Russell Crowe's time capsule letter for Charlie and Tennyson

07/05/2007 at 08:35 AM ET

Australian actor, Russell Crowe has written a heartfelt letter for his two sons, Charlie Spencer, 3 1/2, and Tennyson Spencer, 10 months, to be put in a time capsule along with other letters, from other stars and thousands of Australians. The plan is for the capsule to be buried for 25 years. The letter reads:

Dear Charlie and Tennyson,

When this capsule opens you will both be fully grown men and God willing your mother and I will still be around.

My hope for your future is that you find the things and the people and the love that bring you joy in life, and above anything that your hearts are happy. You have no idea how much our lives have been blessed by you.

I aim to be in every way the father that you need. Whatever comes along I will always love you with my whole being and my soul. I thank God for you both every day and show my gratitude to the universe in every way I can.

My fervent hope for this country is that we mature enough to have our own Bill of Human Rights a constitution that protects the rights of individuals as we understand those rights should be. Rights that Australian’s currently don’t have.

I hope that Australia manages to keep its unique humor and its reputation for fair play and I hope the world resolves its political conflicts so that we can all focus on loving and protecting our planet.

Boys, I know I will have brought you up to love your mother above all and I just want to remind you to look to her care.



Source: The Sun Herald, Sunday, June 24, 2007. p. 1, 10-11.

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Ana on

So sweet.

Bella on

It’s a sweet letter but I wonder why he felt the need to make it public? Not critising, it just feels too personal in a way.

Nausicaa on

Beautiful letter, and that’s a wonderful idea! I’ll definitely consider doing that with my kids someday.

tink1217 on

that is a wonderful idea! Russell may be rough around the edges, but what a sweet man he truly is!

petra on

I agree bella, to me this reeks of a PR-stunt. I was told he actively sent his entire message to an Australian tabloidjournalist so that it would get fully publicized. I read some of the other messages that other Oz celebs wrote for this cause and they were very different in tone.

delphic_oracle on

That is such a wonderful letter, so sweet and heartfelt. Say what you will about Russell but I really think he’s a great dad and he genuinely love his children.

Sarita on

By making the letter publec the whole purpose of the time capsule is gone. The kids can look the letter up on the internet in a few years before the time capsule is even opened.

If he truly wrote the letter for his sons why make it public?

Tahirah on

“By making the letter publec the whole purpose of the time capsule is gone. The kids can look the letter up on the internet in a few years before the time capsule is even opened.”–Sarita

I totally agree. Mayb he could have written something similar, something to give us a little jist of his message—or just put it as smth like “i expressed my love for my children”. end of story. But I think Crowe should have kept the contents private