Naomi Watts at Brentwood Country Mart

06/28/2007 at 06:59 PM ET

Actress Naomi Watts, 38, stops into the Brentwood Country Mart for a bite to eat and a little furniture shopping. She is due to give birth to her first child with Liev Schreiber in July. x17 Online has more images.


Photo by Andrade for Pacific Coast News.

Thanks to CBB reader Heather.

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claire on

Next month?? I hope it’s July 1. She looks so ready to pop. I say girl from the way she’s carrying.

ekaterina on

I was gonna say teh same thing! lucky for her next month is only a day or two away!
WOW there is gonna be a baby soon!

Megan on

Oh man–first of all Naomi is adorable…but she definitely looks about ready to pop with that little one–but I gotta say, she always looks happy and smiling when we see picture of her–pregnancy really agrees with her–you can just tell she is very happy and excited =)) I cannot wait to meet this little one! And judging from these recent pics, that should be any day now =) YAY for Naomi and Liev!

Marilyn on

She looks like she’s carrying twins or triplets! Maybe she is but hasn’t let anyone know.

Karen on

I predict a girl for Naomi & Liev. She looks so round and fully pregnant compared to say Jenna Elfman who is expecting a boy and is carrying a B-Ball same for Bridget Moynahan definetly a boy.

Natasha on

I don’t think she is there yet…she is carrying so high!! I think girl too.

sasha on

Girl’s about to pop! She looks awesome, I love to see hugely pregnant women all out and about. But for her sake, I hope that baby comes soon!

Annoynomus on

She does look big, but I don’t think she is carrying twins. Probably just one BIG baby. I know of a few other woman that this was the case with. Anyway, she probably would have mentioned if she was carrying twins or more. So far, I haven’t known of one celeb who has had or is expecting twins that hasn’t admitted it during the pregnancy.

Mimi on

She is HUGE! But in a very cute way, of course! I definately think she’s going to have this baby very soon! I’m hoping girl, but I don’t have anything to base it on. Do they know what they’re having?

Sarah’s note: Nope!

amelie on

I was 100% convinced it was a boy until this photo! Every other photo she’s been looking like she’s having a boy.

Alioop on

Oh my word, that baby belly is outta control!!!!

Even though she does look ready to pop, I think she may have to wait a little longer … she is still carrying very high.

She must be having a very big baby and with Liev as the daddy, it’s no wonder!

gizmatage on

She’s adorable. And yes, she looks HUGE — but in an “adorable” way 🙂 Best wishes to Naomi and Liev!

Alyssa on

Cute pic! She is huge but I don’t think she will pop anytime soon. Doesn’t the baby have to drop first ? It still looks pretty high up there lol.

gianna on

Looks like a girl to me.

Jenny on

Can you really tell if it will be a girl or a boy by looking at the tummy?

I thought it was more what you felt like eating, not how your tummy looked, and even then every woman is different.

Tracy on

Oh my goodness! She is just so precious! Wow!

I hope for the sake of her poor back that her baby comes sooner rather than later!

FC on

Gracious! She looks ready to have the baby right now. I hope she delivers soon rather than later. Bless her! I can’t imagine how that can be comfortable carrying that much baby around.

Dawna on

Looking at both Naomi and Jenna’s pictures, Naomi is carrying high while Jenna is low. I’m not a gambling person, but my bet is Naomi is going to have a girl and Jenna a boy.

Amillia Henderson on

All I have to say is EPIDURAL!!

Rose on

hmm…I’m seven months pregnant and everyone keeps guessing correctly that I am having a boy. What is the rule? I think they say I am carrying way out in front and mainly in my stomach.

I thought Naomi’s due date was Aug 2?

She looks great. Wow, I’m feeling big at 7 months — I guess I am going to be huge by 9 months.