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07/06/2007 at 05:24 PM ET

Cbb_iconBecause of the surge in traffic we’ve experienced over the last few months, we’re getting a lot of new readers who may or may not be aware of our comment policy.  We think this explains the nastier tone we’ve noticed in the comments.  If you are a new reader, please be aware that we have a certain standard that we ask our commentators to abide by.

Here are some examples of comments we’ve gotten that are not appropriate:

Thosewho think it’s acceptable for an anorexic drug addict to have a childare deluded idiots. Children are NOT ok for everyone. Please try toadmit that there are just some people who should not reproduce. If thiswere some welfare mom in the projects you would not be defending her.

actually i do not think that XXX is a beautiful child, she is like a little elf to me and looks spoiled.

I think it’s selfish of her to have babies at that age! Thereshould be an age limit to stop having babies! 47, is way over that age!I hope the twins don’t grow up to resent her.

Sweet mom"??!! Puh-lease!!!! How about taking the self-indulgentXXX AND her "celebrity baby ornament" off of celebrity-babies forgood?! I’ve been sick of her for years — she’s a flash-in-the-pan,&wouldn’t even have THAT status if it weren’t for her famous,publicity-status mommy. To sum it up in one word — BORING!!!!!!!

While we may occasionally personally agree with you aboutsome of these things, we strive to keep comments on the siteinsult-free so we ask that you not post nasty comments — eithertowards celebrities, readers or the staff of the Celebrity Baby Blog.We also ask that you not post inflammatory remarks (ones that willprobably start a fight among readers).  Feel free toagree or disagree with each other as long as you do it respectfully.

We do not tolerate any type of discrimination in thediscussions,including but not limited to ageism, racism, homophobia, heterosexism, classism, religiousbigotry, or discrimination toward the disabled. We will not hostdiscussions that involve explicit sexual references and are cautiousabout discussions on volatile topics such as abortion, religion, andrace. 

Any comments that include the following will not be published:
-spam or advertising
-inflammatory remarks (intentional or otherwise)
-anything that insults anyone

If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, then don’t post it. If you’re not sure if a comment you are writing is allowed, then don’t post it. 

Be aware that comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until thesite staff has approved them — and we will be getting more stringent in what we approve.

Additionally, if you have a comment for the author of the post orthe publisher of the site, please email that person (the author’s nameis listed at the top of each post, under the title) instead of leaving a comment.(Email their name @celebrity-babies.com, or click the name to pop-up an email box.)

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Sarah on

Thank you for posting the rules. People need to stop attacking babies and saying some of the things that have been said. It is not anyone’s business to comment on a older mother or when a woman can have children. This site is to look at all the cute Celebrity babies and find the outfits their parents buy not attack people.

cats on

I was really disappointed to once not have one of my comments posted. I was really surprised because I think I only commented about how it looked like “x” person was doing “x” as a publicity stunt (not a slander and certainly nothing anything foul).

I know you have your policies for CYA purposes but I think that the moderators could probably be a little more generous on allowing us express our opinions freely.

That said, I agree with your stance on keeping the CBB web site on a general positive note. I know I don’t like to see cat fights or slanderous comments.

Just my 2 cents.

denisse on

i think this is great because sometimes people is realy bad this is great

Devon on

I think it’s refreshing that a website actually reads the comments before posting them. Some blogs get really nasty.

Personally I always try and be as nice as possible. Even if I don’t agree, I try and do it in such a way that it is respectful not mean. Also, I always think about the celebrities that I am writing about, and how I would feel if I were in their shoes and read a nasty comment about myself.

What goes around comes around.

Sarah on

Thank you so much for posting this! I dread reading comments these days because of the rude judgemental posts in each one. It’s like suddenly everyone here is a parenting expert. No one knows why a celeb is doing something they are doing, they get maybe three seconds worth of pictures out of their entire day and suddenly they are a bad mom or dad…and to say a child is not cute is just terrible! I am just soooooo glad you guys are going to start monitoring more because it’s really just made me sick to read comments lately!

tink1217 on

I am so glad you have the policy. I had left here awhile back because I was sick of reading all the nastiness going on. I was really glad when you implemented the commenting policy. I always try to be as nice as possible or I just don’t post anything.

WOW on

Thank you for filtering out the trash. Unfortunately some people hide behind compters and use it to spread their hate, that’s the downside to the internet. It’s nice coming to a site that moderates the comments. It’s just a shame the CBB mods have to read it all!

Lauren on

I think it’s great that you guys moderate comments and raise the sophistication of the site as a result. However, regarding the so-called “nastiness” that does occur, I feel that much of it occurs not necessarily because people are being rude, but because people are unable to speak civilly to people with whom they disagree.

