Heidi Klum and kids at the park

07/08/2007 at 08:46 PM ET

Model Heidi Klum, 34, her two nannies, and kids Leni, 3, Henry, 21 months, (who took turns playing with mom’s iPhone) and Johan, 7 months, were spotted out at the park on Saturday. More photos at Celebutopia — including Henry laughing as he runs away from Heidi!


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300On the ground is a Playtex Sipster ($6.80 for 2).


Johan rides in an Orbit Baby’s Orbit Infant System in mocha/khaki ($900).

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Nausicaa on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen all three siblings side by side like this. All looking the same way with the same expression!! Johan is such a doll. He’s the cutest out of all of them.

Amy on

Beautiful. The pics where Leni his holding Henry finger is to beautiful for words. Not only are they are Beautiful physically but the beauty I see in the family, on close, loving happy they are!!! I Love this familY

FC on

Wow! I can’t get over how big Henry is getting. He’s going to be taller than Leni soon. And the pics of him running away from Heidi are adorable, especially with that cute grin on his face.

Love these kids and want to take them all home with me! *sighs*

denisse on

this kids are so cute and gorgeous and you can see that heidi does run after her kids

Sara123 on

Will I ever see Heidi her kids out without nannies, no disrespect but isn’t that real motherhood…your kids, (celebrity/no celebrity. Where’s Seal these days?

Sarah’s note: He is on tour in Europe.

Ada on

Exactly, Sara. I was just going to say…

Even though having 2 nannies seems extremely excessive (my mother raised 6 children without any help whatsever – Heidi, it’s possible!), I have nothing against nannies whatsoever. If you can afford one, more power to you.

But it really bothers me when nobody comments on pictures like this, when Heidi is out with not one but TWO nannies for a simple park outing… and yet if celebrity moms such as Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie were photographed constantly with an entourage of nannies, people would not hesitate to call them bad mothers who don’t put any effort into caring for their children, etc, etc.

The standards are quite unfair. Heidi can do no wrong and Britney can do no right.

Lisa on

What an adorable family. I agree that many celebrities, like Heidi, have nannies with them, which may not be “real motherhood”, but she also has to deal with photographers wherever she goes. I don’t know about you, but I live in “real parenthood”, and I have yet to have photographers ambush me and my little ones as I go to a park or exit my vehicle. Walking around with 3 small children that close in age would be stressful for any mom, but to have the paparazzi in her personal space every step of the way would be very intimidating without having someone as a backup.

denisse on

i think is good you can see how henry runs away from heidi. if she was alone what was she going to do let leni and johan alone? that probably would make leni run off. i think is ok that she has two nannies, when she has three i think its excessive but with two every kid is well taken care of. You can see she does not have henry, leni or johan just with the nanny, she is constantly carrying at least one kid or talking, or walking with them, i think thats real motherhood she is always i think with fans or at least people close to her for pics of just for said i walk next to heidi klum and followed by papz that are so close when you see the videos of heidi and her kids the papz are really close to her. so its safe that she and two nannies can take care of her, and i think that if she was alone with the 3 kids people would said that not safe for the kids.

everyone have their opinion this is just mine

Catherine on

I love how both Leni and Henry are playing with an iPhone…. and sharing!
They seem very close and always touching eachother.

I love the pictures of Heidi chasing Henry as well.

Nina on

Henry and Leni are so cute together now that they’re the same height.

As for the nannies, if I had that much money I’d have help too. There’s no virtue in insisting on doing it all yourself, that’s just egotism.

TwinMom on

I agree that there seems to be a bias… When Britney has a nanny with her, people accuse her of neglecting her children. Yet, Heidi Klum has two and it’s just fine with most people.

As for nannies protecting her children from the paps, I don’t buy that as an excuse. What are these two ladies going to do? Wrestle an aggressive photographer? That’s what bodygaurds are for.

Face it. She’s rich and doesn’t want to manage her three kids herself (in public). She can afford the help and she’s taking advantage of that.

When my twins started walking, my biggest fear was to have them take off in opposite directions while we were out and about. I managed to stay on top of it and although it was very tiring for me, we all survived! But if I had been able to afford help, you bet I would have had it!


