The Unity Sport Lightweight Twin: Like pushing a single!

07/05/2007 at 01:06 PM ET

Baby Planet president Pete Myers wrote in:

On the 5-point harness comments, we are mandated by ASTMcompliance standards in this area, so our harness should be nodifferent than others on the market.  One thing to note, though, isthat harness standards changed recently, so there may be a noticeabledifference from strollers tested in previous years.    

We did sacrifice some weight to build a more rugged and durableframe (hence the 55lb weight limit) and feel we are the best choice forlong term use.

There was also a note about 3 month old usage.  Please note that werecently changed our recommendation on the age appropriateness of theUnity to 1 month old.  We had taken a conservative approach early on,but recently determined that our almost full recline was more thanenough to accommodate children at this younger age.

2005_0910chrissyebayclothes0196_2The Unity Sport Lightweight Twin Stroller by Baby Planet is an attractive twin that comes jam-packed with features — both obvious and subtle — which ultimately add up to a very pleasant strolling experience.  The manufacturer boasts that its patented ‘Easy-Steer’ handle will improve maneuverability over traditional double strollers and — yes — it most certainly does!  Steering the Unity Sport Twin is almost distracting, because your mind tells you to start turning way before you actually need to; The stroller reacts that well to changes in direction, and you really can steer it just as you would a single. We also appreciated the Unity Sport Twin’s placement of its center-rear wheel — a feature Baby Planet calls ‘Room To Walk’ — in an effort to give walkers enough room to extend their stride without constantly kicking that rear wheel. 

Prod_im_101202rt_sideBut what left us most impressed by the Unity Sport Twin is how completely unfazed the stroller was by the weight differential between our two sons: 40 pound Owen and 17 pound Sam.  I really expected the stroller to drift to Owen’s side non-stop, making pushing difficult, and it was never an issue — even on uneven terrain.  There was no need to overcompensate for the weight difference, for the stroller does that for you.  If you are a mom with a toddler and a baby-on-the-way or a mom to a toddler and a newborn who is already here, this is reason enough to consider this stroller.  Also, both seats are weight-capable up to 55 lbs, which is rare for a stroller in this style, so you’re going to get extended use from the Unity Sport Twin that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Prod_im_101202ch_34leftSome other positives include the 2-parent cup holders, multi-position reclining seats with adjustable leg supports, auto fold frame locks and over-sized storage baskets.  The Terra Cotta fabric style on the model we test-drove was in keeping with the overall modern appearance of the Unity Sport Twin.  (It also comes in Charcoal and Red Tech.) The stroller folded with ease, and took up minimal space in the trunk of my Subaru Forester, so it shouldn’t be an issue for those with a compact car.

We did experience two problems with the Unity Sport Twin, however.  Sam is an average-sized 6-month-old, and we simply could not get the five-point harness to fit him snugly, no matter what we did.  The clasps which tighten the harness were extended as far back as they could go, and the harness still swam on him.  That the manufacturer claims the stroller is permissible for infants as young as 3-months struck us as worrisome.   

Prod_im_101202rt_frontAlso, we repeatedly ran into trouble with the canopies which — when in place and extended — provided excellent shade for the boys.  Unfortunately, they were rather easy to dislodge — either by Owen’s tugging or by the process of unfolding the stroller, itself —  and we found ourselves constantly needing to re-attach.

All in all, the boys thoroughly enjoyed strolling in the Unity Sport Twin, and we thoroughly enjoyed pushing them in it, so we would definitely recommend! 

The Baby Planet Unity Sport Twin retails for $289.  It is available at and  as well as retail locations.  For more availability, check

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Lisa on

I test drove this acciently before you did and wanted to say my baby was 5-6 months at the time and smaller than yours at 14-15lbs and the harness fit him snuggly so I dont know what happened but we didnt have any problems in that department. I cant vouch for the sun visors tho since I didnt put them on and we just drove it aroundthe house a couple times. But I have to say it does seem like an excellent double although it is only like 5lbs lighter than my Valco double. I would go with the Peg Aria twin for a light option at only 14lbs!