Keri Russell and River grab an iced coffee

06/28/2007 at 10:38 PM ET

Actress Keri Russell, 31, stops for an iced coffee while out for a walk with son River, 2 1/2 weeks, in NYC earlier today.


Photo by Humberto Carreno for Startraks.

Pop_wave03Keri wears River in a PSling New York Avant Wave in blue ($350+; available in store only).

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Nancy on

Keri is such a cute little mother. She has been seen out with her baby many times in the last week! No babysitter needed for this super mom!

Cindy on

Boy, she makes it look so easy. I wish I looked like that 2 weeks after giving birth! I think I was still attached to my couch trying to latch a screaming baby. All the power to her!

Southern girl on

She is super cute. I like that she looks so normal. She isn’t all dressed up…she looks like a “real” mom…not that real moms can’t dress up…but she just looks comfortable with herself & her new little one. I like that about her. 🙂

gianna on

She is so cute, and lost all the baby weight so fast. Can’t wait to see her baby boy.

Mina on

I’m glad she’s a one woman mom! Not to say nannies (or mannies to be fair!) are a bad thing, but some are used to replace parents.

I hope this doesnt sound dumb because I’m almost 21…but I have 2 nieces aged 8 & 1 who never used that sling but….wont the baby be hot in that thing pressed up against the mom that way? I’ve be paranoid. LOL. But it is cute though….

Amy on

haha so i didnt realize that she had had the baby already and i didnt notice at first that she was wearing the sling (its early). all i noticed is that her tummy looked tiny and i was like, wait, i thought she was pregnant! LOL i’m such a ditz

charsmom on

Kerri is too cute! Have there been any pictures of River yet? I wish she would learn to use the sling so she didn’t have to hold the baby all the time – both she and her son would be so much more comfortable if she was using it correctly!

Diana on

She is so cute!!!:)

ladymama on

Some fabrics used in slings, like solarveil, are designed for warmer weather so that babies won’t be hot while they are being worn. That sling looks like it’s made from linen, and considering newborns don’t regulate body temperature well on their own, River is probably not hot. Think about all the tiny babies you see in strollers out in about- they have blankets on them. I am so glad Keri is wearing her baby, and I agree she looks fabulous and super relaxed! But the loose knot on that sling makes me nervous.

heather on

anyone know what brand of sling that might be? it looks like a ring sling without the ring…only knotted. and that fabric looks perfect for summer. i gotta find out who makes it.

Sarah’s note: It’s a PSling. We had the info in other posts on Keri, but I will add it to this one as well.

Mads on

Is it me, or is she wearing the baby wrong? Where’s his head, is it under the arm she has wrapped around him? I love babywearing, but hate to see people doing it so wrong it looks like the kid could dump out!

Jessica on

As far as the sling goes, there is no real wrong way to wear one as long as you’re not putting your baby in mortal danger. I bought myself a PSling for my son who will be coming in 5 weeks or so and when they send it they also include an extensive instruction manual explaining the different ways to wear it. The way Keri is wearing it is similar to the “cradle” position that they reccomend for newborns, though she has modified it, which PSling *advocates*. They suggest ways to wear the sling but say that you should make adjustments to make it as comfy for you and baby as possible. As far as the “knot” goes, she’s just wrapped the tail end of the sling around the rings so the fabric doesn’t hang down, another thing PSling suggests if it bothers you. They also mention that until you become used to carrying your baby in the sling you may feel better cradling him/her with you arm underneath, but that soon you will be used to it and will be comfortable enough to use both hands freely.

As long as she is comfy and River is comfy, the way she wears her sling is irrelevant. I’m just so happy to see her wearing him!

Mina on

Oh ok! Thanks for clearing up the sling thing. Tee hee…I agree though, his head shouldnt be under her arm but she’s taking good care of him! I’m also amazed at how good she looks so soon after birth, but she was never really big during pregnancy.

Sasha on

My question is whether caffeine is expressed in breast milk and if it affects the baby? (not criticizing Keri or anyone else, just wondering)

Lynn on

I was going to mention that I also wondered if she’s nursing. I would think the caffeine would affect the baby.

Sarah’s note: Yes, she is. There were photos of her nursing him in a park, but she looked angry so we didn’t post.

Sasha on

it’s probably decaf then! I’ll do some research to satisfy my curiosity…

Autumn on

That’s a good question Sasha, because I’ve been wondering the same thing too, especially after watching the video on Cover Girl’s Myspace page where Keri orders a cappuccino or iced coffee (I forget which) from the coffee shop while she was still pregnant with baby River…

Does anyone know about the residual effects of caffeine on infants?

Dawna on

Imo, there’s nothing wrong with having a coffee or two while pregnant or nursing. How many women drink pop or tea or eat ice cream or chocolate while pregnant or nusing? They all have caffeine.

Lay off Keri and what she’s drinking there. It’s not like she’s drinking straight espresso. She’s doing great!

kelli on

regarding the caffeine- if you are drinking the caffeine before you get pregnant- you do not have to eliminate it from your diet, your should only have it in small amounts. It is ONLY harmful to your baby when you are drinking it constantly- the baby can’t tolerate the large amounts of sugar.

terri on

Most doctors say that you can have 1-2 cups of coffee a day while pregnant.

francina on

She looks great and very confortable with her new role… 2 weeks after giving birth I was 24/7 on a fetal position, watching my son and telling my self “Why? How? What???”
I don’t really understand the coffee comments though, in Italy we are advised not to drink more than 2 espressos a day during the pregnancy. Same goes for wine: I remember people all over the world were outraged by Gwyneth Paltrow drinking wine or beer while pregnant while in Italy no doctor will forbid you to drink a glass of wine during meals! I would say this is a classic case of cultural differences.

PSB on

Caffeine had absolutely no effect on my baby while I was nursing. I drank 1 cup a day while pregnant and once I gave birth, I was back to 2 cups a day. Nothing seemed to affect him. I drank wine during the year I was nursing and that didn’t affect him either (though I didn’t nurse him when I wad drunk, obv.) A baby nurse told me (regarding alcohol) that if you’re not too drunk to drive, then you can nurse. I’d assume the same holds true for caffeine — if you didn’t drink enough to feel jittery, then it probably had no affect on the baby. However, there are always exceptions. Some babies are extremely sensitive–not mine though!