Pearl Lowe writes memoir, lashes out at Gavin Rossdale

07/11/2007 at 08:12 PM ET

Nicknamed ‘Dyson’ for her vacuum-like ability to snort cocaine, singer Pearl Lowe is now clean and sober, and the author of a candid new book detailing her drug-fueled exploits in London at the height of her fame.  In the memoir, Pearl admits to doing drugs while pregnant with son Frankie, 7, to doing a line of cocaine in celebration of his successful birth, to smoking heroin while her kids — which at the time included daughter Daisy, 18 and son Alfie, 10 — were at school.

The nanny was their mum for four years and she was incredible.  I don’t know how she lasted.  I was a mess.

Pearl kicked her drug habit for good two years ago, and has since had a daughter, Betty, 19-months; The baby, along with Alfie and Frankie, are the product of Pearl’s longtime relationship with musician Danny Goffey. 

Click below to read about Daisy and Gavin Rossdale.

Daisy, on the other hand, was the result of a teen-aged one-night-stand with singer Gavin Rossdale, whom Pearl describes as her onetime "best friend."  Any fond feelings she might have had for the Bush frontman — now husband to Gwen Stefani –appear to have dissipated after Gavin reportedly ceased communicationwith Daisy, his former goddaughter, after her true parentage wasrevealed.

In May 2003, he called and said he needed to meet me. The following dayhe explained to [me] that a paternity test had been at the back of hismind for some time. Because he and Gwen planned to start a family, hefelt it wastime to get his house in order. He could not have been sweeter aboutthe whole thing. ‘If it turns out that she is mine, then I think weneed to look at getting her some counseling. She’s just a child andthis could be very disruptive for her.’

We decided we would not tell Daisy, then 14, what was going on unlessGavin turned out to be her father. As far as she was aware she wasgoing to have a mouth swab for a routine check. I rang Gavin the next day to find out when he was free to takethe test. There was no answer, so I left a message. At first I wasn’tconcerned that I hadn’t heard back from him, but as the weeks passedwithout any response, I knew that something was wrong.

I told Gavin I felt I had no choice but to pursue the matter of Daisy’spaternity through my lawyers. He was not happy. Rather than agree tothe test, he told me he never wanted to see me again and hung up.

Two weeks later I received a letter from him implying that I was tryingto ruin his life and pointedly accusing me of messing up my own. I was angry and hurt. All I wanted to do was discover mychild’s heritage.

After two months of wrangling between our respective lawyers, Gavinfinally agreed to the test. My lawyer rang six weeks later to tell methe news. I wasn’t that surprised. Although she hadn’t said as much,I knew deep in her heart Daisy was longing for Gavin to be her father.There had always been a connection between them – he had come to herschool sports days, parent-teacher meetings and watched her act inplays.

He came to her  parties when he was in town and always boughther a present – he had played a major role in her life. ‘Are you sure?’Daisy beamed when I told her the result. ‘Certain,’ I said.

Later that day I emailed Gavin. There was no response. When Daisyeventually succeeded in speaking to him, Gavin appeared more concernedwith venting his anger about my behavior than engaging with hisdaughter.

All this was very hard on Daisy. She spent most days in tears but it isa testimony to her maturity and strength of character that after sheovercame her initial hurt she got on with her life.

Meanwhile, Daisy persevered with Gavin, determined to forge some kindof relationship, and things did get better. From time to time, he wouldask her round to his house.

It had never been my intention to ask Gavin for maintenance for Daisy –after all, Danny had taken care of her for nearly ten years. However mysolicitor suggested I consider getting Gavin to help with Daisy’sfuture. After the paternity test I was loath to contact him again, but I couldsee my solicitor had a point so negotiations began. It took more than ayear, and a day in court, to agree a reasonable settlement.

I was sad about losing Gavin from my life. There was a timewhen he had been my rock. I’d look at Daisy and see so much of him inher: the way she walked, talked, her height and frame.

It’s been a traumatic time for us.  I lost my best friend, Daisylost her godfather and doesn’t have a dad.  And she’s lost self worth.Because when someone rejects you like that, you wonder what’s wrongwith you.  I really don’t care if I never see him again.  He’s beenincredibly vile.  He saw Daisy at first, but he was always rude to her,he made it feel like it was her fault.  It was her 18th  andthere was no present, no phone call, nothing.

And when he had his baby with Gwen, Daisy’s half-brother, hedidn’t even tell her.  She’s never seen the baby.  Not to takeresponsibility and not to let your daughter even meet her grandparentsand see her heritage is pretty sick.

Source: Times Online; The Daily Mail

CBB reader Jenny emails to let us know there are new photos of Daisy and her boyfriend posing for I-D magazine’s couple issue at Oh No They Didn’t,for anyone who’d like to see a recent image. We will not be posting adirect link to the post as the photos are sexually graphic.


