Kristy Swanson attempts to lose baby weight

06/28/2007 at 11:50 PM ET
Kristy Swanson tipped the scales at nearly 200 lbs. when she waspregnant with her son Magnus Hart Swanson, now 4 months, and she is determined to shedmost of the weight in time for her October wedding to Skating withCelebrities partner Lloyd Eisler. The actress, 37, who added an excess20 lbs. to her 5’6" frame before even getting pregnant from binging on"wonderful antipasti with cheese and crackers," is now down to 155 lbs.and is using the Medifast diet to drop another 30 lbs.
I know the longer I wait the harder it will be. [I was] eating everything that wasn’t nailed down [during the pregnancy].
Now, Kristy hopes to bring her size 10 body down to a size 6with Medifast’s 1,000 calorie per day diet and "meal replacements." Theprogram, of which she’s a spokeswoman, instructs her to eat fiveMedifast dishes of such foods as powdered scrambled eggs and broccolisoup and allows for one "real meal" of healthy foods like grilled fishand steamed vegetables.
Since guesting as an Anna Nicole Smith-type on Law & Order:Criminal Intent last month, Kristy hasn’t lined up any more jobs as shewants to focus on Magnus.
I don’t have a nanny – I want to be a hands-on mom.
Source: People, July 9 issue, pg 95-96

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Lorus on

Wow. There are people out there who actually believe eating only 1000 calories a day is healthy?!

SM on

I just had a baby four months ago too, so I can sympathize with wanting to lose weight. But that sort of crash diet will ruin your milk supply and make it next to impossible to nourish your baby.

charsmom on

I really don’t want to judge Kristy for taking these measures to lose her baby weight. However, when I read interviews like this I am so thankful that I do not live and work in Hollywood. It is too sad that Kristy feels she needs to starve herself on this crazy diet.

Sabina on

Powdered scrambled eggs and broccoli soup? Er, no thanks, I think I’d rather eat the cardboard boxes they come in! Honestly, when will people realise that using common sense when you eat and common sense when you exercise is the only way to a truly fit, healthy body that will last you for a lifetime? Who wants to be skinny now but spend the last 20 or so years of their life suffering from osteoporosis, joint replacement operations, failing kidneys, loose teeth and goodness knows what else as a consequence of years of poor nutrition and stupid expensive diet plans and treatments? I know I don’t.

Melissa 7/7/78 on

She may not be breastfeeding and not care about her milk supply.

gianna on

I saw her recently on extra, I thought she was pregnant again, because her stomach was really big, but I guess she is having hard time losing it.

Jessica on

There’s gotta be a better way Kristy! Though I suppose she’s getting paid to do it, so…..

I’ll be hitting the yoga mat and the stationary bike after my baby’s born. I love food too much to starve myself like that. :/

Just eat healthy portions and exercise and you’ll be fine!

De on

What is the matter with being a size 10? Honestly. I think being well proportioned and feeling healthy is all that really matters.

I felt(and looked) like death at a size 6. I maintain an 8/10 and get compliments on my figure all the time. I am only 5’3 but super busty, small waisted and have some junk in the trunk.I do pilates everyday. I watch what I eat. I feel comfortable in my own skin, even if I can’t wear a string bikini.

1000 calories a day, that is just too little as a new mom that needs tons of energy to function.

I am so glad I do not live my life in the spotlight so I can be a normal person,at a healthy size.

tealou on

haha “tipped the scales at 200lbs”. In pregnancy? Jesus.

I feel sorry for her.

preesi on

I dieted myself into having to have my gallbladder removed on crash diets…
Shes such a fool!

Jules on

Jealous much ladies? 125 pounds and a size 6 is a very healthy weight/size. This is a realistic goal for Kristy. There is no reason she should live with a chubby size 10 body.

obnox on

haha “tipped the scales at 200lbs”. In pregnancy? Jesus.

I feel sorry for her.

Posted by: tealou at Jun 29, 2007 10:06:03 PM

…………………..and what is exactly your problem? It happens hun, pregnancy is rough and it sounds as if you’re an ignorant guy or a girl that needs to get out more. Also, to the others, if that is what she wants to it is her body and not everyone breastfeeds. ugh