Heidi Klum and Seal hold off on more kids for now

07/05/2007 at 08:54 PM ET

15992pcn_heidi14_cbbThree is more than enough for Heidi Klum and Seal for the time being.While they have talked about having more children, Heidi, 34, says"girly girl" Leni, 3, Henry, 22 months, and Johan, 7 months, won’t begetting a little brother or sister anytime soon.

Not right now. Our house is pretty full!

Having three young children has kept her plenty busy, to which Heidi attributes her post-baby weight loss.

I was busy and I had the other children to run after, which I didn’t have before. Just running after them is hard!

Source: OK! Magazine, July 16 issue, pg 27

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charsmom on

Wow – Heidi lost all her baby weight by running around after her other two older children?!? I certainly feel like a fat cow – I run around after by toddler every day (with no nanny help!) and I still haven’t lost my baby weight from my 6 month old. I’m sure none of her weight loss could be do to a strict diet/workout routine that so many celebrities follow after having a baby … it MUST be simply running around after her children …

Gabriella on

Yea I had a feeling they wouldn’t be having anymore kids, at least not for now.

Sara123 on

The moment she had Johan she had her trainer come to her house. I’m sure it’s the celeb diet and a little of the kids. Just look at the recent photos, she hardly runs much less when they were younger.

Lorus on

Didn’t she say the exact same thing just before getting pregnant with Johan? Maybe they’ll be more strict about birth control this time around. 😉

sushi on

i think it’s better if they wait, even for their kids, because leni, henry and johan have to share their parents and that must be very hard for little children, so one more kid would have been to much. They shoud wait 3 years and start having kids every 15 months for 2 years and a half like they did in the past 3 years

leni was born on May 5th 2004
henry was born on september 12th 2005
and johan was born on november 22th 2006

yeah…. wait a little bit longer!

elaine on

So if she’s losing all this bab weight running after the three kids what are the three nannies doing?

Gabriella on

LOL Elaine I know. I like heidi a lot, but you barely seeing her pushing her own strollers, let alone running after 3 kids lol. I think losing her weight has more to do with eating right and working out often, not to mention she was in good shape before her pregnancies. I’m a personal trainer, and see plenty of ladies with 2-3 kids who can’t drop the baby weight, and they are very busy with their kids and have no nannies.Most women I’ve seen that have good bodies after kids, had to workout afterwards or were toned to begin with and didn’t gain much weight.

yogadaisy on

Ha! She’s such a phony!

J-Lin on

I’m sure her uterus is grateful for this decision.

Sarah on

This season of project runway will be weird with heidi not being pregnant or being a brand new mom while filming a season. She had just had leni during season 1, pregnant with henry during 2, and with johan during 3.

Acinom#1 on

I think it’s smart to wait a while before having more kids. No need to rush. She needs to give her body a break. Having a baby every fifteen months is very hard work.

Lauren on

“This season of project runway will be weird with heidi not being pregnant or being a brand new mom while filming a season.”

I thought the exact same thing! It will strange without her carrying on the tradition, lol! But I do agree that while everyone has different ideas about how they want to space their kids apart, her idea about waiting is a good one. The kids are still toddlers and babies, and it’s not like Heidi’s all ticked out yet-she’s only 34 and has plenty of time for a few more children. That said, I don’t know if I necessarily believe her. She said last May that she and Seal would “definitely consider” a third child, but made it clear that they weren’t “down that line yet.” One month later, she announced her pregnancy with Johan. I believe she said this to UK! or some other British magazine as well, so we’ll see whether she stays true to her word this time.