B*Witched singer Edele Lynch gives birth

07/09/2007 at 05:53 PM ET

Edele1Singer Edele Lynch of the now-defunct Irish band B*Witched (C’est La Vie) welcomed her first child on Saturday, July 7 at 7:09 a.m. Daughter Ceol Sheila Barrett weighed in 6 pounds, 5 ounces.

Edele and her husband, Michael Barrett, were married in August of 2006.

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Kate on

Oh man!
Can a local please spell out the pronounciation for me?
Congrats to her, it took me a while to remember where I knew B*witched from, but I remember when they had a song out over here!

yaosa on

What a great day to be born on and what great numbers for the baby! The 7th is my son’s birthday and he turned 8!

Many happy, happy wishes for them all even though I’m not familiar with her music.

I love the name too!

Catherine on

I just looked up the pron.:
Ceol (pron. kyol) (music)
another meaning is “ship”

I think it’s pro. ‘Kyle”
I’m not positive though bc Im American and I just found out from an Irish friend I’ve been pro. Celtic wrong it’s not with an “S”

and I’m assuming its variation is Caol which is what the name Kyle is derived from and it’s Gaelic for ‘narrow’ and used in Scotland

also depending on the way it’s used it’s meaning changes I guess feminine/masculine one means music another ship
I hope that’s helpful!

Lorus on

I believe it’s pronounced like “keel” but more of a pause so it’s two syllables. Like Key – ol.

Lorus on

Oh, it also means music.

Irish Girl on

I’m Irish, it’s pronounced Keole, sort of like key-hole but if you ran it all together and left out the ‘h’ in hole. It’s hard to explain, that’s the best I can think of sorry! It means music. I’ve never heard it refer to boats and it’s definitely not derived from Kyle. It’s a word not normally associated with names.

danielle on

It’s the Irish word for music alright, and is pronouced in two syllables, which are run together, ceol (key ohl)

CarlaDublin on

Ceol is Irish for “music” and it’s pronounced “keh-yole” withe the emphasis on the “-ole”

A beautiful name!

Another common Irish name is “Saoirse” meaning “freedom”, and it’s pronounced “See-ar-sha”

Heidi on

What a gorgeous name! I’m going to have to remember that one…:)