CNN's Nancy Grace expecting twins

06/26/2007 at 08:32 AM ET

CNN anchorwoman and lawyer Nancy Grace, 48, has announced that she is four months pregnant — with twins. The babies are due in January.

I kept [the pregnancy] quiet because I wanted to make sure all would be healthy. I’ve worn loose-fitting clothes and I guess [audiences] just thought I was getting heavier!

Nancy declined to reveal if she used fertility treatments, but said,

You tell women out there that there is hope.

Of being an older mom, Nancy reveals,

I always said I wanted a family. I grew up in happy, loving family [and] I wanted it too. But until nowI just thought it wasn’t meant to be for me. And as part of God’smysterious plan, I’m given this wonderful blessing late in life — andI could not be happier.

However, she isn’t feeling so hot.

I’m sick — I’m nauseous and vomiting and the doctorssay I should feel good about that. And I’m dying to find out if its aboy [and] a girl — or two girls — I’ve picked out a ton of names, andI’m very blessed.

She does tell Us Weekly that she’s been having some cravings:

Watermelon, peaches and my mother’s southern fried chicken!

On maternity clothes, Nancy says,

So far this has been my maternity wardrobe. [Shows rubber bands.] This is very first time I’ve shopped for maternity clothes in my life.I’m looking for things that don’t pull, and that I can wear on the airand be comfortable. And I don’t want to beworried about my buttons shooting off. I have one requirement — thatit’s expandable!

Dad is her investment banker husband, David Linch, 41, whom she wed in April.

Sources: Us Weekly; NY Post; Access Hollywood

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TwinMom on

I’d be willing to bet that she used fertility treatments and there’s nothing wrong with that, so I don’t know why she’d be afraid to speak up.

tink1217 on

wow!!!! 47 expecting twins!!! that is amazing!! My aunt was 45 when she had her last…no fertility treatments.

Leslie on

I’m not the best at math, but if she was 4 months pregnant now, wouldn’t she be due in November?

Sarah’s note: No, you’re right, something’s off. She told the NY Post she’s due in January, and US Weekly that she’s four months along. If she was 16 weeks this week, she’d be due in mid-December. So she’s either about 3 1/2 months or giving the wrong due month.

MrsSoup67 on

I did not think she was 47 and good for her. Some people think she is obnoxious I think she is “sassy”. I hope she has a happy and healthy pregnancy.

raquel on

Aww very sweet good for her, I know preople who have had gotten pregnant naturally at 45, so it’s possible if your still getting your period and fertile. But considering she is having twins, maybe she did use fertility treatments, which is ok too.

Christine on

God help us all.

(I cannot stand this woman)

dawnn on

COngrats to her. Now, where can I get a shirt like her?

Robyn on

Nancy, if you want women to know that there is hope just tell us the truth. By declining to comment you are commenting. It would give me more hope if she was honest about it.

Rush39 on

It sounds as if she did use fertility treatments– otherwise, why wouldn’t she share that? It is unfortunate that she is unwilling to confirm, though, because women out there struggling with fertility would appreciate the acknowledgement of how hard it can be to get pregnant. Fertility really decreases dramatically as we age, and hearing all these stories of celebrities in their 40s getting pregnant gives women the idea that it couldn’t be that difficult, and so we wait, only to find that we’ve waited too long.

meela on

Oh my!!! Iā€™m one of those people who does find her to be obnoxious hopefully this will soften her up a bit. I think her passion for her job gives her that hard persona but it can be off putting. Good luck to her and I hope all goes well with her pregnancy.

star on

I think it’s selfish of her to have babies at that age! There should be an age limit to stop having babies! 47, is way over that age! I hope the twins don’t grow up to resent her.

asheley on

she cant be 4 months because my due date is jan 6 and i am 12 weeks and 2d so….she has to be 3.5 months

Julie on

Yea, somebody is definitely mixed up. I’m 10 weeks pregnant and due January 22. Either way, Congrats to her and her husband!! Hope she has an easy pregnancy and healthy babies.

Courtney on

Isn’t she a little too old to be having babies?

aaron boatwright on

I’ve noticed that a lot of women fudge their gestational ages, whether they are doing it on purpose, or because they don’t know better I have no idea. I’ve had more than one friend say things like, “I’m seven months along” when really they were only six and just starting their seventh month. I’m sure that’s what’s going on here!

RoRo on

How very nice for her and her husband. I, too, think that if she did use fertility treatments, she should be open about it, or else, not say anythng about “hope” and such.

On another note, where can we get a shirt like hers???

Principesa on

I totally agree with Robyn’s comments.

I think she is sending out a very wrong message to women who think they can delay their childbearing experience to age 47 without *serious* and expensive medical intervention.

I would bet the farm she used donor egg. There is such a slim to none possibility that these children are related to her genetically.

KW on

I’m thrilled for her! After hearing about the sadness in her life (her fiance’s murder many years ago), I wondered if she would be able to move on and find happiness beyond her work. She seems so dedicated to her job and in finding justice for victims. I think she truly cares about those who have also been affected by sadness and crime. I had no idea she had recently gotten married, so this is very happy news all around!

