Back from Los Angeles

07/05/2007 at 10:21 PM ET

Last_4_rolls_470Josh, Anya and I have returned from our trip to Los Angeles.  Last Thursday, I hosted a party for friends, readers, business contacts and their kids at a great place near the Grove.  Over 50 people turned out and a good time was had by all!

Last_4_rolls_457In attendance were: CBB Fashion/Gear Editor Ciaran, her husband, and three kids, CBB Reader Monika who is expecting her first child, CBB Reader Traci from NINO-LA (Nine In Nine Out, a babywearing organization) and her two kids, CBB Reader Shenita and her sister and their kids, Jessica Denay from Hot Moms Club, my college friend Cathy Davies who designs cool screensavers for a living, MK from the pop culture blog Popbytes, Janet McLaughlin aka the Stroller Queen, Nina and Tom from Nina & Tom Family Fashion, Lavinia and her son Kaed from Baby Kaed, Eden and her son Max from Max Daniel Baby, Karie Reynolds from Grand Avenue Baby, Jenny Heller who represents Bloom Love and Silver Cross, Heather Kitay from Childish Clothing, and Gabrielle and David from 1 in the Oven/Mayreau, Kristin from Logan & Blue Custom Clothing, Ellie and Melissa from The Baby Planners, Birgitta Lauren from Expecting Fitness, Alison Farley from Easy Walker, and so many more!

Click to see the photos that Josh took (warning: they’re mostly of Anya!).

LogoClothing Note: Anya’s wrapover top and layered skirt is from the beautiful new Beverly Hills boutique, Lola et Moi, and her champagne ballerina slippers are Pazitos.  I’m wearing a seersucker jacket from Forever 21 (I love that place!), a white tank, a grosgrain belted skirt from Victoria’s Secret and my diamond mama necklace from Tali Gillette.

Photo Note: Since you asked, Josh took these photos with a Nikon D70 (digital SLF) with a 50 mm fixed lens, but you can probably get the same results with the Nikon D40.  These photos were taken outdoors, but people have asked how Josh gets such great photos indoors.  Here’s his tip: using a bounce flash, tilt the flash 3/4 up.  For more tips on photographing babies and children and children’s parties, visit Digital Photography School.

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denisse on

anya is gorgeous and very different form the last time i saw her

Chiara on

Oh my god she’s a little girl!! Doesn’t that freak you out?! 🙂

a cbb regular on

anya sure is a beauty !!
love that she is all pretty in pink and clutching on to so many trucks 🙂

FC on

Anya is just a little darling. But she’s growing up way too much, way too fast. She’s losing that baby look to her, looking more like a little girl.

Love her and that outfit is too cute! 🙂 And I love those little expressions she has in the last few photos of her!

yaosa on

She’s growing so nicely and she’s just such a beauty! I can’t believe that she’s on her way to 2 years! I still remember Danielle’s final days of her pregnancy (which is when I started visiting this blog:-))

Thanks for sharing pics of her! I love to see her grow!


Lisa on

Photos Anya is so cute and she is getting to be a toddler. Love her outfit. Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Billie007 on

Can’t blame Josh for taking so many pictures of Anya…she’s adorable!

Monika on

Thanks for the shout out Danielle! BTW…just found out our bundle of joy will be a girl!! Aahh!

P on

What kind of camera do you have? It takes really good pictures!

Laura on

I agree with P I would love to know the camera model to as ive bene looking to buy a new nice afforable lasting camera.

But ANya is just darling!!!. its crazy how fast kids grow up. You turn around your like wheres my baby and you see like a 2 year old.

Adorable kids

Bella on

She is so grown up! Such a cutie and she seems to have such personality!

Vera on

So jealous! Glad you guys are home! Let Josh know he is on photography duty tomorrow

Charlene on

Ahh…very, very cute! I really love Anya’s outfit and had to look at each photo to view the shoes. She’s growing so fast – like a lot of readers, I began reading the blog during the last two months of Danielle’s pregnancy. Children really do grow up fast.

Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a good time was had by all.

Keila on

Was just gonna ask how your trip went! Glad you’re back. Anya is beautiful as always!!!

Tracy on

Oh my GOODNESS!!! She just cannot get any more ADORABLE!!!

Heather on

Anya looks so cute! Love that outfit. She’s stylin’!

Hollie on

I cannot believe how big Anya is! She is the cutest thing ever!

amy on

Hey, she is so cute and looks so lovely. But where can I find the other pictures of her? from her as baby and her first birthday etc? Thanks so much!!!

Sarah’s note: Look under the text of the post — there is a blue box. Click ‘Anya update/Danielle’s pregnancy’ in pink writing. Or choose the Anya update/Danielle’s pregnancy category from the pull-down menus on the top right, or left hand side of the site, midway down.

Bella on

So cute! She reminds me (especially in the photos where she’s smiling) of the Olson twins when they were on “Full House!”

Natalee on

Wow! I can’t believe how big Anya is now! Does it make you kind of sad that she’s growing up so fast?

Christina on

I would have loved to have come! Sounds like fun! I would have love to have met Nina and Tom.. I love their stuff 🙂

jen on

Who are the 2 other people in the second photo?

CBB note: Gabi from 1 In The Oven and her boyfriend.

Laura on

Oh my goodness, I barely can believe it’s really Anya.
She has turned out so beauitful! Seriously.

Btw, where did you get her tee? It’s cute ^^

Sarah’s note: Danielle put the clothing info in the post yesterday, towards the bottom. 🙂

Kristen on

How did I miss this… oh that’s right I was on vacation! I was searching the site in hopes of finding an Anya update and stumbled upon this post from earlier this month! I was about to raise some …. that we hadn’t seen any updates on Anya in so long! Have you guys moved into your new house – or did I miss that too?

thanks for the pictures! she’s such a doll!