Update: We hear Nicole Richie is pregnant…

07/05/2007 at 08:00 AM ET

Update: Us Weekly also says they have independently confirmed.

Update July 3rd: As we told you last month, Nicole Richie is pregnant. TMZ says they have independently confirmed the news, but gives no other details.

If you haven’t already read our June 17th exclusive with a friend of Joel Madden‘s, click below to check it out.

Although we understand that many of you want to wait and hear it fromthe horse’s mouth before believing it, we assure you that we only postinformation from sources who have been 100% reliable in the past. Wehope our track record speaks for itself!

Originally posted June 17:: We hear from a source close to Joel Madden that Nicole Richie is definitely pregnant and due in January 2008. The source says,

Joeland Nicole aren’t confirming anything until she’s 12 weeks or more. Thebaby was not a total accident, they are in a serious relationship anddefinitely want to get married eventually.

Nicole thought it would be a good time to get pregnant — sinceher trial for DUI is coming up, she wanted to prove that she was 100%clean. Of course, the reason for her getting pregnant was not to getout of jail. She and Joel are very very happy. Every time I talk tohim, he sounds less like the punk rebel he used to be, and more like afamily man.

After reading some comments, the source wrote to us to clarify:

Nicole did not get pregnant in order to prove to the courtand the public that she is drug-free or to avoid jail time. That’sridiculous. Her and Joel’s relationship is serious and they both wantedchildren. They didn’t think it would happen this quickly, they wereideally hoping for a pregnancy later this year or next year. However,any rumors of her wanting an abortion are 100% false. They are ecstaticand looking forward to being parents.

Nicole has been clean ever sinceher DUI arrest. And she has not done the hard drugs she used to do(heroin, etc.) in years. They realized after she got pregnant that itcould work in her favor by possibly sparing her jail time. But that wasnot the reason for the pregnancy. She has been going to the doctorregularly and her body is completely healthy and will carry the babywell. Also, she has started to gain more weight, and will continue todo so, as any pregnant woman would.

x17 online has new photos.

Update June 16th: The NY Post has an articletoday stating that Nicole is pregnant, and also engaged. It notes thatshe was wearing a large diamond ring, refused all alcohol, and thatJoel was ‘overly attentive’ to her, continually asking if she was okayat a party on Thursday evening.

Originally posted June 15th:Several tabloid sources are claiming that Nicole Richie, a reality star and the celebrity-daughter of musical legend Lionel Richie, is pregnant. Insiders say The Simple Life star found out that she is expecting a baby with her beau, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden ,during an extensive checkup that included blood and urine tests. Aclose pal says the couple want to keep a tight lid on the informationfor now, saying,

He doesn’t want the news to get out because it’s so early in the pregnancy.

Thefamously tiny star has been reportedly sporting a bump and beenphotographed holding and rubbing her belly.  Nicole has also beenspotted visiting fertility specialist Dr. Mark Surrey’s office inBeverly Hills more than once. Sources close to her estimate that shemay be around 7 weeks pregnant with her first child. Although Nicole’srep denies it, both Life & Style and In Touchare reporting that she checked herself into the Beau Monde rehabfacility in California last month to treat an addiction to painmedication for fear it could hinder her pregnancy.As for Joel, the rocker’s mother, Robin Madden, told L & S that hehas yet to make an announcement to anyone in his family, saying,

I believe he would’ve told me [if Nicole were pregnant]. I’m going to call Joel; I haven’t talked to him in months.

However friends say Joel, who is currently on tour with his band inEurope, is aware of the pregnancy and being the good guy that he is hasbeen saddened by his inability to be by Nicole’s side at this time.

Right now they’re upbeat.  Joel’s been texting supportive messages to Nicole every day. Joel told Nicole he’d be there for her.

Regardless of whether she is pregnant or not, those close to Nicole feel she is up to challenge of motherhood.

She would be a great mom, when she decides to have a baby.

Sources: Life & Style, June 18, 2007, pgs. 30-31, In Touch, June 18, 2007, pgs. 42-43
Photo Sources: Hollywood Hooked & Celebitchy

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Monkeycox on

It just looks like malnurished bloat to me, not a baby. But how sad is it that Joel hasn’t talked to his Mom in months? Call your Mom, Joel!

Amanda on

I don’t think so. She wouldn’t even have a bump yet at 7 weeks, I don’t care how thin you are! Her baby would be about the size of a sesame seed and I doubt her belly would be poking out that much. It’s probably just flab. Afterall, just b/c Nicole is thin, doesn’t necessarily mean she’s fit! We’ll see though. That’s what’s fun about pregnancy rumors…in about 9 months, one way or another, they always work themselves out!