Nausicaa on

Congrats to her! I sometimes admire her, and sometimes she annoys me, but one thing is for certain: she’s passionate about children. Sometimes I get the impression that when she’s interviewing someone she’s just looking for a scandal, but I never doubt her sincerity when it comes to cases of missing/murdered/assaulted children. I think those twins will be lucky to have her as a mother.

Dawna on

I did a Google to find out Nancy’s age, and apparently she was born in October of 1958 so she is going to be 49 this year.

I know we’re all living longer these days, but I cannot imagine myself being 67 years old when my kid graduates high school!

Brandy on

Why should she have to say whether she had fertility treatments of not? Can’t she keep a smidge of privacy in her life? It is no one’s business but hers and I think it is sad that people get upset when celebrites don’t disclose everything. Did you tell everyone what position you were using when you conceived your children? I think it is the same thing as that. If she wants to come out later, then that is fine. It is up to her and she should not be bullied into telling anyone.

Morgan on

principesa- I dont think she owes anyone an answer on whether or not she used fertility treatments or not. It is not ones duty to share information. Many celebrities do, many more do not im sure. It is no one business but her and her husbands.

anyways, i had no clue she was pregnant and i watch her a few times a week! Congrats to her on her growing family, may it be a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Megan on

Oh wow! I had no idea she was having babies! I am SO EXCITED FOR HER! I absolutely adore Nancy–she fights for those who maybe can’t fight for themselves…she just puts it out there and i love that! And I know that I heard she wanted a family so badly so I am so happy for her and her husband…and ITA with Nauisicaa that those babies are lucky to have her as a mother! I cannot wait to see her grow and then to meet those babies! CONGRATS to Nancy and her husband.

And I know there’s some big debate about whether or not she used fertility–and while yes it helps others to know that people do use them, maybe Nancy just feels this is a personal decision that she doesn’t need to share with anyone…and that’s her right, just like it is for people to share that information…the important thing is that she’s gotten her wish of having that family and she’s got two beautiful, healthy babies coming…and that is what matters. And after what she had to go through losing her fiance all those years ago..she deserves this happiness! CONGRATS to Nancy and David! Can’t wait to meet those babies!

Lauren on

I’m not going to pretend to be happy for her. I think this woman is vile, and unless her off-camera persona is drastically different from her public image, I feel quite sorry for her babies.

I also completely agree with Robyn and Principesa. It is completely obvious that by declining to comment on whether she had fertility treatments, she is admitting that she used them, and it is disgusting of her to imply that a normal 47-year-old woman can become pregnant with twins at the drop of a hat, whether naturally or via fertility treatments. At least Marcia Cross was honest and upfront about using IVF.

Lynn on

I am 16 weeks & due Dec 10. That is 4 months. I don’t really care for her attitude but I hope she enjoys her pregnancy & babies.

Taylor on

I love Nancy Grace,and I am thrilled for her-I think she’ll be an amazing mother. Congrats Nancy&David!!!!

Cheesy on

Congrats to her and her husband, and I wish them all the best with their new babies.

I’m going to guess that she’s fudging the due date, like most celebs, so they can give birth with less media attention and stalking?

As far as her conception, of *course* she had fertility treatment. It’s no big deal. If someone is going to talk about the miracle of conceiving twins at 47 and wanting to give people hope, it’s important to be forthright and just tell people that a little medical assistance is necessary. It’s not any less of a wonderful miracle and blessing just because there was medical assistance!

Tonia on

I wonder where she got that shirt? It’s so cute.

Yonni on

Wow…I watch her almsot every night, and I didn’t notice anything different. I really like her! Congrats to her and the hubby!

Candice on

Wow! That’s great for her! I wish her all the best.

But…I can’t be the only one wishing she had gotten pregnant three months earlier. Amy Poehler (from SNL) would have had a BLAST with this!

Principesa on

Morgan, you are right.

She doesn’t owe anyone an answer.

However, I find issue with her tossing around words like *hope* to characterize a pregnancy at age 47, as if hope is instrumental in getting pregnant at her age.

Margaux on

Seeing her smile scares me.

Melissa on

Congrats Nancy!

Also, i just read the article People has and when she say’s you can tell woman out there that there is hope, she meant about getting married and having a baby at her age. This has been taken out of context.

Sarah’s note: It hasn’t been taken out of context — People’s article actually puts quotes together that aren’t next to each other in the original interview she gave to the NY Post. If you click the NY Post link in the post, it should be clear. She says the happiness thing before, then he asks if she used fertility treatments — she won’t answer, except to say the quote given.

AmandaKay on

I might be wrong, but I read on People that she is 47, is she 48 or 47?

Sarah’s note: Wikipedia states her birthdate as Oct 23rd, 1958. So she’ll be 49 this fall.

Carisma on

I adore her and am very excited to see more pregnancy pictures of her. Congrats to her!

PSB on

Yes, it’s her business, but…If you’re not going to confirm or deny fertility treatments, why make any comment at all about it?