Having and acknowledging different points of view is great and encourages discussion, but if, for example, a poster says they dislike something a celebrity is doing for whatever reason, other readers will jump on and attack them without really reading what they have to say. The original poster’s comments are within the boundaries of the site rules (otherwise they wouldn’t be published), yet people still feel the need to attack and get nasty when, ironically, they were attacking the original poster for supposedly getting nasty in the first place.

I speak not only from personal experience-I have read many posts where readers get extremely rude and confrontational regarding another person’s comments when those comments had nothing to do with the antagonizer.

Everyone should be able to feel comfortable expressing their personal opinions as long as they obey the site rules, yet it seems like many readers try and play moderator simply because they don’t like what others have to say. This is just my opinion, but I thought I should share.

preesi on

Its George Bush’s fault!

You never saw so many people at each others throats and watching their necks while Clinton was in office!
We were all happy and contented drinkin’ our Starbucks coffee, theres wasnt much nastiness and no one cared about gays marrying (or civil ceremonies)…

Now everyone hates everyone!

TwinMom on

Lauren, ITA. I have been in a situation here when I agreed with another poster who said something that I guess was “unpopular”. We were singled out and a few hateful comments were made, mostly to the original poster. It’s hard not to post snarky/rude comebacks when you feel you’re under attack. I do agree with contacting the original posterif you have an issue withone of their posts. I didn’t even know that was an option. It might eliminate some of the “ganging up” that goes on, although I think there are some who prefer to fight in front of an audience, similar to a school yard bully.

There seems to be a trend of mean comments about celebrity children, which is unacceptable. If someone said YOUR child was ugly, unhappy, neglected, or a victim of FAS based on their facial features, you’d be fit to be tied. I know I would!!!

Mom of Five on

Thank you CBB for enforcing your policies. Too often I read nasty comments and attacks made against celebrity parents. Usually it’s by the same people who imo obviously dislike or even hate a specific celebrity but for some reason can’t seem to stay out of the particular celebrity’s thread. When they are called out on their nastiness (I’m not talking about a difference of opinion) they go on about freedom of speech and whatnot and how they feel they are being wrongfully attacked. I find that excuse hypocritical because many times they can’t see how they are wrong in attacking the celebrity in the first place. Anyway, I really appreciate how CBB strives to make this a friendly place.

Karen on

This is why CBB is the only site where I will actually read the comments. It’s like our parents taught us if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Keep up the great work CBB!

stephanie on


Bella on

I am glad that the comments are moderated. Sometimes when I link to the source photos on another site (eg x17) I am just disgusted by some of the things said. This is the only site I read comments on because I know they won’t be just rude and inappropriate and will be related to the topic.

I also think that it is still important to allow discussions and differing view points. I was disappointed to see a post recently where one point of view only of the comments were allowed to be posted but other than that I think the way comments are moderated is great. I definitely don’t agree with comments insulting the celebrities as people, let alone their children!

On posts like the Elisabeth Hassleback/potty training, I loved reading the comments because it was a good way to see how other mums have gone about it and succeeded. That is probably my second favourite part of the site – being more aware of differing parenting opinions and styles, it helps me decide what I’d do in that situation. I only wish I’d found it when my son was a bit younger!

Favourite has to be seeing all the cute baby/kid photos in one place 🙂

teagan on

Lauren – whether comments are directed at one person or not is irrelevant – this is a forum where, if a person chooses to post their opinion, everyone reading it here is entitled to respond. It doesn’t matter whether they have ‘anything to do with it’ – this is a discussion forum. If people notice that one person is continually posting negative things in every thread they participate in, then you can expect them to call on it -that’s the nature of this kind of site. Mailing lists, discussion forums, open website all self-police to a certain extent, and that happens here too (even though the CBB people keep the standard up to start with).

J-Lin on

Any comment can be taken as offensive by someone. You people are being overly sensitive. I agree comments around race, religion, and gender are wrong, but not every celebrity baby is cute and not every celebrity parent makes wise decisions. I think some of the editorial comments and pictures posted egg on the nasty comments.

Stephanie on

I wish more sites would regulate comments like this. Nice work.

kadarm on

i like this site from the beginning. with moderating the comments i agree, but it is very delicate to handle. as if you can say only nice things about people that is really boring and very-very not true. i have the feeling this “nice new world” is kept here for the media and for the celebrities. because if they are protected here, if no quarrels, nasty things happen here, then they more probably willing to give interview, talking about this site. which i totally understand, i work in the media too, but girls, please, do not hide behind the big morality, when it is about work and money.

Danielle’s note: You are absolutely right that keeping the site and comments positive will help us attract celebrity interviews. What’s bad about that?

Besides, the majority of our readers prefer positive comments, and have told us that time and time again.

Joanne on

Thank you for keeping your blog kind and friendly. I visit here many times a day. No matter how one feels about an adult, a child is totally innocent and beautiful!! I love your commenting rules! Keep up the good work!

