Elle Macpherson and son Cy in London

06/27/2007 at 09:21 PM ET

Model Elle Macpherson, 43, and her son Aurelius Cy, 4, were spotted out in London today. Elle also has an older son, Arpad Flynn, 9.


Photo by Bauer Griffin.

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Heather on

seriously, is that really a little boy??

Sarah’s note: Yup!

Sophie on

Well she made sure she looked good, what about the kid? And this is the younger one, there are two right?

ange on

why wont she cut that boys hair already, his brothers isnt that long

lucy on

what a gorgeous little girl!

Southern girl on

When boys/men have long hair (I prefer short hair though)I think it looks better w/o bangs…I thin that makes it too girly? What do you guys think? Obviously she is into long hair!

Lorus on

Wow. Apparently everyone must conform and make sure their boys have short hair.

He’s a cute kid.

Rebecca on

I’m not someone that automatically thinks little boys with long hair look like girls. But…I thought he was a girl. It’s the style of the hair with the bangs. That’s all girl.

CaliAngel on

I really did think that he was a little girl. I don’t get it but..to each their own…I guess

shixashix on

Yeah, definitely. The bangs are what makes it seem too girly.

Posh_Fan on

I really dont have a problem with boys with long hair but this kid’s hair is too long. His features are very soft so he really looks like a girl.

Judith B. on

Honestly, what difference does it make even if he does look like a girl? He’s a cute kid, either way.

Mapi on

That fashion is great for young girls, not for a 43 year old (I thought she was 44)

Melea on

I don’t like the long hair either. The bangs really put it over the edge for girly. My son is about to turn one and his hair has a girly look and he has soft facial features so people are always saying what a pretty little girl.. that being said we are cutting it this week. Keeping it kind of long but getting rid of the girl style.

But if she likes it, I guess that’s okay. I just would hate for the kids at school to make fun of him.

biscuit on

cute little guy, mom and dad need to get the lil man hair cut though.

preesi on

That type of hair on a boy is ridiculous! It only looks MANLY on Iggy Pop!

sarah on


Marisa on

Well, I for one always love the way she dresses her boys. They are always so classically stylish.

Macy on

I don’t like hair that long on boys but at least he’s more masculine looking then Celine Dion’s son!

maureen on

Mapi, I agree. I think that kind of outfit looks silly on everyone, but especially on a grown woman.

Just out of curiousity, why should a four-year-old look masculine or manly? Just as I think it’s inappropriate for little girls to be dressed or styled in a feminine or womanly manner, little boys shouldn’t have to look masculine. Manly is for men, not kids.

ap on

Geez…so judgemental. I thought that people were allowed to dress how they wanted and keep their children’s hair the way they wanted.

J.M. on

I don’t mind if boys have long hair if it’s styled (like I’ve mentioned before). This is not a style. This looks like a girl. Him, Ryder and Celine’s son Rene’ all have girlish looking hairdo’s IMO.

PJsmooth on

I think she looks great!!! and he is a little cutie. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’m sure she could care less what we think.

gianna on

He totally looks like a girl with that hair.

Poppy on

I think the hair is fine, if that is the way the kid wants it. I mean we shouldn’t be so uptight. I thought conformity wasn’t the ideal….

Also, I can tell he is a boy, even though I wouldn’t on glancing at him. But his face shape is a bit different than a girls….only a bit though.