Brooke Shields takes Rowan and Grier for a jog

07/05/2007 at 08:55 AM ET

Actress Brooke Shields, 42, took her daughters Rowan Francis, 4, and Grier Hammond, 14 months, for a jog on the Fourth of July. Grier fell asleep in the stroller, so Brooke stopped to check on her and adjust her head.

Photos by Flynet.

Barebabiesstore_1955_782518The girls ride in Phil & Ted’s Four In One Sport Buggy Stroller with doubles kit ($490).

This stroller, also owned by Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow for Apple and Moses, is especially great for parents with multiple children who don’t like the look of traditional doubles. The front seat holds up to 55 lbs, while the smaller ‘doubles’ seat holds up to 33 lbs on the bottom (where Grier is) or 44 lbs on the top.

Note that the handle is adjustable and can be pulled up, Brooke just hasn’t seemed to realize that!

Click below for another photo of Brooke, and an image showing the different ways a Phil & Ted’s can be set up.


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Nausicaa on

I think Rowan is looking more and more like Brooke. Brooke is so beautiful. Now that’s how an ideal woman looks like, not like Kate Moss; tanned, muscular and curvaceous. She looks much better after two babies than she did before.

sil on

very nice stroller, but I think Rowan could be walking with mom instead of going on a stroller since she has already 4 years old…or maybe go on a mini bike or tricycle.
It’s good for little kids to walk, and if they are tired mom can stop and sit down for a while to rest.
I mean, strollers for kids are useful when maybe you are in a place with too much traffic or you are in a hurry, or in an airport, but if you are just jogging…then let your child walk 🙂
But as always, this is just my opinion, each mom does what she thinks is better for their children.

Xan on

My pal and I were joking about these strollers this weekend. I see now that the bottom seat is not as close to the ground as I originally thought, but I swear I’ve seen some where the little tot (maybe too heavy for the seat) is seriously only a couple of inches from the ground. What if the carriage hits a bump, or goes over the sidewalk? The baby’s sure to get hurt!

Meela on

I am not a fan of those strollers, outside of shielding the infant in it. I think from a scenic view it would kind of stink to be the child sitting it. They cannot experience the sights that the older sibling gets to see. There are many things to be said about improving some things but other things should just be left alone. I like just a classic stroller not these new over the top, overly priced ones on the market.

r9lee on

this wouldbe the ultimate stroller if it could turn into a car seat too! 🙂

Elizabeth on

Oh my gosh, I’d go nuts if I tried to jog at the pace of my 4 year old walking or riding a trike. We’d be stopping every 4 feet to pick a flower or put a cool rock in the stroller. If we’re just out for a walk that’s one thing, but if I actually want to exercise she’d have to be in the stroller. And leaving her home with someone else is just not an option that I have available. As for the stroller, all I can see is my 17 month old repeatedly kicking my 4 year old in the back. It looks cool though and beats hauling a double through small doorways and aisles.

Cheryl on

We have this stroller and love it, though it is true that the one on the bottom has a limited view. We solve this by alternating who sits at the front, as our children are very close in weight.

It is so practical for entering stores, etc. as it is only slightly wider than a single stroller.

I can’t imagine jogging at the rate of a walking 4 year old, even though some days I am sure the difference in speeds isn’t too great;)

J.M. on

I think those strollers are hideous! It’s like shoving your baby in the bottom of a basket! The poor child sees nothing in front of it but the seat and can only look left to right and IMO def. way too pricey! I’d prefer something other then this stroller! I just don’t like the looks of the child in the bottom.

Lisette on

SHe is called Rowan FrancIs right..

Well nice stroller, love her taking care of her daughters, so much love!

Lorus on

That looks like it’s really uncomfortable to push if you’re a tall person.

Sarah’s note: The handlebar is adjustable, but apparently Brooke didn’t figure that out yet!

daphneesmith on

What an awful stroller! It is like the lower child is in steerage. Brooke, you can afford better!

a.j. on

Looks like Brooke is WAY too tall for that stroller. And what’s up with her youngest being shoved in “the dungeon??”

Cheryl on

A “dungeon” and “steerage”??? Hardly.

Lauren on

“What an awful stroller! It is like the lower child is in steerage.”

That’s exactly what I thought! It’s like the child in the bottom is banished to coach while the child up top sits in first class. I think it’s just weird-looking, and definitely not worth the expense. Marcia Cross has a great, classy-looking double stroller that I would choose in a heartbeat over this. Obviously that wouldn’t be used for jogging, but there are, in my opinion, far more attractive models that would be all-around better choices.

sasha on


Here you go proving my point, again. Stop complaining and judging. You know, I have never left comments on CBB, until I began noticing your comments. BROOKE, the GIRLS MOTHER, purchased what she wanted. She is in charge, she can pick whatever stroller she prefers her kids to have.