I think we live in a ridiculous world when people are embarrassed to admit they had fertility help at 47 years old! I know plenty of women in their 20’s who have needed assistance.

The stigma is pretty much gone, but will only truly be gone when people stop feeling the need to hide. I don’t get what the big deal is –you’re still getting a baby at the end of the day, and isn’t that the most important thing? I can understand if she doesn’t want to admit to donor eggs (because that may be something she wants to share with her kids personally at a later date), but why on Earth is she embarrassed to have had some help getting pregnant at such an advanced maternal age when it’s so obvious?

Oh well. I wish her the best and am sure she will enjoy her babies thoroughly…especially since she had to work a little harder to get them than most people.

emma on

she looks AMAZING for her age!!!

benny on

Personally, I think 48 going on 49 is way too old to start a family. And the message out there should be: don’t try this at home. The childbearing years are there for a reason, so use those. Let’s focus on changing our attitude towards young mothers, giving them room to be a young mother and then later on have their career. These babies probably won’t even have grandparents when they are older… IMO, that’s really sad.

Pulvaroy on

Do you know what sex position produces the ugliest babies?

Ask your MOM…….

Charlene on

Congratulations to Nancy and her husband! What a thrill it must be for them to be expecting twins – she seems very happy.
I’ve always liked her “spunk” and her obvious advocacy for victims and victim’s rights.
She’s had her own tragedies in life, so I hope her new man and babies bring her lots of joy and happiness.
As for the fertility treatment non-answer: It’s a very personal question, so why feel obligated to answer?

Kresta on

Wow, she is the same age as me. I have a 25, 23 and 19-year-old and I can’t imagine being pregnant, especially with twins at my age. I have a friend who had a surprise baby a few months short of her 50th birthday and she gets mistaken for her daughter’s grandma. Good luck to Nancy and her husband. It is possible fertility treatments weren’t used. I have no signs of going through menopause and even though fertility declines enormously as females reach their forties, it is still very possible to conceive naturally and twin pregnancies can be more common in older women.

Doreen on

Love Nancy!! I watch her show and didn’t have a clue she was expecting!! haha Congrats Nancy!!

Angie on

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her refusing to say whether she used fertility treatments or not. It’s none of our business how she got pregnant.

Amillia Henderson on

Maybe Nancy wants to be the FIRST person to tell her children that she is not their biological mother (if donor eggs were used). This is VERY personal business!! Why can’t you people understand that a celebrity is still entitled to privacy! Do you tell people who you don’t even know personal information about yourself? NO, you do not! So why are you expecting this from Nancy? Not Fair!!! Nancy is just telling older women, “that there is HOPE” in becoming pregnant. In no way was this comment misleading to older women. In 2007, we all know of the MANY ways a woman can become pregnant. I guess Nancy should have presented a video of her conception for some of you NOSY folks to be happy.

Nancy, as a childless woman in my 40’s, I am so very happy for you and your husband. Congratulations!

Kelly on

I think it’s a bit selfish of her to get pregnant when she’s 48 yrs old. She’ll be in her late 60’s when they graduate high school. I feel bad for her kids, as they will lose her so early on in their lives.
Anyways, Congrats to her!

Amber on

YaY!! For Nancy could not be happier for her. I hope she does well with everything.

Jenna on

That’s really nice for her and her husband. has some video of Nancy Grace talking about her pregnancy. Check it out here:

Margie on

Congrats my friend, Best Wishes! To you, hubby & twins.If you ever need a twin-sitter you have one in Virgina.Take Care Friend.
Margie from Virginia

mdterp on

Congratulations to Nancy and her husband! I think it is a personal decision whether or not you tell people about fertility treatment or not. Everyone is entitled to their privacy. I will however tell you all this. My husband and I went through infertility treatment to become pregnant with our daughter 4 years ago. We are now going through the same thing except it is taking longer this time. We don’t know if we will be able to conceive again. It really gives me hope when I hear about other women’s infertility issues. Infertility is a disease and it effects you emotionally and physically. Anyway, congratulations to Nancy! I hope she has a wonderful pregnancy.

Doreen on

To Nancy and David,

Susan on

She’s probably giving a variety of due dates, so when it actually happens they can enjoy the occasion without a zillion news people and photographers hounding them.

KellyGirl on

That shirt is cute! Gotta find out where she got it.

Christine Starr on

I am SO HAPPY for Nancy!! My car bumpersticker has been reading “I’m Guilty of Being a Nancy Grace Fan!” so you can imagine how much I admire and adore her. She is so very deserving of this wonderful news; she would make a great mommy because she is such a tremendously caring woman!! It is so obvious how much she loves children and I am so happy for her!! THOSE TWINS ARE GOING TO BE GORGEOUS!! Christine

EviLLynne on

I’m not a Mom, but I just HAVE to comment…..

Is/was there REALLY a ‘stigma’ about fertility treatments? OMG! Are you JOKING me??? WTF stigma could there BE? That’s so weird. Man, new Moms have to deal with so much bull…and now you’re telling me there’s(or was) a friggen STIGMA about how people get pregnant? Who would think negative things about someone’s conception?? That’s nuts!