Jessica on

Congratulations to them if this is true. Maybe it’s just what Nicole needs to help her get her head on straight. BTW, Joel isn’t in Europe right now, he was photographed by the paps yesterday afternoon in L.A. picking up his dog. Don’t know that these two will last, but crazier things have happened!

erin on

I hope she isn’t pregnant. Has any one ever watched the simple life? This girl is not ready to become a mom. I’m sure the bump pictures is just from being malnourished, as other people have said.

Angie on

Maybe she just swallowed a whole peanut. Lol! I’m just kidding. Maybe she’s just gaining weight. Sometimes when people get off of any kind of drugs they gain weight.

PSB on

No way is her “bump” from a baby. Even if she is pregnant, nobody on Earth (especially a first timer) shows at 7 weeks pregnant. That’s only three weeks after her first missed period. Ridiculous.

I agree with those who say her belly is from malnourishment.

As for her being a mom…babies are not the new Hollywood accessory! They are with you for life!

Dooneybug on

If memory serves from Biology class, you need to have a certain percentage of body fat in order to ovulate – and homegirl doesn’t look like she’s there.

Bella on

I do not think that Nicole is pregnant. How sad that she is now so malnourished that she has a protruding belly and people are asking if she is pregnant. And at 7 weeks I don’t think that she would be showing quite so much but all women are different and time will tell.

“Maybe it’s just what Nicole needs to help her get her head on straight.” I know that this isn’t an ideal world but I would much rather people have their heads on straight before they become pregnant and have children.

tink1217 on

i really hope this one is NOT true, even though it has been reported by the NY Post. I don’t take much stock in what they say. Usually when I see it in People I believe it. I really think Nicole is too thin to even get pregnant, but who knows!!

preesi on

This probably wont get posted but can I say…


Kitty on

Actually she could be. Im only 50 kilos and I had a noticeable bump at around 7-8 weeks with my pregnancy. She seems like a nice girl. Congratulations to her if she is. 🙂

Gabbie13 on

Whether she is or not I am not sure, but my friend is currently pregnant w/ #2 and she was in maternaty clothes with a belly by 7 weeks. Everyone is different!
If she is pregnant, I wish her the best and hopefully this will be a lesson for her that it is time to grow up and become responsible.

kristen on

This woman makes me sick. Please, for yourself, EAT SOMETHING. I hope she’s not pregnant, but if she is, she better eat more than she does now. The baby will be counting on her…

Maria Bella on

I doubt it.
I’m almost certain Nicole’s too thin to even ovulate, meaning the chances of her actually becoming pregnant are non-existant.

It’s definitely from malnourishment. Haven’t you seen those poor kids in Africa, so thin and yet have got a giant belly on them?

Nicole on

I really hope she is not pregnant. But, if she is only 7 weeks, that belly has nothing to do with it! First off, I am not a thin woman. With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have a considerable bump until mid-2nd trimester. And with my second pregnancy, I did thicken up sooner, but a bump wasn’t noticable until about 14 weeks…and I had twins in there! I think the belly is from malnourishment.

Scarlett B. on

With someone as thin as Nicole she could already be showing. I had a friend who was really thin..not quite as thin as her..but she started having a little bump by 3 months. Maybe if she is pregnant she will start being healthy. HOPEFULLY.

tami on

With my first I was very thin, probably 100-105 and I had a little bump at 8 weeks. My pants didn’t fit well and I had to start un-buttoning them at 8 weeks. So it’s possible for that to be a pregnancy bump. All bodies are different so who knows what happens. All I know is all of my pants that used to fit did not and I had belly that I had never had before. It was reported that Nicole weighed less than 95lbs. I hope she gets healthy soon.

Stephany on

I really, really, really, really, REALLY hope this is not true! I just can’t see Nicole Richie being a dedicated and good mother. This girl can’t even eat right for herself, how does she expect to take care of a baby?

I thought she was way too skinny to even ovulate, also! Maybe she’s not but I hope this is false.

Liz on

I think we have to keep in mind that we really do not know this woman, we only know her media side. Sure she has done some bad things…but honestly there are worse people out there having kids. I don’t think its fair for us to judge her maturity on a show when it was clearly stated before that they are paid to look stupid.

If she is pregnant I wish her the best and pray that everyone leaves her alone. We don’t need another Britney Spears..where every move you make is criticized and every outing results in tears.

