Emma Bunton defies diagnosis, odds with pregnancy

07/07/2007 at 07:41 PM ET

After being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2004, Spice Girl Emma Bunton faced — at the very least — an uphill battle if she was to make her dream of becoming a mom a reality.  Told that she might never give birth as a result of the condition, Emma worried that the grim news was directly related to her relative good-fortune up until that point in time.

I thought, I’ve been so bloody lucky in my life that maybe not getting pregnant is payback.

In defiance of the odds, Emma announced in January that she is indeed expecting her first child with longtime boyfriend Jade Jones later this summer. 

I’ve been worried for such a long time that I might not be able to be a mum…I’m unbelievably excited.

Source:  Ireland On-Line

If any readers have dealt with endometriosis and want to share stories in the comments, please feel free.

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Sophie on

Do you notice how all the spice girls that have children have girls – except Victoria, and she really wants a girl!

Summer on

endometriosis runs in my family; I understand her concerns. I thankfully have had my children at a young age.

Rozanna on

She has always been my favorite and I can’t wait for her to pop out the little baby it will be adorable

Lilybett on

I have endometriosis and it’s not that huge a miracle to get pregnant. It’s certainly harder or takes longer, but the odds I was given were 60-80% chance I couldn’t conceive. That’s 20-40% good vibes left over – better than nothing. I think what should be concetrated on here is that for a lot of women their symptoms lessen with pregnancy and birth. Hooray! Less pain!

margaux on

That sounds like my friend. She was told she’d need an operation before she could concieve (I’m not sure what she said was wrong, but it sounded like either endometriosis or polycystic fibrosis).

She managed to not only get pregnant, but while she was on birth control. Her daughter averaged out at about a >.2%

We call her a little miracle baby.

Erin on

I don’t know about that 60 – 80%. I think it is different for each person who has endo. I was told I would never have a child and I had 2 surgeries to “clean up” the endo. Fortunately we stopped trying, looked into adoption and we got pregnant. Our daughter is also our “miracle” baby. Hopefully we will be able to have another baby to give her a sibling but if not I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to be pregnant and give birth at least once!

Heather on

I have endometriosis. Last April I was told by a doctor that when the time came for my fiance and I, I would need to have an operation. Around a week after that, without trying, we conceived. Certainly a surprice. Not the stuggle I was expecting.

Becky on

I’m glad all you people have had such luck! Some of us with endo haven’t been able to conceive. Also, some of us with endo have other issues with autoimmune diseases/disorders. So count yourself very lucky if you aren’t one of these people. Wish I could get pregnant!