Coco Arquette runs for the beach

07/05/2007 at 12:31 PM ET

Coco Riley Arquette, 3, takes off running towards the beach with her nanny in hot pursuit on Wednesday. The pair, as well as what looks to be the nanny’s daughter, took a break from the Arquette’s Independence Day barbeque, being held on the deck of the family beach house, and instead took a dip in the ocean (not pictured).


Photo by Bauer Griffin.

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tink1217 on

too cute!!!

Becky's Daughter on

She is so darn cute! She almost doesn’t even look real. I would love to see a picture of Courtney at that age. I bet they look a lot alike.

Lissette on

She is so adorable! She’s my favorite celeb baby. I love seeing pictures of her. Looks like the nanny has fun with her as well!

FC on

Coco does seem like a girl who loves being out and about–a bright burst of energy. She’s adorable, period.:)

Ella on

she is always with the nanny, even when Courtney is there. I don’t think i have ever seen a picture of Coco without the nanny around. There is something very unnatural about that to me. It seems as though her parents don’t play a large enough role in raising her/don’t take enough responsibility for her. Hopefully that does not effect the bond Coco has with them later on.

IsabelI on

Considering how hard she tried to become pregnant one would think she would spend more time with Coco. I read some where that she always thought she would have lots of children-I guess she realized it’s a lot of work. Personally I think she is depressed b/c she is always talking about how hard it is to grow older and on top of that there is talk about her marriage not being stable.

preesi on

Courteney as a child

lily on

Coco is adorable but she is a little overdressed for a dip in the ocean.

Sarah’s note: She stripped down to her underwear, which is why we didn’t published the other pics (because you can see her private areas and we think that’s inappropriate to publish).

daphneesmith on

I agree that when children are a bit older and start to prefer always-present nannies, parents will get resentful. That is when I am thinking “too bad, you should have been raising your own kids.”

lulululu on

I hosted a 4th Barbecue yesterday, and let me tell you it is hard to host 20 something people while keeping an eye on your toddler, especially around the water.

Substitute the word “nanny” with “grandmother” or “aunt” and would the judgement be the same?

What a happy little girl. I can’t get over how light her hair is. I’m a fan of Coco, Courtney, and however they choose their family setup to be. If it works for them, it works for me.

Lauren on

“I agree that when children are a bit older and start to prefer always-present nannies, parents will get resentful. That is when I am thinking “too bad, you should have been raising your own kids.”

You said it. Katie “Jordan” Price said earlier this year that she got depressed when her sons began preferring their nanny over her. This was coming from a woman who hired a nanny to get up with her younger son in the middle of the night and complained about how hard it was getting up with the baby when she went on vacation for a week. I also remember reading that Britney goes through so many nannies because she gets jealous when her sons begin to prefer them to her. Maybe if the nanny wasn’t forced to do work reserved for the mother, the kids wouldn’t get so confused.
For the record, I have absolutely no problem with hiring a nanny/housekeeper to lend a helping hand, but let’s be honest-some celebrities totally abuse a privilege so many parents would love to have. In this case, for the reasons lulululu mentioned, I think having a nanny is fine. But when parents bring the nanny (or worse, nannies) with them to the market, the beach, the park, etc., it’s time for a reality check.

sasha on


Everytime I read a blog on CBB, you are always negative. I think that you a very jealous person. No matter who, or what, you complain. Wow, you are just too much.

sasha on


Everytime I read a blog on CBB, you are always negative. I think that you a very jealous person. No matter who, or what, you complain. Wow, you are just too much.

Kaley on

It makes me sad that even though Courteney tried so hard to get pregnant and said that she only uses her nanny when she’s at work, we constantly see Coco with her nanny. If I was a movie star, I would only get help in the same Brangelina do (only when they absolutely need it).

J-Lin on

Why does the little Latina girl have to be the nanny’s daughter? Courtney and can’t have any Latino friends?

CBB note: She doesn’t have to be, we said she looks to be. All the adults at the party are white except for the nanny and this little girl, who seems to resemble the nanny. Not sure what you’re getting at.

Cath on

First of all, I find it interesting that everyone questions why Courtney isn’t there, but no one mentions David. I’m sure her schedule is much busier than his. Secondly, a photo is one moment in time. We see a photo here and a photo there and we think we are seeing a celebrity’s life. I’ve seen pictures of Courteney and Coco alone and from the way that little girl looks at her mother (and father), I think there’a lot of love there. Coco is one child that always looks happy and I think that speaks volumes.

Sabina on

I don’t know what it is about Coco, she’s a pretty little thing with those big brown eyes and blonde hair, but something about her appearance just seems a little odd? I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying that because I’m not trying to insult a child, but I know I’m not the first person to think this. Anyone else have their finger on what it is?

xxxx on

I use to like your site but honestly; I think you need to get rid of the comments area. People are so rude and negative. I really think some people look for anything they feel is “BAD” parenting. I cannot stomach your site anymore and I know I am just one person but I can say in all honesty others feel the same. Your site is intended for viewing photos, for fun. But it seems pointless now.

lanie on

how on earth can you tell just from a bunch of photos whether or not Coco spends enough time with her parents? I’d be willing to bet that, having struggled so hard to conceive her, and mentioning in interviews how much they adore her, it’s hardly likely they neglect their girl. 😉 She’s such a cute little thing. 🙂

Gabriella on

I find nothing wrong with a nanny to help, if you have the money and if your working, etc. But yea I agree Coco is always with nannys in pictures, you would think being that Courtney was 40 and tried so hard for a child, she would be more involved. She did say she suffered from PPD when Coco was little, so maybe she still has depression issues or something. Just you notice the difference with jen garner who is always with her child, same with denise richards, mariska hargitay, etc.

finnaryn on

I don’t understand the comments of “every picture is with her nanny.” I have been seeing pictures of Coco for years and this is only the second picture I have ever seen of the nanny. And the other one was just a few days ago. All others that I have seen of Coco are with her parents.

Karen on

I don’t find it strange that she has nannies with her at the same time as her parents. There is a difference between nannies and babysitters. With babysitters you call them only when you need them. With nannies that is their job and you usually have a contract with them. My friend is a nanny and she has a contract saying how many hours she will work and how mach she will get paid so then if things come up with the family where they decide to take the day off from work or whatever she doesn’t loose out on money since that is her only income. Often times if the family is off from work she will just hang out with the family to help out or whatever since they will be paying her for that day anyway. And with her parents not working a normal 9-5 job they probably end up having nannies around more often when they are home. Also I just have to say we only see one snapshot of their day so who are any of we to judge what their life is like.

preesi on

I live in a hoity toity part of Pa and I knew a girl who had a nanny. When her mother died she didnt cry. When her nanny died, she was inconsolable for months!

I find that somewhat disturbing.

I know a high powered couple who hired a after school baby sitter cause their jobs dont get them home until 7:00pm! The kids go to bed at 8:00!!!

WHY have kids if you arent raising them?

I dont think you need a nanny to walk down the street or go to the park!
If changing a diaper or feeding or rocking a baby is too much trouble DONT HAVE A BABY!

None of these stars are curing cancer or building bridges or risking their lives as a Cop, They play dress up all day!

Hey Hollywood? how about staying home, and “ACTING” LIKE PARENTS! Play the part of parents!

Heather on

Coco’s growing up so fast (sniff!). Makes me think of how mine are growing so fast. She’s really cute too of course.

momona on

actually i do not think that coco is a beautiful child, she is like a little elf to me and looks spoiled.