Poor ladies, man! Sheesh!

Anon on

Wow, how bold to get pregnant, no matter what the means, at that age. I can’t imagine having the weight on my shoulders of the increased health risks due to age in that case. I hope her children are both healthy.

CelticDreamer on

What difference does it make when her true due date is or if she got pregnant with a little help.. One should be happy for her & wish her a happy, healthy pregnancy with many blessings in store for her future & those of her little ones for she so deserves it after all she has been through… … So many are denied such a gift so be happy as life is ever so short…..

~Peace & Blessings to all reading this~

~Celtic Dreamer~

Summer on

Congrats to Nancy! I love her even at times I don’t agree.

Jennifer on

Another older mom-to-be. This would be a perfect time for Nancy to do a show on the children of older moms and their future. Such large numbers of women are opting until their late 40’s early 50’s to have their first child. Where does that leave their children when Mom & Dad are in their late 60’s early 70’s as they graduate high school? Do these same older parents have a crystal ball that says they will live a VERY long life so they can be there for their children at all the important events in their lives? I had a girlfriend who was born when her parents were in their early 50’s (she was a change of life baby, as they used to call it back then). Anyway, her mother died in her senior of high school from a heart attack and her father had a stroke the following year. He died when she was 20 y.o. They weren’t there to see her graduate college, marry or see her children. She always yearned to ask her mother for advice on newborns and toddlers. Even to ask the simple question “did I do that, too, when I was a baby?” Yes, the argument will be that people today are living longer and healthier. So does that mean every single older mother/father is in tip-top health so they see their children reach at least the age of 30 y.o.? Nancy, what say you?

vb on

I’m so happy for Nancy! However, do I remember hearing that she had been living for a long time with a lover in New York City. Is he David Linch (who is reported to be living in Atlanta)? If not, what happened to the NYC boyfriend?

Mary Ann C Golden on

Congratulations Nancy.Are you sure about your due date?Was David married before.He is 41 how did he stay single for so long??

angeleyes on

Some people do tell how far along they are differntly than others. They AREN’T fudging on it. My OB considers for instance when you are 14w3d preg, then you are IN your 15 week and you are IN your 4th month of pregnancy….as you have already completed your 3rd month. At 37 weeks you are in your 9th month and so on. I think some pp just tell there EDD in this way. Congrats to Nancy, and why all the concern about how she concieved and how she tells her due date etc…?

Robert on

Thank God! This means Nancy will be OFF THE AIR (or cable) for at least a few weeks!!!

Rick on

Happy for her and the father and wish for a happy and healthy baby.

I do hope dad or someone else will teach the child the values of fairness and presumption of innocence in our legal system–things the baby’s mom consistently ridicules.

Judy on

I’m thrilled for Nancy!

One thing that confuses me about the news reports is that they say she and David met long ago in college. But news reports say she’s 47 (but might actually be 48 according to comments here) and he’s 41. If they’re six or even years apart (and how cool if they are!) then it seems unlikely they met in college.

I’m curious because I have the blog:

Shannon on

Congrats to Nancy and her husband!!! I had seven miscarraiges and still ended up with two beautiful babies and I didnt use any fertility drugs. If she did, that is her personal choice to keep to herself. And all of you should not put off starting a family just because celebrities do. Do what you want to do because it is your body and life not the celebrities life.

Diana on

I believe that she is probably saying she is IN her 4th month instead of being 4 months pregnant, because that would be correct.

Congratulations to her.

WhenNotOnWhat on

It seems to me that the reason she is being coy about the conception is not because of the drugs she might have taken, but when it occurred. If she is now 4 month pregnant, then wouldn’t that mean that conception occurred in March? And according to the article, she was just married in April. Personally, I couldn’t care less if she was married when her children were conceived, but I’m sure she is worried about the judgement of others. Being due in January would help the time frame for her a lot.

rb6 on

The twins give it away. The chance of having a baby at 47 is small. The chance of having twins at 47 is infinitesimally small. I respect her right to privacy, but she should be a bit more honest — it is unlikely that her situation should really give the average woman hope unless she is willing to undergo aggressive fertility treatments.

Nancy Fan on

Do we know if David Linch is the biological father? Does he have any other children?

Grace on

To Kresta,
No, it is not “very” possible to conceive at 48. Not at all. It is possible, yes, but so unlikely as to be in the territory of miraculous.

I am in the infertility world, and still trying. Women my age (44) are typically not treated by Reproductive Endocrinologists. The cutoff age at the majority of clinics is 42 years old, unless you are going to do a donor egg procedure (using another woman’s eggs). I am going to a doctor who is willing to try with some women my age, and feel very fortunate for that chance I’m being given (with treatment, it’s a 5% chance of pregnancy, but a 75% chance of miscarriage at my age).

You are right however, that twin pregnancies can be more common in older women. I won’t get into why medically that does occur, but again, it is far far far far from “very” possible. Speaking statistically, it is just over a zero percent chance. (I’m still trying though, but I may move to donor egg finally after my next cycle.)

