Naomi Watts at Sound for Motion Pictures and Television building

06/27/2007 at 03:54 PM ET

Actress Naomi Watts, 38, arrives at the Sound for Motion Pictures and Television building on Wednesday. She expects her first child next month.


Photo by Bauer-Griffin.

On46066402vliv01Naomi wears Old Navy maternity roll-up cargo capris ($30).

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Elizabeth on

What do you think she’s having?

I think girl, I have all along, but then I was so sure Keri Russell was having a girl!

Beverley on

I wonder where she plans to deliver. And my doctor told me not to fly at that point of my pregnancies and she has been jetting around a lot lately.

millie on

She said before that her ob-gyn is in L.A. so I’m assuming that’s why she moved back home. If Liev doesn’t join her soon, he’ll miss the birth of his child.

Jenny on

I think she will have a boy. A little Naomi would be nicer though.

I seriously don’t think that Liev won’t miss the birth because it will be a planned cesearean. Most stars have them.

emma on

that is one big baby bump!! i think girl too! what sort of name do you think they’ll pick something unusal or fairly normal??

Bella on

Naomi has seemed pregnant for so long – even heavily pregnant for so long! I think we will be seeing her little one sooner rather than later. Hopefully they release a photo…

Claudia on

I’m wondering what sort of belt is she wearing? Is it to keep track of neo-natal movements? Here in europe, I’ve never seen it before…

Lachacha on

I love that she is wearing pants made by Old Navy.

lilkunta on

I too wonder at what month must a lady stop flying? Julia Roberts was in Hawaii, then flew to CA and dropped Henry 2 days later!

@millie when did she say this ?

@jenny: when did she say she is having a elective c section?

Annoynomus on

lilkunta- I am assuming that Naomi probably has a private jet, which is why she can still fly. That said, I totally agree with your comment to Jenny!
While it’s true that a lot of celebs have planned C-sections, not all of them do, and we shouldn’t assume Naomi will.

To the poster who said Liev will miss the birth of his child- Naomi is actually due in July, so he has a few more days to get there. Also, it doesn’t look like she has dropped yet, so I am guessing she won’t have the baby for at least another week. I seriously doubt Liev is planning to miss the birth of his first child!

Bella- Why wouldn’t they release a photo?

Bella on

@ Annoynomus

While I don’t really see your reason for calling out me out for hoping they release a photo, I hope they do because I think their baby will be gorgeous. My reason for ‘hoping’ they release a photo as opposed to expecting them to is because they don’t have to. Not all celebrities do release photos and considering how private Naomi and Liev were about the pregnancy for some time it is possible they will choose not to.

samantha on

her belly looks really cute and its huge also may god give her a healthy baby and she looks beautilful

Lauren on

“Bella- Why wouldn’t they release a photo?”

Maybe because they have been extremely private throughout the pregnancy to the point of being misleading and don’t want to shove their baby into the spotlight before they are old enough to make that decision themselves? Not every celebrity puts their kids in front of the camera to do the seemingly obligatory People magazine spread within a week of giving birth.

yogadaisy on

oh, I would be surprised if she had a planned c-section. She strikes me as a more natural mom and I can see her having a natural, med-free birth (at least I hope she is!).

Annoynomus on

Bella- I am sorry I made it sound like I was “calling you out”. In reality, I was simply curious as to why you thought they wouldn’t release a photo. Also, I guess it bothered me that they may not release a photo. However, you are right, it is their choice whether or not they will release a photo. I imagine we will probably still get a few photos taken by paps even if they choose not to release an offical one. 🙂

Lauren on

“I can see her having a natural, med-free birth (at least I hope she is!).”

Why the heck does anyone care what kind of birth she or any other celebrity has? I can see her having a natural birth also, but I don’t “hope” she does. I “hope” she does whatever is best and most comfortable for her, and if that means she needs and wants an epidural, so be it. I’m so sick of readers here dissecting the way celebs give birth to death, as if the actual birthing process is more important than the baby itself. Worry about having your own natural births and leave other women alone.

Bella on

@ Annoynomus

Hopefully they do release a photo but you’re right the paps will eventually get some good ones. Jen Garner kept Violet’s face out of the press for ages and look how often we see that cutie now!

Either way, it’ll be a gorgeous baby 🙂