Denise Richards, Brooke Mueller, and Sam Sheen go to lunch

07/04/2007 at 02:14 PM ET

A few of Charlie Sheen‘s ladies — ex-wife Denise Richards, girlfriend Brooke Mueller, and daughter Sam, 3 — got lunch, stopped at a pet store, and ate cupcakes while out together on Tuesday.

Photos by Flynet.

More photos in the extended post — we do get a smile out of Sam in the 4th pic!


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Devon on

It’s great that this family has gotten over their differences to be a cohesive unit for Sam and Lola. As long as their parents get along, are friendly and supportive of one another, then these girls are going to grow up great. Divorced parents or not.

denisse on

its amazing how they can be together just for the girls, everyone should think that in the best for the kids

michelle on

Man when they were breaking up I was worried about these girls….but they all came out of it great and the girls can see everyone together with no fighting….that’s the best thing.

Nan on

That little girl is beautiful when she smiles! I’m glad to see them do something normal, instead of the usual where Denise drags the kids to some boutique opening for a “photo op” and they look miserable!

Zoey on

WOW. I cannot believe how much she has grown up! In some of her earlier pictures I thought she looked so much like Charlie she was almost a little masculine looking, but as she’s growing up, her face has softened out and she looks very feminine and pretty! And I love the way her hair is pulled back, I dont think she always has the most attractive hair cuts, but I think it looks adorable here! It’s so nice to see everyone out together, having what appears to be a marvelous time! Kind of makes me want a cupcake… lol!

meghan on

i completely agree with zoey on the softening of sam’s features. i thought she was going to end up looking so much like charlie that she would look boyish – but she has turned into a very pretty little girl. and i do believe that’s a sprinkles cupcake. the best!

Mary on

I agree that she is more beautiful now. But I never tought she looked boyish, but more like an adult face. I think she is going to become a really beautiful and interesting young woman.

Heather on

I don’t understand why Charlie even tries to deny his urges. It is cute, I agree, but it is just a matter of time before the cheating rumors are out. You cannot turn that type of man into a husband. When will everyone learn that Charlie is not going to change. He should not. I love him the way he is exactly. It is just a shame the public falls into the cute pictures. It is only a matter of time before you hate him again.

sarawara on

Major kudos to Brooke and Denise. Major.

Alexandra on

Denise is really beautiful. I think I read somewhere that she’s had plastic surgery. But whether it’s good genes or a good surgeon, that woman is blessed. I work very hard to take care of myself and I never look half as polished as she does.

Emily on

She is too cute. I couldn’t imagine hanging out with an ex’s current gfriend, that is very cool and mature of them!

Gabriella on

Sam is adorable, she has a nice mix of Charlie and Denise. Both of Denise’s girls are cute, and she seems like an attentive mom. Denise is pretty, always looks so put together even when dressed casual, and she has a great body for two kids.

Bex on

Sam looks adorable when she smiles.

Marley on

It is nice to see them out and about together however I would be trepediatious about saying it represents something completely wonderful

It is highly unusual to see something like this and it is usually indicitive of the fact that the child is not necessarily that comfortable with the new person in their life

Whatever the reason for the meet-up and lunch date, it is always lovely to see Denise with her children, and Brooke seems to be determined to make things easy for the children as well even if she seems a bit naive as to what is appropriate for a child (I haven’t forgotten those pictures from the Getty museum and maybe Denise hasn’t either; maybe Brooke has done other naive things and needs to build up Sam’s trust)

I am pleased to see Denise happy and I would love to see her get back together with Richie because I do think she loves him and his family very much. If there is love there it should be shared.

Marley on

By the way, why is everyone so hard on Denise about so-called ”photo-ops”? She occasionally takes her children to events where the press will be there, it is a nice way of spending time with the children and at least Denise is aware of the cameras rather than some dirty pervert hiding in a bush waiting to take the picture.

sushi on

denise is getting kinda old! but sam is adorable. What does this Brooke Mueller do for living? This picture is perfect but the only thing that is missing is Charlie holding Lola, we never see him with her, he’s always with Sam, no wonder why the paparazzi thiught Lola was Richie Sambora’s baby… plus i think she kinda look like him ( charlie Sheen is not the most attractive man but Richie is kinda cute!…and he plays the guittare!!)
anyways cool picture, keep it up Denise!

Tracy on

It’s SO great that they are all getting along together like this! Such a good role model for divorced parents!

dee on

Its good to see everyone getting along. I am in a situation where my boyfriend’s child’s mother can’t stand me. At first (and still am) tried being nice and it seemed to worked, but she showed her true colors and even wanted to physically fight me. I think that when u have emotions caught up in the situation it makes it really hard to get along with the babies mother. I try not to take it personal and I just stick by my man. And i can only hope and pray that for the sake of the child she can put all that tension to the side. I know it will take some time (more time) to get to this point like denise richards and charlie sheen.

Bella on

Sam looks so much prettier IMO when her bangs are not covering her eyes so much. I had not really thought she was pretty before but she sure is a beauty in these pics!

Marley – I think the problem is that Denise seems to often take her kids to events where they look miserable and she is posing for photos with them. Plus there was the uproar in her gated community sometime in the last year (I forget exactly when) beacuse she was apparently inviting photogs in to take photos of her and the girls that were meant to be natural but were totally staged. The same was rumored for some park/zoo visit photos I think. Either way, it kinda smacks of a woman whose career has somewhat stalled using her kids to stay in the public eye.

As far as the Getty museum photos, I am glad you mentioned Brooke as naive as opposed to some horrid things said by posters on that one. Sam certainly does not look uncomfortable aroung Brooke in these pics nor did she IMO in the Getty ones. I choose to think th best of these pics in that Denise and Brooke are making an effort to be involved for the sake of a good relationship for the family.

Xan on

I love how Denise and Sam are wearing similar shoes! I hope to do cute little things like that with my baby girl someday.

Marley on

I respectfully disagree Bella. I honestly don’t see things that way

and Denise’s career hasn’t actually stalled. She is turning down work and pulling out of movies because of the situation with her mother being terminally ill. She has tried to take on short projects near to home but every time she tries her mothers health deteriorates again. At the moment any opportunity to enjoy some fun time with the children in a safe environment seems to be the key for Denise so why not avail of the many invitiations that arise to wonderful events catered for children?

That whole tabloid story about Sam’s birthday party was also a lie IMO. It was terribly unfair.

Oh believe what you want. I choose to believe what I want to.

J.M. on

it looks as if maybe Denise is trying to let Sam’s bangs grow out. Very adorable photos!

FC on

I’m glad to see both Charlie’s ex-wife and girlfriend can co-exist and hang out with each other and the girls. Nice to see. And Sam looks so cute. I love the dress and the hair.

And I’ve noticed that Denise tends to buy the girls mini versions of her sandals. There have been other photos where both girls had the same type of sandals as their mom. But Denise does seem to be a mom who likes to have mini versions to dress up like her. 🙂

sage on

It is so nice to see these two ladies getting along for the childrens sakes. I admit when charlie and denise broke up, I thought things were going to get ugly and felt sorry for the girls. But I am happy to see differences put aside.

I don’t think this has anything to do with theGetty museum photos or denise not trusting brooke just the three of them having lunch. Sam seems very comfortable around brooke and trust her charlie is lucky to have a woman in his life that is willing to put in effort to get to know his ex.

Campbell on

What could be better for these precious little girls…. THANK GOODNESS! KUDOS