Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears considering babies via surrogate mom

06/28/2007 at 11:58 AM ET

Jake Shears, the lead singer of the music group Scissor Sisters, recently told the British television show Orange Playlist that he would like to have children with boyfriend Chris, a Yale art student.  According to Jake, the couple would like to use a surrogate who would ultimately carry two children for the couple — one fathered by each man. 

It would be really cool to have two kids by the same mom, one impregnated by him and one by me, and that way they would look like us and each other. 

Jake added that it was "inevitable" that he and Chris would have children.

Source:  AHN

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Cassandra on

That’s cool, he is good looking and would make some good looking kids. He would be a fun dad as well.

I love the Scissor Sisters, they are so catchy!

preesi on

Elton John loves these guys but Ive never heard their stuff, but I am happy for them nontheless

Jessie on

That’s just lovely!

Tracy on

I second you “Pressi”!!!

MissMissy on

I think it’s a really cool idea to have the same surrogate mother from the standpoint of being able to keep together a cohesive family unit. It would make things much easier if the mother wanted to maintain some contact (if that was agreed upon and whatnot).

Natalee on

I think it’s wonderful, but won’t they have to find a surrogate who is a friend to carry the baby? I only ask, because I thought that certain states had surrogacy laws that stated that a paid surrogate can not have biological connection to the child. All of those surrogacy laws popped up after the infamous “Baby M” case in the 80’s.

However, they could get the egg from an anonymous egg donor, fertilize w/their sperm, and transfer embryos via IVF to a paid surrogate. Either way, good for them!

Ash on


I thought this band was British so our laws wouldn’t apply to them anyway? I don’t know anything about this band though ;). I do know that many people in America have used surrogates related to them. I’ve heard several stories of mothers being surrogates for their daughters’ children, and I’m pretty sure I saw an episode of A Baby Story where a man’s sister acted as a surrogate for him and his partner.

Natalee on

No, the band is actually from America (I’m a big fan!), but they are bigger career-wise in the UK. If you like the 70’s Elton John sound, you’d really like this band.

I’m sure they could use a relative or friend, just as long as they were not compensated financially. It’s only if they wanted to use a surrogacy “service” that the laws come into play. I’m just assuming they are planning to use a non-relative/friend surrogate, but I’ll guess we’ll see when that day comes! 🙂

Jessie on

Yeah, what Ash said. I’m not really sure the laws, but there is also a difference between a gestational surrogate (carries a child and has no biological connection to it) and a traditional surrogate (carries a child using her own eggs).

Beccalovesbabies on

I don’t think it’s any better to deliberately rob a child of a mother than to rob it of a father. This has nothing to do with them being gay. I think it’s just as atrocious for a woman to deliberatly become pregnant with no intention of having a father around for the child.

And as for a relative being a surrogate. . . well, a woman who carries a baby in her body will likely have a very difficult time detaching herself. She’ll likely always feel like someone else is raising *her* baby, and she won’t like it if they do things while raising the child that *she* wouldn’t do.

N on

Oh, how wonderful!! I love hearing about gay families, potential, in planning, and in full bloom. 🙂

Lorus on

This is neat! It reminds me of Sara Gilbert and her partner. Each woman is carrying/has carried a baby.
Good Luck to them!

sigh on

Aww, I love Jake and the Scissor Sisters. Congratulations to them! I can’t wait to see their kiddos. 😀

Tracy on


That is a very close-minded perspective you have… There are SO many single parents right now raising children just fine by themselves! And it’s not like these children would be without a mother, they would just have TWO fathers instead!

And I say bravo to a woman who is willing to help two gay men achieve a dream they otherwise wouldn’t be able to accomplish. Of course she would become “attached”, but most surrogates look at their pregnancy not as their own, but as helping someone have their own children. That’s also what most adoption parents feel.

I don’t see anything wrong with not having one parent or the other, as long as you have at least ONE that loves you with all their heart!