Marcia Cross and Eden go to Starbucks

06/29/2007 at 10:58 AM ET

Eden Mahoney, 4 months, holds mom’s thumb tight while out for a Starbucks trip with Marcia Cross, 45, on Thursday.


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gianna on

How cute, both twins look like their daddy to me, but Eden’s eyes look like Marcia’s here IMO.

Gesine on

What a cute pic! Makes me smile! 🙂

Sabina on

Eden looks just like Prince Harry when he was a baby. 🙂

Laura UK on

Little Eden is adorable.

lilkunta on

Sarah, how do u know this girl is Eden not Savannah? Rnt they identical twin girls?

I wonder if they and all families put a mark on the girls so they dont mix them up ?

Sarah’s note: No, they’re fraternal.

I’ve nannied for 3 year old twins since they were 11 weeks old and it’s simple to tell them apart once you get to know their personalities, movements, and the noises they each make, even if they do look exactly alike.

In Eden and Savannah’s case, they look different from each other so it’s easier.

Megan on

Oh my Eden is absolutely adorable! I love that little tuft of hair on top of her head–how cute is that!? lol I love seeing the girls–they are too cute and Tom and Marcia always seem so happy and content…I love it! GORGEOUS Eden!

FC on

She is so cute and looks so much like her mom in that photo, even her expression matches her mother’s. She has more hair, too. 🙂

Jessica on

I just love their names…Eden and Savannah….so feminine and so pretty. 🙂

putsomethinghere on

too cute

Nausicaa on

What beautiful blue eyes. Eden looks so much like her father.

popi on

Wow this is the first clear pic we see, Eden is just BEAUTIFUL and adorable!I can’t tell who she looks like more, I’d say Marcia though.

Elizabeth on

I know they did in vitro but did they use donor eggs? has marcia ever said?

Anna on

I don’t mean this to sound rude, but why is Marcia always taking Eden out? Either the public is mixing up the baby’s or she seems to have an attachment to one. You never see her alone with Savannah.

Sarah’s note: Marcia has said that Eden is really fiesty (compared to Savannah being laid back) so maybe she throws a fit when Marcia leaves or something, so she just takes her along!

Alyssa on

She is so cute. I love her eyes.

Anna- Paparazzi only capture pictures of Marcia maybe once a week or less. It doesn’t mean she is never out with her. Paparazzi may just snap the pics when she is with Eden.

Marcia looks like she is so happy !

Becky's Daughter on


You took the words right out of my mouth! I was also curious to know if donor eggs were used because I honestly don’t see any of Marcia’s features in the twins so far. However, I do see a lot of their dad. I don’t recall that she’s ever discussed it.

Nevertheless, they are adorable and obviously loved.

Sarah’s note: Marcia had said, ‘I don’t like the average woman being misled into thinking that fertility is something that goes on forever. When a woman gets older, they get a donor egg, which doesn’t make the baby any less beautiful or perfect. One’s own eggs only last so long, and sometimes at 43 or 44 you can have your own baby, but statistically it’s very difficult and expensive. You don’t want to wait that long.’

But she’s never come out and said if she did or didn’t herself.

Whitney on

It is so nice to see how Marcia and Tom work together with the twins. They seem like a very happy and content family.

kristen on

what a beautiful baby!

Kelly K on

Is it me or does it always seem like she rarely connects the bjorn fully? It seems like she is always still “holding” the baby.

Terry on

It is none of anyone’s business whether or not Marcia used donor eggs or had IVF. She is not obligated to discuss this with the public. Its private medical information.