ITA Ada !
I love Heidi Klum, she seems to be a wonderful mum, but 2 nannies on a stroll in the park ?
Angelina Jolie is never seen with a nanny, but was constantly accused of beeing a bad mum because she wasn’t “seen” carrying Shiloh around, although I’ve seen several pictures of her carrying Shiloh !This is a quote of Ang in one of her recent interviews ” Shiloh is so funny and full of light, a lil’honey, I recognise a lot of me in her…” She adores all her children, like Heidi, but no, Ang doesn’t get a chance in the tabloids !
Yes, Ada, the standards are really unfair.


ITA Ada !
I love Heidi Klum, she seems to be a wonderful mum, but 2 nannies on a stroll in the park ?
Angelina Jolie is never seen with a nanny, but was constantly accused of beeing a bad mum because she wasn’t “seen” carrying Shiloh around, although I’ve seen several pictures of her carrying Shiloh !This is a quote of Ang in one of her recent interviews ” Shiloh is so funny and full of light, a lil’honey, I recognise a lot of me in her…” She adores all her children, like Heidi, but no, Ang doesn’t get a chance in the tabloids !
Yes, Ada, the standards are really unfair.

sil on

I agree that 2 nannies are too much for a park outing…It’s ok if she can afford to have some extra help at home (I think I will have one too!) but just for going out to the park with your kids, specially if one has only 7 months so he can’t run away from you 🙂 i think just one nanny will be enough…
Anyway, I like Heidi and her family, and Johan is sooooo cute!!!!

Calyopi on

Britney drinks like a fish, smokes around her kids, is out 5 nights a week partying in clubs, is known to have done drugs in the past and hangs out with losers (I.e. Hilton, Lohan). She is spotted with her kids only when on her way to activities (like dancing) she does alone, i.e. lets someone else take care of them while she does her thing.

Britney is not a good mother. Heidi is out with her kids every single day, is stable and seems loving. She is a good mom.

Britney could do right if she started acting like a 25 year old and not a 16 year old.

essie on

Heidi actually has FOUR nannies, plus her mother is often seen out helping with the kids. Nothing wrong with that if you can afford it. Besides, Heidi is currently filming her reality program while in New York. She needs the help.

Madison on

I disagree Ada,
I don’t recall seeing many pics from Britney with her boys out in the park. Actually I never saw her with Jayden out in the Park and the only time I remember her out with Sean was with her former manager + a bodyguard and she was wearing a mini-skirt and high heels for the playground. There are a ton of pics from Heidi and her kids going to the playground, beeing on the beach or going for a walk, she always looks very involved with her kids.
The people didn’t called Britney a “bad mothers” because she went with her kids and a nanny to the park.

Xan on

I want Johan!!!!!

Lauren on

I agree with most posters here. Having help in the form of a nanny is great. However, I think Heidi really goes overboard and abuses the privilege. She regularly goes out to the park, to lunch, shopping, etc. with not only her mother, but at least two nannies, and I’ve seen her go out with her mother and up to three. I remember when she was still pregnant with Johan, there were photos of Heidi, Leni, and Henry out walking in NYC, along with their entourage. Heidi’s mom was holding Leni’s hand, a nanny was pushing Henry in his stroller, another nanny was pushing another stroller, and Heidi was just moseying behind everyone. I do like Heidi, but I don’t know how anyone can explain that away. That is just ridiculous, imo.

And ITA with TwinMom. The whole excuse that the nannies will protect the children from the paps is just that-an excuse. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are far more hounded than Heidi will ever be and have four small children, and they are able to take their kids to school, to lunch, etc. themselves. The fact is that plenty of parents have three or more little kids, and they manage just fine without having one nanny per child.

Meela on

I find it quite amusing that everyone harps on the number of nannies that Heidi has but I actually think that she is focused on giving her children the best care that they can have. I on average pay my teenager babysitters very well because I would like them to take great care of my daughter. I’m less focused on materials things and use my money in that way instead. And if money is the motivator why not, they always make themselves available when I call and my daughter loves them. This is how Heidi and Seal have chosen to spend some of their money and I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s just what it is, so people should just realize that and stop re-hashing the same topic.

Isabel on

Lauren- “abuses the privilege” come on were talking about nannies here.

