Rowan Henchy's first interview

06/28/2007 at 07:13 AM ET

Mr_fp_130243_cbbAt the ripe age of 4, Rowan Francis Henchy has granted her first interview to the media. The first daughter of Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy and sister of Grier Hammond, 14 months, spoke to Us Weekly during a trip to Disneyland.

Here’s the short Q&A:

Have you been to Disneyland before?

No, but yesterday I went on this…what is it called, Mama? [‘A roller coaster,’ says Brooke.] A roller coaster! And you go superfast. And there are these sprinkles and you get wet, and rocks falling down, but they’re not real-life rocks. And we went in this cave, and it was so scary.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your mom?

Go to the park with her and Grier.

What does Grier do that makes you laugh? Is she a funny baby?

She goes potty in her pants!

Source: Us Weekly, July 9 issue, pg 49

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Monica on

That last quote just made my day! I laughed right out loud.

Laurie on

Awww she is too cute! LOL at Rowan’s Grier comment.

Bella on

Rowan sounds so happy and lively. And her last comment is just classic!

MMM on

I love the “whats it called mama?”. She’s a doll.

stephanie on

Us Weekly is getting creepier and creepier. First Shiloh got her own cover, then Suri, now they’re interviewing a four year old? I wonder when their body language expert is going to say Sean Preston doesn’t really love his mom because he refused to eat his veggies.

Xan on

Aw, cute. But, seems rather young for an interview! Though, Brooke was in the limelight since she was a child herself and she seems to have turned out OK.

Cassandra on

I think that is too cute. I don’t find anything wrong with Rowan getting interviewed. 4 year olds love to talk about things like going to Disney Land. My 4 year old brother will tell complete strangers he got a time out in school!

Nausicaa on

How cute! Rowan sounds very articulate.

Jackie on

The last quote was so CUTE! the whole thing was, but the last one made me smile.

Doreen on

LOL Loved her comment about Grier!!! I too laughed out loud and I loved her ‘what is it called, Mama?’ line!!

nona on

That is as cute as can be, and hilarious! I’m not sure I’ve heard any other direct quotes from celebrity babies. it’s completely entertaining and i don’t think there’s anything wrong with Rowan doing it. Kids probably think it’s cool to be in a magazine. I totally wanted to be famous when I was little.
As long as we’re here, looking at photos of strangers, we may as well hear what they have to say. i think it makes them seem more human, and less like accessories in these celebrities’ getups.
And oh, the perspective kids have. I change a lot of diapers, and I have to thank Rowan for pointing out the humour of the situation.

gianna on

Rowan is so cute, and sounds very smart for her age. Last year she was on that show extra at the age of 3, and not only talked clearly, but wasn’t camera shy at all. I think she takes after Brooke a lot, who was smart from young and talkative. So cute.