Teri Hatcher and Emerson at Eva Longoria's wedding

07/08/2007 at 10:55 PM ET

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher and her daughter Emerson Rose, 9 1/2, arrive at co-star Eva Longoria‘s wedding in France on Saturday.

Photos by Flynet.

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meghan on

okay – weird observation – but they have exactly the same eyebrows in the second pic. aww…

sushi on

hey, i was there!! i saw them! they seemed very nice!

Bella on

I think Emerson looks beautiful and I bet she feels it. Her dress is really lovely, the shoes, the purse, it all works. She looks better than her mum!

Ana on

I wonder if Emerson still plays with dolls and toys.
I agree she looks better than her mom, but come on, she’s 9, look at her shoes, although they’re beautiful, they’re not 9 year-old shoes. Anyway, not my kid.

Emerson is getting really beautiful and looking more like her mom.

Billie007 on

I think they both look gorgeous.

georgia on

I also think that Emerson is dressed waaaay too grown for her age. I don’t think peep-toe shoes and halter necklines are appropriate for a 9 year old and I don’t even have kids. I saw another pic of her in an off-the-shoulder top. I just know my child won’t be wearing this stuff. That’s what’s wrong with society now; kids don’t know how to be kids anymore.

tink1217 on

i think they both look great, but I have to wonder why Emerson does seem to dress older than her age.

meela on

Both mother and daughter are beautiful however a more age appropriate dress would have been better for Emerson. The colors should have been reversed; children should be dressed in happy colors, that color is a bit dreary for a child. This shows first hand why children especially girls grow up too quickly. Children need be to children, not miniature adults. Bring back Mary Janes!

Jill on

I think Emerson look beautiful, and is probably the only celebrity child that doesn’t have to stay back in America with the nanny’s so mom can have fun… I love how much time Teri spends with her. Her shoes are flats, and her dress is long and she is probably loving getting all dressed up with mom, so that makes it okay in my book…

zakiya on

So is she suppose to dress like laura ingalls..I see NOTHING wrong with her dress or shoes she covered up where she needs to be. so whats the big deal..it’s 2007 not 1957 what is she suppose to wear a big frilly dress and mary janes? and maybe sing a number of good ship lollipop too?

Meela on

Zakiya Darling!!!!

That’s a great idea and you forgot the Shirley Temple curls!!!!! Why does a little girl need a jeweled dress that is similar to her mother’s? I tell my 7 year old daughter 2 things, what I do as an adult does not mean that you can do and not because they make it does not mean that you will wear it. Society is what allows designers to make 2 inch heels for little girls because we buy it. Little girls should not wear platform high heels (not in this case) and carry a clutch purse.

Ana on

Sorry zakiya but I’m 18, so I didn’t grow up in 1957, and we’re just giving our opinion. That isn’t a 9 year-old dress nor 9 year-old shoes. By the way we’re not telling anyone not to dress her that way, we just don’t agree.

Kelly on

I think what is more important is that you ALWAYS see her pictured with Emerson.

J.M. on

I personally see nothing wrong with the dress or shoes! They both look lovely!

Megan on

It looks like Emerson is wearing flats, or kitten heels. She also doesn’t look like she’s wearing makeup (which doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it on, but none the less). I think she looks gorgeous.

KW on

The first thing I actually thought when I saw this picture was that she’s wearing one of Teri’s dresses! Although both dresses are very elegant, I agree Emerson’s is not age-appropriate.
Strange how mom’s dress is somewhat simple, yet Emerson’s has the grown-up neckpiece and halter neckline?? Makes you wonder, if she’s being dressed this way at age 9, what will she be wearing at 25? She’ll be grown up in the blink of an eye… Teri, let her be the young **girl** that she is!!

Sarita on

Emerson looks great, nothing wrong with what she’s wearing in my opinion. I love how Teri spends so much time with her daughter, I tink they are very close.

kyoto-chan on

Her shoes are appropriate and the dress looks fine. Nine year olds can’t wear flats or kitten heels now? Perhaps most of you are saying she dresses older simply because she looks older. Projecting much?

eve on

there is nothing wrong with what emersons is wearing, shes adorable, I think some of you people need to relax, its just a cute halter dress, if it wasnt appropriate they wouldnt make clothes/shoes like that for 9 yr olds,

Lorus on

I think Emerson looks great. It’s not like she’s wearing heels!
Teri looking stunning in that first picture.

Maya on

Emerson loooks EXACTLY like her FATHER – she doesn’t look like Teri at all.

melanie on

Emerson looks proud and confident. That is a youthful trait. You know, the one we have before we are picked apart on a daily basis by catty women.

KarenC on

Give it up people. It is nobody’s business
what she is wearing.

sasha on

kyoto, I agree with you. I think many people here are confusing dressing older with looking older. Emerson is a beautiful little girl and it is obvious that she will soon be a beautiful teenager. She looks a bit mature for her age. She could probably wear anything and people would complain that she’s trying to grow up too fast.

After all, there are TONS of 10 year old girls out there who wear long spaghetti strap dresses. Heck, there are even infants and toddlers wearing spaghetti straps! No one seems to get in a tizzy over them. Yes her dress is very detailed and elegant, but she was at a wedding in France in the summer! What was she supposed to wear, a poofy dress with sleeves and a bow?

Maya on

I agree that Emerson looks pretty and most importantly she seems to have a wonderful mother who showers her with love and affection and thus she’ll probably grow up to be a very self fulfilled and happy woman. But everybody IS entitled to their own opinion and there is certainly no need for comments coming from other WOMEN about women being “catty”, especially when the dawning of the first female president is quickly approaching.


People Emerson is attending a $2 MIL + wedding. I think for one day she could dress up. Give the girl a break.