Josie on

Let us all pray to the heavens that this girl is not pregnant. To say that this event is exactly what she needs to get her life together is tragic..both for her and especially the baby. If you know anything about eating disorders, you will know that this girl does not see her physical form in a normal way. She sees herself fat and that is why she starves herself. If she is pregnant, not only does she risk the life of her unborn child, but she risks falling deeper into her eating disorder.
Bless her heart, but Nicole needs to get her life in some kind of order and love and accept herself before she can go on to Mother another life.

Lee on

Huh Nicole Ritchie pregnant?? I thought She and Joel broke up??

NausicaaofWind on

Let me gather this…..

Nicole Richie…. *gags* Hold on….let me try that again. *takes a sip of water*

Nicole Richie….preg…preg…. *deep breaths* Nichol Richie preg-nant?

*starts coughing violently*

No. Just no. Please. I can’t handle thisjaifhaiff….

Noelle on

I sent a tip to tips@celebrity-babies.com with more information on this. I actually sent two emails. Details are in the email, but I can confirm that she is pregnant. I am the same person that confirmed exclusively to this blog that Tobey Maguire’s baby was a girl and revealed names they were considering, and confirmed her birth stats.

xxxx on

I cannot believe how rude people are. How can you say those things about her. Do any of you know her? What if Nicole was on the other end of the spectrum then people would say different things that are rude. I got pregnant less then 3 months out of an eating disorder hospital, suffering from anorexia and I have a healthy 3 yr. old now.
Celebrities having babies is not a knew trend and it is not a accessory. People should relly look at how old these women are and some of them are older then 40. I doubt it is a trend. The jealousy out there.
Could you imagine if someone said all those neg. things about you or a love one you would be pissed and hurt.
I firmly beleive that you should not judge people who do not live the way you live as bad and horrible. We are all different and have our own set of issues. If she is prgnant I wish a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Sadie on

I, too, am hoping Nicole is not pregnant. What a terrible message that would send out to young girls – that it’s OK to abuse your body, that there are no repercussions from starving yourself so you can wear skinny leg jeans! What’s even more terrifying is the thought that, if Nicole is pregnant, she could have a daughter. I couldn’t think of a worse role model – a 38-kilo waif who denies she has an eating disorder and sends out emails saying no-one over 100 pounds can come to her party.
I’m small and slender myself, and I think it’s pretty easy to see who’s naturally thin and who’s not eating. Nicole just looks sick to me. I wish she wasn’t held up as a fashion icon all the time – I don’t care how lovely her clothes are, we should be telling young girls it’s NOT attractive or cool to be undernourished. All shapes and sizes are beautiful, but starving lollypops are not.
As for the belly – I’m a petite build and I’m 12 weeks pregnant, and I’ve got a belly about the same size as the one Nicole has in the pic. But at 7 weeks, I had nothing.

Jes on

Wow, I love how everyone knows that she can’t be ovulating or showing that early. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! If she is pregnant, congrats to her.

Jenn on

I was 5’2 and 90 pounds when I got pregnant. I showed early too. Even when I weighed around 80 pounds, I still had a period. It has more to do with nutrition than weight.

Lilybett on

I think it may be true. It’s certainly not impossible. My extremly undernourished cousin got pregnant but it was an awful pregnancy and she delivered a very very sick baby at 29 weeks. However, I don’t know if that was because my cousin was too skinny and the baby couldn’t thrive, or just because she was destined to have an awful pregnancy regardless of whether she was fat, thin or in between. Just as an aside – the baby is now a romping, stomping three year old and you wouldn’t know she was a serious premmie – no developmental delays, etc.

FC on

I don’t believe she is. I just think that’s just a regular belly. And, I’d hope she work on herself and get to a better place–a lot better than she is right now–before she became pregnant. She could start by gaining an appetite. She’s not even 95 lbs soaking wet. She’d need to get her head “on straight” way before any baby came around…and I just don’t think it’d make her “grow up” if she were pregnant.

Gabriella on

If she is pregnant congrats to her, but I don’t think so. Lately magazines and celebrity sites are obsessed with celebrities being pregnant lol, and with all the babydoll type shirts and dresses now, it’s hard to tell if someone is pregnant till they are further along.

Mary-Helen on

We don’t know if she has an eating disorder and it’s cruel for people to continually suggest she has one. These tabloid reporters continue to destroy her self esteem so even if she did have an eating disorder, they are making it worse. I thought her weight loss was from hypoglicemia affecting her appetite.

