Sadie Sandler worships her dad

07/10/2007 at 11:51 PM ET

Asandlershop050907_081_cbbSadie Madison Sandler is a daddy’s girl. Dad Adam tells Jay Leno on The TonightShow that he has dethroned wife Jackie Titone as his 14-month-olddaughter’s favorite person.

She’s so sweet and cute and I loveher. She’s cool. We’re very tight with this child – everything is we dois about the kid and the kid now all of the sudden worships me. It wasmy wife the whole time and then the last month or two, it’s allSandler. It’s like anything I do, the kid wants to do.

The kid used tohate broccoli, so I would eat broccoli in front of the kid and now thekid eats broccoli. And we were going on a little bike thing and we puther on the back of the bike and she didn’t want to wear a helmet, and Iput a helmet on and now the kid’s like, ‘I want a helmet,’ and puts it on. I’m justhoping when she’s 13, she’s okay with using a tampon. I’ll do what Ihave to do for her.

Adam and Jackie both sing to Sadie, but their song choices often vary.

Me and my wife are from two different families, so we grew updifferently, so there are certain songs she grew up with that she’spassing on to our child and I have different ones. My wife is alwayssinging, ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider." And I’m always singing to my kid, "Iwanna kiss you all over…" My grandfather sang it to my dad, my dadsang it to me. You gotta keep tradition alive.

The I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry star is also morecautious of his lifestyle now that he’s a father, saying he doesn’ttake as many risks anymore.

I always wanted to live, now I wantto live a lot more. My striving for life is, like, I just behavedifferently now. I wanna be there for my kid when my kid is older. WhenI have shots of Southern Comfort and stuff, I always take amulti-vitamin right after. I had, like, 15 multi-vitamins the othernight and the next morning it was the healthiest crap I ever took in mylife.


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Alyssa on

I think its cute how he talks about her.. I just hate how he refers to her as “The kid”


iluvallbabies on

Ok firstly better clarify I love Adam Sandler and know his sense of humour is a bit wacky…

BUT whats with refering to Sadie as “The Kid” constantly? Never once has he actually used her name in that whole blog…does anyone else find this strange?!!

Anyway, that aside they are a very cute family, just had to vent!!

mandii on

I just LOVE him!! He reminds me so much of my brother. It’s kid this and kid that…but as soon as that “kid” needs his daddy, he’s right there front and center. Sounds like he worships his baby as much as she worships her daddy! Love him! 🙂

madison on

I don’t think its weird in the context that it is in. He’s a comedian and he’s on Leno; two guys keeping it light, making jokes etc. I doubt he talks like that regularly. And if he does, I’m sure for him its a term of affection. He seems like quite the devoted dad.

Xan on

No way! That’s how some guys are. He’s just showing his affection for her and sort of playing it off as though he’s not that into it. Women might love it if he called her his “Sweet Little Princess Sadie,” but Sandler’s always been a guy’s guy.

My former boyfriend used to talk that way to his friends about his little niece and NEVER has there been an uncle who so adored a child.

PSB on

I think it’s cute how he calls her “the kid”. You can tell how much he loves hanging out with her. So sweet.

yoohoostereo on

I think it is insanely cute that he calls her “The Kid.” In fact I think it shows a lot of affection. I don’t see the big deal. People show their affections differently.

tara on

my dad, who is the most wonderful dad in the world, started calling me Rodent when I was about 5 years old, 21 years later he still calls me that and I answer to it (only to him though… lol)… it’s a term of endearment, just as I am sure “The Kid” is a Term of Endearment for Adam. He clearly loves her very much and I imagine it would be great fun having a dad that was that well-humored and sweet.

Jennifer on

I dont think its weird that he calls her ‘the kid’. I hve always called my younger sis ‘squirt’ and she answers even though people who we are not so close with think i’m being rude about her.

J.M. on

I don’t find it wierd to call her “the kid” because it’s him. If this was someone else then maybe I would! Maybe “kid” is her nickname.

I still think it’s wierd to see him pushing and playing with a baby but it’s so cute!
And I wish him luck with the tampon thing as well 🙂

Kaley on

How cute! I love Adam.

Giadana on

“I’m just hoping when she’s 13, she’s okay with using a tampon. I’ll do what I have to do for her.”
Yuck, you crossed the line with that comment, Sandler!

Doreen on

Yes, it bothers me too that he constantly refers to her as ‘the kid’! It’s like that’s enough. Just call her by her name–at least once in one of your sentences but nope he calls her ‘the kid’ nearly 10 times!! Also, he says ‘my kid’. What about ‘our kid’? What is it all about him it seems? Just really strange how he refers to his daughter.

FC on

I thought he was cute on the show when he was talking about Sadie. I especially loved when he said that she’s all about Sandler now, instead of about her mom Jackie. 😀 That tampon bit cracked me up. But I’m sure he and Jackie will have that part worked out for him…should she actually ask him for help. 😉

It was more than obvious that he’s totally smitten with his daughter. ♥

Lilybett on

I have no problem with the tampon joke or calling her The Kid. It’s sweet and seems a better blokey, jokey context than Jason Priestly who called his baby girl “Kid Pity”. I don’t get that one at all.

sage on

I loved that interview that tampon line made me choke on my popcorn cause I was laughing so hard. He was obviously joking cause he is a comedian and he is there to make the audience laugh. My dad seriously rarely called me by my first name he called me squirt unless I was in trouble or introducing me to someone. Its his nickname for me its a term of affection that me and my dad share and I think its sweet the way he calls her the kid

sugafoot on

He is a celebrity but he is still a kid. He has an adorable celebrity baby whom I’m sure he loves and spoils her rotton with baby clothes and toys and attention. What a great dad.

Kim on

I agree I don’t like him calling her ‘the kid’ either. Its really demeaning actually and depersonalising his own little girl who has a name for a reason. f I ever slipped and called my unborn son (now 10 months) ‘the kid’ while I was pregnant my mum would quickly say ‘are you having a baby goat are you?’ LOL Its just awful to call your own daughter that when she has a name, I don’t care if hes trying to be funny by doing so but I think it was a bit overdone.

maxine on

Sounds like “the kid” is his cute nickname for his daughter, who the hells business is it any way what he calles her? Geesh, as for the tampon joke, thats right it was a JOKE, thats why he is worth more than King Midas, the man is a comic genius and a loving doting daddy,my best to all the rock Adam!