Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck visit a farm

06/27/2007 at 08:55 PM ET

Actress Jennifer Garner, 35, and daughter Violet Anne, 18 months, spent the morning at a Hawaiian farm. The pair fed a horse carrots, or attempted to — as you can see in the photo, Violet threw the carrots to the ground! See more pics at Just Jared.


Photo by Will Binns for Pacific Coast News.

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Leah on

is she just sticking her stomach out to support her child or maybe the serious talk she had a few days ago on the beach (from the pictures) was about another baby?

Annoynomus on

Leah- If you look at her lower back, it is obvious that she was sticking her stomach out. I must say, I am getting very curious as to why people can’t seem to accept the fact that Jen and Ben won’t be getting pregnant this year (Note: this is not in any way aimed at you Leah. I was referring to ALL the posters who have, over the past several weeks, insisted that Jen is pregnant).

Annoynomus on

Leah- I also want to mention that, if you look at other very recent pics of Jen (both on here and at Just Jarad) she is clearly not pregnant.

Southern girl on

I don’t understand …everyone is always speculating “she isn’t pregnant because her stomach is flat”, or “She has a pooch, she’s pregnant”…not just about Jen, but all the women celebrities. Fact is, someone can be several months prego and still not show…someone can also have a pooch/gain weight and not be pregnant. With all three of my pregnancies I didn’t start showing until about 5 months…and my friend, who is thin except for her stomach area, always has people asking when she’s due, and she’s not pregnant! So, I guess you all can keep stressing each other out by speculating and saying this and arguing over that, but truth is, we don’t know anything for sure until the celebrity themselves want us to know 😉

Heather on

“Annonymous”-how can you be so sure she’s not going to have a baby this year? I saw some other pictures of her and Luciana shopping and she looked pregnant (3 months I’d guess) so I would be very suprised if we DIDN’T hear an announcement soon!

Annoynomus on

Heather- I am sure because Jen herself told InStyle a few months ago that, because she needs to concentrate on work right now, she and Ben will not be getting pregnant this year.

Annoynomus on

Oh, and Jen has also publicly stated that, after having Violet, she ALWAYS looks two months pregnant!

Annoynomus on

Whoops! I meant InStyle, not InTouch!

Emily on


How can you say that she ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT be having any kids this year? I understand that she said that she is not planning on having any more right now because of her wanting to work and all, but how can you say that about anyone? Especially someone you don’t know. There are always surprise pregnancies, and celebrities have the right to change their minds and have accidental conceptions, just like the rest of us!

Bella on

She also denied her wedding and previous pregancy so let’s just not feel that Jen will tell us the truth either way. We will not ever know what is really going on, she looks sad most of the time lately.

alecia on

I really don’t see the harm in speculation as far as pregnancy is concerned. I’d say the vast population who do speculate, would love to see their favorite celebrities have beautiful, healthy babies. Pregnancy is an exciting time. I seriously do not think anyone means any harn when they say “I notice a bump or pooch.” Personally, I think it is fun to play the guessing game to later find out if you are right or wrong. Plus, many celebrities are not going to allude to their pregnancies, by making comments on the contrary, just to ward of paparazzi. My vote is that she is…just because I think it would be neat to share my pregnancy with hers.

Kristin17 on

she’s so pregnant.

Annoynomus on

Emily- I apologize. I admit, I was getting a bit carried away. To be honest, I simply feel bad for Jennifer that people are always speculating whether or not she is pregnant, especially since she has admitted that she still has a baby belly left from Violet (and therefore always looks about two months pregnant). If I were in Jennifer’s shoes, I would hate having people speculate about me being pregnant just because I had still had some baby fat from my first baby and therefore didn’t look as thin or in as great of shape as I used to.
Also, as another poster said, it is not just Jen, but practically ALL female celebrites of childbearing age that are rumored to be pregnant every time they look bigger than a size O or so (this is an exaggeration, but I couldn’t figure out how else to make that point).
I am just grateful that Jen at least (as far as we know) hasn’t been struggling with fertility/ability to carry to term issues like Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman (I feel absolutly HORRIBLE for those two whenever rumors start that they are pregnant).

gianna on

I think jen is pregnant, and violet and her are so cute. As for jen saying she doesn’t want a baby this year. Heidi klum was in a magazine last year saying she was gonna wait awhile before having a 3rd child, and a month later she annouced she was pregnant lol. So celebrities don’t always say every fact of their lives.

Annoynomus on

For all of you that are saying Jen is pregnant, take a look at these pictures:

These were taken about a week before the ones on this post were, and they show that she is definently NOT pregnant, but simply has very muscular abs! There are other recent pictures of her that show her looking very un-pregnant as well. She can’t very well have a “baby bump” one day and clearly NOT have one a day or two later.
All of this said, if she DOES turn out to be pregnant, you can go ahead and tell me, “I told you so!” I just wanted to point out the fact that there have been recent pics of Jen in which she has absolutly NO visable baby bump.