As for the story of your friend: There are many women who were not fortunate enough to have had the families they dreamed of and longed for at your age. To be reminded that if I do get my miracle, I can look forward to people who will talk about how I look like a grandma, is not something women like me should have to suffer after all we went through to get our family. Please think about erasing those words from your mind and vocabulary.

Annoyomus on

Grace- I think what Kresta is trying to say is that some women don’t go through menopause until they’re in their 50s. Barring medical issues, as long as a woman is still menstrauting, she has a chance of getting pregnant. It may not be a very big chance, but it is a chance none the less.
I am pretty sure that, when Kresta said it is very possible Nancy didn’t have fertility treatments, she meant that we should give Nancy the benefit of the doubt, as we have no idea whether or not she is post-menopausal.
Also, for all we know, Nancy had some of her eggs frozen when she was younger and used those to get pregnant (if, indeed, she and fertility treatment). Or, maybe her eggs are still of good quality despite her age. We don’t know what her situation is, so it isn’t really our place to automatically assume that she had fertility treatments and/or that she used donor eggs.

rb6 on

I’m glad for Nancy Grace however she conceived. I just think that women should realize how likely it is that she needed the help of an egg donor so they don’t think it’s normal to conceive at the age of 47.

Carol on

Nancy, I’m just thrilled for you. My daughter in-law had twins at 44…naturally. God bless you, your marriage, and unborn twins. How exciting for you and all your fans. We will keep you close at heart and in our prayers.

Nancy Fan on

Some women have a family member donate eggs so that there are some shared genetics. Also, even if she used outside donor eggs, she grows the babies, she gets to be pg, she delivers them, nurses them, etc. Lucky Nancy! I think she will be a good mom!

Levi on

I’m so happy for Nancy!!!
Nancy Grace fan club:

Elaine on

Heartfelt congratulations to Nancy and her new husband, David. Nancy, i was so excited and happy to hear about the news while at work, i screamed out loud! you are truly blessed to have the impact your persona puts on people. so i am sure your children will have your gift as well. i dont even know you and am so very happy for you. if you and DAvid and the kids are ever in Rhode Island, i’d be happy to put you all up and show you around and cook you some REAL Italian food! (‘Will trade for REAL Southern Fried chicken!)

best of the best to you.

Rachel on

I think it would be more embarassing to have conceived naturally. I know it is almost the norm now to get pregnant out of wedlock but she always makes it clear she has old fashion values so. if she was screwing around, got pregnant, that explains the quick marriage that was “Spur of the moment”.

jane martin on

I have 8 month old twins and I am 52 and used fertility treatments including donor egg.

jane martin on

I have 8 month old twins and I am 52 and used fertility treatments including donor egg.

jane martin on

I have 8 month old twins and I am 52 and used fertility treatments including donor egg.

jane martin on

I have 8 month old twins and I am 52 and used fertility treatments including donor egg.

Barb on

Anyone who watches Nancy knows that she is just passionate about victims rights. Even if you disagree with her, you must respect her advocacy for those so often fogotten; those without a voice through the legal process. I would like to see her take a break during her pregnancy to avoid any unnecessary emotional setbacks and just concentrate on her happiness for this gift of her new family. To you math whizzes out there – who cares when she’s due?

Amillia Henderson on

So happy for you too Jane!!!!

“I have 8 month old twins and I am 52 and used fertility treatments including donor egg”.
Posted by: jane martin at Jun 28, 2007 11:12:17 PM

Lori Rothenbucher on

I don’t remember hearing that she was dating anybody. I was TOTALLY surprised to hear that she was married let alone pregnant. I watch her every show every single night. I’m really happy for her. I too think that she will be a wonderful mother. Congradulations to her and her husband.

Alice on

PLease respect Nancy’s privacy. it does not matter how she became pregnant- just that she will have the family she always hoped for but never thought would be realized. I wish her and her husband a helathy, comfortable, and safe pregnancy and that their children are born healthy.

Mommy on

Yes, you can possibly get pregnant in your late 40s. I did, and lost my baby.

I used to read stories like this and believe that I could conceive a baby with fertility treatments in my late 40s.

It just doesn’t happen. You have to use donor eggs. I believe in Nancy’s privacy; it’s none of our business about how she got pregnant. But it is better to say ‘no comment’ than to lead women on with comments of ‘hope.’ Stop perpetuating the myth.

Of course, she could have frozen the embryos at age 40. But if she did, she should say so. Let women know that they have to plan way in advance by freezing the embies early.

Of course she should maintain her privacy and that of her babies. Just don’t make inane comments. Remain silent on the issue.

jessica vandenberg on

Congrats to Nancy and her husband, David. It’s none of our business if she used fertility meds or not. Women out there trying to get pregnant can get all kinds of info from their physicians and do not need to get medical info from cellebrities.

Nancy Fan on

David Linch IS 48 years old…confirmed!

Lindsay on

I just wanted to make the comment that there is nothing wrong with her having babies at this age. And if others would do their research they would find out that your chances of having multiples increase by two times once you hit 40. So it is clearly possible to have gotten pregnant with twins without fertility help.

sharon on

Wow what good news. She is a joy to watch. I always try to catch her show everynight. She looks so radiant these past couple of weeks. Now I know why. Good luck Nancy.

