Spice Girls reunite for 11 tour dates

06/28/2007 at 10:25 AM ET

As soon as Emma Bunton‘s maternity leave is over, the Spice Girls will kick off an 11-date reunion tour and release a greatest hits album. The girl-power group announced the news this morning, posing for photos at a news conference.

The tour is going to require more room then last time around, given the size of the group’s brood — Victoria Beckham has three sons, Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 4 and Cruz, 2.  Melanie Brown has two daughters, Phoenix Chi, 8, and Angel Iris, 11 weeks.  Geri Halliwell has a daughter, Bluebell, 13 months.  Emma is currently pregnant with her first child, due in August.   

Last week, documents were leaked asking the women to ‘not become pregnant — please!’


Source: The Daily Mail

Photos by Splash News, splashnews.com, splashnewsonline.com

Click below for three more photos — 2 group and 1 of Emma.


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Noelle on

I really wish Victoria would smile. She looks horrible in her pictures.

Charlene on

I love Geri’s look! She looks great always, even out and about with Bluebell. It’s amazing how much older (and the same) the girls look, especially Emma – maybe because she’s pregnant.
A Spice Girls reunion sounds fun and I’ll definitely buy the Greatest Hits CD.

Izzie25 on

LOL I’m excited for some reason…I used to love them. Anyways, they all look amazing!

Amanda on

Emma looks so cute! In fact, they all look very good…except Victoria. I’m sorry, but I think she looks completely rediculous!! Talk about trying too hard…we get it already! You think you’re SO hot! The others look so naturally beautiful, she looks like manufactured beauty.

Michelle Nicole on

That’s great, Scary Spice – looks better now than ever, she’s showing Eddie that he’s really a donkey in real life. Looking forward to seeing them all.

Michelle Nicole

Devon on

Yay! I LOVE the Spice Girls. Too bad they aren’t coming anywhere near where I live. Definitely going to buy their CD!

jules on

I agree with Noelle–Victoria always looks as if she’s tasted something bad in her photos. I read about how fun she is, but you’d never guess from her photos! “Scary” does look fabulous! And I like seeing her curvy– and naturally so, not obviously and unaturally “enhanced”.
Maybe she and “Posh” should switch names?

Alise on

Yeah I agree with the other post, Im not sure why Posh is the only one who is trying to look so mean. And her cleavege is just too much to handle! Compared to the others she looks out of place, but she is a very hot woman for having three children so I do give her credit for that! Geri’s outfit is cute but doesnt really match what the other girls are wearing, kind of weird.

Posh_Fan on

Victoria hates her smile so she never smiles. You would never know she goes the funniest personality out of all of them .

Bren on

I love them!! can’t wait!! my favorite is Victoria…lol she sometimes looks like a cartoon lol but that is just the way she is and we are all different! They all seem like sweet ladies! Best of luck!

charsmom on

WOW! All the Spice Girls look fabulous; healthy and glowing and naturally radiant!(Well, except for Victoria – why is she always so mad in all photos of her?!?!)

Jennie on

Victoria looks horrible! I would never waste my money on a ticket to see her. The other girls look great! Wholesome…beautiful…and they all look happy! Get a life Victoria…or appreciate what you have already! Yikes!

Jennie on

Victoria looks horrible! I would never waste my money on a ticket to see her. The other girls look great! Wholesome…beautiful…and they all look happy! Get a life Victoria…or appreciate what you have already! Yikes!

Jennie on

Victoria looks horrible! I would never waste my money on a ticket to see her. The other girls look great! Wholesome…beautiful…and they all look happy! Get a life Victoria…or appreciate what you have already! Yikes!

Autumn on

As lovely as ever, the Spice Girls have certainly changed in the past 10 yrs. Based solely on this set of pics, Victoria’s still a fashionista, Mel B.’s vamping it up a bit, Emma & Mel C. are more adult conservative, and Geri’s an earth mother!

Far cry from mini-skirts, piercings, and platform shoes…but I think they pull off their looks better now than back then.

Jobeth on

Tee hee, maybe Victoria’s the new Scary Spice?

Natalie S. on

Autumn you pegged them, exactly what I thought as well! Wow it’s great to see them together again. They all look fantastic. This isn’t an insult to Geri’s sense of style what so ever because I dig her style. I do wish she would’ve gone with the rest of them and wore black. She sticks out like a sore thumb..then again perhaps that’s what she wanted..lol anyhoo..Mel C. looks great, considering she doesn’t have children yet, I don’t see her often as the others but still great to see them all together again, i’m excited!