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PSB on

While this does make me feel differently about Gavin (who I always thought was a great dad), I wonder how much of the distance between Gavin and Daisy was caused by this woman. She’s incredibly unstable and kept this secret for nearly two decades.

I can understand how Gavin would feel betrayed. It doesn’t excuse not having contact with Daisy, but maybe Pearl makes him really uncomfortable when he wants to see Daisy or makes strange demands/restrictions on him. We have no idea what her behavior is like, but we do know she has a really bad track record. Just playing Devil’s Advocate here.

I think my view of Pearl is colored by the rumor that she did wife-swapping one weekend with Jude Law and Sadie Frost, which was the reason their marriage ended. Supposedly Jude Law became very interested in Pearl and Sadie was very hurt. I know this is just a rumor, but it does make me look at her differently.

cindy on

Yeah, buddy, let’s talk about responsibilty. Nothing like a nice big snort of cocaine after having a baby, and having that great nickname for her super personal habits. Please understand I’m not saying his rejection of Daisy is right, I’m saying there is little to nothing right about this, although it’s great if she’s kicked drugs. And I don’t know the backstory…all those years that he didn’t know he was the baby’s father, was SHE keeping her from knowing her real heritage, grandparents, etc?

stephanie on

I wouldn’t believe a word that came out of her mouth. She is trying to sell books, pure and simple.

margaux on

I’m just curious as to why, as soon as he realized she was his daughter, he didn’t just take custody of her, knowing how her mother was.

Nicole on

How old was Daisy when Gavin learned she was his? If she was older, maybe he didn’t want to take her away from her mom.

I don’t know how I’d react to a situation like that – but maybe he didn’t want his past to hurt Gwen or Kingston, and it sounds like contact with Pearl could definitely hurt a lot of people, she sounds very bitter.

Grayson's Girl on

Wow, what an unfortunate situation. I’m NEVER one to defend men who fall under the “deadbeat dad” category, but even I can recognize that this one isn’t as simple as that. There seems to be alot of history, anger, and resentment in this situation that makes civilized contact a little harder. It isn’t Daisy’s fault though, it makes me sad for her that she and her father aren’t communicating, whatever the reason. I assume they had a Godfather/Goddaughter relationship for the majority of her life, so the switch to father daughter should have been easier for them than complete strangers finding out they share DNA. Whatever the reason or the situation, I sincerely hope for all involved, especially Daisy, that they can inject some maturity and understanding into the mix and make a decent go at it. Daisy, like every other child, deserves to have a father and a relationship with him and Gavin needs (whether he recognizes it or not) to be a good father to his daughter. That’s one regret he’ll take to his grave if he doesn’t do right by her, no matter what the history between any of the other players. Poor girl, it must suck to see him being such a wonderful dad to Kingston only to shun her.

Cindy, from what I read about the situation Pearl herself was never sure of who Daisy’s biological father was. Another man was named as the father but the doubt was always there. I think it was Daisy who decided she wanted the DNA test done when she was 16 or so and the result was what it was. As much as I have my opinion of Pearl I’m not really ready to say she intentionally kept her from him. Sounds like none of them were anything close to stable, sober, or sane at the time or during Daisy’s childhood.

Pete on

Gavin is a deadbeat for dissing his daughter, no matter how you slice it. Doesn’t matter how her mom acts since Daisy is 18 & he can see or talk to her by herself.

I also don’t buy that Gavin did not know or atleast have a strong idea Daisy was his. I’m sure the guy can add. If a women I slept w/ haves a baby about 9 months later i’m gonna find out for sure if the kid is mine, not just take her word for it. I think Gavin was young & he didn’t wnat the baby to be his so he gladly believed the mom.

I also wonder if it’s true that Gwen didn’t want him to ahve contact w/ her?

BB on

There is also an article regarding this interview at US weekly in which Pearl says she’s upset that Gavin hasn’t reimbursed her boyfriend the money he’s spent on Daisy throughout the years & mentions Gavin being rich. Who does that? Considering there were no paternity tests until what, 2004 or 2006?, I hardly think Gavin could be defined as a dead beat dad. It’s fairly interesting that she never mentioned his possible paternity until he had money. Then there’s also the fact that Daisy was in her teen’s when they found out who her father was & she made it clear at the time (it was in articles on the subject) that she really didn’t have any great desire to have him in her life. I really don’t believe we know the whole story, so I think personally I’ll refrain from judging Gavin. Pearl sounds like a candidate for mom of the year, doesn’t she? (insert sound of sarcasm here). It sounds like this whole thing probably sucks for all involved.

