Bridget Moynahan goes to the gym

07/17/2007 at 11:13 PM ET

Actress Bridget Moynahan, 36, was spotted going to and from the gym on Tuesday. Rumor has it that she’s due this Friday with a baby boy.

Photos by Flynet.

Picture_1She wears Tali Gillette’s large ‘mama’ pendant necklace in 14K gold ($550).

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Bridget is also wearing a Force of Nature Short Sleeve Maternity Teeby Pure T ($50; muted pink and army green available only) and Luluemon yoga pants.


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Isabel on

Oh my she is all baby. She looks amazing!! Good for her.

Nicole on

Looks more like she’s due with a basketball!!! Good luck to Bridget for a smooth and quick delivery of the next Superbowl MVP/male model!

gianna on

She looks awesome, she will be anther keri russell, who gives birth and is skinny. That’s defintley a boy belly IMO.

pixie on

Gosh, she is so tall that there is NO difference in her appearance other than the baby belly. Tall people seem to have it easy. I had trouble exercising in the third trimester — I got so winded and tired with the slightest bit of activity. Probably because I’m short with a small frame. I worked out every day before the pregnancy.

meghan on

wow. she is ALL baby… i wish i came close to looking like that – and i still have 3 months to go. and i can’t imagine working out – i am already achy all of the time. AMAZING. good for her!!!

Karen on

Wow the last pictures I saw of her not to long ago she didn’t look that big at all, now her belly has really popped out there!

Lorus on

I think she’s smuggling a watermelon in there!

Cindy on

Whoa…she is way out there isn’t she? Haven’t seen her for a couple of weeks and her belly is a lot bigger. It also looks like she’s dropped. She doesn’t look too happy does she? The last few weeks are rough. I wish her much luck with delivery. They say exercise helps. I wouldn’t know since I was basically a non-moving blob.

Claudia on

Thanks for the new pics. She looks super! She should have been the poster girl for Pregnancy Magazine, she makes being pregnant look so good.

Ally on

She has an interesting shaped belly, LOL

Lola on


Autumn on

I can’t believe she’s working out that close to due date! (What did she wanna have one of the muscle dudes at the gym deliver her baby?…jk)

I hope all goes well with her son’s delivery, because she certainly will be back in shape in no time, and as such I doubt she’ll be a single mom for long!

And I agree, she does have an interesting baby belly!

Tracy on

Nicole I couldn’t have said it any better!

I love her little basketball tummy! She is so gorgeous!

madison on

Her belly and the way she’s carrying reminds me of Katie Holmes at the very end of her pregnancy.

Mimi on

Goodness! I think we’re all reacting to the size of her belly because she’s very thin and in shape, and her belly just looks so big on her thin, trim frame! I do agree…she might be expecting a basketball on Friday! I wish her all the best!

Althea on

Her belly has sure dropped immensly since the last time CBB posted any pictures of her.

She does look tired, but she should still be the poster girl for pregnancy as someone previously said!

This is also seems to me like a weird baby belly -not in an offensive way of couse..not sure why!

tara on

It looks as though her baby has started to drop… so it will probably be pretty soon when we hear news that she has given birth… all baby belly though which is adorable…

has it been confirmed that she is having a boy?

Sarah’s note: No, just rumor from the NY Post. Tom Brady told Details that they do know the sex, but he didn’t reveal it.

Christine on

Atumn, I woorked out until just after my due date (I was a week late). I had aan amazing delivery and recovery which I think had alot to do with the shape I was in.

She looks like she’s got that freaky Katie Holmes/doesn’t-look-real belly!

FC on

Kind of a cross between a torpedo and a watermelon shaped stomach there. But seriously, her stomach is about the only that looks pregnant on her, where all her baby weight went. Lucky! 😛

A part of me hopes she does have the baby Friday. I’m just anxious to see what she has!

Amanda Durso on

Very odd baby bump she is sporting there IMO. It looks like she stuffed a watermelon up her shirt. LOL. Usually i think that she looks very good pregnant but these photos are deffinitely odd looking. Best of luck to her, her baby, and Tom. I hope Tom has the decency to step up to the plate and be an active father in this childs life.

PinkRoses on

She has to be the most “fit” celebrity mom I’ve ever seen! She looks amazing and is apparently all baby! Keri doesn’t have an extra ounce of body fat on her that I can see. She looks stunning, even with that watermelon in front! LOL!

Calleiah on

I’d say she’s about to pop any time now. Her belly has definately dropped so I’d say that baby is well engaged! She’s much braver than me, I didnt go more than 2 blocks from home anytime around my due date, much less to the gym to work out! It was a workout just hauling around the baby! LOL

Good luck Bridget! You look fab and healthy!

Devon on

Glad I’m not the only one that is reminded of Katie Holmes! I hope all goes well for Bridget and Tom. Even though they are not together anymore, they have been mature about the situation and they seem to want the best for their child.

Allyson on

Fucking bitch.

meela on

How freaking annoying to be bloated and ready to give birth but yet the paparazzi will not leave this woman alone. And the saddest part is that it won’t end at her giving birth now they will have to be the first in line to see the baby’s face.

glory on

that’s the weirdest belly I’ve ever seen, hehe. Looks like the baby is transverse.

Helena on

Is it me or does that bump look fake? I’m not assuming it is…it just looks like one of those fake bumps we see in movies. She also hasn’t put on any weight, as we can see. Jealous!

MuffThumb on

Oh lord, here we go again!!

I’d say boy, just because she hasnt gained weight anywhere else. but she’s definitely dropped!!

tink1217 on

she has defintely dropped…and is all belly!!

Anais on

She looks so great. All this insanity about her ex and his new girlfriend haven’t done a thing to her, from what I can see. She’ll be a definite earth-momma, and I just can never get enough of this woman.

gina on

Her belly looks like that beacuse shes nice and thin and shes dropped. (in my opinion). A month or two ago when she was at that one event in the white dress her belly was higher and more fuller. To me she looks just like every other mom about to pop…when their baby drops down. Hope all goes well for her and everything turns out great for the baby.

gianna on

Her boobs stood really small lol. She looks cute though.

Rachel on

i hope its just a rumor that the baby is due on Fri, and I hope the baby can wait a few more days. Tom Brady’s new girlfriend’s birthday is this Fri (the 20th) and i would feel bad for Bridget if her baby and her exs/babys daddy girlfriend had the same birthday

Jessica L. on

Holy torpedo! What a belly she has! I suspect Bridget (along with Naomi) will be the next celeb mom we’ll be hearing about who’s given birth. As always, her body looks in great shape.

Sarah’s note: I’m waiting on Jenna Elfman too, that last pic we saw, her son was down to her knees!

Sabina on

I’ve never ever seen a baby bump like that before, it looks fake! Lucky Bridget though, I imagine it makes pregnancy a bit easier when you don’t have extra bodyweight to carry around as well as the bump.

terri on

She looks great. I think I’d rather be taking a nap than working out so late in the pregnancy though! I do love sleep.