Denise Richards, Sam and Lola play in pool

07/05/2007 at 03:10 PM ET

After mom Denise Richards‘ photo shoot on Sunday, July 1st, the photographer took a few family shots with Sam, 3, and Lola Rose, 2, joining their mom in the pool.

Photos by Clark Samuels for Startraks.

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megan on

OMG those girls are so freakin cute…and LOOK–for those of you who choose to always comment on how UNHAPPY Sam looks in pictures–she’s smiling! LOL Sorry but there have been an ABUNDANCE of comments about it–she’s 3…they don’t always smile when having their picture taken…these girls are GORGEOUS–with their floppy hats smiling with mom in the pool…too cute!

Sarita on

Great photos. They are a cute family.

Megan I was one of the people that commented about Sam not smiling on previous pictures. I did not mean that she was unhappy in general or never smiles I said that she does not seem to like events.

Mary-Helen on

Aw…such pretty girls! Both look so much like their mother. Denise has always appeared to be such a good mother, I hated how much flack she got for dating someone another woman had already dumped. Those are such cute pictures though, I adore the hats!

tink1217 on

CUTE!! They are looking more like Denise every day!!

megan on

Sarita–sorry, wasn’t talking about anyone specific–I’d just heard some comments on here about Denise’s ability to be a mother and how unhappy Sam looks when she’s FORCED to do these events and such–and I just always thought it was silly because judging other people based on whether their children smile in a pic or not…

Sam and Lola are gorgeous and Denise seems like a loving mother who likes to be with her kids =)

FC on

Those are adorable photos of Denise and her girls. I love the last one of Sam and Denise.

I think Sam looks a lot like her dad to me, and she especially has his face shape and jaw. 🙂

manda on

I agree that they are cutie pies, but I have a problem with the amount of publicity Denise seems to call into her life. Seems like she is always posing for these pictures. It’s not like they are being caught out shopping or something, these are private pictures. Weird.

But, I did hear a little rumor that she likes to call places in advance and tell photogs that she’s coming.

Lauren on

“I’d just heard some comments on here about Denise’s ability to be a mother and how unhappy Sam looks when she’s FORCED to do these events and such–and I just always thought it was silly because judging other people based on whether their children smile in a pic or not…”

Megan, the reason people make comments when Denise shleps Sam and Lola to public events, they always look noticably unhappy to the point of looking angry or sad. Meanwhile, Denise is smiling away, seemingly oblivious to how strongly her kids dislike being photographed. The girls clearly don’t like being surrounded by swarms of people taking their pictures, yet Denise keeps taking them to events where they appear to be uncomfortable with the amount of attention they receive. Nobody is saying the girls are unhappy children, but that it is unfortunate that they are forced to go to events they would rather not attend.
I don’t doubt that Denise loves Sam and Lola, but I do think she uses them to an extent. Let’s face it-if it weren’t for the girls, how many paparazzi would want her candids? I didn’t believe the stories about her calling the media and allowing them to come to her house for staged “candids” and letting them know where she will be taking the kids and when at first, but I’m starting to have fewer doubts.

Émilie on

Those pictures are really sweet.

Sam is so cute, especially when she smiles!

amelie on

They’re gorgeous!

My first thought was “now maybe the ‘that kid never smiles’ posts can stop”.

Sabina on

Aww look at Sam’s adorable little smile! Both girls are such beautiful children, what a lovely family. 🙂 I think Sam looks more like Martin Sheen than Charlie, and Lola takes after Denise.

yaosa on

The girls remind me of their grandfather, Martin Sheen. They appear to be well adjusted and happy. Denise isn’t one of my favorite celebrities and it must be hard being a single mom to 2 toddlers and I applaud her and all single moms. She’s doing the best she can and there’s no doubt that those girls aren’t her first priority. It’s nice to see pics of them.

J.M. on

I think she likes the photographers taking pics of her girls. She’s done many photoshoots with them. I just don’t see the need for it – the pics are adorable but they shouldn’t be publicized all the time. I think some celebs use their kids as a means to stay in the spotlight…because seriously people are obsessed w/ celeb children…do we really think Denise would be photographed on a day to day basis if she didn’t have her girls? ….I think not!

k on

i totally agree with manda and lauren!!

ang on

sam’s at a tough celeb-kid age i think. she is just starting to understand the cameras and stuff and it’s easy to see how she and lola would find them kind of intrusive. can i just say HUGE kudos to denise for the appropriate kiddie swimwear. children DO NOT BELONG IN BIKINIS!i see 2 pieces for toddlers and small girls all the time and it makes me go what the bleep??! sam and lola are gorgeous and it’s great that denise has the decency to dress them in age-appropriate is hollywood after all.

editorjax on

I am sorry but I am just so tired of seeing Denise and her girls! I am starting to wonder if she purposefully seeks out the paps to take their picture because she actually isn’t that famous as an actress. I think the kids are adorable, but it seems like all they do is smile for cameras!

Gabriella on

Both girls are adorable, and Denise is pretty. She seems like a good mom too, she is always with her kids looking attentive. on

oh how cute!

jen on

All 4 of my girls wear bikinis and one piece suits and I see nothing wrong with it. They are very cute. The problem is with the people who are thinking bad things about children in the first place.

terri on

Cute family pictures.

Claudia on

Denise she is always posing for these pictures

Sarita on

I agree with Jen, there is nothing inappropriate about bikinis on young children.

Robyn on

Gosh you guys are harsh. I realize this is a gossip site and with that I will say that the girls are beautiful. It is not for me to judge if her kids clothing is appropriate or if she likes the cameras around. I am just going to note the pics are beautiful and try to use my own judgement and morals on my own children.

kaatse on

I have a feeling sam is gonna grow up to be a really gorgeous woman.