Myleene Klass poses nude for British Glamour

06/29/2007 at 07:01 PM ET

Wearing only her engagement ring and a butterfly necklace, British singer, pianist and reality star Myleene Klass, 29, poses for Glamour magazine’s British edition. Although previously reported to be due in September, Myleene now shares that her daughter is actually due in August. She’s started making room — she tells the magazine,

Last week I cleared a rail of my wardrobe and we went out andbought little pink outfits for the baby. I let [my fiancé] Grahamchoose the first one because I thought it was an important bonding step- his daughter’s first outfit.

Myleene also mentions how much she enjoyed the photo shoot — and the snacks!

You don’t think, ‘Does my belly or my bum look big’. You just think, ‘Wow, I’m making a baby’. The shoot was great fun. They had my fan on me and my chips by the side!

Source: The Daily Mail; The Sun

Thanks to CBB readers Jackie and Kathy.

Click below for the image.
Please note that while the photo is tasteful, Myleene is nude — so you may not want to open at work!

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Nausicaa on

She looks gorgeous. Nothing more beautiful than a pregnant belly, except of course the baby 😉 The human body is the most beautiful form of art, but especially when that body is carrying life.

Jessica E. Marquez on

she looks beautiful

Nicole on

What a perfect little baby belly! She looks stunning.

margaux on

She looks beautiful, but isn’t that almost the exact same pose that Demi Moore did?
It looks far too standard.

FC on

Demi didn’t have a soft pose. Her pose was a little more dramatic, especially in the face.

But anyway, Myleene looks beautiful on that cover. She’s braver than me to pose nude while pregnant…pose nude, period.

gianna on

Looks like she is trying to pose exactly like Demi did.

Sarita on

She looks beautiful, but the hand on her breasts looks a bit strange. I think posing in a bikini would make more poses possible and look more natural.

Lisa on

My gosh people, Who cares if it’s like Demi Moore’s picture. She’s showing off her baby belly, which is gorgeous. I’m sure many pictures were taken and the magazine happened to pick that one. She is gorgeous and her body is gorgeous! Great Picture!

anonymouse on

She looks beautiful. Also there are really not a lot of poses that can be done for a cover that does not show ALL of your bits and still be able to look tasteful.

William Relf on

She is sexy! I wish she would have turned to face the camera just as the photo was taken so then I would be able to see her fanny! Also, I wish she’d have taken her hand off her tit so I could see that as well! I’ve got a stiffy over her! Yum! Yum!

ZBella on

Which begs the question – How else is a pregnant woman to pose nude without showing off her privates?

I’m not really into the nude pregnancy photo thing. I do think she (and many pregnant women) are beautiful – but it’s a private thing for me!

Janet on

Wow she looks beautiful! I think the purpose of the pose is that its supposed to be similar to Demi Moore’s.

gianna on

Yea Zbella I agree, I’m not into the nude pregnancy thing either. Than again I don’t like pics of woman posing in nude in general, especially for the public. I could see wanting pics like this, for my own memory and photo album, but to show it to the whole world would not be my thing. What are you showing, just a pregnancy belly, everyone’s belly when pregnant bascially looks the same, and than your covering your breasts and rest of your body. Just more of a private thing IMO

Lisa McMannus on

Hats off to her for posing nude, I think Myleene looks absolutely beautiful. It’s just a shame her hand is in the way of her breast. 😉

Rdklagues on

Hey There Kayleen Well It look as though your pregnenant and you seen to be in excellent spirits Are you planning on having any more,I know that it will be hard in the begining but with your love and support I am certain that every thing will turn out for the best.Take Care and May you always find happiness and tranquity in every thing you persue.
Robert Klagues

magrisfoghr on