Liv Tyler on baby naming, plastic surgery

06/26/2007 at 11:17 AM ET

2007julallurecoverActress Liv Tyler, 29, graces the cover of the July issue of Allure magazine. Inside, she speaks of her and husband Royston Langdon‘s name arguments during her pregnancy with son Milo William, now 2 1/2.

I really wanted to talk about the name all the time, and he just felt like he couldn’t name a person he hadn’t met yet. [I made a list of names for boys and for girls, since we decided not to learn the sex of the baby in advance.] But when our son was born he didn’t look like any of the boys’ names that we’d picked. They were all a bit butch for him. He was very much a boy, but he was like this little angel, with big lips and blue eyes and blond hair. We just thought of [Milo William.]

One thing Liv doesn’t have to think about is plastic surgery — she’s already made her decision.

I’m definitely going to have some, I’m sure. Especially when you see what happens to your body after you have a baby.

Liv does thank Milo for coming into her life when she was 27, though.

I wasn’t sure that [acting] made me happy or fulfilled…there are all the other parts that are hard for actors, like press junkets and endless traveling around and talking about yourself. All those things started to outweigh the pleasure for me. Milo came at the most perfect time for me, in that I just really needed to figure all that stuff out.

Source: Allure, July issue, pg 174-179

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preesi on

Anyone have her blonde photos?

Sarah’s note: They’re at

raquel on

She is honest about wanting plastic surgery, that’s good for her if that’s what she wants, she seems like an honest down to earth girl.

PSB on

Love her and totally agree about having plastic surgery. Your body goes through a lot and some of us don’t bounce back, no matter what we do to get there.

After I’m done having kids and breastfeeding, I will definitely have a tummy tuck and breast lift. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life looking at a saggy belly and tube sock breasts in the mirror. I didn’t mind ruining my body for my baby (and future babies), but why not have everything put back if you can afford to and aren’t afraid of the knife?

Lauren on

At least she’s honest. If you have the money for cosmetic surgery as well as reasonable expectations about what it will bring, I say go for it-within reason, of course. I can definitely see myself getting a tummy tuck after having kids and breastfeeding if I’m not satisfied with how I look naturally.

aaron boatwright on

Although the idea of putting myself back together is tempting, I would never do it. The risks associated with elective surgery aren’t worth it for me. People DIE getting plastic surgery! I’d rather wear my battle scars and spend as much time with my kids as I can…I’m not going to take for granted that everything would be perfect and I’d make it through without any complications. It would be a pretty stupid way to go to the other side!
I’m not just talking about the risks of anesthesia, either. The risks of infection, loss of blood pressure, heck..even supposing that all goes well, who is to say that you wouldn’t have scarring or that your surgery would turn out the way you want it to? No way. I am content with what I’ve got. I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

yesboystonew on

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