N on

How dare anyone pass a judgment on what “real motherhood” is! Who has assigned anyone the job of being such an arbiter! That is such a damaging and hurtful way to approach a topic that needs to be treated with sensitivity and empathy. A mother with means utilizes them, oh, color me shocked. A mother chooses to raise her children differently, quel horreur. You are not that mother and those are not your children. Not a “real mother”? I can’t believe the people who write that would tell Heidi Klum that to her face. As women we should try to understand one another. NOT pass gossipy and malicious judgment.

Lauren on

“Lauren- “abuses the privilege” come on were talking about nannies here.”

Last I checked, having a nanny was not a right, but a privilege that comes with money. How is having six extra hands help you care for three kids not a privilege?

TwinMom on

Lauren, good point! Angelina and Brad are very hands-on parents and they are more of a target by papparazi than Heidi Klum. I guess it’s all in how people are able to handle it. And I doubt Heidi only uses nannies when she goes out. I’m sure they help her out at home, too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

sushi on

i still don’t know why people think Henry is “ugly”. I think he is gorgeous with is beautiful skin, his big black hair and that smile!!! ans he’s not even 2 year old!! imagine what he look like when he’ll be 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bet those kids are gonna end up beeing models! they’re GORGEOUS

TwinMom on

I agree that Henry will probably be a very attractive man someday, but I think with his mouth always open and tongue jutting out, it looks a little gross. He’ll grow up eventually and probably stop doing that.

Karen on

Henry is just too cute, he has the cutest smile!

As for the nanny issue, I think the picture of Henry running away from Heidi is a good example of why she needs a nanny or two. If she was there by herself she would’ve had to leave Leni and Johan alone and with all the paps around I don’t think that would be a good idea. Yeah the amount of nannies she has might be a little exessive however we do not know what it is like to walk in her shoes. And doesn’t it say something that she is the one running after Henry, she could of easily had one of the two nannies do it.

As for the Jolie-Pitt family they have multiple bodyguards that are with them when they have the children so it is really just a difference between a nanny and a bodygaurd.

I don’t think we should be judging how she is raising her kids when we don’t really knows what goes on from a few photographs. They look like pretty normal happy kids to me, and it’s not like we ever see the kids out with just the nannies, the parents are still always with them.

Isabel on

Lauren – you are right having a nanny is a privelege! But I don’t consider it an abuse b/c she has 2 or 3 nannies. What’s wrong with her having a nanny for each child if she can afford it. She just wants them to have individual attention and for their needs to be met. Do would think it would be less of an offense if she only had one nanny to help her care for all 3 kids? I don’t see anything wrong with her wanting her kids to get individual attention if she can afford it.

I guess it’s just a matter of a opinion. I’ve seen enough mothers who don’t care for their children at all so to see someone like Heidi who obviously does makes me less opiniated about the # of nannies she has.

denisse on

i once read that the jolie pitts have 4 nannies one for each kid, but they want to look like the best parents that why the nannies cant be outside with the babies, and they have bodyguards thats is almost the same that a nanny bust bigger and stronger but i have seen pics of pax very attached to his bodyguard so there you can see every kid spend a lot of time with them if pax acts like that with him, a bodyguard is almost the same that a nanny and the jolie pitt have a lot of bodyguards

just my opinion lol i still love jolie pitt kids and klum kids

melanie on

Who cares if she has 2 nannies? It’s her life. Her kids are so good looking!

Erika on

Well, I love being a hands-on mom, but who wouldn’t take the help of a few helpful nannies if given the choice? I know I have days when I wish I could hand my daughter off to someone like that.

blah on


Britney is not occupied running a TV hit show all by herself. Nor does she have the mental ability to.

Britney is also not married to a busy, independent and responsible husband with a busy career to mind. Nor is she capable of such good judgement.

…. Please let’s use some common sense here. I wouldn’t give up a $10000/hr job (which would set my kids up for a nice trust fund) when I can easily afford to pay nannies. If your mother was Heidi Klum, I highly doubt she wouldn’t do the same

mike on

race mixing !!!

beurkkkk !

gianna on

I don’t care if Heidi has nannies, it’s her children, her money, and her life lol. Johan is cute looks like a cute mix of heidi and seal, Henry looks just like Seal, and leni looks like heidi and her bio dad.