Update: WWE's Chris Benoit, wife, son found dead

06/26/2007 at 11:18 AM ET

We have updated the post with the latest information; it is in the extended post.

Please note that it is extremely disturbing.

We have also decided to close comments on this post, as for many, there is nothing positive left to say as new details have emerged.

Update: TMZ reports that Chris Benoit bound his wife’s hands and feet, then strangled her on Friday in the home’s office, wrapping her in a towel. He smothered his son, who was found facedown in bed, on Saturday morning. Both bodies were found with Bibles near them. Chris then hung himself in his weight room either late Saturday or early Sunday.


Authorities are investigating whether steroid usage may have been a factor.

TMZ also reports that Nancy had filed for divorce in 2003, alleging domestic violence. She withdrew her claim months later.

Update 6:18 am: Authorities said this morningthat they are not searching for any suspects and that details of thedeaths are ‘going to prove a little bizarre’ when made public. They nowbelieve Chris killed his wife on Saturday, his son on Sunday, and thenhimself on Monday. Chris’ body was found in his weight room, his wife’sbody was found in the living room, and his son’s body was found in hisbedroom.

Update June 26th 11:30 pm: Authorities announced this eveningthat they believe the deaths were a murder-suicide. It is thought Chriskilled his wife and son sometime this past weekend, then himself onMonday. The bodies were found in three different rooms. A concernedneighbor had called police earlier today.

Originally posted June 25th 8:30 pm:WWE’s Chris Benoit, 40, his wife Nancy Daus-Sullivan, and their son Daniel Christopher, 7, have died.

The wrestler, his wife, and son were found dead at 2:30 pm in theirAtlanta home. The story is developing — the deaths are beinginvestigated as homicides. Police will not release a cause of deathexcept to say the family was not shot or stabbed.

Autopsies are expected to be completed on Tuesday. Chris wasscheduled to perform during a pay-per-view event last evening, butcanceled to attend to a family emergency.

Chris leaves two surviving children, David and Megan, from a previous relationship.

Source: WWE; Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Thanks to CBB readers Qua, Courtney, Kay and Brittany.


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Sam on

RIP to this family and condolences to their surviving family and friends. What is happening in America with these strings of deaths, folks taking out their loved ones, pregnant women, men killing their wives and children in SUVs, gun deaths, murder-suicides, entire families being murdered, etc.? I’m not saying this is what has happened in this case, this particular case could be a tragic accident. Very, very sad.

Grayson's Girl on

OMG, that’s so sad. My prayers are with his family.

Sophie on

Wow. What is it with the horrible news today? First Hugh Jackman’s son falls from the tree and breaks his arm, Ricky Schroeder’s kid fall from a motocycle and suffers what is most likely brain trauma, and now 3 people dead and one of them is a seven year old!?!?!!

Reba on

this is a very sad event.
it is hard when this happens to such a young family..
rip crippler

shannon mason on

this is such a tragedy.chris was the best wrestler in the business,in my opinion.our condolences,our hearts,and our prayers are with his friends and family.
he will be missed.

our hearts go out to you,


Lola on


Karen on

I read that they did release the fact that Chris Benoit was not shot to death.


wow i thought this was a fake like the McMahon death till i watched raw and found out it was 4 real. but i just dont get who would kill benoit 4 no reason benoit was WWE and still is WWE. benoit u will surtentaly be missed. R.I.P Chris Benoit, say hey to eddie G. when u up there †. I luv u man ill miss u Benoit

shanesgirl on

I am still stunned by the news. CNN is now reporting that the deaths are being investigated and classified as a homicide, autopsies are expected to be done tomorrow

Kristin on

This is so sad. I have not watched wrestling in a good 5 years, but I still have the autographed picture he sent me in the mail 10 years ago. I sent him a fan letter and he replied within a month. He was very kind and I am sad to hear of this tragedy.

Heather on


Tyler on


Michael and Jennifer on

Chris has been one of our favcvorite wrestlers since we started watching. He will be deeply missed and wrestling has truly lost a hero and wonderful man. His family is in our praters. Rest in Peace Beniot Family.
The Jones Family

Candi -Guyana on

I am so shocked after i heard the news. What could have gone wrong? May the truth be revealed. may their sould rest in peace. Know God, Know Peace No god, No Peace

Pam on

I remember hearing that he was supposed to fight one day recently but that his wife and son were very sick and he had to be with them.

