Rhea Durham, Ella and Michael Wahlberg on Cookie Magazine

06/26/2007 at 01:58 PM ET

Ma01_cover0707Model Rhea Durham, 28, and her children, Ella Rae, 3 1/2, and Michael, 15 months, grace the cover and pages of Cookie magazine‘s July issue. Longtime readers may realize this is the first they’ve seen of Michael — we had only heard Mark Wahlberg, 36, speak of him thus far. Here are the interview highlights — click the extended post for more pics.

Rhea loves motherhood: I know people might read this and think, ‘Ugh,’ but I love my life. It’s hectic and stressful at times. But I’m really happy. I love the traditions of family and home. Babies, kids, holidays — that’s what I’m good at.

More kids for her and Mark?: I’d like two more.

Home life: There’s a lot of running to and from preschool. We don’t have a nanny on the weekends — or on Wednesdays, so that’s myday with the kids by myself. Mark is home sometimes,too, of course. But he also works a lot.

On Michael: He’s edible. What a little butterball — 23 pounds of pure love.

Michael’s first  party: We had an Elmo-themed party. I didn’t hire someone dressed as Elmo, because I thought it might scarehim. So it was just the four of us. But it was really cute.

Discipline: We talk about discipline and schools all the time now. As a parent, you constantly have to be on your game. You’re formingadults. Disciplining — staying consistent with it — is hard. There’s always guilt involved: that you’re not doing enough, that you’re not up to par.

Thanks to Kelly at Cookie Magazine.

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Br0003Michael wears a Babies Rock onesie in white ($20).

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tink1217 on

boy does he look like a Wahlberg!!!! I see ALOT of Donnie in him! Of course, Mark and Donnie look alot alike…except Mark has more hair!!

Beverley on

If she “loves the tradition of family and home” so much then why doesn’t she marry the father of her now 2 children?

lizzielui on

Will people please quit the digs at them not being married. Last time I checked there were SEVERAL Hollywood couples with kids who are not married that no one even dares to squack about. Brad and Angelina, Naomi and Liev, Goldie and Kurt, to name a few. People do what they feel is right for them. Maybe tradition means something different to this couple, and given the context of the quote I doubt seriously that she was talking about the expectations of getting married . These are great pics so why not just admire that?

Victoria on

She is indeed very pretty…and the baby is cute and chubby. It’s odd that she pointed out that she loves “traditions of family and home. Babies, kids, holidays — that’s what I’m good at”…but is compelled to tell us that she has nanny help four days a week.

landroverdisco on

Beautiful photos! Their daughter looks just like Mark. Rhea looks marvelous for having two small children.

Anonymous on

What kind of relationship do they have…exactly? I mean I know she has given birth to two of his kids and I suppose she is the official mother of his children, but I also heard he is free to date other women. And possibly marry another woman but I guess this will always be complicated…

I know there were rumors about him and Scarlett Johansson a few months back and no one seemed to bat an eyelash about them hooking up…strange…

lulululu on

Why would nanny help cancel out family tradition? I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. Whenever I’m home alone with my child there is a demand for constant attention, I can barely pay the bills or do many adult “thinking”-type tasks until the tot is in bed. And I only have one. The Durham/Wahlberg lifestyle must be tons more complex. Plus if she still models she is a working mother. I am a working mother who likes traditions too. Do we really need to do “mommy wars” with a celebrity and her beautiful children? Why can’t we support each other’s choices? It is the spirit of tradition that is important – of stability and love in the home that it represents. It doesn’t have to be a literal “mom by herself with two kids” interpretation to be authentic.

tink1217 on

lizzielui, some people cany ever do anything but pick apart others!!

They have been together for quite awhile. A marriage certificate does not make a happy family. you can still be traditional without being married.

charsmom on

I LOVE that she admits to having a nanny! So many celebrities make it sound like they do it all themselves, which can be frustrating to those of us who can’t afford a nanny and wonder how they manage to “do it all!”

Isabel on

I remember them being engaged and planning the wedding then reading that the wedding was off. I guess Mark got cold feet. I think she would want nothing more than to be married but I guess he doesn’t want to commit. If I were her I wouldn’t have anymore kids until he’s ready to commit and get married. Like she says he works alot. She’s beautiful and so are the kids Mark doesn’t know what he has.

PSB on

I guess I’m alone here, but I think the baby looks like Rhea. He’s gorgeous!

Cassandra on

My mom has always told me “some men are afraid of commitment, no matter how much they love you.” Mark can love her more than life it’s self but the thought of marriage probably scares him. If it works for them we should be happy.

Gorgeous kids. Michael looks just like Daddy!

Lauren on

Anonymous, Rhea and Mark have add a very unstable relationship, to say the least. Like Isabel said, they became engaged after Ella was born, mostly because Rhea really wanted to be married and committed to Mark, but Mark got cold feet, canceled the wedding, and began seeing other women for about a year or so before going back to Rhea and getting her pregnant with Michael. I guess they’ve managed to stay together since then, but all the “we don’t need a piece of paper” talk is bs in this case, imo. Mark obviously has an issue committing to this woman for whatever reason, and if I were her, I’d seriously hold off on having those two more kids until he got his act together.
Those Wahlbergs have strong genes-both kids really favor their dad, especially Michael. His little “duck” lips are so cute! And Rhea’s very beautiful. Not sure why it’d be hard committing to her, lol!

