Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger in Brooklyn

07/03/2007 at 07:09 PM ET

Actress Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda Rose Ledger, 20 months, were spotted out in Brooklyn, NY with a friend earlier today.


Photos by Flynet. Thanks to CBB reader Jessie.

0007146308934_215x215She has a Take & Toss Spill-Proof Cup from The First Years ($10 for 24).

28621Matilda wears Crocs kids cayman in yellow ($25).


Matilda rides in a Maclaren Techno XT in Storm Gray ($300).

Click below for an additional photo.


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robin m. on

OMG she looks exactly like her dad. Spitting image.

FC on

Talk about spitting images! It’s like Heath spit out a female version of himself. Everything about Matilda screams her daddy.

Hailey on

“Friend” hand on the other stroller bar and pushing the stroller! I think thats the nanny!!!

Stéph on

Michelle do looks pregnant.
I really hope she is. Matilda is such a cutie.

Nausicaa on

She’s a little Heath clone. Same expressions and everything.

Annie on

She’s def. a spitting image of her father. Holy Crap. I’ve never seen a child look so much like their father 🙂 What a beautiful little girl she is!

Sophie on

What a cutie! Looks just like her daddy!

aaron boatwright on

I was pretty skeptical about the pregnancy rumblings, but this dress really DOES make her look like she may be expecting again. Lucky them if it’s true! And yes, Matilda looks just like Heath. Super cute.

e on

matilda is such a cutie. as for whether or not she’s pregnant, i’m about the same size as her, and when i wear dresses like that, even i look a little pregnant (especially after a good meal, lol). but if she is, i think that’s wonderful, as they seem to be very devoted, low-key parents.

Joanne on

At last, a photo of the Nanny, and that is 100% the nanny.

For all those who thought that Heath and Michelle took full responsibility and care of their own child….there you have it. They use a nanny, even when they aren’t working, as is Michelle’s case at the moment.

dina on

Matilda is a cutie and looks just like her daddy. I’m pretty sure the other woman is not a friend it’s the nanny.

Sarah’s note: Maybe! We’re just going with what the photo agency caption said, because we don’t know for sure either.

tara on

hmm…what makes everyone think that the other person in the photos is a nanny? I’m not saying that she is or isn’t, I’m just wondering if there is something that screams that she’s the nanny as opposed to just a friend of Michelle’s?

Also, Matilda is adorable she truly is the spitting image of her daddy. I’ve always loved the name they chose for her and I think it definatly fits her very well 😀

dina on

Tara, i’ve seen pictures of this woman with Heath and Michelle at an airport, when Michelle is out and about with Matilda and i read that Heath was also with her and Matilda out and about in Europe. A friend doesn’t travel with you all over the world. Go to Michelle’s and Heath’s fan sites and look at some candids yourself. And what is so bad about them having a nanny? Every celeb has one. Lucky them!

tara on

I don’t think there is anything necessarly bad about having a nanny, and I wasn’t disputing whether or not it was…I just couldn’t figure out if there was something in the picture that screamed nanny as opposed to friend, but clearly if there are pictures of this particular woman all over the world with them then she would probably very clearly be the nanny.

Melanie F. on

Gosh she looks just like her daddy, she is adorable. If that is the nanny that makes sense for her to be around Matilda even when they aren’t working. Celebs are pretty protective of their children (as well as regular 9-5er’s) but you know the difference of protection there. Anyone who uses a nanny would want to keep that same one around, if they were doing an excellent job. Who wants to keep changing different nannies for their child(ren)? It’s too confusing.

With that said, let’s say, from age 5mths-8mths Heath and Michelle were both working on films and needed a nanny and then when their child is 15-19mths they were both working on a film again at the same time; again they would need a nanny. So what are they supposed to do? Call the nanny up that was good with their child the first time they needed her and reintroduce her to their child? Why not have her around your child often whether you need them or not, so that your child would be comfortable around them when both parents are filming?
Sorry for typos

ladymama on

My child could probably use a nanny for all the time I spend vegging out in front of celebrity baby blog.

J.M. on

she does look like heath! Very cute! Not sure if she’s pregnant, could be. But I don’t dig her style. She’s really young but looks really old!


WOW. she looks exactly like heath. holy crap, that is one cute kid. :]

L on

hmm.. michelle is a very tiny skinny woman… she looks fuller in her breasts and arms. maybe she is pregnant?

and yes, that is the nanny. i’ve seen her with michelle and matilda shopping in brooklyn and definitely got the impression that she was their nanny.