My bet is that whatever got them got him too, or they were dead for longer and he couldn’t take it anymore (maybe he found them).

Poor family.


Annie on

This was so sad!Very sad news.

Man, oh man 😦 I just wanna say to his family R.IP. and our prayers are with them all 😦

Ang on

I am saddened by this event and find it to be a horrible tragedy. But I know most of you will be upset at my opinion but then again it is my opinion. If I am wrong then I am sorry for saying this. But let us look at what has been reported at this time. All of a sudden Chris Benoit cancels out of a pay per veiw event due to a “family emergency” then according to early reports he was to attend a “family Crisis” meeting and failed to appear which is when authorities found it neccessary to enter the home in which his family was then all found dead. Yes I admit they report that they were not shot but I have a sinking feeling that with these things in mind that this may have been a murder suicide. I hope and pray that it wasn’t but it sure seems to be adding up to that at this point.. and with the pressurs of what the wrestling industry can put on a person I feel that it is quite possible that he may have snapped.

Callen on

Oh my lord! How heart Breaking.

Naughty Cal on

Chris was always one of my favorites. I am still just in shock. He missed last night’s show due to a family emergency, and I just thought it was illness that I’d send my best to him. Now I log on to find this? Chris just loved the wrestling business, and would talk about watching different styles his whole life. WWE, pro wrestling, and the world lost a great man.

RIP, Rabid Wolverine.

Kit on

I don’t think it’s appropriate to speculate at this time. Sincere prayers to the family.

Nausicaa on

What on EARTH!? This is horrible! Who, what, when, where, why, how!? How senselessly tragic / tragically senseless. What is it with this sudden string of tragedies coming out of nowhere today? Hugh Jackman’s son breaks his arm, Rick Schroeder’s son sustains a serious head injury, and now this? Just sad.

yogadaisy on

omg, How sad. I don’t follow wrestling but I have a 7 year old child and I just can’t imagine…

My condolences to the those who knew and loved this young family.

May they find who is responsible and let justice be served.

Ann on

I am not at all familar with the professional wrestling world, but my prayers are with the survived family, the world we live in can be incredibly frightening.

Kay on

Chris has always been a favorite of mine when it came to watching wrestling. He was also a favorite of my younger brother. When I came home and heard about this, I.. didn’t know what to say. I still don’t. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family at this time.

RIP Chris, you are greatly missed.

leo on

Chris Benoit was one of the wrestling greats. The real deal. Every time he performed, I believed him.

Just watch him in some videos..though shorter than most wrestlers, he stood above them in many ways. Watch him and you’ll see the intensity, strength, balance, everything you need to believe in professional wrestling.

Whatever may come from the investigation to this tragedy, I hope his parents, family, and friends are comforted by the joy of having known him.

jon on

chris you will always be in our memories no matter how this happend.


janet on


Nicky on

No offense, this isnt the time and place to be speculating just who snapped and how. Tonight the WWE’s show is discussing how much this man loved his children, how he taught them to respect their elders and to hear how people think he snapped is disgusting.

It’s not always men who harm their families, but the main thing is this talented family (his wife used to wrestle as well) and this small boy have lost their lives.

Nancy, Chris and Daniel, you will be missed.

Stone Cold on

Well I do not want to speculate , But if i had a gues of what happend it would be that Chris ( being a big guy) snaped there necks then Snaped his own , Its a sad day , Or maybe stone Cold steve stunered there heads off , , , , Sorry to the Benoit Family , but thats my gues

Stone Cold on

Well I do not want to speculate , But if i had a gues of what happend it would be that Chris ( being a big guy) snaped there necks then Snaped his own , Its a sad day , Or maybe stone Cold steve stunered there heads off , , , , Sorry to the Benoit Family , but thats my gues

sage on

Right now its being said that its a murder suicide. Which is so sad, cause I really did enjoy his wrestling, and my heart breaks for that little boy. My prayers go out to the family at this time.

South Side G on

I am so sorry about Chris Benoit’s death. I mean i didnt know he really died until I looked it up on the Internet. I was watching Monday Night Raw and they start talking about Chris Benoit and his wife and son died. I was shocked because about a month ago I started playing with Chris Benoit on WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 and he was pretty good with all of those suplexes. Much love to his family.R.I.P. Chris Benoit.

