Angelina Jolie: No unsolicited freebies, please

07/05/2007 at 03:01 PM ET

Jolie_pitts_070625_19_cbbJoining other celebrity parents like Julia Roberts, actress Angelina Jolie, 32, has become the latest celeb to politely decline free children’s clothing from companies. Pepe Jeans sent Angelina four t-shirts for the kids, with the hopes that they’d be spotted in the tees, only to have them returned.

Angelina returned the clothes with a nice thank-you note. But she madeit clear she could not accept the gift, as she didn’t know exactly whosent them.

Source: US Weekly

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daphneesmith on

Good for her! (and the other celeb parents who choose this route). I am also tired of the uber-expensive giftbags celebs are given when they attend events. How about the companies donate those goods to people in need? Who cares if it is some chi-chi skincream that NO ONE is really “in need” of. A less-fortunate person should feel pampered just like anyone else.

Sarita on

That’s great! I think it’s ridiculous that these companies send free clothing, toys etc. to some of the richest people in the world.

marie/pims on

I think that’s great. Other children need it more. They should send clothes to them.

Katie on

Listen, if these companies have so much extra stuff to be giving to celebrities, they should, instead, be putting up something on their site that says, “We have donated 35 t-shirts to _______ charity.” I would be more impressed to see that on a website than see any celebrity wearing something.

There’s nothing more attractive than giving, charitable companies. All this swag for celebrities has gotten out of hand. There’s nothing that Angelina can’t buy for herself and I’m sure with all the suffering and lack that she sees in the world, she knows it’s just a total waste to be receiving free stuff.

Let’s be human and honest with ourselves.

daisy on

Ummmmmmmm the CBB itself sends some swanky gift baskets to celebrities…..thoughts? feedback?

CBB note: The Celebrity Baby Blog does not send unsolicited gifts. The three celebs we send gifts to were as thanks for letting us interviewing them; and they knew they were coming and accepted them — their representatives provide addresses to send them to.

sarah on

Good for her, I think everyone should take her que, espacially if you have a good source income. I would also love to see CBB donate some of their freebies to a chairty or to children that really need them

CBB note: Last holiday season, CBB and our wonderful readers donated over $3,000 of gifts and cash to Good Shepherd family services. In addition to that, our advertisers came together to gift the agency with more than $11,000 worth of goods for the families they help. Many of our readers became individual secret Santas to families from the agency as well!
Last August, our readers participated in a raffle which allowed us to donate over $1,500 to La Leche League.
We hope to do even better this year!

sarah on

“anything that insults the owner or staff of the site” perhaps thats why my comment was removed because the truth hit home a little or is that alot, when I said in a kind way that CBB needs to donate their freebies to a chirty or to children that really need them!

denisse on

cbb send present to three celebs i didnt know this who celebrities are?

i think is god, and yes i read here cbb and reader send stuff to nedded people

MuffThumb on

Lovely website I stumbled across also trying to help guys should check it out.

Madi on

I’m a little uncertain about this story unless Angelina mentions it herself in an interview… the Pots and Pans Band shirt that Shiloh wore in her first photoshoot was a gift accepted by the family, wasn’t it? Also, it’s an understatement to say Angelina has her hands full at the moment, what with filming a movie, keeping up with her charitable obligations and raising four wee young’uns, and it’s surprising to me that she would have a chance to reply to any of the vast number of gifts she must be sent (unless the note of reply was written by an assistant, I suppose).

All four Jolie-Pitt kiddos look deathly cute no matter what rags they’ve got on them, in any case! 😉 If this is true it’s great to see if Angelina is trying to put a stop to the traditional excesses of a celebrity lifestyle in her children. She’s always been like that though: I love that quote from her talking about how the hired help is always worried about ironing the creases out of Shiloh’s clothes when that’s the last thing she cares about! Couldn’t love this family any more.

Nicole on

I think that’s wonderful! I totally agree that those expensive, designer clothes would be better off donated to some kids who really need them.

terri on

I think I would have donated them or just said thank you and asked that any future gifts be donated to a women’s shelter. I’m a little put off by returning gifts personally.

k on

though i think it’s a great idea to give these “gifts” to charity, i think we should keep this discussion in perspective. the reason companies “gift” celebrities with their products is because we all look at photos of them and ask “where is that cute ________ from??” we do it all the time. a large part of this site is devoted to “gear round-ups”…

this is not a criticism, it’s just an observation. these companies are not looking for places to unload excess product, they are looking to ADVERTISE. donating to charity would not do the job, even though it would be a noble action!!

madison on

K – I completely agree with you. Advertising and charity can be like comparing apples to oranges. Unless a company is a non-profit, they are out to make a profit and advertising helps raise their sales/revenue. Should companies also have charitable goals and be socially responsible? Yes, absolutely. But they can be separate from their fiscal goals. And lets not kid ourselves, many companies do more with charity b/c of the good publicity it gives them which in turns increases their revenue. As long as everyone is benefitting – there is no harm in that either.

stop on

She will say and do any thing to be in the news Please Just stop To much

Kait on

I could be wrong, but I took her sending the gifts back to mean that she was concerned about the sender. My first impression was “Oh…she wants to make sure no one is going to hurt her kids…” not that she was taking a stand against all the freebies celebs get. If you think about it, she must get things sent to her all the time. If you can’t verify where something is sent from, how do you know that it’s not been soaked in acid or something?
And while I think it’s silly that celebs get so much free stuff, think about it from the companies point of view – if Maddox is photographed wearing a tee shirt from their line, how much do you want to bet that shirt is sold out within a couple days?
Regardless, I have a lot of admiration for this family. And it’s nice to be on a site where the comments aren’t full of hateful things about people none of us really know.

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