Sarah’s note: The Us Weekly post is highlights of the article in the source link, so if anyone wants to read the whole article, including about the money, click ‘Times Online’ next to Source: at the bottom of the post.

melanie on

I could never respect a man or be with a man who didn’t attempt with his last breath to have a relationship with his child. What is more important in the world than that? It doesn’t matter how nasty or f-ed up the mother is, there is no excuse for giving your own child the cold shoulder. In fact, it should be more incentive to shower her with love.

Amanda on

If I remember right she didn’t tell him until the girl was 18, right?
Either way I can understand why Gavin may be reacting that way, not knowing you have a child and ‘missing out’ on their whole life, cause let’s face it if you are a godfather you aren’t paying attention like you are actually daddy. I still don’t think it’s right but like someone else said, this is her side of the story. I definitely think she is nobody to be talking with her past

Ekaterina on

She is completely to blame for what happened between her daughter and Gavin. She said before that she kinda knew for awhile that he might be her father, but decides to wait until the girl is 16 to do anything about it? If she truly wanted him to be a part of Daisy’s life as her father, she would done this a long time ago. Then she has the audacity to suggest that he pay Danny back for all the money he spent helping to raise Daisy? What is wrong with her. She said that the dna test had nothing to do with money and then she waits like four months and then they are asking for money. She has serious issues and is not to be sympathized with. She got herself into this situation and I feel so sorry for her daughter for having to be put in the middle of this.
She is no where near a responsible human being. I pity her kids and anyone that relies on her.

Ian on

I don’t give a crap what kind of loser the mother is/was. He still has a responsibility to his daughter. It’s never OK to take it out on the kid.

Mary on

I dont care how the mother life is. Her daughter seems really like her, they seem to have a good relationship, and she said when she is not in school she spend all the time with them and the two young brother.

I really think is a pity people try to excuse Gavin and Gwen just because they LOOK like a perfect family with no failure. The truth is nobody knows..

Women really are easy to blame for a one night stand relationship, specially like in her case if she had a past with drugs. I only know one thing. Who said someone can change? hum? Once addicted she will always be one.. at least in the eyes of those who judge

All I know tough… is that i respect more her than the so called perfect couple.

okee on

i dont get why they didnt do a blood test after she was born in a glamour interview a couple of years ago she said she asumed it was gavins or a nother guy . i feel for daisy
but i think gwen also didnt want them to have contact

Mary on

Also, in the Daily Mail article about her Memoir she said that once the couple ( Gavin and Gwen) invited them to a party, when she tought she would be able to talk to him about the paternity test that he said he wanted at first. But in this same party. Gavin didnt even talked a single word with her and her husband. She asked. Why to even invite? If the problem was only her in his relationship with his daughter, he would not invite her in first place. The problem is he doesnt accept the fact that he has a daughter and I think Gwen has a important part in this situation.

jessica on

Ms. Lowe hardly seems qualified to lecture anyone on “taking responsibility” as a parent.

different stephanie ;) on

If you read the article, it says that she didn’t know Gavin was Daisy’s father until the DNA test, and note he was her godfather and remained close to both Daisy and Pearl until he found out. Gavin doesn’t have the greatest track record either, he’s also part of the Primrose Hill gang after all.

terri on

Yes, considering the mother’s problems that is even more reason to be in his daughter’s life. I’m very saddened and disappointed to read that.

Hollister on

Margaux, excellent point.
Reading the whole thing about the coke and heroin made me literally nauseated.
Pearl–you are the one who is sick and vile . (or was, whatever.)
I am shocked that she was able to maintain custody of these kids while a heroin and coke addict. Where did she get the money for the drugs? Where were other relatives, or the department of social services?

heather on

how ironic that she says *he* is not taking responsibility. It was her that kept Daisy’s true father a secret. It came out when Daisy was what? 15 years old? How can you keep a secret like that for so long and then all of a sudden clear the air so to speak but then expect Daisy or Gavin to just accept it and act as is there is nothing wrong. She created these problems. Aside from that poor Daisy is so hurt but didn’t she go badmouthing Gwen and Gavin almost immediately after. I feel bad for Gwen, Daisy, and Gavin, but not Pearl, she is the cause of this.

Bella on

My respect for Pearl hovers somewhere near zero after reading this. I am glad she is clean but drugs while pregnant – charming. Being so drugged out that the nanny basically raises your kids for FOUR YEARS is disgusting. How did she keep them?

Without knowing Gavin’s side of the story, I have to say, he should step up and be involved. I really love seeing him with Kingston but he has to remember his other responsibilities.

Lilybett on

I read another article that said Daisy wasn’t very nice to Gavin after she found out he was her dad. Apparently, in her own words, she was a right pissy teenager. After reading this, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pearl had something to do with that- it mustn’t be the best childhood to watch your mum snort cocaine and heroin and help raise your brothers and sisters.