Lisa on

My boyfriend (a major wwe fan…. I hate it personally too much junk but, that’s my opinion) got a call about his death from a friend tonight. Before I heard any details my first thought was that is was something domestic. With Chris or his wife being the cause. Images of the Phil Hartman situation came to mind. When I heard that the police are calling it murder/suicide I wasn’t surprised. Just had a feeling that’s all. How sad for the families of both Chris and his wife. It’s sad that this happens every day to lots of families.

Kelli on

This is horrible news. When it was first reported; it was only on the wrestling websites which led me to think it was just another angle, like the Vince McMahon “death”. I think it is sick that this man killed his wife and even worse his child. The family is in my prayers. I just pray that they have peace.
On another note, what is going on with all these stories about men killing their families?? This is the 3rd one in like a week.

Stephanie on

We saw this on the news a little while ago. Chris was a fantastic wrestler, and unfortunately we may never see what really happened, just that this is an incredibly sad, terrible tragedy. The reports are all saying now that investigators are treating this as a murder-suicide, but we may never really know what happened, and maybe it should stay that way.

Grayson's Girl on

I had a horrible feeling that’s what happened but I kept hoping it was carbon monoxicide poisoning or something far less horrible than this. Not that any death is good but this is the worst possible scenario. I can’t imagine the double pain for the rest of children and the families involved.

God bless them all

morgan on

I am saddened and horrified. My prayers are with not only those who have passed but also the friend, family and fans left behind. No matter the circumstances this is still a tragedy and we all need to take this time to be thankful for those WE still have.

denisse on

omg this is horrible me and my brothers just love wwe and we all love chris ny brother really admire chris we always saw all his matches and now this, this is horrible i dont know how they died, and i dont want to speculate but this his horrible, i cant believe i read and read this and cant believe i told my brother and he cant believe too, my condolenses to their family i just cant believe i was going to watch the pay per view yesterday but i never expect this but im so sorry relly sorry, wwe wont be the same with out chris

Lindze on

Wow this is just so sad. My thoughts and prayers are sent to the family

Brittany on

I was speechless when i heard about chris benoit, his wife, and son. I found out just flipping through the channels and his memorial was on tv. I couldn’t believe it. But the story kind of messes with my mind. After Eddie Guerrero’s death he took it hard. After all they were best friends. It’s just strange that since in 2005 eddie past away and now it’s 2007 Chrisis found shot to death. This doesn’t surprise me at all if he were to kill his wife and child and then kill himself. I was always a huge fan of chris and always will be. But if the truth is that he killed his family and his self i have no pitty for him what so ever. If someone broke into the house and shot and killed all 3 of them….then shame on the bastard who did it. It just seems weird to me that they were found in different rooms. If somebody was to come in and shoot them the other 2 that heard the gun shot would have came running into that particular room to see what was going on. Leaving them all in one room. or that person could have draged them into seperate rooms after killing them. Chris could have easily done the same thing. Thats why i say it doesn’t surprise me. But he will be missed. And if it isn’t true then godbless the rest of is family fans and friends for the tradgic loss. And for Vince mcmahon. How can he fake his death. Maybe he learned something from this. How sick can you be to fake a death. He has fans too ya know. I thought he really died. Shame on him. Look what he caused. He caused the death of chris beniot to come true. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one to kill chris and his family. So lets just leave it at that.

Nausicaa on

How horrific! I don’t know what’s worse: a murder-suicide or a preventable accident like carbon monoxide poisoning. Chris must’ve been mentally ill. Sadly this is what happens when sick people don’t get help.

Kimberly Downey on

I cant believe Chris is gone…first Eddie not two years ago and now Chris… My family cant believe the news that he killed his wife, son and then himself. I send my prayers to his other two children and extended family and friends. WWE wont ever be the same without seeing Chris wrestling!! You will be missed Chris 😦

The Miller and Downey Families!!

raquel on

How sad and what made him kill his wife and child I wonder, if that’s what happened. My family and my guy are both huge WWE fans, so I’m shocked.

Anonymous on

I was ready to see The Vine McMahon garbage when they showed a tribute to Chris. Such a very young age for somenoe to leave a sport they enjoyed. RIP Chris and as for you Vince McMahon “GO FUCK YOURSELF OR GO FIND A COCK TO SUCK ON. MAYBE LICK YOUR WIFE’S HAIRY PUSSY MIGHT DO YOU SOME GOOD.