Regardless, if she is pregnant then I wish her a safe and happy pregnancy. I don’t know her and I’m not going to judge her based on what I’ve read from “concerned friends” in the tabloids. However, Hilary Duff has said some awful things about Joel, how he’s controlling and verbally abusive, so I hope he gets his stuff together before becoming a father.

S on

Just an FYI for those who are saying that it’s impossible for anyone to show at 7 weeks. My friend weighs right around 100lbs and started showing at about 6 weeks. No she hadn’t really gained any weight, she was just so thin that she showed really early. And especially if she was wearing a dress you could tell even more. So it is very possible.

Annoynomus on

Liz- ITA with everything you said! After all, this article states that sources close to Nicole have said that they think she would be a great mother. Since they know her better than any of us do, I believe them.
That said, I am not going to speculate on whether or not she is pregnant. For one thing, I really don’t know, and for another, I don’t think it’s right to be speculating on whether or not celebs are pregnant. However, if she is, it sounds as if she is taking steps to be healthier, as this article has a source stating that she checked herself into rehab.
I also want to ask: Am I the only one who thinks CBB should not post pregnancy rumors? Personally, I don’t think it’s a very nice thing to be doing to celebrities. I can understand posting SOME celeb rumors, but I think that the line should be drawn at pregnancy rumors.

83% of readers who took the annual survey this year said they enjoy reading rumors as long as they are clearly marked. Hence, why we post them.

Besides, we hear Nicole is most definitely pregnant.

Natalie S. on

Wow is everyone really gone crazy, so what if Nicole is pregnant. If she’s pregnant what’s anyone going to do about it? Nothing, it’s her and Joel’s responsiblity. Don’t crucify her until things actually happen.

Hea on

Why aren’t these comments moderated? Some of them are plain evil.

Diana on

I don’t know how so many people are experts on what EVERY woman looks like 7 weeks pregnant, just because YOU didn’t look like that at 7 weeks doesn’t mean that you couldn’t. I was showing slightly at 7 weeks,maybe not that much but I could see being thinner that you could show more. Because every woman is different! No OF COURSE the baby isn’t that big at that point, but that doesn’t mean her bump isn’t caused by pregnancy!

I can’t believe how judgemental people are.

Tanya on

I hope not. She’s not responsible at all.

Lissette on

Cant wait for them to announce this! Congrats to them and I’m sure this baby will be very loved and spoiled!

Elizabeth on

I thought she would be too thin to ovulate!

NausicaaofWind on

Nicole is dangerously underweight – she’s not even 100 pounds! If, by a terrible chance, she is pregnant, there’s no way her body would be able to carry it for 9 months. If she had a grain of common sense in her she would start getting some meat on her bones! She’d miscarry for sure.

S on

I am not sure that a pregnancy is such a good idea and I cannot imagine that Nicole actually wanted to get pregnant, or that either of them were planning this. I would hate to think that Nicole would get pregnant on the basis of a jail pass, or for any reason. And personally, I do not think she is healthy enough or prepared enough to welcome a child with Joel. Although, as the devil’s advocate speaking, I believe she is far more ready to have a baby than Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or even Britney Spears (even though BS has already had two babies).

melanie on

She may have all the best qualities to make a wonderful mum, but I doubt now is a good time. She’s battled heroin addictions, alcoholism, and she JUST got out of rehab after being pulled over on too many presciption pills. And she’s clearly starving. It will be a hard road for her.

Nicole on

To all these people saying, “I showed at 6 weeks” or “I have a friend that was in maternity clothes at 8 weeks.” Women might thicken up, or start retaining fluid, but an actual real baby bump, where the uterus is pushing out the belly, isn’t even possible until about the end of the 1st trimester when the uterus pops out of the pelvis.

PSB on

The rumors about Nicole Ritchie is that she’s either an anorexic or a drug addict or both. She’s admitted to having a heroin problem (and if we’re to believe all of the tabloids, she recently was out at parties snorting more coke than Lindsay Lohan) and has been in and out of rehab a few times.

Regardless of whether or not she can ovulate or get pregnant, I just hope she can stay off drugs long enough to give birth. Not to mention, she still has a very real prospect of going to jail. The only difference between Nicole and any other drug addict with a DUI and a possible jail sentence is that Nicole is charming, rich, and wears beautiful clothes.

I can’t believe there are people on this board who are defending her and calling us judgmental! I was a big Nicole Ritchie fan until she slid into her current state, but the facts speak for themselves. I really hope she can get herself together. She seems really smart–just misguided. I honestly wish her the best.