I also don’t like deadbeat Dads but Gavin is also a victim in this one. Even though he knew her as a godfather, someone’s robbed him of a father/daughter relationship. You can’t get back all the years you missed as “Dad”.

Melanie F. on

This is what Pearl said about her relationship with Bronner and Daisy’s conception.
It (Bronner and her relationship) was a tempestuous relationship and there had been a night when, seeking solace after yet another terrible row, I went to see Gavin. We were very close at that time and we had ended up in bed.

“When I realised I was pregnant with Daisy I mentioned it to Gavin but we had only been together for a single night, we had been careful, and in any case the dates didn’t add up.”

Renee on

I’m not saying Gavin is perfect but I doubt any woman who did drugs while pregnant.It seems to me that she is saying all of this for attention and jealousy probably.Also,to Mary why attack Gavin and Gwen. They were clueless about Daisy until she was older. I’m not saying he shouldn’t try to have a relationship with her, but come on it’s not that easy to do that when all people have been kept in the dark for such a long time.I don’t see how you respect Pearl at all.I’m really shocked she didn’t get her kids taken away…where was child services?

Lucy on

Gavin sounds like a deadbeat. It shouldn’t matter who the mother is – if you have a child then you have a child and you need to take responsibility for it. He shouldn’t punish his daughter for her mother’s mistakes (as numerous and varied as they are).

Nobody wins out of this situation but the person who loses out the most is the most innocent of all.

Mary on

One thign you are not aware or for some reason are not commenting. Is that it was Gavin who suggested to Pearl to do the Paternity test in the first place, because they had slept togheter. This when she was still very young. She wasnt sure she wanted.. When she decided it was a good idea he totally ignored his idea. What changed?

Read the Daily Mail article. And those eho blame her for telling the story, forget that is also her story. The guy is a Jerk, In my opinon.

WOW on

Regarding Gavin paying her boyfriend back for all those years he supported Daisy – how can Pearl and her boyfriend possibly make up for all the years Gavin missed of his daughters life????? You can’t put a monetary fiqure on that. That was 15/16 years Gavin AND Daisy missed out on a father daughter relationship. Not to mention time spent with the extended family… How do Gavins parents feel about finding out they have a Granddaughter they never got to know?

Pearl comes across as extremely selfish. Now that Daisy is of age I hope she and Gavin can work on building a relationship.

Cat Lady on

Daisy did an interview where she was anything but nice about her father, Gavin. She said she didn’t want to know him.

It’s a tragic situation no matter which way you look at it.

It has been some time since the DNA test and in that time we don’t know how much Gavin has tried and if he has been pushed away and provoked to the point of giving up.

Maybe he feels when Daisy wants him she knows where to find him, but clearly there was a point where he was not welcome in her life by she and her mother.

Candace on

Regardless of how nutty the mother may be it is Gavin’s responsibility to step up to the plate and do everything and anything to have a healthy relationship with his daughter. IF he chooses not than he is less of a man. Period. End of story because if the mom is as messed up as some say she is then Daisy needs him more than ever.

laura on

Pearl Lowe is desparate for money and attention. I’d like to hear the other side of the story because I don’t believe anything she says.

sara on

Dammit. I was hoping this would not be posted here. I read about this a few weeks ago and hoped it would stay out of the light. Family issues- let them resolve it. No one is perfect.

amara on

This is an unfortunate situation, however, if you must assign blame, the fault is with Pearl Lowe. Gavin should have been told from the beginning that the child was his. Pearl spent the first 16 years of Daisy’s life in a drug and alcohol stupor. I have read several magazine articles where Daisy has completely dissed both Gwen and Gavin. She didn’t want to be bothered with him. She comes off in all of her interviews like a spoiled little brat. There are pictures of her at Mollywood, with a boy sucking her breasts. Pearl Lowe really lives up to her last name.

Callen on

She is disturbed! Publicity is what is on her mind. She really hasn’t changed at all if you think about it!

And for those of you saying Gavin is a bad father OH PLEASE.

Try having your babies switched at birth, finding out 20 years later that your child is not yours, and trying to learn to love the one that is.

unfortunatly it happens . Things like this happen too. No one has the right to judge how he should feel and what he should do. Because Gavin and daisy were in the dark. and Pearl just kept the lights off.

As for Gwen. I feel she has nothing to do with this. Its her Husband but I hardly think she has an impact on his choices ( in this situation). He’s probably trying hard not to ruin his marraige. Can you blame him for that? no I dont think so!

Mariana on

Whenever I read/hear stories like this, I always try to imagine myself as the guy. It’s true that Gavin, having maintained contact with Pearl and Daisy (as opposed to not knowing a thing about Pearl, including that she was ever pregnant to begin with), should have prob. suspected he was the dad. But, who’s to say he didn’t repeatedly ask Pearl and she denied it? It is also true that he may have been shocked when he learned the truth, esp. since he was just settling down with Gwen and at the time they had just conceived, or were about to. I also felt just awful for poor Gwen. I sincerely doubt she put any restraints on Gavin’s relationship with Daisy.

