Dot. We’re not planning to find out the gender this time.

PSB on

I love the blue latte (pink latte is cute too, but I have a boy). Seems like the print could hide a multitude of stains!

Ashley P on

I love the Fruity Florals the best, but they’re all so cute!

Laura on

I love the Mocha Stripe!

Doreen on

I adore the Cappucino Dot!!

Kristen on

I like the blue paisley!!

Hannah on

I like the PINK PUCCI car seat cover for infants and the PINK PAISLEY for toddlers. I have a 6 month old baby girl, so pink gets my vote! : )

Leslie on

I like the Pink Pucci the best, but if I win since I have a toddler and they don’t make the Pucci in the toddler seat cover, I would love to have the Pink Paisley.

Emma on

I adore the Blue Latte. It’s so fresh, classic and the colors are subtle but so pretty. I have been drooling over this print for a while now – just gorgeous! 🙂

Tamara on

Pink Pucci is my favorite!

momof2 on

definitely mocha stripe

Jenna on

Definitely the denim dot. Oh, that’s just really striking to me and I’m usually a very “plain” kind of girl. (Our current diaper bag is black with plaid trim. That’s as CRAZY as I usually get. Yeah, I’m boring.)

Heather on

I love the Buttercup Bliss!

Jennifer on

I LOVE the entire line, but my favorite is Buttercup Bliss!!

HeatherK on

I like Capuccino Dot!

Kolby on

I love the Butter Cup Bliss!

Shannon on

I love Lemon Lime Dot! It’s super cute!

Liz on

I loved the buttercup bliss…perfect!

Christi on

Mocha Stripe is HOT! Love it!

jane on

I LOVE the Rosey Stripe.

claire smurthwaite on

Definately Rosey Stripe. The bright pinks and reds are fantastic, and it does help being bright as they are the colours a young baby can see.

Brittany on

I really like the Rosey Stripe. I just had my second daughter in May and have always loved the Bumble Bags line. I love the fold out changing pad. Regular changing pads take up too much room, but these are perfect. I would love to win one of these!

sharon on

I like buttercup bliss. I think the kimberly tote is great with the zip-open changing pad.

Amy on

I have loved the Blue Latte ever since it came out!

sharon on

I like buttercup bliss. I think like how the kimberly tote has a zip-open changing pad.

Just a friend on

I like Butter Cup Bliss slightly better than Pink Latte … Hard to narrow down to just one.

RileyJosephine on

That was a tough choice! After looking them over (and over), I think I like the Blue Latte best!

Crystal on

Oh I love the Mocha Stripe!

Amy Jane on

Butter Cup Bliss is beautiful!

Karol on

How adorable the Butter Cup Bliss Messenger bag is. I have a 5 month old baby boy, so it’s not to girly for us. Love it.

Dee on

I like the blue latte. Simple and would work whether you had a boy or a girl.

Erika on

I love the mocha stripe pattern … although the pink paisley is really my honest fave.

Karol C J on

I love the Butter Cup Bliss messenger bag. the color is not so “girly”, for me to carry my 5 month old baby boys things

Suzanne on

I like the pink latte.

Shelby on

I love the lemon lime dot, super cute!

Heather Slater on

I love all of them but if I had to pick a favorite I’d choose the Mocha Stripe.

Vanessa Shrauner on

How cute – I love the pink paisley.

amber on

pink pucci is the best. i love all the bright pinks in it. when you don’t know the sex of your baby until it’s born, you get REALLY tired of yellow & green!

chris o on

Buttercup Bliss is my favorite. They are all cute though.

Brittney on

I love the Butter Cup Bliss pattern! I am due in a couple of months and don’t know the sex of the baby-this pattern would work great for both a boy or a girl!!

gapeachssi on

I’m loving the Mocha Stripe. It works well for any sex baby and my husband wouldn’t be too worried how he looks carrying it.

Angela on

Pink latte!!!

Kami on

I’m expecting a baby girl in October and I LOVE the pink pucci pattern!

Liz on

I am a Mocha Stripe fan Beautiful bag!

JenGK on

Lemon lime dot is def. my favorite.

Lorus on

Buttercup bliss.

I just wanted to add that using an aftermarket car seat covers VOID your car seat’s warranty and remove them from being liable if the seat should fail in an accident.

Charlene on

I really like the Rosey Stripe pattern. It’s bright, and manages a blend of traditional and whimsy. I love that! Can’t help but be put in a good mood when looking at that pattern.


Susan on

I’m loving me some Buttercup Bliss.

heather on

My favorite is Butter Cup Bliss although I think all are great colors. They have such cool diaper bags!

Julie T. on

I love the Pink Latte, it is so pretty!

Posh_Fan on

Buttercup Bliss

momof2kids on

i really like mocha stripe! also butter cup bliss. all of them are great but since i dont konw what i am having i think nuetral for now later on thats when i can really pick the pink pucci or denim dot

danielle on

i love the lemon lime dot!!!

Toby Munitz on

Jennie Lynn Johanson is the most wonderful gal I have met since I joined this crazy kids business. She is not only a very sweet person but make great bags. I wish her a wonderful 5th b-day. all the best, Toby

Alissa on

I love the Cappucino Dot!

Amy W on

CBB – i do not think that ya’ll should be advertising aftermarket carseat covers as they void the warrenty on the seat and are not safe to use since they have not been crash tested and most likely are not flame retartdent

mdterp on

I love all of them but my favorite is Butter Cup Bliss!

lulu on

blue paisly

Kristy on

My fave is also Butter Cup Bliss, I think I’d even use it with my daughter. Of course the pink paisley is super cute too!