Karin on

I agree with Jessica: women should get fertility information from their doctors. They don’t need to be getting it from celebrities.

Muzeclothing on

We’re getting some great reactions to the shirt Nancy is wearing in the UsWeekly article. We have a full line of maternity clothing at I’m interested in everyone’s feedback on our product and if you feel like commenting please do so at

good luck pregnant women everywhere!

Gloria Ortiz on


I am so happy for you! No one deserves this happiness more. You have been through so much in your life but have been an exellent example to everyone. You have taken your pain and turned it into a powerful “ministry,” a help for so many people.

Your passion for your work is such an inspiration. What a blessing for you and your husband. God’s best to all of you!

Orange on

Fine, celebrities have the right to medical privacy. The media, however, could be much more responsible in their reporting on celebrity women in their 40s who are pregnant. All the reporter needs to do is add a sentence that says, “While Grace has not indicated whether she used fertility treatments or donor eggs, the odds of a woman of her age getting pregnant naturally with her own eggs are slim.”

Far too many people pick up the message from these stories that conceiving in your 40s is no big deal, but for most women, it’s a difficult and complicated venture.

Trishla on

Who cares how far along and when and where and who and what and why? She’s pregnant with twins how wonderful for her. I just love to watch her. I often wondered why she wasn’t married and had no children. She will make a great mother and wife. I know she had a horrific tragedy earlier in her life. I just hope the best for her. You go girl.!!!!!

Mary on

About Nancy Grace and her due date. Perhaps she got pregnant out of wedlock and is now trying to fudge numbers to make it match with her wedding month. Oops!!

Jo on

The possibility of getting pregnant naturally at 48 is next to impossible.

The possibility of having a miscarriage at 48 if you get pregnant with old eggs is very very high.

But the most heart breaking of all possibilities at 48 is carring a baby full term only to discover your child is born with severe medical and/or mental problems because of your VERY OLD EGGS.

I wish Nancy the best and hope she used doner eggs from a 21 year old.

Christa on

I think it’s crazy that people are concerned with how she got pregnant! Why the “need to know?” She declined to comment because she simply didn’t feel the need to answer the question. She encourages other women to remain hopeful, which is always a wonderful message.
I’m happy for you, Nancy! I love to watch your show, and I love the way you are relentless in grilling people when they draw false conclusions. You go girl!!

To those that don’t like her, just change the channel. There’s no need to blast her. That’s just showing your ignorance.

angela on

i am so excited for them. i just know that she will be an awsome mommy. and very protective of her babies. as much as she has seen in this world, i am so happy for her she deserves this gift from god for her love of children, and there well being. god has granted her the gift of motherhood. and who cares how, or when, or what position ,the conception took place, this lady has a life out side of court tv or cnn. do we seem to forget that they are human beings with real lifes and belefs. and what goes on behind her closed doors is none of our concerns. she shouldent have to explain to the whole world how they got there . god put them there for her, they are called blessings. for being the person she is. for fighting for justice for feeling the pain of those whoes lifes are in turmoil. how dare you all for questioning how and when. maybe she dont want the whole world to know the min shes delivering, she is a women that deserves some privacy in her life. next youll be wanting to know the name brand toilet paper she buys and where. and why she choose that brand, lighten up people get a life and let her live hers to some point give her a lil space to enjoy this blessings and stop throwing stones. acting like shes hideing something. and what if there not her eggs. as long as there not yours its not your concern. and because she says theres hope. well yes there is when you have the faith to belive that god works in his time not ours. and he has blessed her and her husband. she deserves them. god wanted her to have theses babies. he picked her to be there mommy. its not man that counts here . its the almighty. bless you nancy i watch your show every night. congraudulations. angela

Nancy Grace Fan on

Lots of women get pregnant the natural way in their 40s. Its not true that “all” women over 40 have to use donor eggs.

Whether or not Nancy used donor eggs is her own business. How her children were conceived is personal, and its between he and her family – no one else. I’m appalled that people think she is obligated to discuss any medical procedures she may have had. People, get real. Its none of your business.
I’m also dismayed at the negative remarks that have been directed at this woman and her two beautiful babies. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

Peggy BAXTER on


Kathleen on

What difference does it make if she did or did not use fertility drugs, what difference does it make if she’s 3.5 or 4 months pregnant, what difference does it matter if she’s 48 or 49 years of age. For God’s sake, get a life you people out there and be happy for anyone that’s pregnant. Nancy is a lovely woman, tells it like it is and deserves “congrats”, and not sickening comments. Any kind of pregnancy is a miracle! God bless you Nancy, and your little family!!

Nancy Clark on

Hi Nancy, Love your show. Congratulations on the pregnancy with twins. That is cool. Your birthday is October 23. My youngest daughter’s birthday is October 22. From one Nancy to another. God bless & take care.

Linda Gregg on

Congratulations! You and your new husband are going to be in absolute love when you hold your precious babies in your arms. I have watched you for years and have great admiration for you – especially love how you “tell it like it is” and work so hard for victims.

