Dannielynn Birkhead named as OK! influential celebrity

07/04/2007 at 07:12 AM ET

The daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and her former boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, has been named as one of OK! Magazine’s most influential celebrities. Dannielynn Hope Birkhead, 10 months, was the youngest on the list and ranked in the nineteen celebrities chosen. The magazine gave the following reason for selecting Dannielynn:

[We recognized her as a survivor because she has been] at the center of one of Hollywood’s most controversial tragedies.

Source: SMH

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Bella on

I’m sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous! Dannielynn is 10 months old and she is not a celebrity – she is the child of a celebrity! Perhaps if her mother had not pushed her into the public eye so young and her father did not now, she would not be near being considered a celebrity. Dannielynn is a survivor (and adorable to boot) but seriously that is just crazy!

Can’t OK! find enough actual celebrities who do good charitable work or something without dragging a child into their list?

Mary on

I completely agree! That’s so silly. She is a baby! All she does is eat, sleep and poo yet she is influential? What exactly does she influence people to do, drink milk?

jojo on

America people will always want to know about Dannielynn, whether Christmas, or Birthday, first words, doesn’t matter. It’s what happened to this little one. Born with paternity fights, brother died 3 days after birth, mother dying 5 months later and of course the legal battle between fathers. And of course the other ongoing battle with Grandma. It also doesn’t hurt that Larry is just a nice southern boy, who happens to be ever so cute!

Acinom#1 on

You are absolutely right, Jojo. She’s been through so much drama and doesn’t even realize it yet. Plus, she’s beautiful to boot. I think she’s the most gorgeous celebrity baby out there right now. Her eyes are so beautiful and she already has such personality.

WOW on

Yes, I found it strange at first to have a baby on the list but fact of the matter is it’s true. You can tell just by reading the varying comments here. People are either for or against Dannielynn being in the media. I would like to see her have a normal and happy life…at the same time I want to see photos! 🙂

Nausicaa on

I wouldn’t consider Dannielynn a survivor because, although she lost her brother and mother before she was 6 months old, she’s completely unaware. She’s not old enough to grieve, so she has nothing to survive through. In a way she’s influential because so many people fought over her, the world knew about her and most rooted for Larry and booed Virgie and people cheered when Larry was revealed to be the father…. But, really. When I think “influential celebrity” I think philanthropists like Angelina Jolie and Oprah.

Tonya on

I just wish people would leave this baby alone. It worst enough that she is already marked because of who her mother is. She will never be able to live a normal life. I just hope her path in life is much better than that of her mother. I was a HUGE fan of Anna and I really felt bad for how her life turned out. I think Larry will make the perect father and Im so glad he was the father of this beautiful baby, she is a DOLL. Gd bless her!!!

baby blogger on

The only part that the magazine got right was that Dannielynn is at the center of a huge controversy. It was a fiasco to uncover the identity of her real father and now it will be a whole new shameful adventure for her father to use her to somehow steal as big of a piece of the Marshall’s fortune as he can.