Tom Hanks and his family's view from the top

07/11/2007 at 11:06 PM ET
Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and son Truman Theodore, 11, checked outand documented the Palio di Siena horse race in Italy on July 2. Tomand Rita have another son, Chester Marlon, 16.

Source: Us Weekly, July 23 issue, pg 28

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Heather on

Ha! He looks really thrilled to be there….

WOW on

“another trip to Europe?! awww…Dad, do we have too…?”


Truman is cute! This is only the third time I have seen him. I’m surprised he’s 11 already!

Kristin on

He looks like a clone of his father.

Maria Bella on

Who is the mother of Colin Hanks, is it Rita?

Sarah’s note: No, his mother was Samantha Lewes., Tom’s first wife who he left to be together with Rita. She passed away from bone cancer 5 years ago.

Lita form Italy on

PALIO, non Pallo. 🙂

kardamom on

it is palio, actually

Ash on

Don’t they also have another son named Colin? He’s a pretty good actor himself and has been in movies like Orange County.

Sarah’s note: He has Colin and a daughter Elizabeth also, but they are not with Rita.

Lauren on

Chester’s VERY handsome (and he does look less than enthusiastic to be there-typical teen, lol!), but wow, Sarah-is it true that Tom actually left Samantha for Rita? I always assumed he divorced Samantha and either became involved with Rita after the divorce or during their separation and divorce proceedings. If he actually left his wife and two older kids for Rita, that alters my impression of him. Maybe he’s not such a Mr. Nice Guy after all…

Sarah’s note: Yeah. He feels bad about it as well. If you can find his Esquire interview from last year, that’s where he talks about it.

Lauren on

Sorry, take back my comments about the boy in the photos being Chester-I read too quickly and didn’t see that the boy in the photo is Truman.

Sasha on

LOL at his expression. The event has about 4 hours of ceremony but the actual race (3 minutes?) and the craziness afterwards are muy exciting! Definitely makes the wait worth it (maybe not for a pre-teen though).

sasha on

Tom really is a good guy. I watched the A&E biography on him and the people interviewed were saying that he and his first wife had already been having a lot of problems before Rita. Samantha was depressed, and it was never mentioned that he ever cheated on her. So it comes as a surprise to me if he did.

And I also know that when she she was sick with her cancer, Tom arranged for her to get the best care in hospitals and he kept the whole family close so his kids could be with their mother.

Sarah’s note: Yes, they all remained close and he was very good to Samantha otherwise. I had never even heard of how their marriage ended until I read the Esquire article. He obviously felt awful at the circumstances.

Jacquie on

My film professor at the University of Florida is also director in California, and he once stated that of all the actors and actresses he’s ever met, Tom Hanks is “the greatest guy”.

And his son is really cute, he looks a lot like Rita but has Toms great eyes! 🙂 Love his curls!

Yonni on

Truman looks about as thrilled as I did as a child on vacation with the parents.

Nisha on

Actually, I believe both Truman and Chester are Tom and Rita’s. Colin & Elizabeth are with his first wife.

Sarah’s note: Right.

Elitre on

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