Oh –and this is VERY different to the Britney situation. Britney Spears has PPD and never went out drunk driving, just used bad personal judgment. As far as I’m concerned, the minute you get behind the wheel of a car drunk, you lose all of my respect.

Bella on

Well, I had doubted she was pregnant but if she is, I definitely wish her all best for a healthy pregnancy.

The main reason I doubted this was because Nicole does not seem to be naturally, healthily thin. In a lot of photos in recent times she has looked quite ill. But I saw photos of her and Joel on x17 yesterday and she does look healthier than she has for a while. Hopefully if the baby was not unplanned it shows that they feel they are ready which is the most important thing. So again, if she is pregnant best wishes.

Lilybett on

I don’t mind that she’s pregnant. I mind that they thought this would be a good way to prove she’s 100% clean (if that’s true). I know people have kids for more stupid reasons (or no reason) but you shouldn’t get pregnant to prove anything to a judge!

Also, I’m not an expert but I would have tried to be clean and sober for a few months beforehand to ensure all the toxins had well and truly left and my body had recovered. If you were going to deliberately get pregnant, why wouldn’t you prepare your body so it was as healthy as you could make it? I know you can’t eliminate every single risk, but starting healthy would be a good start (and I think that includes psychologically as well).

Sarah on

Um… To Noelle who emailed a tip in, you may want to do a better job concealing your email address. Not only does it contain your first and last name, but your location and profession are easily google-able. If you want to keep those tips coming, probably not so smart to out yourself like that.

Melissa on

I think it is disgraceful that media outlets and bloggers “out” celebrities like this. If she is pregnant, she obviously isn’t comfortable with spreading the news just yet, with good reason. I think it is so wrong on many levels.

As someone who has miscarried, I find this sad. My family and friends went around and told people my happy news, only to not turn around and tell them the sad news. When I ran into said people, I had to tell them my unfortunate news, only to make my grief that much worse.

I can’t imagine being “outed” to millions of people. What is something goes wrong? This kind of loss is something that is very personal, and will only be that much more devastating if something does happen. She will have to go through the constant scrutiny of “Is she or isn’t she?” I think everyone reporting this should be ashamed of themselves. I understand that that is the point of these type of gossip blogs, but it is very sad and disheartening.

Sarah’s note: We definitely understand where you’re coming from. To explain, we choose to post things like this because 83% of our readers told us they want to hear about rumors as long as they are identified as such.

Ashley on

Anyone see her on Jimmy Kemill (I think thats how to you spell it) show? She was just on like 2 days ago. He asked what she was doing after the show and her response was “Going to go get some waffles.” It made me laugh because I was like, “yeah, thats something a pregnant girl would say.”

sarawara on

Let’s see… am I more sickened that Joel Madden is going to be a “father”, that Nicole Ritchie got pregnant so that she could PROVE that she’s responsible and avoid jail, or that there’s no way that this child can be getting the nourishment she needs in utero from a mother who is anorexic?

Not sure.

J.M. on

I must be living under a rock bc I though Joel and Hillary Duff were still together! And hasn’t it only been a year or so since she and DJ AM broke up? How serious could she possibly be in this relationship?

Well if she is pregnant I hope it’s more for a “prove the courts I am clean” bc guess what if your that messed up you can be pregnant and still selfishly be taking something. But I wish her the best and hope she stays healthy and gets her stuff in order.

I bet this will piss Paris off that her BFF is pregnant before her (we all know Paris ambishing to be a mother soon)!!!!

J.M. on

oh one more thing to add, I am not sure about the being too thin and ovulating thing but my friend is a size 00…very thin, very short. Smokes like crazy. Doesn’t take care of herself physically and she got pregnant not once but twice!! Hopefully though she’ll quit smoking w/ this second pregnancy or she’s going to hear a few choice words from me!

Annalyn on

“Sarah’s note: We definitely understand where you’re coming from. To explain, we choose to post things like this because 83% of our readers told us they want to hear about rumors as long as they are identified as such.”

Setting a moral code for CBB is Danielle’s responsibility, not your readers. Nasty breaches of privacy like this one are – or should be – below you.