Annoyomus on

Cassandra- ITA!

Aura on

Cute pics! I heard that they will get married soon, because Mark is a catholic and that Rhea is coverting so they can be married in the catholic church, but they don’t want to rush it or something…. I’m pretty sure there have been some quotes from him about that on this site?

Emily on

“I guess I’m alone here, but I think the baby looks like Rhea. He’s gorgeous!”

I totally agree with PSB on this one! 🙂

morgan on

well whatever kind of relationship they have…they make beautiful babies! Michael certainly is “an edible little butterball”.

Pinky on

Should I be feeling sorry for her? that she has so much work with two children that she has to have a nanny?.
Honestly…I find women who don’t work..who hire nannies to be lazy.
My mother raised 3 kids on her own and worked full time!
get off your butt and look after your own kids!..

Gloria Goodman on

I think most of you are out to lunch. He dotes on his children & is more afraid of divorce than committing to a marriage. Also it does take two people to have a child so I don’t think Rhea was forced to have their 2nd child. I also don’t think he’s free to date other women as Rhea most probably wouldn’t tolerate that & he’s had his share of screwing around. As for the Scarlett thing, it was a business meeting. Do you honestly think he’d be so brazen? I don’t think so. He keeps Rhea quite out of the spotlight as he’s very private where his children & relationship is.

Sarita on

Having a child together is a much bigger commitment than signing a piece of paper. So as I see it they are already commited to each other.

Victoria on

I am very grateful that I am able to have a full-time nanny/housekeeper to help in the home with my two young daughters. Even so, I am a very hands-on Mom and count it my highest joy mothering them. I think it depends entirely on one’s lifestyle. It’s not fair to judge her statements regarding motherhood just because she has help with her babies. Many families with help in the home have no family members living nearby (as is in my case) and help like this is a necessity for the lifestyles they’ve chosen to live and it’s not a luxury. I think as Moms we all do the best we can and love our children the best we know how. We should all support each other in this light.

Diana on

I swear I think they are better off NOT getting married, it seems like the celebrity relationships that are most sucessful never get married, It seems like getting married is like the kiss of death in a celebrity marriage. I don’t think someone has to be married to be committed, I personally would not make that choice FOR me. But I see nothing wrong with others making the choice not to get married. Anyways, beautiful photos, only wish they had pictures of the whole family together:)

lizeth on

I think Michael looks like Rhea. His eyes, dimpled chin, wide upper lip. Too bad there weren’t better pictures of Ella, too. She looks more like Mark. I don’t know about Mark being devoted to Rhea, but he definitely seems devoted to his children and tries to do what’s best for them. I’ve read he doesn’t want to end up divorced. Maybe he can commit to being with Rhea as long as their children are at home (hence from her perspective more kids makes sense….keeps him around longer), but marriage is forever and the thought of just him and Rhea after the kids are grown and gone isn’t something he can envision….or maybe it’s the Catholic stuff…Rhea and Michael got baptized late last year and there’s always some sort of pre-canna classes you have to do before a Catholic wedding, so maybe they are waiting on that….or maybe that’s just a good excuse for Mark to use to put off marriage….Who knows? Whatever….their kids are too cute!

kristina on

did anyone but me c a ring on rheas left ring finger in the pic with her and the baby?

Annoynomus on

Kristina- I saw a ring as well, but it might just be that she likes wearing rings and bought it for herself. Also, I am pretty sure that some men give their partners rings even if they aren’t planning to marry them. They might call it a “commitment ring” or something like that.

Angelica on

Well, Loving kids and your family doesn’t have to mean that you’re religious the last time I checked. If you don’t beleive that God (or the government fot that sake) has anything to do with your relationship to your partner. Why get married?

madam pince on

Like Lauren, I not only heard that Mark was unwilling to marry Rhea after Ella was born, but he actually admitted it in interviews. However, he does seem devoted to his kids. My daughter was a big fan of his brother Donnie’s group, NKOTB, and it was no secret amongst their fans that Alma, Donnie and Mark’s mother, had endured two unhappy marriages. I suspect this has a lot to do with his reluctance to wed. I believe parenthood should occur in marriage, but then again, it’s not for me to judge. As for the nanny issue — I would have given my right arm to have a nanny when my daughter was growing up, and I would give anything to have a housekeeper now. Having help is not something to be ashamed of, and sometimes I wonder if the women who gripe about other women having help are just jealous.

rena on

i think that rhea is ugly neither of the kids look like her because the are so cute they both look like mark and mark is sooo HOT!!!!!
enyways i think that rhea is just scared of losing him thats why she keeps trying to force the marriage but i LOVE Mark and i wish him and the kids the best!!!!!!!!!!!

libby on

hey um on here myspace she says that her and mark broke up on december 2 last year and she said she is very happy about this because he said he wasnt going to marry her and she just wants a commitment with a guy