Michelle Williams causes speculation among CBB readers

06/30/2007 at 12:39 PM ET

CBB readers Amanda, Sarah, Christine and Melanie wrote to us this morning to let us know that the below photos of Michelle Williams raised their eyebrows — they’re wondering if there may be a sibling on the way for Matilda Rose, 20 months.

If there’s anything actually going on, don’t expect an announcement — Heath Ledger and Michelle are notoriously private.

Photos by Flynet.


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emma on

Even though i wouldn’t be surprised that she is expecting again as it would be a nice age difference i don’t think she looks pregnant in these pictures.

tink1217 on

i did think for a minute she might be pregnant. she is notoriously thin and you definitely can see something there, but then again…Jennifer Garner ALWAYS looks 3 months pregnant to me. Hope this one proves to be true though…Matilda is adorable as are Heath and Michelle.

SM on

She looks pregnant to me… she’s normally so tiny and that looks like a noticeable bump.

e on

it doesn’t look like she’s pregnant, more like she gained a couple needed pounds. also, even though she’s a very thin person (compared with her dawson’s creek years), she’s never had the most toned body, especially around the waist.

lucky matilda, if she is indeed pregnant. considering that we don’t even know if they’re married, the only thing we can do is wait a few more months to see.

liz on

she doesn’t look pregnant to me. I have lost all my baby weight and am very thin again (109 lbs) and my daughter is the same age… and my belly looks the same in a dress. I think it’s just the way her dress is while walking.

meghan on

while i do see a tummy in these pictures, i have yet to see anyone ever wear a dress like this and not have a tummy. i think it would be awesome if she were pregnant – but i don’t think these pictures are good evidence to support a pregnancy argument.

Nineveh on

I don’t think she’s pregnant either. Those hideous tent dresses are just so shapeless and unflattering on anyone. I don’t get that fashion trend, to be honest. :/

Hollister on

Oh yeah, preggers.

Amber Smith on

I think it’s just a very ill fitting dress. saggy fabric like that never makes anyone look good.

Jan on

It’s so hard to tell. With the hideous “peasant” fashions this season, every woman looks pregnant!

morgan on

I dont think she is pregant, its just the dress. Empire waist dresses can make anyone look like they are expecting. Plus shes drinking a huge coffee!

ladymama on

I’m sure there are many of us mamas on here who could be photographed just so and appear to be in early pg! I’m 15 months postpartum and 117 pounds, but if I don’t suck in my tummy, I definitely look like I’m at the end of the 1st T.
PS- If Heath is looking for someone to carry his next baby, I might be persuaded.

Sarah B on

Looks suspicious to me…I’m still undecided, although it would be great if she was expecting! Maybe she had a big meal that she is washing down with an iced coffee!

erin on

I don’t think so…she just looks like a normal woman who has had a baby.

Joan on

If she is pregnant, the question is by whom, because in England it was rumoured she had a fling with Ewan Mcwhatever whilst filming Incendiary, and she hasn’t been photographed with Heath Ledger for months now. They are also no longer wearing the fake ‘wedding’ rings they were before the rumours started.

So can we be sure Heath Ledger is the father? He doesn’t want to marry her, so I doubt he would want another child from her.

Emily on

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she was pregnant. Another way to keep Heath hers!

I totally agree with Jen Garner! She’s never looked the same since having her daughter, always looks pregnant to me!

Bella on

@ Emily

Presume much?

I doubt you personally know the status of Michelle and Heath’s relationship so to say her possibly being pregnant again is ‘another way to keep Heath hers!’ is ridiculous.

Heath and Michelle are raising a 20 month old daughter together and are still a couple so there is no need for her to be trying to ‘keep’ Heath.

I have to laugh at the way people assume they know the reasons and motives behind other peoples actions and relationships. In Michelle’s case it goes right back to her pregnancy with Matilda when people were saying she used it to ‘trap’ Heath. Again, presume much?

Emily on

Oh I’m just hoping that’s the reason. I am NOT a fan of hers but am of Heath’s! LOL!

Sarita on

Emily, if you are a fan of Heath wouldn’t you want him to be in a happy relationship and wish for his daughter to have parents to love each other instead of thinking ill of his wife?

Anyway it takes two to get pregnant!