Mom of One on

I have read several comments stating that there is NO WAY a woman could show at 7 weeks. A friend of mine was showing at 5 weeks (complete basketball bump and all!), and I was in full maternity pants at 12 weeks. It doesn’t have anything to do with weight gain or how big (or small) the baby is at that time. It all depends on the shape of the pelvic area. Some women have a rounded pelvic area and some have an oval shape – and this can determine how much you are going to “show”. So perhaps YOU have never met anyone who “shows” at 7 weeks, but it is completely possible. And no, of course it isn’t the size of the baby at seven weeks causing the bump – that’s a given – but the uterus is already reacting to the hormones and taking shape – THAT is what why the bump forms.

madge78 on

I have to agree that individua;s show at different times. I am one of the unfortunate ones who with the last successful pregnancy was in maternity clothes at 2 months. With my last pregnancy I was about to get myself maternity the day I sadly lost it. Even on my first baby I was big at 3 months. So every one is different. Who knows with Nicole. All I can say is if this baby was planned then to say it has nothing to do with trying to stay out of jail sounds fishy. With all these legal problems she is dealing with, as well as medical, whatever they may be, it also smacks of selfishness. You need to give all of yourself to pregancy and a baby and quite clearly, she shows no sign of being able to do that just yet.

dearling on

Well, maybe she’s preggo and the bump is just her putting on weight and eating healthily, not nec. a “baby bump”?

anon on

With my first, I was unable to fit into regular clothes by the end of the first trimester. With my second child, I was “showing” at 2 1/2 months. To those women who have had children, you know it is different for everyone and it is not right for you to criticize. How someone carries the weight, especially those of us who have a small frame, is not going to be how YOU did. Grow up and think about how you will be perceived by others. If Nicole is pregnant, or even just gaining weight, good luck to you and may your life be blessed.

Still not sure.... on

She’s been going to the doctor’s everyday? I really think you guys need to check your sources a little bit closer on this one. I find it strange she got “caught” like twice (we’ve seen the supposed photos) and then nothing since then. As well, she’s gotten into the habit of wearing TOO big of clothing and empire waist dresses that will make any woman look like she’s carrying. As well, why is this source ONLY coming to CBB to confirm anything? Richie hates bloggers. I guess she has some shady friends then, eh? Sorry, folks I’m not convinced. Let’s see what happens this Thursday when her DUI trial takes place (if it doesn’t get pushed back again) and let’s see what happens. Thanks!

Lisa on

I am fairly thin and I didn’t start showing with my first child until I was about 15 – 17 weeks along. At least nothing like that. To each their own.

Kori on

Someone said that there is no way Nicole’s body could carry a baby for nine months… I don’t think that’s necessarily true, since so many thin celebs have normal pregnancies.[i.g.: When Angelina Jolie was pregnant with Shiloh she barely gained any weight (maybe 20 pounds, which really isn’t much)…]

Somebody also said that Nicole is not ready to have kids. We don’t know that. The person we see on “The simple life” is not the real Nicole, it’s called acting.

If she *is* indeed pregnant, best wishes to her and Joel.

Jane on

Kori, in response to your email – it’s not the Nicole on The Simple Life that worries me! It’s the one who’s been arrested for DUI, the one who was once on heroin, the one who Lindsay Lohan’s bodyguard claims he saw snorting coke for 10 hours straight, the one who is often photographed with her collarbones jutting out, the one who invites people to her party and specifies they must weigh under 100 pounds. As for Anon, I don’t think it’s called for to tell people to “Grow up” – my obstetrician told me yesterday there is no way anyone can have a baby bump at 7 weeks. It may be bloat, it may be fluid, it may be weight gain, it may be whatever…but a 7-week old baby cannot make a bump that big.

Annoynomus on

Jane- Of course it’s not the baby that is making her have a bump. As another poster stated, it is the fact that her uterus is reacting to her hormones and taking shape. It’s just easier to say “baby bump” rather than “pregnancy bump” (at least IMO).
Also, yes she has taken drugs and she has been very thin. However, the source quoted in this post states that Nicole has been clean since her DUI arrest, is perfectly healthy, has been going to the doctor regularly, and has even gained some weight. The source also stated that Nicole’s body will carry the baby well (it sounds to me like this comment was probably made by her doctor to her orginally).

Raquel on

Kori I agree with everything you said. How dose anybody know Nicole can’t get pregnant. I work as a personal trainer and see a lot of woman who are size 00 or 90lbs and have 2 or 3 kids, like nothing. Also plenty of very thin celebrities have gotten pregnant. Also agree with kori people have no right to say she isn’t ready to be a mom, because nobody knows Nicole personally. Angelina jolie wasn’t the most stable person before her kids,she would cut herself, was bisexual, into drugs, walk around with billy bob blood and now she has 4 kids, and people think she is a great mom. If nicole is pregnant congrats to her. I always heard her say on interviews she wanted kids.

de on

Sometimes it takes a woman knowing she is responsible for another tiny little life growing inside her to really see the bigger picture. This maybe just what wakes her up in the biggest way. Motherhood has that power.