SM on

We have this exact stroller, and our kids LOVE it. They fight over who kids to sit in the back. It’s a bit like sitting in the back seat of a car — kids are too little to see around their parents and out the front windshield, but they can look out the side window. The same is true with this stroller. They look out the sides.

I am also tall, and the handlebar adjusts very nicely to accommodate me — it’s one of the few strollers I’ve found that doesn’t have me hunching over.

Jogging with a four year old? Not an option. There would be no jogging involved — a very slow stroll around the block, perhaps, but not a workout. Kids are easily sidetracked, want to stop and ask questions and smell everything, and then get tired easily. It’s nice that she actually takes her kids with her rather than leaving them at home with a nanny while she works out. I think she looks amazing.

Gabriella on

It’s a cute stroller, and I’m sure it’s just one of the many strollers brooke owns lol. Brooke looks great, and Rowan looks a lot like Brooke now that she is getting older.

Jessica Grieves on

We have this stroller and our kids seem to really like it. My 6 month old is in the back and is happy to look out the sides. My 2 year old sits in the front and can easily climb in and out on his own. A few times he has asked to sit in the back too because that way he is closer to me! As some others have commented, this is a great stroller for taking to stores because of the small footprint and it easily converts back to a single when you don’t need that second seat!

Angela on

Like Cheryl and SM, we also have the Phil and Ted. Ours is the apple green, love everything about it.

My almost three year old still likes to ride sometimes and there is no denying the benefit of having both he and the 5 month old sleeping while I shop.

Sometimes the oldest does walk, but if not for the stroller he’d want to be carried!

Oldest son always wants to sit in the back so I don’t feel like the view can be all bad. And yes, this stroller is a (small) touch pricey, but I would prefer to purchase one stroller and use it well for many years through many children than have a multitude of strollers filling up my garage. A huge double that can no longer be used because one of them doesn’t want to ride anymore, no thanks. I’d rather save some manufacturing and have one that meets all requirements. Seems wasteful to me to have 3+ strollers.

This stroller isn’t actually marketed as a jogging stroller however as there isn’t really enough stride space.

Also, Marcia Cross’ stroller isn’t technically a “double”. It’s a twin stroller and they are not the same. And classy isn’t what we’re all going for, that doesn’t mean we are going for trendy(I KNOW no one said that). How about selection, options, creativity, variety, usefulness…

Busy Lizzy on

I also have a Phil&Ted’s stroller, (former model, Kiwi Explorer). There’s only 13 months between my boys and it’s a fabulous light stroller.

It fits through shop doors and they’re both fighting to sit in the lowest part! It’s very light and easy to control.

I am happy I didn’t buy one of those double buggies where the kids are next to each other.

Emily on

Love Brooke and her girls! So adorable!

And what’s this talk about sleeping kiddos in strollers? Mine never sleeps while in a stroller, what’s the secret? LOL!

Jane on

I have just bought the new Sports phil&teds buggy and I absolutely adore it. Its so beautiful to push and easy to use. My son loves holding onto the front bar and seems very comfortable in it. Only thing I’m worried about is when I have a newborn and putting my son on top and baby underneath. I have tested it with a 5 week old baby and he was pretty long to go underneath. My son was 54cm when he was born so not a small baby. Has anyone found the same problem with their phil&teds buggy? Eager to know?

Mandy on

Hi, I bought a Phil and Teds Kiwi Explorer and wondered if anyone knows where I can get a drink cup holder to attach to the handle.

Courtney on

If you go to they have a ton of acessories for these strollers. We also have this stroller and all 3 of my kiddos LOVE it. They all fight over the back as its like their own little hiding spot. I cannot think of one thing I do not like about this stroller

Lisa on

I too have one of these and LOVE it. The carseat capsule fits on the front too, so can leave little baby in the carseat for quick trips to the shops. My son LOVES the back seat as well – more than the front, so that has never been a problem! They are sturdy and well made, versatile and have great attachments… I would definitely recommend.

tom&audreysmum on

We love the Phil&teds double jogger! As a twin stroller it fits in smaller cars when collapsed.As mother of twins, you dont get stopped every 2mins with people asking you if they are twins!! Like you do in the sidebyside variety. Great to take shopping!! Loving the new sportz model & all the new colours & accessories. My daughter who is 3kgs smaller than my son, actually prefers sitting in the rear part of the pram as she can see me! so there you go, its really whatever suits your lifestyle & meets your needs.

starr on

I’ve trawled the shops for 6mnths now since finding out I am expecting again. My son will be 16mnths when his lil brother arrives and I’ve just ordered this buggy.
I dont drive and use the bus everyday and have been unable to find a better stroller, every review can only say good things about it.
The child in the back seat may not be able to look forward but they can look to the side and I’ll swap my little ones about, my pal has this buggy and her kids actually fight over who goes in the back.