Angelina Jolie drops Zahara off at school

06/28/2007 at 05:02 PM ET

Actress Angelina Jolie, 32, was spotted dropping daughter Zahara Marley, 2 1/2, who was munching on a banana, off at school in Prague on Thursday. More photos at Just Jared.


Photo by INF.

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BritGoes2Cal on

Zahara is so cute….she has so much personality. I love AJ,BP and their family!!

Nausicaa on

Angelina and Zahara look so alike! I love Zahara. She looks cutesy with her little pigtails and big round eyes, but she always looks like she has an “I’m the boss” attitude. We’ve all seen kids with that killer combination!

Karen on

Very cute picture but my first thought was “where is Pax?” since the two of them always go to school together. I checked out Just Jared and they have more pics which show Brad was also there carrying Pax into the school. I find it funny how there are daily pictures of these kids getting dropped off and picked up from school, lol.

phoebe on

Do they ever let Zahara walk? I think the child always looks grumpy, a little addled.

CBB Note: She was walking in at least 2 pics last week.

Roger on

Phoebe, check the archives. (You don’t have to go back far.) There have been scores of pictures of Diva Z smiling, playing and taking playful note of the cameras. She’s been far from grumpy.

Annoynomus on

Phoebe- Keep in mind that Z is only two. Angie and Brad probably don’t want to risk her being trampled by all the paps. Also, Angie and/or Brad have stated that Z suffered from rickets as a baby, and in a lot of photos she appears to be bow-legged in at least one leg. Therefore, it is possible that she can’t walk very well yet.
All of that said, Z is adorable! She and Shiloh are definently my fav. celebrity baby girls!

Shell on

Phoebe, I have wondered about these stars that are always carrying their children, but I realized with all of the people who are always folowing I would carry my child as well for their safety.

Emily on

I think it must be very frustrating to be surrounded by so many people all of the time. I think there would be moments where I would want to scream with it and lock myself in a room by myself. I hope they find enough time to just be a family alone together without outside eyes watching constantly.

Deb on

i was just wondering if they’re going to some kind of actual school or if school is,in this context,being used as a substitute word for day care. After reading all the recent posts about the kids being dropped off at school,I just think it’s a little strange(JUST MY opinion,mind you)that they go to school(except maybe for Maddox) that young(Yes,I know that there are such things as pre-school but still…) I hope that at least part of the reason is so they can socialize with other kids their age since it’s not like they can just hang out with other kids in their neighborhood(like us “normal” people.)

Annoynomus on

Deb- I am guessing that Pax probably goes to pre-school, seeing as how he is 3 1/2 years old (and three is the age that most kids begin pre-school, at least in the U.S.). To be honest, I’d find it a bit strange if he DIDN’T go to pre-school. Zahara may go to pre-school as well, since a few pre-schools do accept kids as young as two. If not, I am guessing that she goes to some sort of Playgroup or something.

terri on

They attend the American International school which has the same curriculum around the world, whatever that curriculum is.

Hannah on

Angelina looks so good. I love that we can see her child birthplace coordinates tattoo in this picture. This probably sounds silly but to me photo is sort of symbollic – like, she and Zahara are looking together in the same direction, holding each other close, which is what their family is really all about! Bringing these people together from all over the world to share a common future.

Lol, I know they’re just looking in the door in the school and it’s not a posed photo or anything, but that was the thought I’m immediately got. Of course pap photos aren’t exactly the highest of fine art!

Deb, I think the school is a sort of pre-school rather than a day care. In one picture from last week Pax and Zahara were pictured coming out with little paper ‘graduation hats’ that they’d painted liberally with green paint, which I think must have been part of their pre-school graduation ceremony 🙂 I don’t think they would have had those for just day care.

gianna on

Phoebe yea I agree Zahara always tends to look grumpy or angry lol. Than you see a child like Violet affleck, who always looks like a happy child with always a smile on her face.

meela on


Give the child a break! All children are different; I too would be grumpy if my life included flashing light bulbs in my face every day that I left my house. To Zahara’s credit she clearly has displayed that she is a happy child. It’s a little unfair to compare her to anyone else.

Bogota on


they’ve been a lot of pictures of Zahara smiling and being playful. Maybe you should check the archives.

Jessica on

I love this family, but my first thought was how thin Angie looks in the picture. I hope she’s doing okay. She has her 4 children looking to her and her partner Brad, I hope she can find some time to herself everyday. I know it’s hard though. I just wish her the best.

Lauren on

To be fair, I’ve seen photos of Violet having her share of meltdowns and not looking like a child you’d want to be around, just as I’ve seen photos of Zahara smiling. And she looks anything but grumpy in this photo, imo.

Sabina on

I think Zahara has so much character in her little face that her resting expression looks alert and observant, whereas a child like Violet Affleck sort of relaxes her face into a semi-smile when she’s not laughing or frowning. That may be why Violet appears to have a better temperament than Zahara, but Z actually has the biggest sunniest grin you can imagine, it’s lovely. For the record, I love the Jolie-Pitt family *and* the Affleck family, they’re two of my favourites along with Denise Richards, Lola and Sam, and the Seal/Heidi clan!

shemari on

Why is it that Zahara and Henry Klum are the only celebrity kids that seem to regularly get negative comments?

Shiloh has not smiled in any of the pics I’ve seen of her, yet no one comments that she isn’t a happy child.

There are a number of other kids who almost never smile. Some look downright cross, yet I don’t see any mention or question about their “grumpy” dispositions.

What’s up with that?

Southern girl on

As far as Z being happy, gumpy, etc…all kids are different. My three were all very happy, pleasant, smiling children…my niece on the other hand, was always frowning…though, she did have it a lot “rougher” than my children, if that makes sense. I am sure that all of Brad and Angelina’s kids have been through so much, and then to have people following them around all day…the kids are probably a little mixed up and confused…though I bet they will get used to it. I think it just affects children differently, some love the attention and smile, some hate it and pout, and some are in between. In this particular pic, I think Z looks like a normal child, eating her ‘nanner and going to school/daycare…

J.M. on

First and foremost if you had thousands of strange men screaming at you that you didn’t know flashing cameras in your face all day long how would that make you feel?

Secondly, she’s freakin two years old. Name one child that you know at her age who is genuinely happy 24/7?

I have seen many pics of Z these past few weeks and she is so happy! She’s got the biggest smile and in the videos she’s pointing and asking questions like, “look” or “more people”…she clearly isn’t an unhappy child all the time. But I am sure as a toddler she has her moments.

And lastly, I too would’t care for my child to walk with all these people surrounding them. These paps aren’t very respectful and one wrong move and they can trample these poor babies. And not to mention that once again she’s two. It’s so much faster to get a two yr old in and out of one place by carrying them, trust me I know! Now if Angelina was constantly carrying Maddox around all the time then I’d be concerned. But Zahara is practically a baby still so it’s understandable while Angie or Brad would carry her in.

FC on

I love how they’re almost wearing the same outfit. 🙂

And as for her looking grumpy, she doesn’t. There are plenty of pictures where she’s been in her moods before, and they’ve been featured here recently, and every child isn’t always going to be happy. They have tantrums. It is normal, even for celeb kids.