Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise at Pastis

07/16/2007 at 07:25 PM ET

Back from Germany, Katie Holmes, 28, and Suri Cruise, 15 months on Wednesday, were spotted at Pastis restaurant in NYC earlier today.


Photo by Pacific Coast News.

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Beverley on

I think Suri is one of the cutest babies ever. But Katie is looking kinda bad. She looks a lot older than 28, and she looks so much thinner and unhealthy than her earlier years. I hope she is OK and not following the path of so many young women in Hollywood with eating disorders. She used to have a beautiful shape to her face and now it is looking bony and the skin kinda hangs. Unfortunate. I don’t mean is in a critical way, I am only worried about her.

Rita on

Love Katie. Baby Suri is just the cutest baby ever.

Colleen on

She’s such a cutie! I’m glad we’re seeing more of her.

michelle on

I can’t believe how beautiful Suri has gotten, she keeps getting cuter and cuter?
Tom’s eyes, Katie’s look

michelle on

I ADORE Suri. I just want to cuddle her. And Katie is looking rather good considering the camaeras are in her face 24/7. I would be looking like that too….

cece on

I think Katie looks great. BUT Suri is SO cute, a very pretty little girl! Love seeing pics of her lately!

neves on

Is it me? Why is Katie wearing that trench coat in July when it was 85 degrees today here in the NY metro area with high humidity? Suri is dressed appropriately for the weather. That trench coat is out of place… She had it on in a photo from Berlin and Suri had no jacket on. What was the weather in Berlin?

gianna on

Suri is so pretty, gorgeous eyes.

Dawna on

neves is right, why is Katie wearing what looks to be fall clothes, never mind a trench coat, when it is so hot there in NYC? Maybe she feels cold because she’s so thin now?

sinclair on

i was thinking the same thing, dawna. i barely had a t-shirt on today in ny. maybe it was cold in the restaurant???

still kinda toasty for the trench, tho. looks like she has a dress shirt underneath–that’s plenty!

anyhoo, suri is gorgeous–as always!

SamStar on

I’m sorry but I just don’t think Suri is that cute. I know a lot of people make comparisons between her and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt but I think Shi is a lot cuter. I think my main issue with Suri is that her hair is way too long and it looks unkempt. Her bangs are way too long for a child that age.

Madison on

Neves she left Berlin in this trench coat when we had 38°C which are around 100.4 °F.
I found it strange too at that time

Anna on

The weather in Berlin was kinda rainy and rather chilly. About 15-20 °C. Not much of a summer in Germany 😦

neves on

In regards to the trench coat, I think Katie is just trying to play the role of Hollywood Mogul’s wife and dressing the part..

Carol on

Suri looks cute, But what is wrong with Katie? It’s like without Tom holding her hand and leading her everywhere she looks out of sorts. She should be having a great time in her life, but she looks kinda sad lokking.

meela on

Poor Katie cannot catch a break. I think she looks great with that short haircut; it makes her look more youthful, the long hair aged her. Posh is a little over the top but I see nothing wrong with Katie being inspired by her and using some of her resources to jazz up her wardrobe. I could certainly use a makeover myself but cannot afford one. She might be cold or maybe she’s hiding something doesn’t matter much to me it’s her choice.

KimW on

Guys, she looked great in Berlin and HAPPY playing with Suri. This is a candid shot, maybe she was smiling in all the others. She looks different because motherhood and marriage change you. They make you more grown up!

christine on

Does anyone know what in the heck Suri has wrapped around her arm?

Josie on

Why is Suri’s arm wrapped? Did something happen to her?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Looks like maybe a cloth napkin?

tina on

it does look like a cloth napkin but it also looks like it has been added to the picture, meaning ti was not there in the orignal shot. And i don’t think anyone needs to worry about katie if rumours are true that girl can handle herself

Sarah’s note: It’s definitely not added to the pic, it came straight from the photo agency like that. And the photo agencies can’t photoshop their candids or else they’d be sued.

PSB on

I thought the trench was weird too. Maybe Suri spilled something all over her and she didn’t want to look messy in front of the cameras? Maybe she’s covering a baby bump? Maybe she gets cold in 90 degree humid weather? I have no idea. Pastis is a semi-outdoor restaurant, so it never gets too cold inside from the A/C.


terri on

She’s been wearing that trench coat for the past few days. I don’t know, I usually get cold on airplanes. Maybe she’s just wearing it because she’s been traveling and doesn’t want to carry it all the time.

Madison on

Anna the weather in Berlin was bad when Katie went for a walk in the park with Sure, but last weekend we had way over 30°C everywhere in Germany

Campbell on

Looks like that beautiful little Suri has her arem extended HOLDING a cloth napkin… adorable!

Elaine on

I admire Katie a lot.Something grounded and different about her from the rest of the youngsters today. Suri is soooo precious.

Pottermania on

The pics are heartwarming. This family will have some envious ones because they have it all esp dad is hot,mom is hot and their kids are all hot.Most of all they seem to be wonderful people.

leong on