Kevin Richardson and wife welcome son Mason

07/04/2007 at 08:40 PM ET


Update: Mason Richardson was born on 4:56 am on Tuesday, July 3rd, weighing in at 8 lbs, 2 oz and 20.5 inches long. Kevin writes,

We are officially parents…

At 4:56 a.m. Tuesday morning (7/3/07), our son Mason made hisentrance into the world. He is a healthy 8 lbs. 2 ounces / 20.5 incheslong and has a head fullof dark hair. He and Kristin are perfect and I am a new man. Thank youfor your positive vibes and prayers.

Peace and love,

Click below to read Kevin’s response to last week’s false alarm.

Update July 1st: Kevin posted a message on his MySpace page to fans — while he thanks them for their well wishes, he reveals that his son hasn’t ‘hatched’ yet.

Don’t believe everything you read…

Thankyou for all the love and well wishes. It is not my intention to usethis myspace page to talk about my personal life. I want to use it tokeep you informed of my professional decisions. When I do interviewsfor print or T.V., if I am asked about my personal life, I normallyspeak freely. However, I haven’t done an interview in a very long time.I believe there is a fine line to walk when it comes to letting thepress into my personal life. Sometimes it can blow up in your face.

Inmy interviews for "Chicago" in Japan, all of the questions were aboutmy professional life. It was very early in our pregnancy whencomplications can arise, and I did not want to offer up any news yet.Some time after that Brian shared the good news in an interview, whichwas fine. I didn’t want to issue a press release about it, because Idon’t want to use my personal life for publicity.

As you all know frommy interviews in Toronto, I made it clear that we were trying for achild and obviously I was very excited about it. We were successful.

However, he hasn’t hatched yet. His name is not Jared, although I amsure if it was, Jared at WC Management would be honored. Since therumor mill has been working overtime, I will let you all know when hearrives and what his name is, O.K. Thank you for your understanding.

Peace and love,


Originally posted June 29th: Backstreet Boys fans are writing to tell us they received MySpace messages this morning saying that former member Kevin Richardson and his wife Kristin welcomed a son last evening. He is apparently named Jared — however, this is all still rumor at this time.

Kristin was due on June 25th.

Thanks to CBB readers Aline and Molly.

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tink1217 on

wow, i didn’t even know they were expecting!! Congrats if its true!!

Ericka on


Does anyone else think she looks like Jenny Garth?

tink1217 on

ericka, a little like jennie

Katie on

I just read that it was true about them having a baby. I want to personally congratulate Kristin and Kevin. They will make great parents and it should be a cute baby. And yes she does look a lot like Jenny Garth!

Monica on

If they received messages, they didn’t come from Kevin. He hasn’t logged in in 5 days.

None of the other Boys posted anything on myspace either.

Jackie on

Congrats to Kristen and Kevin. May God be with them both and with the little one.

Babyduckfan on

I have heard rumors that Brian announced the news at some point. I would say that until we hear anything from Kevin, all is rumor.

Jeni on

I think the whole pregnancy has been a rumor, ever since he decided to leave the band, people, well fans, have been thinking that one of the reasons was because he wanted to start a family with Kristin. I wasn’t even sure if the pregnancy was confirmed.

But it wouldn’t suprise me if it was true 😀

I’ve always been a big BSB fan, so congrats to them if it is true! 🙂

LenniluvsBrian on

A.J. just said that Kevin was going to be a Dad anyday now – watch the Transformers premiere interview with him on YouTube. And she was due June 25th or something like that – though, we also heard possibly early July – lol.

I hope it’s true – they SO deserve it!


Sarah on

If you are a true BSB fan you should of known about the pregency. It was on Brian’s, Kristin, and talked amongest ourselves. But congratulations to Kevin and Kristin. Both of you will make great parents. Plus, someone spotted Kristin coming out of Harolds wedding and saw her belly

Tanya on

Hi I`m a bit confused here. I thought Kevin himself would announce the babys birth, or in worst case, let Brian announce it, like he did with kristins pregnancy.
And now this girl says kevin sent a note to her on myspace, saying their babyboy was born 28th of june and his name is Jared..
It could be a rumor, but what if its true?
It wouldn`t give us much hope about hearing something about the baby or seeing photos of him later on, if kevin let other people announce personal things like his wifes pregnancy and their childs birth when it`s really his job to do that..

Babyduckfan on

I think that the pregnancy has been so quiet, because Kevin and Kristin wish that their privacy be respected at this time, which is understandable. I think it is probably true that the baby was born, but I do not think it true that Kevin sent this girl a message on myspace considering he has not logged in since the 24th. I would also not be surprised if we do not hear anything from Kevin, as I said before I have heard that him and Wife want there privacy at this time.

stellar on

Nobody knows if this is true or not but i do believe kristen has already had her baby. Also i dont think brian will be announcing that the baby was born as kev is no longer in bsb…

CBB Note: People are saying Brian may announce it because he confirmed the pregnancy news since they are cousins.

ally on

Kevin says on his myspace that the baby hasn’t been born yet.

stephanie on

Peace and love, what a boyband thing to say. That is so cute 😀

Aleah on

I’m very happy for them!!! Congratulations to Kevin and Kristin!!

Susie K. on

I’m so happy to hear that Kevin and Kristin are now OFFICIALLY parents! Congratulations to them on the birth of healthy little Mason Richardson!

Jeni on

the comment about Brian not announcing it because of the fact that Kevin isn’t in BSB, even if he isn’t, they’re still cousins so I wouldn’t have been suprised if he did. since they’re family.

even though he didn’t obviously, since Kevin’s confirmed now the birth of the baby 😀 and congrats to them! 🙂 wishing them all the best.

sra dorough on

que bueno ya nacio mason

yo apenas me entere me puse a saltra y a llamarr
que ya habia nacido mason richardson
ahora son 7 bsb XD
cada vez mas en la familia bsb
saludos a todas

eve dorough
sra dorough

angelll on

i want to see a photo of Mason!! O_O

Juliet on

i am so happy for them.
i wonder when kevin is going to rejoin the BSB.

jayne on

i can’t believe it kevin is now a father to little mason bless so congrats to him.