I wish the best to both Joel and Nicole if she is expecting, and also if she isn’t.

Crystal on

yay congats to her, i hope she be a great mom.

Rebecca on

Monkeycox, she very well could have the bump at 7 weeks. The fact that she’s so skinny WOULD make the difference. Besides, of course the baby isn’t going to make a difference in how big her belly is right away, but the uterus filling with growing placenta and amniotic fluid would. Do the math.

Principesa on

Using a pg to prove to a judge she’s clean? Got to give her credit for creativity.

unbelievable on

i am seriously having a hard time understanding how her body can support a pregnancy. i am not trying to be mean, but she is not going to be able to balance and stand upright by 6 months pregnant…best wishes to her though.

Natalie S. on

Well if TMZ is correct, many of you will FINALLY get to see how a skinny woman like Nicole looks pregnant. Congrats to Nicole & Joel!!!

Nausicaa on


I think I’m at a loss for words here. adi99rarha9ehjrashdas…..

Emmasmom on

If it’s true that she had the stomach staple surgery (which makes sense wen you think about it) other moms have had that and supported a pregnancy. I think it’s sad that celebrities have babies like they’re dogs or new purses. It really is gross to watch sometimes. And I feel bad for the kids.

biscuit on

Oh dear I hope the poor thing eats!!!!!!!!!

Autumn on

I hope Nicole’s doctor puts her on a strict, nutrious, weight gain diet so that she can healthily support a baby, and that she no longer smokes & whatever else dykwim?

It’ll be interesting to see how this effects her friendship with Paris, etc. too…

(Paris was in prison, Lindsey’s in rehab, Nicole’s possibly preggers, and Britney still has issues despite going through rehab AND motherhood aleady…Ah those Hollywood girls!)

terri on

I find it hilarious that a friend would say she got pregnant to prove that she is clean, with friends like that who needs enemies?

Emily Lanthorn on

I don’t think that Nicole Richie will be a good Mom because she needs to settle down first

Bella on

For me, I just can’t imagine Nicole as a mother. No I don’t know her and I certainly wish her the best but I just can’t imagine her with a baby and then the part where they grow up and aren’t just little and cute anymore. I’m not trying to be mean or say she hasn’t thought about raising a child but I must say that the woman who this year sent an email joking about weight (the less than 100 pounds thing) and disrespecting Memorial Day doesn’t seem, from what we see in public, to be in ‘mother mode’. Again, I realise she is probably different from the public image of her.

Definitely the most unexpected celeb pregnancy of the year so far in my book.

I definitely wish her the best and hope she proves all who doubt her wrong.

Denesha McGee on

I think that she would make a terrific mother. Just because she acts different to sum people on the simple life doesn’t mean she won’t be a great mom. It just shows she likes to have fun. People don’t really kno her like they think they do. It’s just tv. get off of her.

J.M. on

So was this a ploy to get knocked up to keep herself from going to jail??

EllyL27 on

I just hope that she is not pregnant… She is not ready to have a baby… Joel is, but she isn’t… I don’t like her, but that doesn’t effect my judgment… I hope that this is just a rumor…

kayleigh on

best wishes to her and joel xoxo

Chana on

Raquel – What does Angelina’s bisexuality have to do with her motherhood abilities?

I really don’t think Nicole is anorexic – my best friend’s body uses the food she eats to serve every purpose except…nutrition for her body. So she is about 97 pounds. This is NOT her fault, and if I remember correctly, Nicole went to the doctor to find out what was wrong and why she couldn’t gain weight. Give her a break!

Lauren on

“Raquel – What does Angelina’s bisexuality have to do with her motherhood abilities?”

Did you read Raquel’s post? Her whole point was that Angelina’s former bisexuality has nothing to do with her abilities as a parent.

“Just because she acts different to sum people on the simple life doesn’t mean she won’t be a great mom. It just shows she likes to have fun.”

Yeah, having a mother who acts like an airhead to make money and get publicity when she has no other talent to fall back on is a great role model. I agree with Bella. Maybe this pregnancy will change her, but right now, having a baby is the last thing I think she needs. She obviously can’t even give herself basic, proper care. What makes anyone think she can give basic, proper care to an infant? Hopefully Joel will step up to the plate and take over.