My own uncle found himself in a similar predicament. I always thought him the eternal bachelor, but was surprised to find out one day (when I was fifteen) that he’d once been married for about a year. Apparently, his wife suddenly went crazy and kicked him out (he never cheated on her or abused her, and he claims they really didn’t fight that much). Resigned, he moved away and found out from friends (she wouldn’t take his calls) a few months later, that she was pregnant. He made a point of contacting her, even though she put up a fight, and asked her repeatedly if the child was his. She insisted that she’d been having an affair and that the baby was her lover’s. I think he believed her because:1. He didn’t really want to be a dad might have been in denial and 2. She already had three kids from three diff. men. Seventeen years later, my uncle gets a phonecall from a girl claiming to be his daughter and lo and behold, DNA testing proved it and now I have a cousin!

It’s not easy hearing something like this. We have to give Gavin a little credit. Pearl may be exaggerating, and Gavin, well, he may realize that all he’s doing is wasting time when he should really be establishing a relationship with his daughter.


The only people I pity here are the kids involved. Pearl sounds like a lot of addicts; willing to admit to all her bad behavior but not really taking any responsibility for it. It’s appalling that she was indulging in all this destructive behavior while pregnant/raising a family.

Gavin sounds like an jerk. I knew he didn’t know the girl was his for a long time but once he did know it was on him to take responsibility. Irregardless of the mother’s behavior he should’ve done more for his daughter, who was innocent and given her mother’s behavior could’ve probably really used his presence in her life. Feel sorry for the poor kid with these two for parents.

Lauren on

Renee, before you jump on Mary, you ought to make sure you have all the facts. Gavin was not “clueless” about Daisy until she was older. He knew about her from the beginning and was her godfather. He and Daisy grew up having a good relationship, and that dissolved after it was discovered that Gavin was actually her father. I don’t know about you, but if I had a godchild who was born nine months after I had sex with her mother, that would give me pause to think, “Gee, maybe this child’s mine?” I would also insist on a DNA test to find out the truth immediately so I could take responsibility for the child. They both did some dancing around the issue and are to blame for that. Pearl may be trash and an absolute disgrace for a parent who would be the last person to shell out advice-I cannot believe she was actually allowed to keep those children-but that was all the more reason for Gavin to step up to the plate. If, for some reason, my godson’s parents were acting the way Pearl did, I would involve the authorities immediately and try to gain custody if I could to ensure his well-being.
The bottom line is that both Pearl and Gavin didn’t buck up and act like adults when they could have, and now it is Daisy that has to suffer. Whenever I see photos of Gwen and Gavin looking like the perfect happy family with Kingston, I can’t help but think about Daisy. I wonder if she sees her father throwing her baby brother in the air, looking so happy, and has to know that she never had that experience. Because of her parents’ immaturity, she is the one to suffer.

Sarah on

Pearl has no reedeming qualities, I can’t understand blaming Gavin in this situation. A woman that uses hard drugs while carrying her children probably sleeps with anything that moves. Why should he have been suspicious the child was his? Unfortuantely by the time she got interested in the paternity (because she was looking for money) it was probably too late. How could a child of hers possibly grow up adjusted and open to normal people?

amylamy on

everyone’s so quick to blame gavin for this, but could it be that maybe daisy didn’t want any contact with him? i mean, she was 16 or 17 when the dna test showed gavin was her father. that’s def. old enough to decide whether or not you want to have a relationship with him. i’m just saying, things like this are always so complicated that just getting one person’s story isn’t fair to anyone. and, from what pearl has said, she doesn’t exactly sound like mother of the year material. it sounds like everyone in the picture is at fault here, so blaming this mess on one person is slightly ridiculous.

Renee on

I agree with you Sarah.

Ali on

After reading this article, I have no respect for either of the parents. I used to like Gavin, and this really puts him in a very bad light. I feel bad for Daisy because she’s obviously had a hard time with all of this, and it’s horrible whenever a situation like this affects the child in a bad way. Gavin and Pearl should both be ashamed of themselves!

Mary on

But is good to know that the girl has a very good relationship with her mother. * why would she agree to take photos with her mother for the book promotion*. Because she probably agrees with what her mother has to say.

I dont believe she would have if the mother was not a present figure in her life and a good mother.

I think quite disgusting people who blame the whole situation to the fact she is addicted and also not to give her a chance if she is clean for two years.

Mary on

There is also a picture of Daisy and her mother in the link of Daily Mail that I posted here. She looks A LOT like her mother… the picture can be posted here, I think.

