Katie Price discusses her new daughter and the reaction of her sons

07/04/2007 at 10:39 AM ET


British star Katie Price has spoken to OK! magazine about her yet-to-be-named daughter, 5 days, and her sons Junior, 2, and Harvey, 5. Although she echoes husband Pete Andre‘s remarks about their daughter’s eyes, she’s not too sure about the ‘stunning’ part.

She has massive eyes and looks a real mixture of me and Pete. I think all newborn babies are ugly! They look like little old men! I think they need a few weeks to grow into themselves. I remember Junior looked like he had a big nose. People go: ‘Ahh, how cute’ and I think ‘No, how ugly!’ It’s very rare you find a cute one so young, but Junior’s gorgeous now.

Even if Junior is looking cute, he’s not acting that way, says Katie. He’s having a hard time adjusting to the baby.

[With the new baby,] there will definitely be more pink in the house and it will be nice to have a girl on my side. Hopefully Junior will be more into me. He’s not into me at the minute. I don’t know if he can sense what it’s all about and he sees the baby as competition. I only have to look at him and he whines.

He’s gone really daddified, even though he’s always been a bit like that. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been doing all the baby stuff or how much he understands because we’d say: ‘What’s in there?’ and point at my stomach and he’d go ‘Baby.’

Her oldest son, Harvey, presents a set of challenges as well — he has a health condition called septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness, weight issues, and cognitive delays. Katie explains,

[We will have to keep Harvey away from her for now]. To Harvey she will be just another noise. I’ll still let Harvey hold her, but we will be there the whole time because even though he’s better with Junior now, Junior is definitely still wary of him because [Harvey] used to clobber him.

Thanks to CBB readers Heather and Lost Girl.

Click below for photos of Junior and pics from Katie’s shower.


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preesi on

Dont post this…
Ya think theyre gonna go after her as much as they do Angie?

michelle on

I cant wait to hear name. But I do understand why she is waiting to name her. Even though all my future kids already have their names, I will be waiting to see which one suits them.

tink1217 on

Katie is a breath of fresh air…so completely open about everything. She is right…not all babies are born gorgeous! But, we all are polite and say “how cute”!! Personally….I have seen very few ugly babies. But they do resemble little old men, don’t they!! LOL! Sounds like they have ALOT on their plate and I HOPE they have really good help around for Junior and Harvey. They are going to need it!! Can’t wait to hear the name of their new little angel.

kayleigh on

The baby will be stunning! Can’t wait to see pics 🙂 Congrats Katie and Peter xoxo

tara on

I have to admit I kinda agree w/ her on this one, babies take at least a couple weeks to start looking really adorable, when they first come out they aren’t really the cutest things in the world-doesn’t stop you from loving them to pieces of course.

Quick question though, until I came on here I have never heard of these two, what exactly are they famous for?

Just curious.


Rhian on

Katie is a glamour model well she hasnt really done any of that since she had her second child she does lots of other cool things, designs swimwear ect and is very well known in the UK peter is a famous singer and they met on a ‘im a celebrity get me outta here’ reality show 3 years ago and are approaching their 2nd wedding anniversery- i think they are really cool people i have read their autobiographies and they’re just great!

leah on

katie was famous in the uk for being “Jordan” a glamor model (topless model) peter was a singer. they both apeared on a reality tv program called “i’m a celebrity…….get me out of here!” thats how they met. Then after that the had their own reality show following them getting married, and then they’ve had more since.

Nineveh on

tara: He used to be a singer in the 90s and she…uh…her breasts. 😉

Devon on

Katie is right, most babies are not so cute when they are born. Except my cousin. When he was born, he didn’t have that newborn look about him.

Cannot wait to hear her name! She is going to be stunning with Peter and Katie’s looks. Junior is so adorable!

Kori on

It’s kinda brutal to call a baby “ugly” although many babies are very generic looking for awhile. Many seem to all look the same for a few weeks/months. I think most people mean that the baby is beautiful by default, because it’s a new life and so pure…the concept of a baby is beautiful, I don’t think people always mean esthetically beautifully. Anyway, yeah Katie sure doesn’t hold back, at least she’s honest!

preesi on

I KNEW no one would say anything negative about what Katie said about Babies cause SHES NOT ANGELINA!