On another note, I’m surprised no one else has mentioned something I first thought of when I heard this news-Hilary Duff. She dated Joel for two and a half years, and now a woman Joel has seen for less than six months and began seeing pretty much right after his breakup with Hilary is pregnant with his baby? That stings, especially given Hilary’s and Nicole’s reputations.

Hannah on

Ok my mate is pregnant and at seven weeks the baby is the size of a peanut a bump forms when your like 12 months or more through and that means nicole has to have been prego for more than what people think.And at the time she wouldnt have been having her peiods because you have to be past a certain weight n she ways 38 k.g Go figger

Jaylie on

What is with the comments ‘she got pregnant purposely to avoid going to jail’ ??!?!?!?

You are NOT going to be excused from going to jail just because you are pregnant.
I’m pretty certain Nicole is not stupid enough to think otherwise!!

It took me over 18months to conceive – Becoming pregnant doesn’t just happen right away for everyone! Besides with Nicoles malnourished body, it’s probably more difficult (though I know at the same time it’s as likely to happen right away) so I highly doubt ‘she purposely got pg’/’she purposely got pg to avoid jail’.

There are many worse mothers/mothers to be out there than Nicole. Yes it appears she has ed issues along with other problems but these are things she can work on and overcome.
There are many bad mothers out there who should not be having children but I don’t think Nicole would be one of them

Annie on

I’m sure she would be an excellent mother. What I’m not sure of is what qualfies so many of this site to critique her soon-to-be parenting skills when they have never met her, treated her as a physician or psychiatrist, and have no basis for judging her than idiotic rumors. From the Simple Life, it is obvious that she has a sharp wit and a sophisticated sense of humor–the girl is very smart and really knows how to make ironic jokes. Apparently, some simply don’t “understand” her sense of humor.

She seems like she would be a fun mom and congratulations to her!

julie on

Those who think it’s acceptable for an anorexic drug addict to have a child are deluded idiots. Children are NOT ok for everyone. Please try to admit that there are just some people who should not reproduce. If this were some welfare mom in the projects you would not be defending her.

Judy on

To Raquel:

It was stupid to bring Angelina Jolie into this thread. She is a totally different person now than she was seven years ago. She has left her wild child days in the distant past. In fact, I believe adopting her first child was a major reason she got her head on straight. She and Brad Pitt have four beautiful children now and they are wonderful parents to all of them.

If Angelina could turn her life around, Nicole may be able to do the same. Not everyone in Hollywood is as unstable or as immature as Britney Spears. I just hope she eats sensibly and takes care of her health, both for the baby’s sake as well as her own.

Bella on

I have already said my opinion on this one but

@ Judy

If it is ‘stupid’ for Raquel to bring Angelina Jolie comments into this thread, wouldn’t that make it ‘stupid’ for you to bring Britney Spears comments in this thread?

Greta on

Uhhmm dudes,Nicole Richie IS preganat. Its on sites like MSN & Yahoo now. So don’t be so doubtful.

loiko on

does anyone really know for sure weather she really is pregnant or are people just guessing because some photos may have court her clothes move in a position that might look like a baby bump? or has she said openly she is pregnant? really if she was why would it be such a big secret

nicole on

i think that everyone needs to lay off nicole.just beacause of things you’ve heard about her doesnt mean shes a bad person or that its all true.and the things she did on the simple life people make it seem so bad some people live life and have fun like nicole did.to me she seems like a really sweet and down to earth girl and if she is pregnant then thats great her and joel deserve to be happy and left alone they make an adorable couple and their baby is probably gonna be real cute.i think parenthood will be good for both of them so hopefully people will leave them alone and let them sit back and enjoy the pregnancy and await the birth of their child.

gianna on

Nicole I agree with you, nobody knows Nicole personall or knows what kind of mother she will be. Heck a lot of the celebrities that are parents now, were a bit wild to say the least, and their kids seem to be doing fine.Congrats to nicole richie, and hope she has a healthy baby. And I agree with the other posters Judy did you read raquel’s post properly, she said clearly angelina had a past of cutting herself, messing around with drugs, known for being bisexual, having blood around her neck, a lot of wild stuff, and it seems after she got maddox she changed, so it’s quite possible if nicole was wild, being a mother would tame her. Madonna was quite wild and out there too, and she seems to be more stable, same for a lot of other celebrities. Point is nobody can say what kind of mother nicole will be, nobody knows her on a personal level.