Heidi Klum and Johan at the park

07/09/2007 at 06:17 PM ET

Model Heidi Klum, 34, and her youngest child, Johan, 7 months, were spotted at the park on Sunday. More photos, with Leni, 3, and Henry, 21 months, are available at x17 Online. (A warning that CBB reader Tiff has let us know she was very offended by the comments on the x17 site, so we have removed the link and you can visit their site if interested in more photos.)


Photo by x17; specifically for use on the Celebrity Baby Blog, Inc only. Use on other sites is prohibited without purchase.

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Maya on

I have never felt the urge to post before, but I love how chunky and cute that child is. He is just adorable.

Natasha on

I think he looks just like Heidi!

Scherriea on

I think that Johan is sooo cute….he is gonna be a heart breaker…he and henry has such different looks, but both cute…leni is also…this is one of my favorite families

Acinom#1 on

Aww. He’s such a little cutie.

alex on

He’s adorable. Looks a lot more like his mama then Henry does. And, it’s the first tongue-less picture I’ve seen of either Henry or Johan.

emay on

He is just so fat and “juicy”. I love babies like that… I want to take a bite. lol He’s beautiful!

FC on

I just think he’s a mix of Heidi and Seal, but he and his brother both have the same pouty lips.

And I just want to pinch those cheeks. 🙂

Simone on

Yes he is beautiful,looks like a perfect Gerber baby to me :o)

Émilie on

He is incredibly gorgeous, he looks like a darker Heidi with an afro:)

estherpanda on

Alex, I was thinking the same thing… Especially for Henry, he ALWAYS has his tongue out of his mouth !! And I have to say…it’s doesn’t make him really cute to me…

Xan on

He and Shiloh are two of my fave babes. I want them to get married:)

tiff on

Celebrity Bbaies should NOT link to the X17 site ever again. I read trough some of the posts, as I do on this site all the time, but there I was horribly offended. You all should consider who you link to better, as I am aware that you usuallly take careful consideration of what is written and reporterd on on your own site. I mean it was just awful.

Sarah’s note: We don’t read their comments, but we will add a warning note into the post. We must link directly to the photo agency for additional pics for the most part when buying x17’s photos.

Heidi on

Wow. I may have to second Tiff’s comments. I love the pictures, absolutely do – such cutie pies! But the comments on x17 were incredibly offensive – bigoted and racially charged – and much as I love the pics, I would rather CBB link to other sites who are as responsible as CBB in monitoring their comments.

Sarah’s note: Unfortunately other sites do not post x17’s photos legally, they steal them, so x17 doesn’t want us to link to them. I will remove the link from the post.

Maya on

I went on the site and the comments are just aweful. It’s terrible that people have a forum to spread that filth.

Alice on

I am so shocked at the comments on x17s post. There doesn’t even seem to be anywhere to report these people.

I’ll stick to CBB, much nicer people.

Lauren on

Wow. I just read the comments on x17, and they are absolute filth. The thought that there are people out there who really think like that is disgusting. CBB and IMDB are the only two sites where I read and post comments on a regular basis, and while IMDB tolerates much more from its users than CBB, comments such as the ones on x17 would not be allowed, as they shouldn’t. It’s like the KKK kidnapped the site over there.

gianna on

johan is cute. And yea some of the comments are terrible on other sites. I’m not gonna lie I find henry to be the least attractive out of heidi’s 3 kids, but to call him terrible names and words used on other sites, is really sad.

Seal admirer on

Gone with time

i think what seal needs to know is that everything will be gone with time. 10 years from now no one will even remember the comments that were on X17 people would have all forgotten about it. and noone will remember those angels of darkness who wrote nasty comments abt u, ur wife and kids. this same thing also happen to boris becker when he married barbara but people have since forgotten abt it and their kids are grown up. to me your kids are beautiful.

when they die noone will remember them but when u will die people will always remember u for being a very talented and award winning only scarred musician to win to grammy awards.

dont mind them, they have not achieved what u did in your lifetime but u are an achiever and decades after ur death people will remember u

i suggest u dont read the site u will worry urself over nothing they are losers