Ayden on

The Benoit’s used to be my neighbors and they were all very nice people. Mr. Benoit was always very polite and mild mannered. Mrs. Benoit was a very nice lady and a pleasure to talk to when she had the chance and Daniel was a sweet little boy. It saddens me greatly to hear of this news and I would have never thought that Mr. Benoit would have been capable of such a thing. But it just goes to show that today some people are under such great pressure whether it be their job, their family, or those around them that sometimes they just snap. I wish the rest of their family the best and i pray that they find out what really happened. I also pray for their neighbors and those who knew or were close to the Benoit’s.

God Bless Them All

jay on

According to a report on WAGA-TV, investigators believe Chris Benoit killed his wife and son at some point over the weekend, and then killed himself earlier today.

They reported first hearing from a concerned neighbor and that the three bodies were found in separate rooms.

Detective Bo Turner told the station the case was being investigated as a murder-suicide, but it could not be confirmed until the evidence was examined by a crime lab.

When WWE chose to run an elaborate three hour memorial program immortalizing Chris Benoit as a great family man, who demanded respect, They chose to depict one side of the story.

But what really happened?

I don’t see how a man who allegedly murders his wife and son and then commits suicide, get a three hour memorial. Not to mention cancel a live event. The show must go on. The case is still open, but if the events did happen the way they did, Chris Benoit deservs no respect!


wow are you serious!?! on

WOW! i can’t believe he killed his Wife and Son!! thats crazy people these days!!!

JC in Texas on

I met Chris on a few different occasions, and he was always so cordial & accomodating with pictures, autographs, and conversation. He went out of his way to treat his fans well, and needless to say, he was one of the most talented guys ever to to take to the ring. A real class act. My deepest sympathies go out to the family & friends of Chris, Nancy and Daniel. What a tragedy this is…. You’re all in my thoughts & prayers.

canadianskipper on

we had the joy of seeing chris benoit live in kelowna bc canada a few years back and he was a fave wrestler of my father , me and my 2 sons all avid fans …
our prayers and thoughts are wid the family
chris benoit will always and forever be remembered ..

Michelle on

I’ve never posted a comment before, but thought this was worthy. I am a television producer and worked with this family a few years back. I am utterly shocked that this would happen, but completely believe that this story is true. It is so sad, but this guy seemed seriously disturbed on a very deep level when I worked with him.

Bella on

A terrible tragedy. My prayers are for his young child who died and with his older children and the rest of the family.

Amber on

Chris was a wonderful wrestler, and had a beautiful wife and child. They will be missed. RIP

Sarita on

I can get so angry about this! If you want to take your own life go ahead, but why take an innocent child and his mother with you? So selfish.

I wish their families all the best, this must be so hard to deal with.

Chloe on

Oh my god, I am in shock, I was such a fan of Benoit when I watched WWE (then it was WWF) and I cannot believe he is gone in such a tragic way. A lot of people will be feeling his loss and I send my thoughts and prayers to his surviving children, RIP Benoit and family xx

Gen ( New Zealand) on

I dont believe it. It is well known that Chris was obsessed with his family. he lived and breathed them.I cant let my self believe that he would do that to wife let alnoe his lovely son.
Not to mention that we all know that the police have made mistakes like this before. Theres no reason not to assume that it wasnt a triple homicide made to look like a murder-suicide.
But on the other hand Chris has changed alot since Eddie died… and everyone has there breaking point.
I personally would like to keep believing that he could not possibly do such a thing.

TracyG on

Canadian sources (Chris was Canadian and a huge star here in Edmonton) are stating that Chris sent text messages to his closest friends and family that were “bizarre” on Sunday evening. They got concerned by the state of the texts. When police got there on Monday, after numerous calls, it was too late.

It is believed he killed the son and wife on Sunday afternoon sometime and then killed himself on Monday.

Such a shame…I never understand why these situations happen. Why not try to get help? Then again, I don’t know the details either…

God Bless the family left behind and Chris’ other children and also RIP to Nancy, Chris and their little boy. Such a tragic situation.

Autumn on

Oh it’s horrible what happened! How old was Chris’ oldest son? I hope it wasn’t the case of “a teenage son is angry at his parents, so…” (Menendez bros., etc.)