Angeline on

I think both Gavin and Pearl did wrong by their daughter on this one. How could Gavin not have an inkling that his daughter was his? She looks exactly like him and she was born 9 months after he slept with her mom. They could’ve had a paternity test when she was a baby. Pearl shouldn’t have waited so long to reveal the truth. I think they are both responsible.

Mary on

and this picture in the link of CBB ( on the hot pictures of Daisy and her boyfriend) < i think can be posted here. It shows how her mother looks great these days.

Melanie F. on

I don’t care the reasons of how the child was conceived or why he just found out. Once he found out and knew for a fact all the reasons, whys, where haves should have been out the window it’s irrelevant at this point. Bottom line should be she’s here, she’s yours and what are you going to do about it?

Yes establishing a relationship as father and daughter and not godfather and daughter would be hard, but very few things in life aren’t? If my husband found out he had another child he had better die trying to establish a relationship with this child. You can tell by the relationship Daisy has with her siblings she would be open to having a relationship with Kingston and she’s an adult, she doesn’t have to involve the mother.

Andi on

I don’t know about the Mom, besides she doesn’t sound too stable, but if Gavin was her “godfather” for all of those years and then finds out he’s the Dad and then shines her… wow doesn’t say much about him. I just think you would see more pics. out there if he did have a part in her life.
If I were Gwen I couldn’t hang with that. How can you “be a great dad” to one and a non existent to the other?

Renee on

It seems like people here forget Daisy is 18. This is a two way street. She isn’t a baby or child. Gavin can’t establish a relationship if she doesn’t want one. Nobody is even thinking that maybe she doesn’t want one.

Ella on

not all babies come from love, but they deserve to be loved. a child does not deserve to be punished because of his parents disagreements, and it’s sad that Gavin doesn’t take responsibility for his daughter even if he’s mad at her mother. it makes me lose respect for him.

Sarah on

Whatever, I am in the same situation. You don’t know really what is going on. You are only hearing it from the woman. Remember there is two sides to every story.

Campbell on

Some truth, no truth, who knows? Her credibility is nil with me. After FOURTEEN YEARS, i’d be willing to bet that a credible drug counselor/professional would say that her mind is not clear yet, two years or no.

sjardine on

I have been personally involved in both sides of a situation like this.
My husbands 1st wife had twins from him, from their 7 month marriage (she left him after 7 mos – while pregnant)and did EVERYTHING possible to destroy any type of bonding. My husband is not a personality type to fight for anything – so he gave under her strong fight.
Letting her strange and odd behavior go unexplained.
He just recently(a couple years ago)was contacted by one of his children and has been working on that relationship.
A visit and meeting our children helped – but this child is now an adult and is mature and willing.

My own daughter who has a bilogically different father, had a non existant relationship with her genetic father.
He was and is just not capable of this type of relationship.
And drugs and alcohol were factors for him, as well.
I chose not to stop or thwart his attempts – but they were so sadly feeble because of his inability to bond with her – that now as an adult, she has decided NOT to communicate with him or persue the relationship.
All these accounts make me sad – as my parents divorced when I was an adolescent and very attached to my father – who was a good dad – but verbally slammed by my mom in anything she had to say to me about him.

So my point is this:
No one truly knows what goes on in a families dymanmics – sometimes not even the family itself.
Where with one spouse/mate – a person can be a great parent – sometimes with another it is just not possible – especially where there is a substance abuse issue.

I won’t pass judgement on either of these people – but I do want to put this thought out there – if she was so high and such a mess during these times when Daisy was born and growing up – and only recently recovered – what makes ANYTHING that Pearl recalls believably accurate?……

stary eyes on

pics of daisy on another blog, a bit racy at

sadly, growing up with a druggie mom and no father figure can hurt a young girl..

ann on

I don’t think Gavin is really at fault here. Soon after Daisy’s mother found out he was the dad she was going on and on about getting new things for her house. Obviously I feel sorry for the child, but the child is also an adult. She’s able to make her own decisions about whether she wants to see her father and that is something that should be between Gavin and Daisy. Her mother right now shouldn’t have any part of it.

sage on

pearl lowe is a DEADBEAT MOTHER

everytime I see pearl I think gold digger. She is such a selfish woamn and anyome that has respect for her is surprising to me.

I feel bad for Gavin I really do, because he was the one that wanted the paternity test done in the first place. After finding out he has a daughter she shuns him. Call him a dead beat dad but daisy was a teen at that time so no matter how hard he tried, if she didn’t want to acknowledge him as her father it wasn’t going to happen. Plus on top of that she already had a Father figure in her life all these years.

I bet pearl was more than happy that this happened, because now she could write a book, and get the money she deserved in the first place.Tell me what kind of woman banks on the fact that she didn’t know who the father of her daughter was. I hope that daisy is not like her mother, cause then I will be soo sad for her, hopfully she will come to her senses and want to get to build that relationship with gavin again.