Robin Melichar on

Best of luck to Nancy Grace. You keep going after justice and good luck with your new family. Robin from Virginia

Dawn on

CONGRATULATIONS!!! šŸ™‚ I think it’s a beautiful thing. I loved being pregnant and raising my boyz. ( 15 & 11 yrs.old ) šŸ™‚
Dawn Hunley

( please, soak up the positive e-mail’s and
discard people’s negativity.)

Melissa on

Congradulations…. To Nancy and husband. I watch your show all the time and think you’re wonderful. Best of luck…

Nancy Marcotte on

Congrats!!!! Nancy and husband David on your marriage and as expectant parents.About a year or so ago I wrote you Nancy at CNN, a sincere message of hope in eventually finging love once again,after the tradgic loss of your first love and former fiance.I am so happy for you both..I admire you Nancy and the work you do for victims and their families.While at times it may appear you are being obnoxious, I see it as passion and emotions for your work and causes.It isn’t any wonder you get frustrated when you ask a defense lawyer or whom ever a question and because they know you are right, they tip toe around and don’t give a straight answer,and you also only have a one hour alloted time frame.Occassionally,being human you are wrong and or I may not agree, and you normally admit so..which is rare(being wrong that is).A former prosecutor who never lost a case speaks for it’s self.I appreciate a defense attorney’s job is to defend..but in my opinion most of the time they are defending a crime they most surley know has been committed..with saying that there is always those that are innocent and wrongly accused..I heard a comment years ago that stated if you either hate or love an individual in the public eye, with no in between,whether it be an actor,TV personality,Athlete etc..they are doing their job to the utmost,and I feel you Nancy fall into this catagory!!Behind your screen persona which I classify as sassy and no nonsense,you have demonstrated on several occassions that you are a beautiful,compasionate,loving and caring person.I would have given you 41 or so and was surprised when I read you are 48.Nancy you look radiant and wonderful,so don’t change a thing and your 2 children will be blessed with a wonderful mother.Further more it is not mine nor anyone else’s business how,when nor where you got pregnant.It is interesting, but you have a right just as we do to your privacy now and when you deliver.I watch your show most every night at one of the 3 alloted times it is shown and sometimes twice,and also court goes without saying I am a passionate and dedicated fan.When you go on Maternity leave,many will miss you and I hope you return to the show,but in “your time”.Enjoy quality time with your loving it should be…After 35 years of marriage and 59 years of wisdom I feel confident in saying “”Love is a many splended thing”” to be cherished and celebrated!! Just one request,I am hoping that Jane Velez Mitchell will be your stand it while you are away…She is also passionate and has done a fantastic job in the past.I applaud her rise from her own demons as well as Glen Black. Best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy and future delivery.Can’t wait to see your bundle of joys in the New year.Maybe one day you will come to Halifax,Nova Scotia Canada and I will get to meet you at a book signing..what a thrill and honour that would be!!!!

Regards Nancy Marcotte In Canada

Joan Hando on

Congradulations Nancy & David, I have a set of boy/girl twins who are now 36yr old. They were great to raise, so much fun to watch grow up together. Good Luck

Ben Miller on

You are my number one girl. I am 71 years old and watch you twice a night. You did a good job on the Minnesota Bridge Tragedy. You had better slow down and take it easy. Good luck on the new babies.
Ben Miller Garland Texas

Judy on

I’m pleased Nancy Grace is having a baby/babies. I enjoy her show and her tenacity when she goes after someone. Who cares about the exact month of the birth, whether she took fertility pills, etc. – just wish her well. And, as a grandma of 8 I’d be happy to take care of her children if she ever needed someone while she vacations, or whatever.

Barbara Garner on

Hi Nancy; You go Girl! I love you and your show. I watched you and Johnnie and court tv. People don’t have anything better to do but sit around and try to figure out what God allowed to happen. This to, was in his plan. I wish you and your family The Best.You’ve helping alot of people keep the Tonderful work up. God Has Smiled On You!

Barbara Garner on

Hi Nancy; You go Girl! I love you and your show. I watched you and Johnnie and court tv. People don’t have anything better to do but sit around and try to figure out what God allowed to happen. This to, was in his plan. I wish you and your family The Best.You’ve helping alot of people keep the Tonderful work up. God Has Smiled On You!

Barbara Garner on

Hi Nancy; You go Girl! I love you and your show. I watched you and Johnnie and court tv. People don’t have anything better to do but sit around and try to figure out what God allowed to happen. This to, was in his plan. I wish you and your family The Best.You’ve helping alot of people keep the Tonderful work up. God Has Smiled On You!