My dad speculates that Nancy’s ex-husband Kevin Sullivan had something to do with it, based mainly on the fact that back in his wrestling days in the 1980s & 90s, Kevin’s persona on WCW was as a Satanic or something! (I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but it’s certainly an interestng case.)

If Chris did it though, that’s horrible! Sadly, domestic violence cases between spouses/lovers which leads to death is not unprecedented (just ask Phil & Brynn Hartman, Nicole Brown-Simpson, Laci Peterson, Jessie Davis, Dr. Gulam Moonda…oh yeah you can’t!), however killing his 7 yr old son as well…how horribly sad! πŸ˜₯

De on

My oldest is a wrestling fanatic. Benoit was a hero to her. I am sitting here grappling with how to explain to her that the hero she was crying over last night is more than likely responsible for all of this.There is no way she will stay away from WWE.Com and its all over the net and TV this morning anyway.I have to tell her before she finds out someplace else.

She cried so much over his death last night she got sick. She is only 12, I am struggling with the concept of all this myself, how can I expect her to understand it?

When we went to bed last night we had just finished watching a wonderful tribute to a man so many considered a hero. This morning, they are saying this hero did a very cowardly, unthinkable thing. I will not fully believe it until all the details are released.

My heart goes out to the Benoit family and friends at this most difficult time.

Angela, CBB Sports Contributor on

I am still in shock as I was last night when I found out. My thoughts and prayers to his extended family and two other children.

Tracy on

Oh my GOODNESS! I don’t watch wrestling, but I do see the commercials and such and have definitely heard that name before! This is just so depressing…. Wow….. There aren’t even words for a tragedy like this.

Iluvchris on

I think that those of you rushing to judgement in this matter ought to be ashamed.

There is not enough information released to be sure of anyhing & just because an investigation starts in a certain direction doesn’t mean that’s where it will end up there.

I don’t believe that Chris Benoit was capable of that type of act.

He was known as a person that put his family before all.

TwinMom on

It’s being reported that Chris Benoit killed his wife and 7-year-old son over the weekend and then killed himself yesterday. If that’s what happened, he should go straight to hell where he belongs. If you want to off yourself because you feel worthless, then go for it, but to kill your wife (and worst of all your child!!!!!)… that’s horrible and sick.

pink.lioness on

We watched Vengance on Sunday and people in the audience kept chanting ‘we want Benoit, we want Benoit’ at what should have been his fight and at the same time this horrible tragedy happened… I still can’t believe it.

Chris Benoit was one of the best wrestlers… first Eddie Guerrero, now him. Just horrible.


Bob sanders on

How can anyone pay tribute to Chris Benoit. He’s a murderer. He killed off his whole family for what? They talked about how much he loved his family, yeah ok.

Dawna on

Whoa, shocking news indeed! Was reading the various Google News reports, and they’re saying Chris killed his wife and son over the weekend, sent “several curious text messages,” and then killed himself yesterday.


a sad day for wresling fans everywhere including myself he was among one of the best in the business and will be a legend in hearts and minds around the world my heart and wishes go out to help Benoit’s Remaining family and friends to help ease with this tragedy.I will miss you Chris Benoit.

Doreen on

This is awful! I was watching some of the Tribute to him last night on Raw. I am very saddened to hear how this happened. Why the Son??! Why did this happen?! I thought he loved his family. 😦

MommyB on

This is a tragedy of amazing proportions…What was so wrong in this man’s mind?? What could have possibly made him snap to the point of killing not only his wife…but his 7 year old son, too!! This is so sad for his remaining children and all of their surviving family!! I just hope they find peace somehow and are allowed to grieve away from the glare of the media!! They will need quiet to find solace and be able to make any kind of sense of this!! Rest in Peace Benoit Family and Our Prayers are with the rest of your Family!! I have a 7 year old son and the thought of anything ever happening to him makes me shudder!!

Callen on

This is just terrible! My little boy is around his sons age. My god!

Char on

what the hell is going on here with you people? This brute just killed 2 innocent people – including (i might add) a young child, and now you’re all saying he’ll be MISSED?? And saying really nice things about this guy? A boxer who beat up people for a living?? He had a right to take his own life if he was that miserable – but tΓ³ take life from his wife and son too??? May he burn in hell.