We I see gavin with gwen and kingston I think about how much he loves that little boy and wants to be the best father he could be(as every man should), because he never got that chance. For people that blame gwen for this yeah she was the one that kept daisy’s paternity a secret, and did somekind of mind control on daisy so that she would hate gavin and to have people blame her for the mess that peral cause.

nic on

It’s obvious that Pearl Lowe had some major problems. And those problems could have been the contributing factor to Gavin Rossdale’s relationship with Daisy. Plus, if Pearl was in a relationship, that could influence contact.

Daisy was born in 1989 and paternity was determined, conclusively, until 2003 or 2004. Finding out that a child is yours after knowing the child in other capacity can be difficult.

I think there is more to this story.

justme on

Maybe I’m off on this, but the timing of it all seems a bit suspect to me – Pearl waited all those years until Gavin a) had more money, b) was involved with Gwen and c) planning to start his own family before she ever said she thought Daisy was actually his kid? Seems pretty shady to me.

That said, I wonder if Gavin didn’t wonder at some point during Daisy’s childhood if she was his daughter, and if he ever did wonder – if he even had a tiny thought of it in the back of his mind – why didn’t he insist on a paternity test right then and then fight to get his child out of what was clearly an unstable and unhealthy home with a drug-addicted mother? Perhaps Daisy resents him b/c of this? Or perhaps she’s a product of her upbringing and has been poisoned against him by her mother. Who knows.

Personally, I have to say that if I were in Gwen’s shoes, I’d wonder about the safety of my child/influence on him with Daisy – and by extension Pearl – in his life. Not to be all judgey (but of course I am, we all kind of are), but it certainly sounds like Pearl may be a little off and who knows if Daisy is the same way? Gwen & Gavin need to make their son a priority – he is just a child afterall, while Daisy is now an adult. Who knows what really went on in this situation? We’re only reading Pearl’s side of the story and she doesn’t seem to be the most reputable source.

Also, she has GOT to be kidding about expecting Gavin to pay her boyfriend for the money he spent on raising Daisy – give me a break. She seems like she’s out for money and attention. Pathetic.

Chiara on

The truth is that no adult in this situation has behaved admirably. Pearl Lowe has made selfish decisions, Gavin has shirked reponsibility, and I have it on good authority that Gwen Stefani absolutely hit the roof when she found this out and is in huge part to blame for Gavin’s behavior (not that anyone but him can ultimately be responsible for his actions). It’s almost a shame that Danny Goffey has to be mixed up in all of this, because I think he’s delightful and has behaved admirably as a father and stepfather.

So that’s that, and everybody makes mistakes…but what baffles me is that they CONTINUE to make them. What stops Gavin from getting involved now? Is it his behavior or hers? Who knows, but most commenters here seem so keen to take sides, and in the end there’s only one real side here — Daisy’s — and so it seems that everybody here is making the same mistake her parents did: forgetting that that’s the only side that should be taken.

The Goffeys are by all accounts good kids, and I include Daisy in that as well. It will be interesting to see what happens as they grow up, but if problems arise as they grow older, it’s hardly going to be a surprise given the fighting and blame, and I think people should consider that as they immediately jump on and attack one parent or the other.

plannbb on

Those pictures of Daisy on are just sad. I blame Gavin, Pearl and Gwen to a certain degree. They are all adults. It’s sad that he’s a father to Gwen’s baby, but not to Daisy.

Elaine on

I have to agree with the posters who say this is only one side of the story, there must be more to it. Pearl Lowe celebrity is almost purely based upon the fact that Daisy is Gavin Rossdale’s child, and she is trying to flog her book. She has to put out something to get people interested in buying it. Ms Lowe on her own admission wants money from Gavin and Gwen, perhaps she is influencing Daisy because of that. Gavin may not feel like her father and is struggling because of that. It would be very odd that he would maintain a strong relationship with her as her god-father (a voluntary relationship) but reject her as her father.

jamie on

I can’t believe some of you are believing the dead beat dad thing….that’s her whole point of promoting this book to make him look bad. We’ll probably never get his side though because he is a strongly private person!! But what I do know is that Pearl is exaggerating the relationship he had with Daisy. Gavin was on Howard Stern around the news broke about the daughter thing, and what he said was this: “umm yeah that’s true. I did know her a bit when she was a kid growing up, but not as she got older since i was gone a lot.” Then Howard says “Man how do you explain that to your wife, not easy right? Must have been one of your horrible moments in your life?” Gavin: “um yeah it’s right up there…i mean obviously when we have kids HOPEFULLY then our kids will have an older sibling in her” SO there YOU HAVE IT, HE WAS OPEN TO A RELATIONSHIP WITH DAISY! What I believe happened was Daisy was embarrassed that it all blew up in the media thanks to the daily mail…no surprise her own mother leaked the info. Daisy did an interview not too long after the test results and she was nice about gwen and gavin, but that the situation embarrassed her completely. But that she was in contact with Gavin through email or phone because he and gwen live in the states most of their time. It also sounded like she just didn’t really care at the same time because of the public knowing her personal life like that. Hey she sounds like her dad…PRIVACY…something her mom doesn’t care about!!