YetAnotherHeather on

Hopefully I’m not too late, because these bags are wayyyy too cute to miss 🙂 I don’t know yet whether I’m having a girl or a boy but I love the Pink Pucci and the Blue Latte. Thanks celebrity-babies.com!!!

Sophie on

I love, love, love Fruity Florals! Whee :)!

Katy Townsend on

Lovin’ the BLUE LATTE!!! PINK LATTE is really cute too!

Jemax76 on

I love the Pink Pucci!

Jenn on

I love the Blue Latte print! The print is absolutely beautiful. I just love it:)

Meghan on

I really love butter cup bliss.

Laura on

I love the Mocha Stripe!

Jamie on

I like the Jessica Mocha Stripe!!

Candace Kuykendall on

So hard to choose! They are all beautiful, but I think Buttercup Bliss is my favorite.

An on

Pink Pucci all the way!

Deserae on

I loovvveee Bumble bags! They are cute but extremely functional! I love the Fruity Florals and Blue Kaleidoscope line 😀 I think they both are so verstile you could use either for either gender 😀

AZ on

The Mocha Stripe is fun and cool! This style would work gr8 for us, since we are not finding out the gender, and it is neutral.

Pam on

My fave is the Pink Pucci – a loud proud mama print!

Brittany on

I love the pink latte! It is so cute!

ab on

what great bags! I really do like the pink paisley 🙂 but also like the blue latte (I think it would be great if you had a boy — get some blue, but still a pretty and feminie bag for mom). The ButterCup print is also adorable!

Denise on

The Pink Pucci is so Divalicious!!! Diaper bags sure have come a long way! I remember when pink,blue and mint green were pretty much the choices. Now bags are made to fit the style of the mother more than a baby’s accessory. So hip and modern!!

Caryn on

Blue Paisely!

Myrna on

I love the Pink Pucci!!!

Judy on

I love the Buttercup Bliss! It’s very pretty and not too loud.

Jessica Sirotin on

The Lemon Lime Dot is great – not too loud.

snowychloe on

I love the Blue Latte. So sweet and pretty!

Crissi on

Lemon Lime dot for me please!! These bags are Georgous!!

Charlean on

My favorite is the Butter Cup Bliss. So pretty!

Lita form Italy on

I love the Lemon Lime Dot one! 🙂

Wisteria on

I love the beautiful hues of green, yellow, and blue in the Butter Cup Bliss print!

Tera on

Pink Paisley is my favorite and I have been eyeing that pattern for sometime. I also love Pink Pucci…so FUN!

Carrie Bezak on

I really like the Pink Pucci!!

Sonia on

I liked the Lemon Lime Dot…

jill on

LOVE! It’s between Buttercup Bliss and Fruity Florals…. if I had to pick, it would be buttercup bliss.

I have twins and this stuff would be fabulous!!!!!

Courtney on

Mocha Stripe is my favorite

Alisa on

I love the Butter Cup Bliss. Don’t get me wrong I love pink, but the light blues and yellows are so soothing. The pattern is very hip as well. It’s boy and girl neutral, what’s not to love!

Wendy on

I LOVE the mocha stripe. Gorgeous and could work for a boy or a girl. Very trendy bags too…just gorgeous.

Br3nRock on

I love the Kimberly in Blue Paisley! Sweet baby boy #3 deserves a stylish new diaper bag. Sissy’s 5yr old one is not so nice anymore.

Gretchen on

They’re all lovely, making it hard to choose a favorite! I think I would have to go with Pink Pucci, though.

Patricia on

Blue Latte! Without a doubt. I love more unisex prints.

Stephanie on

What a tough decision!!! I covet Lemon Lime Dot ~

Jodi on

I like Buttercup Bliss or Blue Paisley best. I love bumble bags. I tried three diaper bags before finding bubble bags from a friend. I used a bumble bag in pink latte for my first baby!

Leslie on

I like the Lemon Lime Dot!

Heidi on

The Blue Latte is just my cup of tea 😉

Tara on

Fruity florals is my fun fave!

Cat on

I love the Buttercup Bliss! So cute!

Erinn on

Rosey Stripe

Christine C on

Oh my goodness….I love the Jessica Messenger in Blue Latte! Sooooooooooo beautiful!

Denise on

I LOVE the Cappucino Dot.It is beautiful!!

Holly on

i’m loving the Butter Cup Bliss!

Stephanie on

I love the Rosey Stripe one!!

Naomi on

Ordinarily, I would say Pink Pucci (and my 3 year old daughter would agree!), but in deference to my son being induced on Thursday I would say Denim Dots is pretty sweet, too…

Kacee on

I really love the Mocha Stripe!!!

kristen spencer on

i really like the mocha stripe. i absolutley love the colors!!

Lisa Johnson on

I like the Pink Pucci! Love brown and pink together!

Cher Free on

My favorite print is fruity florals 🙂

Erica on

I love the Fruity Floral print.

Shayna Swiney on

My favorite is Lemon Lime Dot.

BLstouts3 on

I absolutely adore the Mocha Stripe!! These bags are just too cute. The Mocha Stripe has that causual to chic look!! Love it.

Jen on

I LOVE the Mocha Stripe. I’m 12 weeks pregnant, and considering that I will not be finding out the sex – the colors are perfect for either a girl or a boy!