I bet this will be deleted – simply because i’m the only one around here with enough brains to mourn the 2 people who actually deserve sympathy.

brittany on


JR on

I just don’t understand. I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

Liz on

What is really going on with this world? Killing of mentally ill, hospitals ignoring dying patients, killing pregnant women, killing family, killing kids. It all really is too much.
I hope his family didn’t suffer, bless them 😦

Macy on

This is just sick. I have absolutely no respect for him or people that do things like this.

preesi on

I think all what you mentioned has been happening for eons, but no one got caught.
People could get away with more when there was no science or advanced forensics.

Emily on

I do not understand. He would never do that and i dont think he did. I am one of his biggest fans and i watch him all the time if he is on smackdown, raw, or ecw i watch him! i wish if somene else do that, that they did not do that case the benoit family are very very nice. i wish the benoit family good luck of what happened and am really sad of what happened too. i do not get how people thing he did it cause i dont think he did (i hope he didnt) i will not beleive he did that only if they have alot of imformation of it and reasons why he would do that. Me my dada and my brother think that nancy’s ex-husband Kevin Sullivan had something to do with it. i really thing chris is the best wrestler and i was crying all last night. RIP for him and his wife and son.

Doreen on

I have no respect for him. He was NOT a Hero and I feel bad for kids that look up to people like this and have NO idea what kind of people they truly are. I hope they don’t do anymore tributes to him. I don’t they will knowing what they know now! I used to like him but to honor killers is wrong in any way you put it.

Hea on

Wrestlers tend to die young. I don’t support that “sport”.

RIP to his wife and son. As for him, well I don’t know.

lizzielui on

TMZ has just reported that Chris’ wife Nancy made claims of domestic abuse when she first filed for divorce in 2003. Three months later she withdrew her claim. Whether these claims were true or not, people need to remember that none of us know what goes on in other people’s homes. We think we know these people because we see pictures of them every now and then and enjoy watching them on the tube and in the theaters, however, anything can happen behind closed doors. We are not privvy to what happens in their personal lives, nor should we be. Simply because we see someone onscreen who appears to be nice and loving does not automatically make them so. My heart goes out to the entire family involving this matter. Just an awful tragedy all the way around.

preesi on


Benoit’s History of Domestic Violence Exposed
Posted Jun 26th 2007 1:27PM by TMZ Staff

Before her grisly death, Chris Benoit’s wife once told a judge that she was,
“intimidated by threats of violence” from her 220 lb. husband.

In divorce papers filed in 2003, Nancy Benoit included a petition for
protection from domestic abuse against Chris. In the papers, Nancy claimed
that Benoit, “lost his temper and threatened to strike the petitioner and
cause extensive damage to the home and personal belongings of the parties,
including furniture.” Nancy added that she was, “in reasonable fear for
petitioner’s own safety and that of the minor child.”

Three months later, Nancy filed to have the divorce papers and the
restraining order dismissed. A short time later, a judge granted her wish.

As TMZ first reported, law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe he
strangled his wife on Saturday, smothered his son on Sunday and then hanged
himself on Monday.

K on

How very very sad…it sounds like this family sadly was dealing with extreme stress. I work in domestic violence and sadly many times families end up like this even though the violence was going on for years and either couldn’t get help or people knew and were silent…

very very sad…

emzi on

“”Nancy added that she was, “in reasonable fear for
petitioner’s own safety and that of the minor child.”””

Looks like she was right. He must have been a very disturbed man


I’m a little appalled at all the people still waxing poetic about what a great wrestler, ect this guy was. What does it matter how good he was in ring? He strangled his wife to death and they while her body lay cold smothered his helpless little boy. He’s a monster. May his wife and son find their way in peace but may Benoit find a very special place in hell.

Jessica on

The Sheriff’s Dept. in Georgia just held a news conference. It was WWE, not a neighbor, who made the call to check on the Benoit’s because Chris had missed several engagements. They believe sometime late on Friday he killed his wife and then later on Sat. killed his son, then Sat. or Sun. killed himself. They said there was no suicide note.

My husband has been a big WWE fan as long as I’ve known him and he always liked Chris. However, after all of this neither of us can hold any respect or good feelings towards this man. He murdered his wife and his little boy and then took the coward’s way out by killing himself. I feel for the families and friends who have noone to hold accountable for this now. I have a hard time saying “you’ll be missed” to a guy who murdered his own child.