jamie on

I forgot to add that she was 16, an adult already in England. So that could alone have a major impact on a relationship. She could make her own decisions already so he can’t force her and he may already saw that she’s doing fine. I think they just continued having their regular relationship that they always had until the money was involved which I believe took a long time to settle in court.

It’s natural that she’s going to take her mother’s side as well. Her mother has been in her life the entire time vs. a man who was her godfather who was rarely around.

Nicole on

Pearl is to blame for the ‘distance’ between Gavin & Daisy. If she knew, or had ANY inclination, that Gavin may or may not be Daisy’s biological father, she should have stopped doing drugs long enough to tell him and to find out the truth. How can you blame a man, who had no idea he had a child, for the distance when you never told him? You can’t. She’s a drug addict… and therefore, I don’t believe anything she says. Like Stephanie said, she’s trying to sell books, and true stories about how you screwed up and didn’t tell someone you thought he was your baby’s daddy don’t see books… there needs to be some drama involved.

None of this is Daisy’s fault. She has every right to know her father, but maybe, just maybe, she should look at her mom and ask her why she kept that secret for so long? Pearl is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Mary on

I think ridiculous saying she has any problem because she as a model decides to do some race pictures.

ht on

Mary’s Comment: I think ridiculous saying she has any problem because she as a model decides to do some race pictures.

Perhaps the folks over at said that, but I don’t think anyone here made such a statement. One of the previous poster said that the photos are “sad” and she’s entitled to it. I myself think that sexually explicit photos of an 18 year-old girl with her boyfriend’s mouth over her naked breast is verging over pornographic and tasteless. Thats my opinion and I could have said that about any model….Just as you’re entitled to continue to think of Pearl Lowe as a saint and that Gavin is the scum of the earth.

Gelareh on

This is just one side of the story, we’d all better judge after we hear Gavin’s story too, if ever.

devyn on

all the details of who did what to whom, why and when are extraneous. the bio parents, gavin and pearl, made a kid. the fact that it was confirmed 18 years later does not negate it in any way. all other relationships aside, daisy should not be the one left out in the cold. she needs to feel loved by all parties, mom (pearl) dad (gavin), stepdad (Danny) and stepmom (gwen). they all don’t have to like each other, but Daisy needs to know they love HER. even if she acts like she rejects them, they should just continue to love her up. it’s never too late.

gigi on

I agree with some of the statements that Lowe doesnt have the credibility to lecture on this subject. Being a teenager and not using birthcontrol or some kind of protection AND MOST IMPORTANTLY not KNOWING FOR SURE WHO IS THE FATHER? How many people did she go through to have to make Rossdale take a paternal test? I believe that Rossdale was dealing with this the best way he could. A newly wed with this outrageous news? I think that LOWE purposely did this to upset Gwen right when they married because she cant stand the man she once loved in the arms of someone more beautiful than her. Honestly the victim here is Gwen.

Carnivale Kidd on

Yanno, I wonder how much of this relationship strain has to do with issues the both of them (Gavin /and/ Daisy) have to work out independently? Gavin himself has said he had a chaotic childhood. Lo and behold, so did his daughter. Does he even know how to relate to this kid? Probably not. What I’d like to see is everyone getting off both their backs, lettign them breathe, possibly work out what kind of relationship they would like to have. I think it’s probably too late for the idealized father/daughter thing, but they might end up pretty good friends after awhile.

I think they could both do with some counseling together as well. I don’t blame any of them, actually, it’s a bad situation all around.

gadget on

I don’t get it.

Once you suspect you might be the Dad – let’s say that occurred around the time he was asked for a test – you start making plans. That’s what a father does. Maybe you talk to a lawyer and find out what you can/should do. Then you start making financial plans or at least what-ifs.

I do get what it means to have a crazy mom in the picture and how difficult that makes things. But it doesn’t change the natural inclinations of a father (newly discovered or not) to take care of his child.

My assumption is this: irrespective of whatever the public has heard about it, if Gavin is a responsible man, he’s made plans to take care of his financial and emotional responsibilities. Mom can and may very well have made it exceedingly difficult to execute on them. The public has no way of knowing the real truth either way.

But, at some point, this father – if he’s worthy of the term – will do his best to make it right no matter how long it takes.

Only time will tell.