Gabriella on

Kadarm good post, and I agree with everything you said.

Lauren on

“Lauren – whether comments are directed at one person or not is irrelevant – this is a forum where, if a person chooses to post their opinion, everyone reading it here is entitled to respond. It doesn’t matter whether they have ‘anything to do with it’ – this is a discussion forum.”

I completely understand that. My point is that when a poster attempts to post their opinion on a certain subject, readers will get fresh with them for no reason except to be rude or contrary. One specific example is the post showing Heidi Klum taking her kids to Lakeshore Learning Materials. One poster made it clear that she wasn’t trying to be rude and just wanted to ask a question regarding Heidi’s continually going out with nannies, yet she got two unnecessarily snarky replies back and more saying that she had no right to “judge” Heidi when she made it perfectly clear that that was not what she was trying to do. That is what I’m talking about. If it were an isolated incident, I’d let it go, but it happens all the time, and it’s really ridiculous. There is a difference between being rude and expressing an opinion, but many people don’t seem to realize that.

Victoria on

Kadarm, I kind of agree with you, there’s a fine line between keeping the worst of the bitching off the site, and between sanitising it to the point where it’s fawning, boring and totally vanilla. It does occasionally lean that way…but at the same time…it’s a hard line to walk and they are not always going to get it right every time. There are times when I think I’ll gag if I have to read another post along the lines of “she’s so cute I could just pinch her little cheeks!”, but…we all know it’s about work and money, they’re not doing it just for fun…the main point is that they’re adult enough to admit it, and hey, occasionally they are prepared to let a little more spice show through. :)And I guess we all still read, don’t we. 🙂

MR on

Ultimately it’s your site and you can make whatever rules you want. That said, I don’t think one of your examples falls outside of the standards you’re trying to set. Some of my favorite pictures of my son are from when he’s 3 1/2 months old and I think he looks like an elf. He’s adorable! I think it’s ridiculous to consider “elf” an insult. Same goes for “spoiled” Look around at a few t-shirts and bumper stickers and you’ll find some people are proud to proclaim themselves “spoiled.” I think any point of view should be welcome so long as it’s expressed tastefully and without direct hostility to other commenters or the site and it’s representatives.

Also, there’s a mention of Elisabeth from The View above. If a topic like homophobia is off-limits, perhaps posts about an avowed and open homophobe like Elisabeth simply shouldn’t be made.

kadarm on

danielle, with you admitting it here i am totally satisfied:) i just like to have things as they are and most of the readers think you do it only because you are soooo nice. so most probably i would do it similarly, although it would hurt like hell never to judge anyone – being pc is hard. anyhow beside this little sting i admire you, since i follow your developments for years now and you did very well on the narrow edge of being refreshingly amateur and professional at the same time.
victoria, i feel the same reading the comments and agree with you:)

TwinMom on

I agree that it must be really hard to balance between having an interesting comments section and downright boring. To be honest, I am not interested in reading 30 people saying “He’s so adorable!”, “She’s so cute, I could just eat her with a spoon!”, “They look like great parents!”, or “This is my favourite celebrity couple!”. If that’s all a blog has for comments, it’s boring. In my opinion, if people want to debate a comment, that’s fine, but do it tastefully.

You likely wouldn’t have the nerve to say to someone’s face that their point of view was “stupid” or that you can’t believe they are a parent (which I’ve had said to me on here when I let it slip that I was pro-choice). There is a polite way to debate without name-calling and being rude.

If you’re so upset with what someone said that you feel you can’t control yourself, maybe it’s best to either back off and let it go or contact the poster directly instead of grand-standing.

Arabella on

Um… the comments in the Jade Goody post have kind of devolved into catfighting. IT’s not simple disagreements anymore, people are getting rather vehement about their points. And in the Oscar Jackman post, someone thought it would be appropriate to reply, “Well, let the self hatred begin.”

I have always liked the comment policy here, but it really does seem like the mean comments are sneaking through regardless, and it’s a shame.

Note from Danielle, CBB Publisher: First of all, had you left your real email address, we would have responded to you directly.

We don’t have a problem with any of the comments in these two posts you mentioned.

In http://www.celebrity-babies.com/2007/07/british-star-ja.html
in response to Jade Goody’s feeling that God has punished her with a miscarriage, a reader named Josie commented that God loves and does not punish and some readers said they were offended and explained that they have had miscarriages and deal with them in different ways. One reader said she was appalled by her comment, but we feel that she argued her points respectfully.

Regarding the Oscar Jackman post (about black hair), and that was a response where the reader didn’t think he should straighten his hair and like the natural look, and ‘let the self-hatred begin,’ to which people responded that he probably just wanted to try out different looks.

We’re fine about people disagreeing, as long as they do it respectfully.