I wonder what you guys would have said if AJ had said all that??
This is such a case study in human behavior!

MisterSteve on

Wow, I hoe it’s mine! Katie Price is so hot its ridiculous.

Emily on

Is Peter the father of Junior and Harvey?

I had never heard of her either and all the media said she was a ‘glamour model’, I didn’t know what that was, haha!

I have never heard of Peter either.

Sarah’s note: Of Junior, yes. And not biologically Harvey’s father, but he’s his dad. Kind of a Seal situation — Harvey’s dad has nothing to do with him and Pete stepped in and raises him as his own.

Lauren on

I think Katie’s right. Most babies, when they are first born, are NOT attractive in the least. It is the rare newborn that is beautiful right away. My godson was one of those. He was gorgeous from the beginning, with pristine skin and beautiful features (Anya, Danielle’s daughter, is another example-I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was even at a day old when I first saw her pictures). My cousin’s daughter, on the other hand, was-how do I put this-very aesthetically challenged until recently when, at two months, she finally began growing into her features. I wouldn’t have phrased Katie’s sentence the way she did, but I agree with her statement. In reality, it’s one of the ugly (no pun intended) truths few have the guts to say aloud.

Gabriella on

Not all newborns are ugly, I’ve seen some really cute newborns, but yea in some instances babies need a few months to grow into their looks. I do believe not all babies are beautiful though, even as months go on. Babies are like adults some are really cute, some just aren’t.

Autumn on

Yeah Katie was most famous for being a cross between Pam Anderson & Paris Hilton back in the late 90s & early 00s. (If you want to know what a “glamour model” is just go to thesun.co.uk and watxch for the adverts for the Page 3 Girls, because I Katie as “Jordan” used to be one. :P)

It’s awesome though that she doesn’t pose like that much anymore and that she’s so frank about her family.

Becky on

I love that Katie’s honest about her baby’s looks. I haven’t seen many cute newborns, but most do grow out of it. My friend’s baby was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen (of course I lied to her!) but now at 8 months he’s starting to come around a little. Mom and Dad are really good-looking, so hopefully he’ll grow into his features someday.

Amy on

Hi katie .. congradulations on your new baby i havent seen a picture of her yet i really wanna see her and know what your gonna call her .. love amy x

lucy murayda on

Katie is a strong woman. I have a 6 year old girl with Septo-Optic Dysplasia also. It’s very rare and so complex. I hope as mothers we can look past what people do with their personal lives and raise some awareness about this very challenging disease. I can imagine the pain Katie sometimes must go through, I live it too. But with new research and there has been a significant breakthrough with this disease, all we can do is hope. Congrats Katie and Pete. Yeah, babies can be a bit “old man” looking!!
Lots of love to you and the babes.
I bet Harvey has the most heart melting smile ever!!!

bethany on

i think katies right not all babys are gorgous when there first born. she is so open and true and i cant wait to hear the babys name. CONGRATS katie and peter hope you have lots of help on hand becoz you will need it xoxox

Becky on

Perez Hilton is saying that it has been announced that Katie and Peter have called their daughter Bunny. However I live in the UK and i’m sure this would have been a big deal if it had been announced! I wonder if this is after playboy bunny or when Katie was on ‘i’m a celebrity’ where she met Pete, he called her a bunny boiler!! Lol!

Ellie on

i cant wait 2 hear wot katie price and peter andre call their new baby girl so i can laugh if its a stupid name. Pleez name it something sensible, coz there is 2 many celbs out there who hav named their kids so thougtlassly, e.g fifi trixabelle, brooklyn audio science and other crap. Dont they think about how the kids will be teasd at school coz of their name? Just name it something sensible

karla on

hello katie the baby is so gawjus she will grow up to look like her mummy n daddy a gawjus princess

danica number 1 fan on

hi katie i am your bigest fan ever i love you and all your kids how are you? your birth day is the 22 may right love you p.s. love your boobs.xxxxx aged:10xxxx

Emma Sergeant on

I just want to say that i love katie price and everyone in her family including the managers of course and you are my idol.I want to be like you .

Emma Aged 11