Henry Daniel Moder's hand makes its debut

06/29/2007 at 10:52 PM ET

Julia Roberts, 39, waves to photographers while slinging new son Henry Daniel, 11 days — just his hand is peeking out! She was out for a walk with twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter, 2 1/2.

See all the pics at Just Jared.

Photos by Splash News, splashnews.com, splashnewsonline.com; Flynet

Thanks to CBB reader Jessica.


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Annoynomus on

Just wanted to let you know that the link to the Just Jarad Photos doesn’t work. From what I can see, you have the right URL…but typed it twice, back to back.

Sarah’s note: Thanks, fixed!

teagan on

That is not waving. Look at her face. That’s ‘get that camera away from my baby right now’…

CBB Note: She looks to be waving and slightly smiling in the pics on Just Jared, if you click that link.

Bella on

I don’t know a lot about baby wearing but Henry is looking smothered by fabric. In case anyone gets annoyed or whatever what I mean is I’m sure he is fine and safe but I haven’t ever seen a baby worn that way before and it just looks like an awkward position to me and the fabric would have to be covering his face. Anyway, can’t wait to see more of Henry than his little hand!

Sabina on

I don’t know a whole lot about newborns, but isn’t he quite big for one? I’m not criticising at all, just making an observation! He has a beautiful little hand, and I really like the sling Julia’s wearing him in. 🙂

J. on

Wow, what a beautiful….hand! 🙂 If his face is as cute as his hand; woah, watch out!! 😉

iteachk on

I thought he looked awfully big too! I love Julia & her family.

Nausicaa on

It’s a perfect little hand – all five fingers 😉 I love baby hands. They’re so teeny-weeny.

wavybrains on

Anyone have a guess on what brand sling this might be?? It looks particularly comfy!

Amber Smith on

Sabina, my last son was born into size 1-2 diapers and size 3-6m clothes. Some babies are big. Mine was 10lbs7oz and almost 22in long. His eye lids and behind his ears even had fat rolls. Hahaha

But. Congrats to her and her family! It’s so nice to see celebs are starting to bring their babies out instead of hoarding them inside until they are a year old or so. Babies need to be out just like everyone else. I never used that kind of sling because my son didn’t like it, but is he supposed to be almost hanging out of the bottom? I only used a sling after my son was big enough to sit up, before that I used a mei tai.

Susan on

Just curious as to whether there’s a difference in saying you are “wearing” a baby versus “carrying” a baby? I guess either way isn’t wrong. I just find it sort of odd to say you a “wearing” a baby.

Can’t wait to see if Henry has the red hair like his big brother.

CBB Note: Babywearing is meant to refer to when you’re holding a baby in a carrier rather than carrying in arms — just to distinguish it I guess?

lucee on

I also find the term ‘babywearing’ really bizarre. It seems to be a new thing. You used to carry your child in a sling, or carry them in a bjorn or something, but now there has to be a specific term for it, for some reason. It even gets run together instead of the logical two separate words. Go figure. I reckon it’s the manufacturers pushing it -‘if we come up with a new term that we can make sound cool, more people will buy our slings!’ lol…

Adventures In Babywearing on

Babywearing is a wonderful thing! Makes sense so many stars do it to keep baby safe and closer to them. Women have been wearing there babies for centuries… it’s a wonderful thing for both mom and baby!


mousseauchocolat on

The way I understand it, the term “babywearing” suggests that you have your baby with you during most of the day, much as you would wear a piece of clothing – without being bothered by it at all. It’s all part of attachment parenting where you keep your child with you all day (and night) instead of putting him/her down in a crib. Some people may find it bizarre but I think it’s a rather nice expression.

Hollister on

I think that newborns fit much better in a “pouch.” This type of sling works better when baby hits about 3/4 months. That way Mom and baby are not overwhelmed by all the material as it looks here to some readers –(although Julia looks pretty comfy.)
Since Mama is wears the fabric like a piece of clothing and baby is so close to mama’s heart I guess that it is why it’s called baby-“wearing.” I know that it really does feel like you are wearing your baby!!

Nicole R. on

That’s not a very secure carry. Usually the bottom “rail” (or hem) of a sling should be pulled UP when carrying a newborn. That means the two hems of the pouch should be lined up together, both facing the sky, with the baby nestled in between them, like in a cradle. It looks like the fabric is splayed out, and that Henry is being held mostly by being pressed against Julia’s body, rather than being securely in the sling. That’s why we see his hand out of the BOTTOM of the sling — if his hand could slip out, he could slip out too! No doubt that’s why she needs to keep her hand on him so tightly.

neves on

The baby must be overheated and not get airflow in that sling….can he fall out of the bottom? those things make me nervous.

ladymama on

“Babywearing” is a term that comes from attachment parenting. It’s not a marketing thing. The idea is that you are hands free while your baby continues to experience life as part of your body, as in pregnancy. http://www.attachmentparenting.org/

Hollister on

The readers are observant! the bottom of the sling looks like Henry could slip out! If Julia’s hand were not there. However, when slings are worn correctly they are very safe! More accidents happen with babies falling out of carseats than slings, from what I have read.