Deborah on

I’m really happy for them–they didn’t end with a bang, like they should have. The Spice Girls more fizzled out in 2001 than anything, so this is a great chance to get together, show a united front, do a great job and say goodbye on a positive note.
As for Victoria’s outfit…you know, I was a little taken aback by the “LOOK AT THESE BOOBS!!!” outfit, but I have to wonder…she has a really bizarre sense of humour and I could just see her taking a tongue-in-cheek swipe at herself and her image by wearing that getup!

Holly on

I have to agree with all the other posters…all the Spice Girls really do look great with the exception of Victoria. I mean if she moves wrong are those things gonna fall out? Granted, for having three kids she looks fantastic – but regardless she has such natural beauty and needs to stop trying so hard.

Angela on

Posh tries way too hard!! Her boobs look ridiculous. She looked so much better in the early days, with her healthy figure, dark hair, real boobs!! I think she is having an early mid-life crisis!!! I don’t like Geri’s dress, the only 3 look nice. Emma is glowing.

Can’t believe they aren’t coming to Dublin, Ireland, for the tour. They had loads of fans here!! Dublin is only 50minutes away from London by plane! They could have made the effort to come here too.

Autumn on

Yeah most of the other gals look like they may have gained a bit here or there, or they generally have the bodies of fit 30-something women or mothers (or mother-to-be as is Emma’s case), however Victoria compared to a decade ago looks like one of those women who look like she went on a crash diet/had lypo and a boob job to make up for imperfections in her body after having 3 boys! (I doubt that’s really the case, but in that outfit especially, that’s the impression she gives.)

annonymous on

What gets me about Victoria is those pants. They’re so…shiny and…small..

Mary on

I saw a quick video of their meeting and Victoria looks totally unconfortable there.

Ali on

You would never think that Posh has a personality, but omg when I watched her docmentary on youtube, she was the funniest person I have ever seen! This woman is not only witty, but she’s hilarious! And you would never guess it by any of her photos, but then again I don’t think I would be so happy if the paps followed me around EVERYWHERE i go! Love them all, can’t wait for the cd and for everyone who thinks Posh is a witch, go search her on youtube and tell me what you think then.

MaceyLynn on

I can’t wait to see how this is going to turn out. But I think based on this picture, Geri (Ginger Spice)does look down to earth. Wow, I have not used that name in a long time. Emma looks really sweet, and she is glowing. Sporty, Melanie C looks like she changed the most. She looks more conservative, and mature. She has aged great. She looks great, better than before. More girly, less sporty. Melanie B. I am not sure if I am mixing their names up. She looks better, and yeah has a more realistic figure. But Victoria looks uncomfortable, and her hairstyle and blonde hair at that does not suit her. She looked better with long hair. She looks plastic, but I have seen her in videos. Her personality is far from that sterotype, she is so down to earth and sweet. Plus, I agree she is hilarious.

Denesha McGee on

I’m so happy for them. And 2 the four of them that r moms “Motherhood Rocks”

Kim on

I think the girls look great except perhaps Posh needs to eat a sandwich! Actually she kinda gives me the creeps….

gianna on

I loved them when I was in school, so I’m happy they are reuniting. Posh was always my favorite. I don’t like her hair blonde, but her body looks good for 3 kids.

Melissa on

Victoria is actually the funniest one out of all of them. Her documentaries are HILARIOUS and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her twice and she was just the nicest person and so funny.

Chloe on

Wow I LOVE Emmas bump, she looks so good! xx

kb on

i used to think victoria was really pretty..when she had a fuller figure and face and when she used to smile a little bit.

Now, she just looks scary. She really should switch titles with Mel B. She’s Scary and Mel B’s Posh. Victoria just looks like a skeletal woman who is miserable or angry with the world. And her fashion sense is getting worse as the days pass… I wish she would smile…the more she morphs the more she seems weird next to Beckham.



Ann on

I loved the Spice Girls and I think that they all look great with the exception of Victoria. I don’t care if she isn’t smiling, but I find her outfit ridiculous, it looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Shanay on


steph on

As excited as I am about the reunion of the spice girls I’m crushed to find out that they are not coming to canada. us canadian girls grew up on them too!! and i highly doubt the majority of our parents will let us travel to new york (which is the closest tour location) to see the show. are they 11 tour dates final?