Barbara Garner on

Hi Nancy; You go Girl! I love you and your show. I watched you and Johnnie and court tv. People don’t have anything better to do but sit around and try to figure out what God allowed to happen. This to, was in his plan. I wish you and your family The Best.You’ve helping alot of people keep the Tonderful work up. God Has Smiled On You!

stacy newport on

Congradulations on your wonderful news. I hope you have a good, healthy pregnancy. There is no greater love then the love of your child/children. There is a bond between mother and child from the first day of conception. I have 5 and miscarried 2. I love being a mom. Who cares how you got pregnant its not our business. You are and I think your going to be a wonderful mom. Good luck to you, your babies, and your husband. Best wishes. By the way love your show. Keep up the good work. There is no way I could ever be a defence attorney cause I feel that most these people that come up deserve to go to jail or some cases the death penalty. Anyway bless you

yvonneshelley on


yvonneshelley on


cosmo on

I think it is great that Nancy is pregnant,but I wish these celebrities that become pregnant later in life would be forthright with how they got pregnant. I am 39 and am having a problem conceiving my own baby naturally. I have been under the false impression that you can be 40, and have a baby no problem. The truth is the majority of these women are using donor egg’s from a younger lady. I think it is great that older women are becoming mother’s but be honest about how you got pregnant! Fertility take’s a nose dive at age 37!

C. dunn on

It doesn’t matter how Nancy got pregnant, she is going to be a wonderful little mother to her twins. I love her and watching her show. She does not put up with any bull crap.

Lorraine Chadwick on

I do not know what url means. this lady has no right to say anything about B spears. she has a babies out of wedlock, shame on her I do not know anything about either woman. Sometimes stay out of other peoples lives. None of your business. They are both wrong!!!!!!!!

Naomi on

I hate to miss Nancy Grace. I’ve always wanted to to fine someone and be happy. She deserves it.Those babies have a beautiful mother inside & out. If I’m ever in trouble I hope shewill represent me. Love you, Nancy and CONGRATS!!!! to you and David and the babies.

Sarah bembry on


Amy on

God Bless you and your children Nancy! I love your show and all the work you do to serve justice on criminals. Well wishes to you from a fellow Georgia peach!!

Michelle from Madison on

Utah mine has medics dispatched to retrieve more victims Thursday late evening. A simple solution to this dilemma. Have CNN mandate Nancy Grace out of her in-patient psych-hospital right now, and place Nancy down in the Utah mine with a lengthy written-script to read. Direct her mouth towards the areas where they need removal of coal and timbers, and by having Nancy speak, it will generate enough hot air to help cause the coal to incinerate and disappear, and will then allow passage by some rescue-miners to help finally locate some of the missing miners. Get a court-order if necessary to get Nancy back out of her psych-hospital in an effort to have Nancy released from her Houston psych-hospital and get her mouth finally working for victims for a change. While it would truly be the first time Nancy Grace has ever affected a positive change for any victim, but at least it is a start.

Keetie on

Nancy I have been watxching you for months, and I am so happy yu are expecting. Best Luck

Clara Murrels on

I wasn’t even aware, that Nancy had gotten married. let alone give birth to twins. My computer has been down for months, and I was in the process of moving, and barely watched late TV. I am so happy for you Nancy Grace, you deserve all the happiness in the world, and congraduations to you, your hubbie, and the twins. I have to go back into the e-mail and see if it’s boys or girls, as I was so excited after the show tonight, that I didn’t bother to read any information on your elated news. You are the best.
God Bess

Clara Murrels on


I need to re-write this e-mail. My computer has been out of comission for months, and I was not aware that Nany Grace, the one person that I have great respect for, is now a married woman, and also expecting twins. Condgraduations Nancy to you and your husband David. I am so happy for the two of you.

God Bless
Clara Murrels

Judy McKinney on

Hello Nancy,

I had no idea you were expecting, didn’t know you were married and have watched you for months, never miss your show. I’m so happy for you and you little devil who would of known, you certainly surprised alot of people, I watch all the time how did I miss the twin comments??? Wishing you love health and much happiness with your new family. I just love your catty demeanor at times. All the best my friend,
Judy from Ontario Canada

Lucille Way on

I’m very excited that you are going to have twins. I’m praying that your pregnacy goes well. My birthday is in Jan. So I wish yoyu the best for your twins.

MerryBeth Mack on

you are brave & great. i love your deserve the best.congrats to you & your new look great.

Michelle from Madison on

When Nancy is found culpable in her current lawsuits alleging her involvment in a suicide that was provoked by Grace, how many weeks will she be able to keep her twins before they are removed to protect them from further harm?

Michelle from Madison on

Nancy allegedly transported to hospital again after she trips and falls for the third time in less than 6 weeks at CNN. Maybe Nancy should stop drinking herself into a stupor.

J. Leisure on

I think it is totally cool that Nancy is expecting. Who cares if natural or fertility. Who cares? Important that she is having twins and she will be the best mother. Also, I never thought she was in her 40’s. Thought she was about 35. She looks great!



robin watson on

Nancy hope if your twins are girl they will have mom in them you,re great and beatuiful…i know those baby will have he best mom and dad in the world lv you nancy,,,,,

Yonnah B on

Nancy you should run for president, you could do so much better than Bush, You appear tuff but, your as gentle as a little lamb. Mary Katherine, and Emily Grace are going to be two lucky little girls. You are so blessed to have this much joy.
God’s Blessings on you and your family.